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Random video chat app to meet friends and discover the world.
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Discover and Video Chat Anywhere, Anytime!

Gaze opens new doors to meeting new friends and live video chatting with random people around the world.

Private chat opportunities with thousands of Gazers. Start live video chatting instantly and have fun calls with people from all over the world. Meet new friends, learn different languages and even learn about different cultures. It is all up to you.

★ Over 3 million downloads worldwide in just a year!

The greatest live chat app, Gaze is here for you:

🔥 Fast and simple connections. Don’t wait, let’s meet! Swipe to connect with someone new. If you are not interested we have millions of Gazers, so don’t worry – there are plenty of chances to meet new friends.

😍 If you like each other, you can video chat. Don’t waste your time searching for someone you like from crowds. Have real live conversations and start live chatting right away.

🤗 Want to be totally surprised? We also have live random video chats. You want to have some fun, we know. Forget the filters and just swipe to meet random people online.

💬 Everyone likes a full message box, right? DM people you liked. If you are a little shy to video chat instantly, DM first and enjoy texting. You can hop on a direct call whenever you feel comfortable.

💫 Filters to find the most desirable profiles. Gaze filters your preferences and finds the perfect people for you to video chat with. It is the easiest way to meet strangers who are just like you and share common interests!

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📹 Follow your friends. Follow your favorite people to get notified when they are online and live video chat with them anytime. You can also increase your following on Gaze and be one of the popular Gazers.

🤙 Real-time translation. We support 20+ languages because we believe different cultures make Gaze a better video chat app. Gaze allows you to connect, have meaningful conversations and discover diverse cultures with live translation. If the language barriers are too hard to overcome you can always type and see how real-time translation works wonders to bring random people together.

🔒 Private and secure. Gaze has a 24-hour moderation. If your connection behaves offensively, is rude to you, or does something else that is against the laws or Gaze policies, you can always report users while live video chatting and they will get reviewed by our moderation team.

Lots of Love,
💛 ❤️Gaze Team ❤️ 💛

IG: gaze_videochat
Questions? Contact us at [email protected]
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Performance improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Gaze – Live Random Video Chat MODDED 2022"

  1. I’m going to rate this app with a one star. Reason being this app is all about the money. You can’t talk to people long without paying. You got to buy coins if you expect to talk to people. Think I’m going to move back to camsurf it’s free just has a few adds. It this app was free to video chat everyone it would be great only pay when useing the profile features such as messenger and individual search engines. So to make this app better would be to make it free to video chat anyone.

  2. If ‘both’ option is free, why does it still cost 10 to chat with a girl? Also there needs to be a way for people to chat with someone free of cost. Or greatly reduced. The fee to view is too steep to keep up. I understand initial price, but maybe after 3/4mins reduce cost. Or find a way for people to gain coins. I’ve only seen two promotion and I have spent a lot on coins. Great idea, just not user friendly due to long running cost. Membership maybe better?

  3. Earth Man dice:

    So I’ve been using this app and I’m wondering why did u people remove the feature for free coins on a daily 24 hour basis because literally that was very helpful and free coins on a daily 24 hour basis helped me alot like can you people please bring back the free coins feature in this app because that’s how I earn coins and I don’t got any money for more coins so yep

  4. I’d rate it lower but it’s not possible. They steal your money…then when you query it your asked to supply something you cannot get as you dont get it unless you receive the coins… unhelpful and sneaky customer services avoid this app.

  5. jay star dice:

    Should give out way more coins to keep customers. The bother gender option when low on coins is false.your lying.because if a female is (randomly) match to you,you still get charged ..if it’s a free call ,then let it be a free call.3-5 minutes? What’s the big deal bargaining that.

  6. I have coins and can’t do a video chat or anything.. I don’t know what is wrong with the app that it’s not working.

  7. Sahab dice:

    The girls start the private call without our consent. Their should be an option or pop up asked if we want to do that. The call immediately deducts the coins and doesn’t refunds.

  8. Haven’t even opened the app yet and finding out through the comments u need to pay to talk will make me uninstall as soon as it finishes what a joke

  9. Hello sir or madam I was recharge my account a 5 minutes still i didn’t get coins please I’m kindly requesting you to add coins or refund my money back to my account 🙏

  10. I like it it’s just 1 minute of trying.. Update..3 star There’s no thing free, you have to pay..

  11. Well since I bought a new phone less freezes and crashes witch makes my experience so much better I think this app is so much fun more fun than you know the girls are always very pretty and so many to choose from I really like the way you can spend little for small increment for coin with means I can have a little fun on a budget if you have more coin the better the more gifts you send the better time you will have but it is so worth it to have a hot private up close session with a pretty woman

  12. Tommy Shot dice:

    Amazing, absolutely love the networking and the positive outlook people from all over the world have!!

  13. It’s just okay most women on here are actors or mo els there noi looking to meet in person or travel to you I have gave my phone no. to some of the women members and no call or text from them

  14. DONT DOWNLOAD. seriously the app is absolute garbage every feature is paid for. Just purely based on taking your money not anything else.

  15. Gg Bb dice:

    It says the in the gender filter that “both” is free , when I randomized both even girls even has a price. That doesn’t make any sense. Piece of advice to does who want to chat random person, don’t waste your time in this app unless you have money to waste

  16. This application is extremely suspicious! Don’t download it if you’re someone who really wants to connect with someone and give them gifts as a form of appreciation because not all of them will receive them. I have screenshots and screen recordings of sent gifts and asked if they received and the answer was no. I will ask for a refund of all my purchases if not I’m willing to take them to court for fraud.

  17. This app didn’t help my eyes stay in one place as the other gaze app. Instead while testing and custom creating editing new app functions., Was actually irritating to have the racoon in the way. So it should be a 2 star rating. A 3 star because it was annoying its still cute.

  18. Fairly decent app, a little pricey though. Have met a ton of new people from other countries. My biggest complaint is that when I select the women from the U.S. option, there are never any American women just mostly Filipino women. I think you would be better served by being able to choose what country you want to search in.l

  19. I purchased a 11000 pack of coins this morning and my card was charged for it yet the coins didn’t show up. I’d greatly appreciate a refund. This hasn’t happened before but would rather not chance it happening again.

  20. Muraad S dice:

    the UI needs work, i follow a lot of people and its annoying when i have to go on their profile to see them online. please just add a green dot if they are online on the following list.

  21. lahrsean dice:

    The girls are fake prerecorded videos, it ends the call quick enough that it makes it difficult to tell. They are just after money.

  22. Don’t download this app. It’s a full on pay for everything type deal. I had it for less then 30 minutes and found so many problems with it. 1: many cat fishers with fake profile pics 2:. You use coins while your scrolling 3: messages don’t work at all properly 4: every1 there you find don’t speak English 5: you need coins to video chat people 6: coins require real Cash to get and only way to get them is by Cash. there’s alot more I can say. But fr Im telling you that this is the worst app to get

  23. A Perez dice:

    The ratings are very good because the developer creates fake users to give it five stars.

  24. Not free. Pay to mattch or talk which is fine if you are honestest about it. Avoid this ap.

  25. Ikram Khan dice:

    Nice good app so cute app

  26. Worst app don’t download it

  27. 😞 lost 1k coins. Accidentally uninstalled this app and reinstalled it only to find out my old account with 1k+ coins gone,pls fix this issue,the app was good before

  28. All these types of apps are the same. They are advertised as 100% free, no coins needed to make video calls, which is false and misleading.

  29. Great app. There’s girls from all over the world, mostly 3rd world countries that know exactly why guys want to talk to random women. Drawback- coins add up. I’m into it now about $50. Although compared to most other private webcams that $50 would be more like $250 easy and the models not even half as ripe, appreciative or eager to please as most of these girls are and the admin isn’t shy with the free coins either…. I developed a serious Jones concerning this app. I think I need a program.

  30. DON’T DOWNLOAD! EVER!! Wayyyy too expensive, can’t actually talk to anyone, call drops every min and you have to pay again and again and again. Just a money grabber, can’t actually talk to anyone and they only call you instead of texting which makes me think females can call for free or all of them are fake. Ignore their offers for deals, total money grabber, nothing more, bunch of greedy devs looking for an easy scam. The girls must be bots are have free use of the app DON’T DOWNLOAD! EVER!!!

  31. Too expensive. I invited 3 friends but that doesn’t mean they’ll try it nor did I receive anything for it. 120 coins for 1 minute of talking time is a rip off period. It’s a Pandemic… At least make first time calling free for the random chatter no matter how long the call is for Each different chat. Friends should be able to messenger for free and cost a fee for video call

  32. Oh it’s a very different app inspirational very happy to see what it’s the characters are information you received and looking forward to Great friendship with a lot of them since Reagan I’m amazed and will spread the word and give the advice to my friends to join I’m inspired it’s a great way to enjoy other people happy and it’s a different site to to watch instead of watching TV all the time inspiring

  33. I dont give the 5 stars because the expensive in-app purchase. Please stop charging coins for searching girl or boy whatever, charged only for video calling, and the minutes run a little bit slower because damn 120 a min but the min goes fast.

  34. Real Nick dice:

    I only review if great or horrible. This is the rarest cause I’d like to give 5⭐ had allot of fun.Spent plenty.But your not able to transfer account.You must pay to start chat.And its not cheap to have real fun.Ive never spent near as much on an app as this. And while I wanted to continue on my new device. I will now be deleting.Also I’ve noticed many of the gifts are not being delivered.Ohh also, the TGz who when reported never get taken down.Id enjoy an app without these major flaws.

  35. Only problem is the texting is horribly hard to correct if you make a mistake, and why can’t we leave video messages on this video app? But I love it!

  36. Tom G. dice:

    Do not get, starts you off with some coins which are used for gender specific chats, or to buy gifts I believe, and I think the people are real, or they are just pre-recorded videos, its hard to tell, cause after only seconds in the chat, it will just force you to go to the store to look at coin bundles, ending the chat you were in, and if you are doing gender specific chats, say goodbye to 10 coins, this has happened every single chat.

  37. Amir X dice:

    WARNING. This app is actually a pretty clever scam basically basically there are numerous beautiful woman all from either Russia Ukraine or South America. All of them will respond to you when you write and all of them will treat you nicely however you have to remember that you’re fighting against time to keep their attention and in order to get more time you have to give them more money not to the girls but to the app. My assumption is that they get a portion of it.

  38. Like Gaze but theirs one thing that I do not like about it. And that is the cost of coins coins should be free not cost. That is the only issue I have so if you can make some changes with that I well really appreciate that.

  39. I found the app in my biyfriends phone and at first I was pissseddddddd and I mean pissed. Buuut I asked him why do you have this app and his answer was honest and upfront so I said can I see what it’s all about and he showed me. Now we have fun on here together. Its a way for us to spice up our relationship without actually going out and sleeping around. We like the Colombian girls the most. So pretty.

  40. This is the best app in the 🌎🌎🌎🌎boy I don’t know what to say again but I’ll tell you that is the best happening will this is the best app in the entire world and then it got some beautiful girls you can pay for to talk to and that’s something else that’s cool in the entire world the real nice whoever created this app I could get on my toes in the nursery right now

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