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Relax and dive into a great story! Enjoy our bestselling series! Millions of readers can’t get enough of our library of unputdownable novels. Dive into an extensive collection of audiobooks, ebook novels, and immersive fiction stories. New chapters and interactive stories are added every day.


* Unstoppable addictive stories span multiple seasons, and new chapters released daily!

* 15-minutes per chapter, read at your own pace, whenever wherever you are, any time you want.


* Select your preferred genres and we’ll recommend the perfect books for you!

* 400 ebooks to choose from, featuring chat fiction and other immersive elements

* Exclusive online ebooks, novels, audiobooks & short stories from best-selling authors.

* Follow your favorite authors and discover new hidden talents!


* More immersive and engaging than a traditional book.

* Turn on/off music, ambiance, and sound effects.

* Watch your favorite characters’ conversation unfold in text messages too!

* Turn on Dark Mode to stay up all night reading “just one more page.”


* Listen to your favorite book in audiobook.

* Read or Listen? Whatever your mood and the situation calls for.

* Enjoy stories anywhere, any time.


* Join the discussion online with our vibrant Book Club community.

* Join our Facebook group:

* Follow us on Instagram: @galatea.stories


* Read our online books for free, or support Galatea writers by purchasing chapters.

* For unlimited access to all of our stories, we also have subscription packages!


Read and hear your favorite online books and novels in your native language! The following languages are currently available on Galatea:

* English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Tagalog, Indonesian, and others. Download the app with an enhanced reading experience!

The immersive reading app Galatea was developed by Inkitt (Free Novels Inc.)
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40 comentarios en "GALATEA: Novels & Audiobooks 2022"

  1. The app is nice, simple to use, and the stores are good for the most part. My main issue is the earning points function, and the slow loading. I just wanna read a story, and it takes nearly 20 minutes just to get the app to even load once the main screen is opened. Reading should be simple. Not so aggravating that you’d rather do anything else than read the story you have become addicted to.

  2. Of all the reading apps out there this one is my favorite. Good stories and I love their subscription model over the other extremely overpriced coin based apps where you end up paying $50+ for a single book. My only gripes with this app are that you don’t know if a story is finished when you look at the summary and I’ve had a lot of problems getting the app just to open up. It will spend several minutes just to load and I usually have to restart it or even reinstall if it gets bad enough

  3. Time gated reading is annoying. I don’t like that it could take several days or even weeks to finish one story, especially since it takes a matter of seconds to finish one chapter. You can buy points to unlock more chapters, but you’re paying as much as it would cost to buy one full book anywhere else just to read a few more chapters AKA just a few more seconds of one book. That’s insane.

  4. Adjusted my review. I had been disappointed so much by stories without endings and I get a lot of these books are a work in progress but updates seem to take forever. I do more audio books it fits my life better right now. But there haven’t been few if any updates to existing audio books, and i don’t think I’ve seen new audio books in a year. The selection of e books is better. I’m not sure if I’ll end up subscribing for the year again. But not being subscribed gives you very limited reading.

  5. Leanne M dice:

    Since October i have dove right in. I am hooked. I purchased the year subscription right away i have read or listened to over 100 books so far. I figured if I’m reading so many books that the purchase was with it. It’s easily the cost of 6-7 books at a store so worth it. The only problem I have is getting into the app, sometimes I have to open it and shut it down several times before it opens really frustrating.

  6. 👍🏻👍🏻 I’m a heavy reader. There’s always something good to find! I appreciate that all series/books are together in the chapter’s list and the summaries with content warnings! Your writers are amazing! Only issues I’ve had trouble with…. *App can take too long to load. *Un-bookmark a book from my library lags also. Usually ending with just a black screen. *Book reappearing back into my library. Especially annoying having to sit around waiting for it to un-bookmark AGAIN.

  7. The concept is pretty good and I like the style. However the books get pretty pricey if you pay by chapter (20 coins per chapter) and about 110 coins per 5/6$. I guess that’s too get you to buy them yearly subscription but I wish there was a monthly subscription and away to earn more coins a day. You can also just wait until the next chapter unlocks in 35 hours but that takes a while as well. Overall it’s not really a good app for people that love to read because it’ll end up being pricey.

  8. Got into a book & paid like $20 to buy points, but I got to a chapter in the book where points won’t unlock anymore and I have to spend $70 for a year subscription to finish reading and I still have $10-$15 worth of points that I can’t use. I wouldn’t mind a monthly fee, but asking $70 at one time for a years subscription seems insane. I don’t know if I would even like to read more than a book or two. Very disappointing.

  9. Had a previous review. Decided to start over. I hate how you can finish a book, then it disappears from your library. On occasion it will come back. But then goes away again. Have one story, Gideon, that I like to reread. The chapters are out of order. Very irritating. Tried finding a reason why the chapters maybe out of order or why books disappear from my library to no avail. Kinda disappointing.

  10. The stories are addictive! It almost kills me to wait for new chapters! They are binge worthy plot lines. I totally plan on buying the yearly subscription. I would have given five stars if i was given a pay month to month option instead of the whole year at one time, but bonus points for having the weekend option to cut the cost. I promise you will want to read more then on the weekends with this app though!

  11. I am not one for reading, not really. My friend had suggested the app and I read a couple of books and I was hooked. The app also stops you from reading after a certain point and sets a timer for the next chapter to be available so you’re not spending hours compelled in the same book, making you want to read more. The app is easily accesible, working like a streaming service like Netflix. There are no adds and you can browse from a wide variety of books.

  12. Reading “Colt” right now. I’m already hooked. Honestly I haven’t had the app long but, the design is simple. Pretty basic, so the controls are easy to learn. The stories are pretty intresting too. Although, to be honest not really worth spending (as of right now). Wish we could earn more points tho. Most of the points we earn are very low. A video could at least be worth 5 pts. instead or 2. Overall, not bad. Definitely an app to use when you’re bored.

  13. I love to read but just didn’t have the time to walk around carrying a book so having this app handy really helps. The stories are immersive and get you hooked quickly. Appreciate the writing and that it has minimal to no grammatical errors. The stories flow nicely and keep you wanting for more. Only issue I’ve had is trying to subscribe to the app multiple time and an error message keeps appearing. It will only let me purchase chapters for some reason.

  14. Downloaded this app because I needed something to read while feeding my baby. I like it there’s some amazing stories like bantering with murder (my personal favorite). There’s enough stories to cycle while waiting for chapters the only downfall it takes a long time to load and sometimes freezes on the selection screen. Other than that I love it so far.

  15. Love the books! They really keep my interest. The only thing that hase frustrated is the tech support.i have been having a problem for a week and it is still not resolved. I have lost progress on a few books and lost points at the same time. I do still enjoy the books. Ok I think it’s mostly fixed. This new book really has my interest from the first chapter! However I am frustrated with the long waits between chapters and new chapters being posted by the athors.

  16. Daw SaBaz dice:

    It’s different than other apps. I like that you can get more points with every week and the ads are also a good option for extra points. However it’s a little difficult when you are so immersed in a story and can’t read further without becoming a member (annual fee) which to be honest the books should have better grammar for that price. Overall it’s good for some light reading.

  17. This is one of the best reading apps I’ve used! It ZERO ads and has thousands of stories to fit your liking. Many books also have the option the “Unmute” meaning, you can listen to the stories’ sounds (Unless it’s background music🙄🙄)! The only thing that bugs me a little is the amount of time you have to wait (unless the book is free). SIX hours. It’s sorta a thing where you should get a numerous amount of books to read.

  18. Faith dice:

    Really like the layout of the app. I like that it’s wait until free to read. I wish there was more free coin options. Or that it was only a four hour wait not six. Sometimes it stays frozen when loading and I have to close the app and re open to read again which is not a deal breaker but I do wish was smoother. The books are pretty good I think. Definitely will be using in the future.

  19. Kim dice:

    Good stories. Some have grammar errors but still nice reads. Would love to see more options for earning points to unlock chapters without the wait or having to buy the subscription bc it’s crazy expensive. Also, the “free points” options like ex. “Like our tiktok page”….none of them work. I get an error for all of them. Wish there was a way to add a screenshot to show what it says.

  20. Honestly I love the way the webnovels are immersive. When some of them describe a vivid scene you can listen to what is described through headphones. And when you’re just reading the text without the scenery it has music in the background anyways. I like this a lot more because it captures my attention and draws me into what is happening in the plot and in each scene. I think that it’s a very creative way to make reading more enjoyable.

  21. It’s not bad. There are grammar issues. I think the wait if a bit long for how long the chapters are written! If you watch ads and wait, then it’s not too bad! Update: I’ve now had to uninstall and install about 5 times now because if you use it long enough it’ll start loading very slowly. It’s absolutely annoying and the only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the damn app. I think it somehow has gotten worse.

  22. The stories are interesting and well written. I haven’t run into any grammatical or typographical errors like you find in some of the apps. So far I’ve only read the stories and haven’t had the chance to try the audiobooks. My biggest gripe is you can only read one chapter at a time without either waiting 6 hours for the next to unlock or spending points to unlock it early. Free points are only earned at a minimum, and paid points equal more than buying a paperback copy would cost.

  23. Stories are great, very few grammar or spelling mistakes. However, they need more options for gaining coins to unlock chapters when you don’t want to wait 6 hours between each. It’s very frustrating. There’s a limit to how many videos you can watch a day, and the only other viable option is to Ultimately pay for them. Otherwise, this app has potential

  24. Jessica L dice:

    The app has a ton of stories, but it is by far the biggest app on my phone and also the absolute slowest. Other reader apps have just as many books, if not more, and load and browse at normal speeds. This app takes 5 to 10 minutes just to get into a story and sometimes I even have trouble getting that far, like it just won’t load anything at all. Crazy, for the amount of space it takes up I could individually download each story onto my phone and I think have less storage taken up.

  25. I don’t love the 6 hour wait time, but 9/10 times the chapter is worth the wait and has me drooling in anticipation. I do wish it would load more often. It seems to pick and choose when to work, causing me to lose a reading streak. Points are a fair price or easy enough to earn, but the subscription is the best option. The only other downside , it only lets me read 3 books at a time without killing the timers on the earlier reads. Other than that, it’s the best reading app I’ve tried.

  26. Shadow dice:

    So, as someone who used to love to read, I unfortunately had to stop with physical books because of my lack of focus and medical issues with my head that prevented the use of glasses. Recently, I’ve been wanting to get back into reading and this is one of the first apps that I’ve downloaded that actually helped me get back into the groove, haha. I love the variety of stories and the audiobook option, all in all I’ve had a great experience with this app. ^^

  27. I love that they give you a yearly a 3 month subscription option. It’s definitely cheaper in the long run to buy the subscription unless you’re alright with waiting 6 hours between chapters of your books. Unlimited number of books you can start at once though and they save your own library. I hate the lag of the app and how sometimes it restarts where I am or doesn’t save my progress.

  28. I love the stories. I have used this app for a while. The only problem that I have ever encountered is sometimes the chapters not loading but it is not a deal breaker for me because it is quickly fixed. I have even contacted customer support for missing points for reading streaks and was given my points soon after. Keep up the great work. 👍

  29. It’s a good app, lots of books to read. Edited: I changed my rating from 4 down to 2. For some reason, all the books in my library keep removing themselves and I have to start the book all over again. I was almost done with all of them. I contacted support and nothing happened. I’m frustrated. Edit 2: So to fix my books restarting, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. That’s a bit ridiculous.

  30. First off, I get frustrated at the pay by chapter ploy and by the end you end up paying for WAY more than a normal book costs. Personally, maybe pay by book if you have to pay, for max $5-10 per book. You’d get way more traffic that way too. The wait time isn’t bad IF it actually works. It’s not counted my wait times twice now. Counting a chp again. Frustrating. 😡 I like the immersion sounds though. It really does add a new layer to the book and to the play in your head while reading.😊

  31. Just came back to this app after another of mine suddenly decided to update in a different language with no return to english option. I still have some books in my library and have already read a couple chapters of some books. I love the partner books idea, an interesting way to learn about new books. The waiting time isn’t too bothersome for me, unless I’m super interested in the story, since it always gives me something to read every day.

  32. I love the stories I’m reading. There are 2 things that I don’t like about this app. #1. Some of them need proof read more than once before adding them to the app. I have found several Grammerand spelling mistakes in different stories. #2. I don’t like how we have to wait 6 hours before reading the next chapter if we don’t have coins to buy the next chapter. That time countdown should either be removed completely or set for a shorter time between chapters, like maybe an hour in between chapters.

  33. Lately this app has been very glitchy. It takes a long time to load and sometimes the videos you watch for points don’t work at all and then it says you’ve finished them all when you haven’t. The stories are good. There are some mistakes of course and I’m still waiting for more chapters on certain books but definitely enjoyable

  34. Love the app, good books! I would say the only downfall is getting 10 ads to get more points. I feel there should be more since each chapter is 10points thats only 20 points per day so only 2 chapters. Also I think you should add a monthly subscription instead of buying points or the yearly subscription. I would totally buy the monthly ones if it was an option.

  35. Another edit. Highly recommend this app. No ads ever. Free version u get to read 1 chapter from each book every 6 hrs. If your reading multiple books like I do, this is not a problem. ****HOWEVER, I got in earlier today and read without a problem. Tried again tonight and it just spins. Tried uninstalling app and reinstalling it because that’s always fixed any issue in the past but it didn’t this time. I can’t open the app and I’m having serious withdrawals. Help!!!****Still won’t load! 12/26

  36. The app sends you notifications about interesting books, but you better REMEMBER what those titles were because it doesn’t care to bring you straight to the book it told you about, and they don’t bother featuring it; you have to go hunting and hope you’re right! Also, it’s one of those “spend points to read” apps, and points don’t just regenerate, you’ve gotta jump through hoops or Pay 2 Play. Otherwise, get used to reading 1 chapter per day. (Which encourages poor readers to avoid the app)

  37. Love the app has good stories. Gave three stars because most books have not been completed or have not been proofread. The app could use a revamp of sorts out in categories like new releases, not completed, books that are from the same author,what is in progress, etc.. like that. Fix the glitch with being able to remove books I read from my library.

  38. Amazing app!! The story is written in correct grammar so far (maybe a few mistakes but nothing like other apps). It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to read 1 book like most apps, but they give you options you can subscribe (reasonably priced) or you can buy points or wait 6 hours for the next chapter to unlock! So far this has been the best reading app I’ve came across!

  39. I’m going to rate this purely on the audiobooks cuz I like to play one while I clean. The app stops playing it, even if the screen is still on, and I have to close and reopen to get the book to play again every like 2 chapters. It drives me insane. And then when reopened it plays from the wrong place to top it off.

  40. Sasha G dice:

    So far it is good to have immersive music in the background to set the mood for each scenes. But I wish there was more easier ways to earn free points instead of a wait time or purchasing them. I am the type of person to read 1 or 2 book in one day but this app is making it a little difficult when you have to wait 6 hours for the next chapter.

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