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Dreame – Great Story Starts Here

Hey story lovers! Come and check this out!
We are Dreame (www.dreame.com) – one of the best reading apps ever! Download now to embrace a whole new world of gripping stories and earn super prizes! We promise that YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

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40 comentarios en "Dreame MODDED 2022"

  1. I LOVED this app until it got rid of the 90% off top up coupons you could earn for coins. I depended on those coupons and now haven’t been able to get coins in a long time because I needed the 90% off. That was the best part of this entire app since coins and books can be expensive. I absolutely LOVE the books though. I love everything else besides losing the 90% off coupons…

  2. Just started this app. I don’t recommend it. Got interested in a story, even though it obviously needs some good editing. It’s going to take me a long time to finish the story (then delete this terrible app) as I refuse to pay real money for ametuer works that have absolutely no editorial help. And as it costs so many coins to unlock each chapter (instead of just a single ad to unlock), and the limited amount of free coins to earn each day, I can’t finish it in one or two days. Unacceptable.

  3. VKS Dub dice:

    Don’t download. First, it’s really expensive. Secondly, I know these are amateur authors, however, there are so many errors, and I’m not talking typos. One book, parts of words are missing at the beginning of sentences. Could be a glitch, mb operator error? More than one book, the authors have gotten names confused or changed them all together mid-book. Thoughts are so scattered. Tenses change mid-paragraph. Too many character povs. Just not worth it. There are better apps and cheaper too.

  4. Way too expensive. They could have made it easier to read a book with more options than to purchase coins. There are so many other apps that give someone a chance to read through videos or to purchase at a much cheaper price. Even Amazon Kindle books aren’t this expensive. I would like to have seen more of an category in genre but it seems limited in what can be read. Even as an author I would not sell my works this expensive. Frustrating to read having to wait for free coins. Not worth it.

  5. Cyndi B dice:

    Ridiculously expensive. Downloaded, started reading, got thru about 8 chapters or so, and ran out of “free” coins. Looked to see how much it would cost to just purchase and download. Over $20 for an interesting story filled with tons of mistakes, misspelled words and using “she” when it obviously should have been “he”, made this an amateurish work that shouldn’t cost more than $2. This app seems like a total scam.

  6. I feel like its fairly expensive to read a whole book. I wish there was a subscription option where you could unlock all or at least several books per month or an option to purchase the whole book. And although the stories are great, it should only cost about half of what it does. Coins are hard to earn so if you like a book you have no choice really but to buy coins. I do like that the first gew chapters are free so you don’t buy something you don’t like.

  7. I was loving this app and spending a decent amount of money unlocking stories and now they have gotten rid of the 90% off coupon code you could earn with points AND they got rid of the largest bundle for buying coins. These books already cost way too much for what you get most of the time and now you can’t even save up points to get a deal. Both of these changes have occured in the last week and I am severely disappointed. I used this app more than goodnovel because of the ways to save money.

  8. I downloaded an app to get points or coins to be able to read. As I was going through the goals and completing tasks my coins disappeared or expired. I’ve reached out to the company and to no avail and I’ve messaged several times. The app took over more than 1500 coins from me. I finished three tasks in under a month. That was not in the guidelines for downloading the app and earning points. The only reason I still have the app is to finish Stephanie Lights books. After that, I’m deleting.

  9. I find the stories OK. Many aren’t well written with lots of spelling/grammar errors. This app uses stories from their platform in various languages and uses a translation app. It makes the reading very difficult, if not impossible. You don’t know the story is essentially unreadable until you have already paid to download it and have wasted your money. Annoying. It wouls be nice to be able to tag a story or move it to another folder after its been read so the library is better organized.

  10. Three stars, only because I really love the fact it is a source for people to share stories they have written.I have enjoyed the books I have read and can’t wait to read more. But it is expensive. I get that the company needs to make money but the cost is just ridiculous. Yea you can earn free coins but not very much and they expire extremely quick, making it hard to save up to unlock an entire book at once instead forcing you to unlock one chapter at a time. Also no voting for favs w/o spending

  11. Don’t bother with this app in a long flight. I “purchased” and “downloaded” some chapters in anticipation of a 6 hour flight knowing that I would have zero access to the internet. The app requires an initial contact with the server to access the downloaded content. So why bother downloading? What if I suddenly had to reset the phone midflight? I have a lot of other things to do before takeoff, I don’t want to have to remember to open this app just to read things I downloaded. Please fix.

  12. I hate that I have to jump through hoops while skipping to the Titanic…JUST TO READ A NEW CHAPTER. I ordered through Walmart, did. It get my bonus. I downloaded AliExpress app, did not get my bonus. This is frustrating. It may take me a year to finish this book, but as soon as I do, it will be deleted. If it were an option, I would just buy the book. You have to co ti uously buy coins to unlock. I refuse.

  13. Love this app but incredibly disappointed right now. I have been using this app for quite a while and I spend quite a bit on coins. All I can say is until you reinstate at the very least the 90% off coupon ideally the $80 purchase as well I will not be reading on this app anymore and I guarantee that I am not the only one. Very disappointed they would take this away when the books are already so expensive. I know that I have spent over $100 on one book So until that comes back my $$ wont either

  14. Honestly, almost prohibitively expensive, especially for unedited works- between $20 and $30 depending. The authors aren’t untalented, though, and the stories are interesting. Reading just takes a long time or a lot of extra income. Editing to 1 star. Lost 600 tokens for 20% discount on coin purchase that 1) only added 15% more coins on to $5 and 20% more coins on to $10+- which is NOT the same as the discount I redeemed, THEN immediately vanished after just 2 minutes. It’s a money pit and scam

  15. Great reads but it is expensive to buy coins. What makes it 2 stars instead of 4 is that coupons (coupons give you a percentage off of a chapter) I purchased expired before I could use them. I get that the free coupons should have an expiration date but when I buy them with real world money, they should not expire. Makes me sad because even though it was a little pricey, I would recommend this app to friends. Now, defiantly not.

  16. It takes too long to get more points to read more. It took me about 2 months to read a 2 book series that would usually take about a week, depending on what I had going on at the time. It takes too many ads to get points to move forward. I don’t like that the points expire. I like Readict a lot better. I’m going back to Readict, you can watch 1 ad or use points to move forward. You get lots of points. I’m going to Uninstall this app.

  17. I’ve never had issues with redeeming coins to read my stories. But now, I’ve been doing all my daily quests to get my coins, and still it won’t let me read any of the stories. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app to see if it would fix itself and still no progress. No help from developers. Seriously disappointed, as I actually liked your app. Not sure what happened but will no longer be using this garbage.

  18. Honestly really like this app but the cost of coins compared to how many you need to read a full book is essentially the same as buying a hard copy. I do like that you can ise the coins for any book and they give you about 8 free chapters in the beginning. However, it seems like the quality of the chapters goes down when they want you to start paying for them.

  19. I’ve been reading from this app for many years now. I’ve never had problems downloading chapters for when I’ll be in an area with no wifi. All of a sudden you now have to not only use the coins you’ve purchased with real money, but you have to also watch ads to unlock the chapters instead of downloading them. Very very upsetting.

  20. Lot of money for bad gramer! I put out it how much it costs to read one book and there are misspelled words and grammar errors everywhere it’s hard to follow. Not to mention after a couple of pages the app freezes up and I have to restart my tablet completely to be able to continue reading. I spent $6 on coins in this app last night and I still don’t have enough coins to read the entire book I chose. You would think it would be much cheaper as I found in other apps with all the errors.

  21. The stories seem good for the most part, although some need more proofreading before publishing. But the prices are ridiculous. $30 or more, when you finish paying for all the chapters. I rarely pay that much for hard cover books, and then you have the book in hand, to keep it resell. As much as I’ve enjoyed the stories, I’ll be deleting the app.

  22. Love the app, I’ve been using it for years! I took 2 stars off because I think DREAME can do better, but I wish when you transferred data, like getting a new phone, the app would keep your downloaded stories and your library in order. Both times I’ve switched phones and logged into my account that my downloaded books weren’t there and books weren’t available the same way. Not cool to have to re-buy books again.

  23. The books are expensive but they’ve been my guilty pleasure. After the recent update, everything requires coins or watching an ad. Today, I had to watch an ad to reread a chapter I used coins to unlock yesterday. Very disappointed! I’m likely going to away from the books currently in progress and just read actually published books on my e-reader. Not with the hassle.

  24. Giving a 4 because I absolutely love the books so far, but the ONE PROBLEM IS…. DREAME, Would you please consider making some more fun ways to earn coins to continue reading? There are lots of things you could do, such as puzzles to keep the brain stimulated, or even small quizzes about the story/chapter so far. I’ve been trying my best to read this one specific book that I’m absolutely obsessed with! Would love to be able to read more than 2 chapter a day. Thank you.

  25. Some of the stories are great. You can accumulate tickets by reading for different lengths of time and read for free. However the chapters are all super short and can be read in just a few minutes. Because of this you have to buy tickets if you want to read more than one chapter a day, and it’s stupidly expensive. There should be a monthly subscription providing unlimited tickets or at least an option to watch adds for additional tickets.

  26. The biggest problem is I could at least read one chapter a day now that you got rid of the option to watches ads I can’t even do that. You should fix that. (Update) well now they ad option is back but you don’t get the reward from it, even after shutting down and reloading the app. Stop trying to rip people off Dreame.

  27. I liked the book I was starting to read. Its a great ploy, get a reader hooked & the reader will spend a ridiculous amount of $$ to continue reading the book. When I was unable to read a chapter, I watched all of the ads & did the extra stuff so I was able to get further. When I was unable to get further with free ads, I felt fine throwing some $ in, the book is good. When it happened again, I saw that it would cost me $40 to finish the book. Nope. Uninstall. I can go the library.

  28. So I would give this a higher rating if it wasn’ta overpriced rip-off. I looked up how much it would be to unlock the preview book that had caught my attention, I was shocked to see that it would be $40 to unlock the book. It would only be that cheap because of the new person bonus and discount. I don’t mind paying a subscription to be able to read or paying a little bit, but it would be way cheaper for me to go buy a kindle and buy more books on it than to read using this application

  29. Books end up being expensive without coupons. I’ve purchased $20 coins and not been able to read a full book. Chapters are too short. In addition, coupons expire! Even the coupons you exchange for points expire! My 50% coupon expired that I exchanged for points. Coupons that I exchanged for coins shouldn’t expire! Also, a lot of books I’ve run into have grammatical errors or terrible writing. Not sure why they are so expensive.

  30. Used to love this app because I could purchase the next episode for like $1 now I have to pay $5 to get coins which I don’t have at this point in time. The stories I read are wonderful. But this app seems to be getting worse. We used to be able to watch ads to get coins to help purchase chapters. But now I am lucky if I see that option once a month. Really need to improve this.

  31. On the discovery page, free or wait to read need to be their own module at the top of the page. This app needs to be updated so you can give books or chapters a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Stories have been pretty good at least half the time but too expensive. The stories that are incomplete should not be pay to read or the should be less to read untilnthey are complete. And it shouldn’t cost 40 point to buy 24 pages!

  32. After latest update, finding anything that doesn’t require spending $$ is practically impossible. Cheapskate that I am, I accepted the “earn Dreame coins by watching ads / reading for X minutes” option, but I no longer see those options offered. I’m sincerely hoping the opportunity to “earn” free reading isn’t gone forever! I’ll pay some, but as an avid reader, this app is causing my relationship w/ Dreame to be unsustainable as it is now. You can find some engaging stories, though!!

  33. Said it was a free reading app. That’s a lie!!! If you wait to get free coins you have to open so many books. I ended up with 5 open books and it seem like I would never get to finish. I bought $40 worth/6000 coins thinking that was enough. After paying a little over $100 just to finish with so many grammar and misspellings. Story lines were good but the price and issue not worth it. I will be deleting this app

  34. Sadly my opinion’s changed in the last three years since this app has launched, it went from being one of the best to being one of the worst. It constantly crashes now and is no longer stable. The amount of you pay for coins is rubbish & the cost per-chapter is nuts, some books cost close to 75 USD & that includes the free coupons & coins. Sadly its a case of the developer getting greedy… I have since found other apps out there that chapters no matter how long cost only 3 coins per-chapter.

  35. The stories are good, I hate reading a few chapters at a time. I want to pay for the book then read it. Several of the ways to earn coins do not work. I want to be able to choose what is in my library. It’s difficult to earn enough coins. The chapters continually stop 1 min to 5 minutes before you complete a timed task to earn the coins so you can move on to the next chapter. I like to read 1 book at a time. I’ve had to start 3 because of this timing issue. Books shouldn’t cost more than $7-10.

  36. They lowered the coin prices, so they are much more affordable. So I redownloaded it and am trying it again. So far I’m enjoying it. It would still be better if you didn’t have to pay to unlock chapters and maybe just unlock the book and enjoy reading the book. Like get the first few chapters free, then if you’re interested you can unlock the book for a certain amount of coins and read it without worrying if you’re going to run out of coins before you get to finish it.

  37. Sila Reem dice:

    I have had this app for years, and I like despite the many flaws in it. The stories are great, but many of them are not edited with grammatical and spelling mistakes. Second, the chapters are way expensive and the rewards given by watching ads barely open one chapter. And recently, the app keeps crashing every time I open the story to read it or when claiming the daily rewards. Please fix this problem.

  38. I am disappointed with this app. There are a few good stories on there but it’s quite expensive. I think it’s cheaper and easier to download books to Kindle imo. The books aren’t properly edited either. The first part of the books are free then you begin paying. They offer the chance to watch adds for 1 coin but with each chapter being about 29 coins each you’d have to spend alot of time watching adds. The total to read 1 book would cost the same as buying a physical book, if not more.

  39. You get reading and it pulls you in, so much so you can’t put it down! Then you have to mess about with watching ads or paying for coins, which are so expensive! I know people say that the grammar and all isn’t great but the story’s are good but I just want to read the book without messing about! It’s only free for a 1/3 of the book! And always starts messing about at the really good bit!

  40. The stories are good, some need a little work. The disappointing side is having to wait so long to finish a story, 50 coins to unlock one chapter!! It’s cheaper to just buy a book. I downloaded this through an ad as I was intrigued by the story. However, i will now be deleting it as I am fed up of waiting to unlock chapters. Don’t download unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on a single book.

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