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Relax anime and manga fans, we have just the reads for you. Check out tons of free chapters of Mangamo’s edgy, offbeat, unique original manga productions from professional Japanese creators. We bring you sci-fi, romantic comedies, horror, action, Isekai, romance and fantasy that you can only find with Mangamo’s original slate which includes Loving Yamada at Lv999!, Devil-Chi, Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession, the most recent chapters of Record of Ragnarok, Ghost Story Loop, I Wanna Be Your Girl, Immortal Undertaker, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun, A Man With A Thousand Skills, Tokyo Death Game and more.

• You can read free chapters of most of our 400 series. Read up to 30 free chapters on some of our most popular titles!
• Or subscribe to read 1,000 volumes of manga legally licensed from Japan with your subscription

• Add a new series you discovered to your list, or view your finished collections
• Automatically track your reading progress on every title
• Jump back in your last page read with one-click bookmark
• Add titles to your reading list
• Read on any Android device

• Highest quality graphics on phone and tablet
• Professional translation and localization on all series
• View the entire chapter and jump to any page in Gallery view
• Choose between Horizontal or Vertical scrolling options (read like a webtoon)
• Three different methods for zooming–choose your favorite

• No reading limits
• New chapters of Only on Mangamo series every day
• Curated for edgy, offbeat, and unique tastes
• Only $4.99/month USD.
• No advertisements to interrupt your reading
• Cancel anytime


40 comentarios en "Mangamo – unlimited manga MOD"

  1. Chris K dice:

    Really really really annoying to navigate. No ability to rotate screen, and zooming in and moving the page around is very difficult, clunky and slow. It is nice being able to change the direction of progress from horizontal to vertical, but this does not mitigate the other issues which make reading manga on this app a serious chore, especially for people who have bad eyesight. The manga page doesn’t fullscreen and doesn’t allow screen rotation, which, if it did, would make everything bigger.

  2. Very good spread of manga to choose from, and I appreciate the zeal with which new series are added. Cross-device sync is neat. Not a bad price either. The app is super inefficient though. I can reliably crash it every 10 minutes, and it makes my phone overheat and chug battery. I can’t use it unless I’m near a charger. That needs to be fixed, soon.

  3. Brian Kim dice:

    Barely adequate, but needs serious improvements, especially with stability. The reader’s okay, but discovery is awful, as you can’t search by even a simple thing like category. You just have to browse the pre-selected stuff they have in the order they give it to you, and that’s it. Also, it’s only optimized for portrait mode, and only in a 3:2 aspect ratio (like 1620 x 1080 for instance) and isn’t good on widescreen / landscape. Lastly, it crashes a LOT. Like once per reading session.

  4. Ivy dice:

    Seems like an app with a good start, but it needs more titles and filters. In particular it needs a way to exclude certain genres from a search and the ability to filter by completed manga only. I’m planning to keep checking back to see if they add these features and more manga before buying a subscription. I think the price is fair and I’m desperate for a legal option with a good ui, but I’ve been disappointed too many times.

  5. Every now and then parts of a chapter will fail to load. This becomes infuriating as it will somethimes be the last page of a chapter or in some cases every other page refuses to load. Unfortunately, their customer support is non-existent. I have sent messages to then via the contact form on their site but have received no answer and trying to reach out via social media also results in being ignored. This and other problems are extremely off putting and I will be canceling my subscription.

  6. Good app overall, however quite a few of the manga I have read are either missing pages, or the pages are in the wrong order. Other than that, a decent app for reading manga

  7. I like this app a lot. I have been a subscriber for awhile now and find they have a great selection. However, this has yet to be something great, which I think it really has the potential for Things they must add: 1. Download option for offline viewing. Downloads can expire after a certain time. 2. Heavy Optimization of their app and their servers. They MUST absolutely do this if this is to be successful. Things can get very slow. 3. Better cataloging. 4. Adding a suggestion function.

  8. The interface is ugly and not very intuitive. It lacks a duel page spread similar to other reading apps that is especially important for some series that do a lot of two page panels. Even though on of the major publishers in Japan is supporting it to a degree, I would personally like it if they did a bit more. It’s not bad but does need an overhaul to compete with its rivals.

  9. I love how everything needs to be free for people to give an app a fair rating. Mangamo is a very ambitious service whose goal is to provide manga worldwide for a cheap. Sure, majority of the titles, especially the Kodansha properties aren’t in it’s entirety but a lot of good series are getting regularly updated with accurate localization. UI needs improvement, the double pages needs to be stiched together, there should be an option to tap to change the pages. This project has lots of potential!

  10. I’m baffled at the very low rating. It is not even that bad. It is great even. The library is superb and as expected since this app is for a different publisher. It is easy to use. The daily read is a nice feature. The price is so affordable. I read just fine. Dunno what other have seen. My only complaint is please have an option to choose how you want to zoom your manga, because it is a little bit annoying to accidentally press for too long and getting it zoomed it when I don’t want it to.

  11. It’s cool that it’s available globally. However, there are lots to improve. Pages take long to load (I also use Manga Plus, and its loading time is speedy), the front page displaying big banners of titles is a pain as means to discover what to read (a small thumbnail of cover would be enough), and most crucially, no download/offline reading option which is quite a deal breaker, honestly, considering the generally slow loading time.

  12. Web portal and/or $3.99 sub~ BL and Yaoi are the same thing Wikipedia says, but I’m not the expert for I looked up what the words represent. Anyway, I love the app and the look with big panels in Explore and Exclusives standing out on searching. The settings menu is easy and it is all contemporary. Some loading screens, a big manga slows cheap phones, and there is not an indication in My Manga for finished works. Call it all savvy over Viz’s Shonen Jump or Comixology’s Unlimited.

  13. M Y dice:

    The UI is a bot clunky but does the job. I do find it a bit hard to scroll if I change the screen orientation to horizontrol. Also it when trying to read the pages when it is zoomed in is a bit difficult as sometimes the app ends up trying to go to the next page instead.

  14. You need to release a stable app before I’ll consider paying anything. Your search algorithm inexplicably doesn’t have an AND operator for your tags (selecting the action and comedy tags will bring up everything that is tagged with action OR comedy, and it’s up to chance that you get both.) Infinite scroll on the homepage crashes the app, clearing the search field by tapping the x will crash the app, looking at titles too fast will crash the app, the list goes on. It’s not ready to be released.

  15. Overall, I really enjoy this app. My main gripe is that several series that I’ve “finished” weren’t complete. This understandable for works still in production, canceled before completion, or even popular works that (I assume) the publishers are trying to milk via copies sold (eg, quintiplets); but I even run into series that have long been finished and translated (eg “the flowers of evil”) that are incomplete. And many of these aren’t labeled partial or ongoing like others are

  16. It is an okay app, not really digging the UI right now. Hate having to go into a manga just to reach the chapter list. Also, hate how a few titles take most of the real estate on the home screen. The incomplete chapter list on so many mangas is disappointing too. Not a bad start though, fair price too.

  17. I like Mangamo, and I hope that they can keep growing. The only thing that I think is missing is the ability to read manga offline. I would also recommend the ability to read in full screen without leaving the black spaces, and a section of new manga or updated mangas so we know exactly what’s new and which mangas has new chapters. The catalogue is good but I think that is lacking more shoujou and shounen Ai. Finally, please keep working hard and thanks for bringing legal manga for everyone! 🙂

  18. The potential for this app is great, but I keep running into technical issues. For example, when I get to the place that says “scroll” to get to the next chapter, it only lets me read previous pages… Pretty disappointed.

  19. It is a good app but… I hate that the most interesting/hyped titles are incomplete and with no updates. Fire Force, Attack on Titan, many others are with very few chapters comparing to the others and with no updates and no predictions, schedule, or anything whatsoever. This is disappointing. Buut there’s a huge catalogue. I hope that they’ll fix this and keep the customers more updated. Honestly, I’m still thinking if I’ll renew my subscription… (update: yeah, I won’t. One day I get back)

  20. Pia Pia dice:

    Thank you so much for making a subscription service for manga! Being a person from the third world country, I can’t even access to VIZ and Jump Plus app. However Mangamo is accessible! Manga in EN tends to be expensive so the subscription system really helps 🙂 I’m so happy to be given an option in supporting authors.

  21. While I like the service otherwise the app crashes all the time. Given that is the only way to read the manga it further compounds the issue. When it works it’s great, that isn’t the case often enough though.

  22. This app is great. I live the interface design and speed of the app. It gets updated often with new Mangas and features. This seems like the only manga app with the REAL legal content and highest quality imagery and translations. Highly recommend.

  23. Somewhat of a well layout of many Manga. The transition is top notch. I rather read from a professional translator than a freelancers who occasionally have poor grammer. The only problem I have is the load from each new chapter. It often get stuck but easy to fix. I hope for new releases. 🙂

  24. People need to understand that if you want to actually support the creators. To read legally you need to pay a bit and it seems like this is a fair price, only outdone by Viz/Shonen Jump’s $1.99/month. Also like streaming services, they can only get the licences for certain titles. If you’re looking for mainstream shonen series, go to Jump. But if you wanna try not so well known titles that are still good, this is a good app.

  25. It’s ok but instead of getting all the chapters of completed manga series like Cage of Eden, and Coppelion. It keeps adding more and more series. If you want to start and never finish a series, this is the app for you.

  26. I think it’s a major flaw that I rotated pages did not fill up to my phone screen. Reading on a phone, the screen real estate is not that big, so I want to read the manga pages horizontally, so it is bigger. Please fix this bug, will you?

  27. This app feels like an add. You only get 3 free chapters everyday and if you want to read more chapters or previous chapters you need to get a subscription. The subscription is advertised SO much. The design is really bad too. You can’t exclude tags and there is no rating on the mangas so you might uselessly spend your 3 free chapters and be forced to buy the subscription. Manga websites are much better because you can get ratings and read for free.

  28. Anon Anon dice:

    I wanted to like this app, but I’m constantly waiting for pages to load which really kills my enjoyment of reading and breaks the immersion. I get you cannot allow people to download stuff for legal reasons, but this could be solved by preloading the whole chapter.

  29. Great concept, love being able to read as much as I want! Lots of attention to detail and big fixes and improvements have been much appreciated! Love the search feature and high quality images!

  30. Ignore the spoiled brats leaving 1-star reviews because they think they are entitled to free manga, this app is excellent. For only $4.99 a month, you get unlimited manga reading and hundreds of series with more coming every month. App is easy to use and loads fast too. Sure, about 1/3 of the manga are not completed series yet, but they add new chapters every day. And there are so many completed series it doesn’t matter that much. Love this app! And for $4.99 for legal manga, it’s awesome!

  31. I am absolutely thrilled with having the opportunity to read licensed manga at a decent price. I only wish there was a new chapters/new series list to browse. If there is one I can not find it…

  32. Lilian Wu dice:

    The app is a good idea but my sub disappeared for the second time and there is no way for me to get back on. I’m paying for a service and my sub keeps pulling a disappearing act. It’s frankly annoying. Pls fix it!

  33. Link 2018 dice:

    The app UI is pretty good and it has a lot of series, I just wish the series it has had more chapters (yes the app costs money because it supports the authors). More series would also be nice.

  34. Josh Lim dice:

    Some manga have the pages scrambled completely. Completely ruins the experience trying to figure out whats happening. Sent a support request to fix it but never heard back from them.

  35. The user interface could be better. Weekly or monthly popularity ranking of the mangas could be included along with the option to filter out new and old releases.

  36. Nyx Covey dice:

    Still love the app and reccomend it but had to take away a star because some pages struggle to load and my biggest issue is that because the subscription is tied to the Google account tied to your phone my husband cannot read from his phone without buying a sepate subscription

  37. Honestly, does everything right but the rate new chapters come out is very slow. All the big mangas they have are severely behind with updates coming maybe once a month for a couple of chapters.

  38. Why pay for this app that by the way has a bad layout, when you could get an app like Manga Up for instance which is free(not an ad) with more selection and a better layout.

  39. The app looks amazing, but it’s missing some of my favourite big titles. If it had them, I would have paid the subscription fee but for that reason, I’m out.

  40. Rin dice:

    I really cherish the fact that this is my first official online paid Manga app since I don’t wanna stuck reading them on the unofficial sites. But I’m looking forward for this app to be able using same account on multiple devices (2 or 3) and OS (both android and iOS) before I start the subscription. Thank you, Team 💕

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