Chess – Clash of Kings MOD 2022


Plenty of chess puzzles. Feel free to play multiplayer Chess online.
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Chess is a smart entertainment for children and adults. Play chess online with friends and develop logical thinking.

The most important features of our Chess application:

– The Chess application is free
– It has 10 different levels of difficulty
– Hints are available to show the most advantageous moves
– In the case of a mistake, you can use an undo option
– Playing chess online with Blitz mode
– It has challenges with hundreds of chess puzzles and piles of gold to collect
– Chess Rating presents your personal score
– Game Analytics helps you to progress.

Chess online – multiplayer mode!

Crave for playing chess online? Face people from all over the world in an online chess duel. Decide which online room suits you best. If you prefer high-speed games, choose Blitz mode!
How to play The New Blitz Game? Tap ‘’Online game’’, find the Blitz mode with a time control of 3 minutes + 2 seconds for each move, and play! This chess mode is faster, more dynamic, and exciting to play.
Play multiplayer Chess & defeat your opponents!

Chess Rating and Game Analytics

Check your progress with Personal Chess Rating. This is the rating system that assesses your skill level in playing chess. Moreover, it allows you to observe scores and the history of your results.
Curious about how to improve your tactics? Game Analytics allows you to look over your gameplay. This feature points out the moves you should avoid in the future and the ones you should stick to.

Mini-game and Chess Puzzles

When you don’t want to play a full game or multiplayer chess mode, solve chess puzzles. Move to a distant land, earn gold by moving with the chess Knight and explore further levels with hundreds of puzzles. Each square on the board contains a chess puzzle you must solve to move on. Chess puzzles are quick tasks where you checkmate your opponent in a limited number of moves.

10 levels of chess difficulty

Chess for beginners, for children, or perhaps for a master? Everyone will find a level suitable for their chess skills. Choose from 10 different difficulty levels, train, and check your chess tactics in the multiplayer chess duel.
The author of the chess engine is Paweł Kozioł, a Polish programmer. He ensured that the game looked like a multiplayer chess duel. Thanks to these differences, our Chess application gives no less pleasure than standard gameplay with a friend or playing online.
Playing our Chess app is also a superb way to entertain or educate children and develop their intellectual skills.

Undoing movements

Have you made a mistake or want to try another tactic? No problem. Use the Undo button and win!


If you need a hint on how to make your next move, use the Hint. The screen will highlight the piece and the field it should move to defeat your opponent.
The Hints will help you learn the most successful game strategies. They are great for beginners and more experienced chess players.
Learn new moves and impress your friends when playing chess online.

What are the benefits of playing chess?

Benjamin Franklin mentioned prevention, prudence, and foresight as some of them. Playing chess has plenty of advantages. Children who regularly play chess significantly increase their IQ level. Such benefits of playing chess also apply to adults and the elderly.
Chess is famous worldwide – Portuguese and Brazilians play xadrez, French play échecs, and Spanish choose ajedrez.
Ready for a chess clash? Play chess online!


⚡ Blitz ARENA Tournament is just around the corner! ⚡
♞♕♚Compete with players from around the world in tournaments.♘♛♔
Win as many games as possible and grab royal prizes! 💰👑
⏰ Tick-tock! Hurry up! Tournaments have an expiration date! ⏰
Do your best! Good luck! 🤞


40 comentarios en "Chess – Clash of Kings MOD 2022"

  1. The app is sometimes buggy, but otherwise playable most of the time. My biggest concern is when playing against my friends, it should allow me to confirm a move before sending it. Sometimes a finger slip or miss click can ruin a game instantly. On top of that, there is no take-back option. You should at least allow people to take back their moves if we there’s no confirmation. And lastly, I would like to be able to review previous moves WHILE I’m playing against my friends. Not when it’s over.

  2. W Marett dice:

    This app has gone to trash since the latest update. Not only have they tripled the number of ads, but they now require “energy” on top of gold to play each game. To put this in perspective, you must watch ads for gold, and you must watch ads for energy. After each game, an ad comes on just to return to the home screen. Wanna do challenges? There’s now an ad for every move. Even worse, the app crashes while online games load, and you lose all the gold and energy you used to initiate the game. 🙄

  3. Dan C dice:

    Liked the game play enough that I bought the ad free version. Playing different levels and earning coins is a great idea. I also liked the challenge levels where you get earn more coins to spend on other boards or take backs. Graphics are great too. Would have liked more 2d sets like alpha. Lastly I’ll need to keep an eye on the battery use, seems a bit higher than I’d expect. Still, highly recommended.

  4. A standard, perfectly functional, offline player-vs-computer, chess game. Features include controllable AI difficulty and color schemes, as well as challenge puzzles. Ads in between games is expected; if this bothers you, you can pay for the premium version to remove ads altogether – $4.99, a bit on the pricey side for what the app is, and the ads aren’t any more intrusive than anything else you’d get from freeware these days. I recommend this app for an easy, engaging way to pass time.

  5. It’s a great app to us, but some of the sitting need to be changed up a bit. I have had it put me into a draw many times just as I’m one or two moves away from winning, and in most instances their is still moves that can be played by the ai but it choses to end the game. And also any level after 7 is damn near impossible to beat.

  6. Good layout, I would give it more stars. When the opponent lands beside your king it takes the game sometimes. Even if it’s not checkmate. Landing beside my king only means it’s my turn. And when it does take the game it changes the screen to fast. So your not sure. Also I can duplicate the same senerio as the computer and it won’t let me do the same as it. I quess I’m becoming a whinner. It’s still a great game, don’t listen to me. Thanks for all your time and effort.

  7. It’s enjoyable and lots of fun. Part of me wishes they had a rating system that matched you up to someone closer to your level. But that also spoils the mystery of your opponent. I do wish they had an option for more times that you can set the game at though such as a 2 or 3 minutes per move. But keeping it at a minute per move still works.

  8. The game went from being one minute a move,along with being able to view your game afterwards. ;One of the best parts about the game was being able to analze mistakes i made or crushing moves during the game. To then being 30 seconds a move, and no more option to view the game you just played or change the time limit of a move. I was going to rate 3 stars but i just remebered there is no way to have a rematch with your opponent either.

  9. It’s filled with fake users who don’t make a move so you’re forced to use more coin or lightening bolts or whatever new payment they add in an attempted to get you to pay. One thing is I can’t select to watch an Ad for the free energy. The option is there but it doesn’t register when I select it. Another is if an opponent doesn’t make one move, you’re still charged the energy (and there are a lot of players who do this. Are they bots so legitimate players waste energy and are forced to buy).

  10. It was all good until I reinstalled it to reset challenges. Now as I’m trying to go through challenges, it’s making me shop for “energy” and I don’t even know what’s its for except to make me watch a 30 second video that I’m not interested in and just mute. It’s popping up like every 3 challenges. This will make me buy a no ad version, it will just make me get a different app. This is truly annoying & I’m not going to use it unless you guys fix this.

  11. Options don’t save. Advertisements are designed around action, mostly rainbows distracting you from the brown and tan board, taking up the space where your home buttons should be, and spontaneously going into a full screen theatrical. Battery consumption is increased because of this, making small devices run warmer than desired to the point which your hands are sweating. My phone actually runs cooler when I’m using it to navigate the summer desert on foot. Scenario challenges are neat for newbs.

  12. Arun Ram dice:

    Used to love this game and play everyday. Unfortunately I cannot play a single game after the new update. 1. It always times out even after I make a move and tells me I ran out of time to make a move. 2. It was my turn but all my pieces were disabled and I was not able to make a move and lost. 3. One minute per move was great, but now we are forced to play 30 seconds now. Atleast give us a choice to choose between 30s or 1minute. Please fix these issues, or you will lose a lot of user base.

  13. Basic but good game. The ability to offer draw is the only thing missing. *Update* been playing this game daily for almost a year. the latest update requires you to use energy to play online games. So even if you pay for their premium version, you still can’t play as much as you want without watching commercials. Hundreds of chess games on the play store. You’re better off picking something else.

  14. A Good little chess game. This is especially so when an occasional glitch allows you to move twice, but it’s not so much fun when the same glitch favours your opponent. Another thing is, there’s zero point in playing any level above ‘pawn’, the only difference above that is your only allowed 30 seconds per move and you risk losing more credits to play it. On the plus side, the developer does seem to keep updating it and resolving problems.

  15. This game has the potential to be great BUT it is not. There are SEVERAL ads and the ads are often inappropriate (uncomfortable to watch with friends and family) beware!!! No option to Play 1 on 1 with a friends and family. You need to watch ads to play even if you buy the option for (No ads ever). You still must have “gold” and “lighting bolts” to play. How do you get gold or lighting bolts? Yup you guessed it WATCH ads also it has several bugs that make you lag or makes the opponent lag.

  16. This is becoming the worst chess game ever. I was playing and about to win, the opponent’s time was counting down on 18 secs, the game suddenly ended and it said I ran out of time. How is that possible? The time is not my time, it was the opponent’s turn to play, I was waiting. It’s so annoying. I’ll uninstall it!

  17. Super super super annoying ads! Almost abuse. They have some app currency & some actions cost, ex: undo move. Sometimes even navigating between screens triggers an ad. Sure removing ads is not that expensive (less than 2$). Doesn’t fit all my needs.

  18. Ayyy Bomb dice:

    Continuous ads. if u lose u dont have enough credits to play again. Absolutely excruciating to play chess on this app. super dreadful and feels like torture going thru 30-45 second long ads after each match

  19. 5 stars if the blue lighting wasn’t so expensive. Doesn’t look there is an option to pay and never have to worry about it again. I don’t mind supporting devs, but I don’t really like a never ending hand reach for my wallet.

  20. Azka dice:

    I really like this game, but it often disconnected with no reason at all. My internet was fine and i play other games smoothly with no lag. Only for this game often disconnected in the middle of the game which is so frustating. And when i touch “Retry” nothing happen and it keep pop up the same message that told me to “Retry”

  21. Too many ads. Got the game for like 10 minutes, playing challenges which last like 5-10 seconds each.. you need to check mate in 1 or 2 moves and you’re serving 1 ad per match.. it’s unplayable at this rate

  22. 3 things just playing against the computer and it won’t allow me to draw by meeting the king’s and when you have it beat it won’t make a move it just sits there buffering. 3rd I have had 4 times now it has cheated and taken my peices off the board when it was not possible shame on use for creating a cheating game.

  23. I can only find blitz in multiplayer… And it has only 3 minutes for the entire match ! The time is soo less…. Also too much of ads… Showing ads is not an issue… But showing too much ads is weird

  24. Very Good App for chess playing, specially random player. But every time it gets disconnet problem and trying to connect the internet even I have a good internet connection but it does not connect and I lose the game. Please fix the issue.

  25. Many time while I’m playing, the app is disconnected. I’m sure that my internet is stable, other apps act smoothly. This terrible error needs to be repair!

  26. Worst experience in a tournament in final I was going to win I made series of checks and I’m going to make a mate and Game over in just 1 step and they made me disconnected and I have 2 different wifi connections and two different network connection of mobile data I tried all but they just not make Me connected… …huge bugs…

  27. I like chess it’s a agme when you can pay when your board there many other chess games that may cost money but not this on you can play with real player ai and pick a level I’m new to chess which means I bad but 3 hours later Im good at chess. out at the app store there probably other ones that are on computer laptops but for mobile this is the one I couldnt imaginge a better chess game then this.

  28. So first, we needed coins to play online. Fine. But later, not only did we need coins to play, we ALSO need “energy” too. AND now you only give 3-energies for every ad, instead of 4-energies? Go F yourself, greedy bastards.

  29. One advertisement came up, for a different chess game. Shows a loading bar, then goes to the same screen without loading bar, where I have to wait 30 or something seconds watching a still screen. Horrible advertisement. Google Play said to take it up with you and you should fix it. I had the same issue with another chess game, with the same advertisement for the same other game. If you would play your game you would see the ad and fix it already. 1 star

  30. Eyez FRFX dice:

    I’m taking my score from a 5 to a 3. I don’t know what they did with the update but there have been several games where I have at least two or one seconds left to make a move and would make a move before my time completely expired or even got close and would be considered out of time therefore losing while I was winning. The other reason will be because now we have to use Thunderbolts to play when before, they didn’t factor in at all. It’s really frustrating, especially the time limits.

  31. Their server is very bad I keep losing games that am dominating because it’s disconnected and then the time runs out Just lost a very good match with someone from Uk which I was gonna win. And then he kept sending me a Smiling Emoji because he knew. And also can you add a rematch or friends list. I would love to play with people again

  32. This game is great amazing I love it so much they should make more games like this just when you have notifications on your screen when you’re playing the game about money for an ad it really annoys but it’s pretty good

  33. I love this game but they only let you to play to 200 and that’s it used to be able to play all the way to the king they need to go back where we can play whatever we wanted to play with the pawn the horse and so on

  34. The best chess app. Multiplayer where you can play folks from all over the world. Also fun challenges to earn coins. Play a computer also if you like

  35. Better app for chess users, but can be best if improve some glitch. Like in full Internet speed, getting internt disconnected error and app will not work properly.

  36. Emaidn dice:

    Ive been played 5 times and got disconnected BUT its not my wifi, cause other social medias r working perfectly while this game said “disconnected” it bothers me when I play the game. Please fix it 😡

  37. This game is too good but the problem which I am experiencing from 6 month that sometimes when I play online the game crack ( disconnected ) even my network is too good and never reconnect ☹️

  38. R R. dice:

    At the time of winning, it’s disconnected. And opponent wins. It showing internet not working. But my net is working in other apps. Worst app.

  39. The ads ruined it for me. And sometimes you lose the game for running out of time when there’s still a couple of seconds or sometimes even a minute on the clock.

  40. I am so mad at this game because of the Online mode when I Play with a Random player and I have enough time left and opponent team don’t have enough timer and his time run out then from that it’s say Disconnected suddenly my Timer set at 10 sec and I Lost I am So mad 😠😡 I recommend that don’t Download this Game other wise Developer do something !

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