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KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) officially support Divx codec.
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▶ KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) officially support Divx codec.
Please check up codec which is not supported.

Avi File : DXMF, DX50, DIVX, DIV4, DIV3, MP4V
MKV File : DX50, DIV3, DIVX, DIV4, MP4V

Codec Name : DTS, EAC3, TrueHD
FourCC : eac3, mlp, trhd, dts, dtsb, dtsc, dtse, dtsh, dtsl, ms

DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle Track.
SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling.SAMI(.smi) with ruby tag support.
SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), TMPlayer(.txt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs) , WebVTT(.vtt)

▶ Function for KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec)

Bookmark : Bookmark on your wanted position to play.
High definition video playback: HD, 4K, 8K, UHD, Full HD playback.
Color adjustment: change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma information
Zoom in video: Zoom in and move the video you’re watching
Section repeat: Repeat after section designation
Invert video: Invert left and right (mirror mode), upside down
Quick Button: Select and specify player options with one click
Popup Play: Pop-up windows that can be used with other apps
Equalizer: Use equalizer for music and video
Speed control: Playback speed control function up to 0.25 ~ 4 times
Beautiful UI: beautiful music and video playback UI
Subtitle Setting: Change subtitle color, size, position
Timer function: Video and music timer function

Search function: Search music and video you want
My List (Playlist): Create video and music playlist
Play URL: Play any video on web by entering a URL (Streaming)
External storage device support: Load external storage device (SD card / USB memory)
Network: Private server connection by FTP, UPNP, SMB, WebDAV
Cloud: Play music and content within Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk

▶ KMPlayer VIP
You can enjoy fantastic VIP features in KMPlayer by in-app purchase
– Torrent Client : Enjoy the real-time playback wihle it downloaded
– Crop video : Please select your video and cut your desired section.
– Crop audio : Please select your audio, cut your desired section and edit.
– GIF toast : Create dynamic pictured GIF from your favorite video to select as you want.
– MP3 Converter : Extract and convert to MP3 audio from your favorite video media file quick and easy.
– VIP theme : Create for your own theme with photo in your smart device.
– Special features will be added for VIP.

Subscrition detailes
– Free trial will be limited per only one Google Play account
– It will be automatically renewed subscription after 30 days free trial endup. It will not be charged for canceled subscription at least 24 H before its end.
– It will be automatically renewed and charged payment unless cancel subscription at least 24 H before the current subscription end.
– You can manage and cancel your subscription at anytime on Google Play setup.

▶ Access Permission Information

Storage: Request for access to photos, music, and videos stored on the device

Draw on top of other apps: Request permission to use popup play
View and download Google Drive files: Request permission to use the cloud
You can use the basic service even if you do not agree with the selectable permission.
(However, functions that require selectable permission cannot be used.)

▶ Contact Email : ‘[email protected]


* Special thanks to the users who feedback.

* Fixed
- Fixed the forced shutdown after torrent download
- Resolved the problem of not recognizing some subtitles in Google Drive
- Pop-up player stabilization

- Edit specific page translation

Other bug fixes and improved reliability


40 comentarios en "KMPlayer Plus (Divx Codec) FULL"

  1. Eric Rose dice:

    I love this app. BUT, I coach alot of children’s sports and we video everything. I wish there was an easy way while I am watching a video to delete it right on the screen. Often the videos are either poor quality or don’t show me what I am looking for to help my players and I want to get rid of the video, but it requires multiple steps. I would love it if I could touch the screen during a video and have a trash can appear like other options and then just delete. KMPlayer, can you help?

  2. Sooo happy to have found this app. It has so many features that I use all the time. One that I love is “bookmark”, so I can go back immediately to the exact point in the video that I want, without wasting time fast forwarding and guessing. I looked around a lot but I was not able to find this feature in any other video player. Great 👍thanks ❤

  3. Still so much room for improvent Lacks permissions to read media from usb and external HD The layer box for video adjustment controls pops up above the video timeline but touch more often activate the layer underneath – timeline- instead of adjusting contrast, hue or saturation, etc. The VIP promotion on a paid app is totally out of place, disproportioned in its exagerated size, colours and font gigantic size. It sceams at the users face and diminishes the user experience, a first on a paid app

  4. The app serves it’s purpose of video and audio player. But the visualization feels too simple. I’m sorry to say this but you need to install other famous apps like MX player and use it as a reference. The app need to look pleasing. And the title of the app is too long. Give options for the user to change more of the settings. I can’t pin point the exact issue but after using MX player for 5 years, I just feel this app have a long way to go.

  5. It’s a good app but there’s two problems with it first thing is it won’t play hevc videos and the second thing is when you go to colour adjustment in the settings you can’t change anything in the settings because if you do the picture goes all wonky and you can’t play a video properly if they could sort these problems it would get 5 stars.

  6. I have a monstrous amount of media on my phone. Yet this app says no media found. Broken app, don’t use. *reply to dev* Fix the “no media found” problem I’m having and I’ll be happy. +1 star for the reply. 5 stars if you fix the bug. Every other app on my phone that can play videos, finds my media. But obv, this app was my go-to, so this bug is a problem. *update fix* I figured it out. By removing my external sd card, the app loaded up my media. Not sure why, but, its back to being my favorite.

  7. Very poor services. The KMPlayer Plus cannot play the video format for which I paid for this application. I was using the free version, it couldn’t play the videos, it suggested that I install the KMPLAYER PLUS because some codex were missing but it still can’t play. Causing me to waste money. PLEASE GIVE ME A REFUND!!!

  8. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the specs well enough about unsupported codecs and paid for the app. So, 30% of my videos simply don’t play with the message “this codec is not supported”. Why did I buy this, when there are lots of free apps which support all existing codecs (eg., VLC). Now I just wish I could get my money back…

  9. EmceeOfMC dice:

    This has become one of the best media players on the Play Store. My one complaint is that I payed for the app but I have to pay more to unlock the VIP? Really? Also it keeps saying the media is still on my device after I’ve deleted it, but only if I don’t use KMPlayer to delete it.

  10. Hi, I’ve paid for this app but this player can’t play HEVC 10 bit format & many other formats and I’ve to download KMPlayer (free version) with external codecs to play HEVC and other codecs files. I think I have wasted my money for useless app. So it is requested to add external codec option as available in free version please. Secondly The app should also be available for Android TV.

  11. It’s not playing MKV files (No audio, framerate is around 3 or 5)properly after last update. Previously it was fine.

  12. While draginng finger on the screen to fast forward the video, that annoying time laps bar appers… It should be like MX player… In mx player when we drag finger on the screen, no bar appers, it’s clean…. if possible please make this feature like Mx player

  13. Pretty sweet app. It’s great for watching all kinds of videos. From pornography to snuff films, Romantic Comedies to Nude Beach Voyeurism, this app is capable of playing it all. No matter what your fetish or fancy, KMPlayer (Plus) is the perfect utility for your tool. Whether you need help tuggin’, pullin’, stickin’ or flickin;’ KMPlayer (Plus) is workin’ for your jerkin’.

  14. nidhin dice:

    No night mode while watching vedio brightness🌙 dim option Another suggestion is needed custom timing fixing option sleep timer 60 minute is not enough No subtittle selection allow from any folder it is sucks

  15. Couple of little flaws that are singularly related to personal preference and one issue where it sometimes claims my vip subscription has lapsed and I’m forced into settings and restore purchases, otherwise it’s one of the better players ive encountered.

  16. I am not satisfied with this purchase. There were ads are showing and i can’t play some videos. This is a paid app. But I need to pay again and again for unlock full feachers. So I’m disappointed. Please issue me a refund. Hope you will understand and help me. 😔

  17. Even though I love the UI and purchased the paid version, there’s apparently a subscription model for paid users as if cheating us. Apart from this some videos cannot be played. Wonder when they can get serious about their users

  18. I have motorola g10 power which has a android 11 version. In my mobile 1080p.mkv files are crashed automatically. In VLC that files are run smoothly. Devloper please fix this problem ASAP. Thanks other wise I gave this app 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

  19. Trost dice:

    In free version there is chromecast feature. In this one I don’t see the cast button. What a waste of time and money. Give me a refund please.

  20. Lack of CODEC support makes this a waste of $$. Unless you need the DIVX, and can’t add an apk, you’ll get more compatibility using VLC.

  21. Of the video players I’ve tried, KMPlayer ìs by far the best. Few others have comparable features.

  22. Audio is lagging couple of seconds when I resume full hd videos in oneplus nord mobile. Please fix this issue. Thanks

  23. Tiagraj I dice:

    I love your app so much. The background play feature is the best. I paid for this version to show my gratitude. Keep the good work

  24. I purchased the paid version. But it is stuck in the opening screen on my S22 ultra. Please help or refund

  25. The codec is not supported in this too. Same as the free version. What is the benefits of pursesed version then?

  26. I want to give 1 rating because they said purchase lot things inside. But because it giving premium quality and so many more features so I gave 4 only for inbuilt purchase 1 start reduced I’m Google’s best guid and tell Google which apps should keep and which harmful

  27. All are excellent but one thing when i changed the COLOR ADJUSTMENT it slows down video playback Why is that And Equalizer goes into flat when i done that

  28. Jomon Bts dice:

    this application is good but how to add external audio in a video

  29. Rahul Roy dice:

    Poor app…EAC3 audio format doesn’t support even you’re purchase 😏 I’m very disappoint

  30. I hope this works best as expected been using desktop km player for a decade you guys deserve to be credited for premium service.

  31. Sparky dice:

    I’ve used many players this one is about the best. Ive not tried the paid version. Two thumbs up.

  32. Not support mkv videos & gestures optimization required.

  33. Been in the media player game for a long time by far best media player it’s one stop shop very satisfied I’ve already deleted torrent client and other media players

  34. A M dice:

    Works good. Can play all format videos.


  36. I am having trouble search for songs its so slow to respond to wat m typing. Please fix this issue

  37. This app doesn’t work properly. Couldn’t load the videos please do something.

  38. Waste of money. This player do nothing.its similar to free version. I have refund my money.not play all hd format.

  39. Looks great. But cant play MKV video on my device Maybe codec is not supported yet.

  40. Dear kmplayer we need to add button on the app to let us paste manually the lyrics on any music when playing the music

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