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FamilyAlbum helps you share, save, and remember your child's special moments.
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The best way to safely share and organize your family’s photos and videos. Unlimited storage, no ads, and it’s free! Now with 8 free photo prints every month.

3 Reasons to Start Your Album:

1) You’ll love it

– YOUR MEMORIES ON DISPLAY. Show off your photos and videos in a way that’s both beautiful and intuitive. Everything is automatically sorted by month, complete with your child’s age. Just swipe the screen to go back in time!

– UNLIMITED STORAGE. Back up all your memories for free.

– STREAMLINED SHARING. No more sharing the same photo with five different group chats. All your photos, all your videos, all your favorite people, all in one place.

– YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. Your album is completely private. All content you upload to the app belongs to you, and it can only be viewed by you and the family and friends you invite. That also means the app is ad-free and we don’t share your data with advertisers. Read more at

– COMPILATION VIDEOS. The app automatically pieces together 1-second clips of your memories into short, touching movies. Tissues not included!

– FREE PRINTS EVERY MONTH. Get 8 free photo prints delivered to your doorstep every month. You can also order photobooks, photo albums, and more from right within the app.

– VISIBILITY CONTROLS. Decide what to show to the whole family and what to keep private between you and your partner.

– IT’S ACTUALLY FREE. We make money two ways: (1) when you purchase a photobook or other product from the app and (2) when you register for our Premium service, which adds bonus features to our already-awesome free version. Don’t worry, we’ll never show you ads or charge for features currently available for free.

2) Your family will love it

– EASY TO USE. Our app is optimized to make viewing shared content easy. Family members that have trouble using other apps will have no trouble using FamilyAlbum. There’s also a browser version.

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– STAY CLOSE. FamilyAlbum is a great way to let distant loved ones feel included. But unlike messenger apps, there’s no pressure to react right away. That also means you don’t have to wait for a reason to share!

3) Your child will love it

– BUILD THEIR STORY, PRIVATELY. Start a curated collection of photos, videos, and comments to look back on when they’re older—without compromising their privacy.


・Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient
・Official Webby Honoree for Best User Experience
・National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA)
・W³ Awards Gold Winner

About FamilyAlbum Premium:

At FamilyAlbum, it’s important to us that we continue to provide a free version that can be enjoyed on its own. All the features listed above are included in the free version. Many of the perks that cost money in other apps, like additional storage or ad removal, are free with FamilyAlbum. We’ll never show you ads or charge for features currently available for free.

FamilyAlbum Premium offers extra features to complement the free version. With Premium, you can upload longer videos, upload from your computer, view photos sorted by child, and write monthly journal entries. Plus, you’ll get more 1s Movies, additional sharing options, free shipping, and more. You can unsubscribe and return to the free version any time.

If you subscribe to Premium, it will automatically renew every month unless you disable automatic renewal at least 24 hours in advance. Price may vary by country. For more details, visit
*Automatic renewal can only be canceled via your Play Store account.

FamilyAlbum Website –

For information about migrating to FamilyAlbum from other services like Lifecake and BackThen, visit

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


We regularly make changes and improvements to our app! Please be sure to update to the latest version.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at . Stay tuned for more improvements, and thank you for using FamilyAlbum!


40 comentarios en "FamilyAlbum – Photo Sharing FULL"

  1. In general, I love the app. I like being able to share pictures with family/friends without putting my kids all over social media. Marked down to 3 stars because I decided to upgrade to premium after having my second child so that we could view pictures by child. Unfortunately, it has been “creating” the page for my daughter for over a month and has included a ton of her pictures into my son’s page. No way to tag people yourself either. Definitely not worth paying for premium.

  2. I love the Family Album. But my gripe isnwith the application itself. With my ( Samsung Galaxy S22) android, the upload get uploaded to separately when it used to have several pictures in one upload in the past. Also, upload takes forever and the action of uploading (icon in my notification bar) doesn’t go away until I restart my phone. I didn’t have these problems before. It just started happening in the past month or so, I think.

  3. The free version of the app has improved a lot over the past 5 months. I appreciate that they listened to user feedback. The user interface is much cleaner and easier to use. I love how it organizes all photos into months, the private sharing permissions, And the 1-second videos every few months. The main frustration with this is how you have to send individual invitations. Would be easier to send one link to everyone.

  4. The app is great for sharing pictures between just people you want to see them, the buying feature is really nice for photo books and printed pictures. But I just purchased the subscription and was disappointed to find out the pages were not working properly, half the subscription features don’t work right, and even though adverted as a way to keep photos of each child separately there is not actually a way to create a second photo album. Will be removing my subscription until the app works.

  5. I loved the free version for sharing the pics/videos with friends/family. I purchased the subscription though and has been using that for awhile so I can have 2 separate folders for my children. When it updated after purchase it messed everything up, the photos are not even in the correct folders. If this along with a few other issues the app has) isn’t fixed in a timely manner, I will be unsubscribing. Thank you

  6. I purchased the premium subscription for the Pages feature for my second kid and was disappointed. It’s been “creating” for my newborn for two and a half weeks, and my toddler’s page hasn’t been updated in four months. I also suspect even if it was working the way it’s advertised, I’d continue to have issues; it relies on facial recognition software, and my two kids’ newborn pictures look so much the same. The free version is pretty good, but the paid one isn’t worth it as it operates now.

  7. I love the idea of this app, the photos are nice and easy to upload, I like the idea of privacy for family and sharing pictures with them. But I hate that you have to send an invite code to each person individually, a different code to EACH person, there should just be a code for the album. Also wish there was a like button for photos and comments.

  8. I love family album! it holds every precious moment and goofy picture I’ve taken of my little. The best part is, it’s free and has unlimited storage space! which is important in this digital age. It sucks when apps force you to choose between keeping your content or paying a premium fee for space. A little bonus is all the cute personal movies they make the user for important milestones. Family Album is the absolute best!

  9. App is easy to use and share with family. Very disappointed that the 1 sec videos are only made now if you upload 20+ pictures/videos during the three month period. Wish there was an option to pay one time for the full version I stead of every month. And there needs to be a way to have a different album for each kid, especially with the full version. Overall, app is OK but needs a lot of improvements before getting more stars.

  10. Kara N dice:

    After leaving Facebook, we’ve been using this app to share photos of our kiddo to our family. If I could make one recommendation it would be for the photos to show completely when initially clicked on since they sometimes get cut off until you click on the picture, then it’ll get rid of the border above and below. Older folks don’t quite understand the concept and assume that our photos are cropped weirdly. Would be great if that wouldn’t happen. Otherwise, love the app!

  11. This app is an excellent way to keep family in the loop with activities and milestones. Perfect for sharing only with those who are directly invited. I like that each member can both add photos and download others’ in the free version. My only complaint (and it’s very minor) is that you have to comment on the picture/video after posting it instead of being able to include a caption. Overall, it’s a very user-friendly app!

  12. We have been disconnected from family for the past 2 months, and this allowed regular updates and sharing (many) photos rather than having to use social media. This has been amazing! No pop up adds (kept at the bottom of the screen). Notifies all when a new comment or photo is uploaded. Fast and easy to upload photos and comments. Tracks date and time, will be helpful when creating scrap books and photo albums at a later date.

  13. Kind of love this app.. but it needs some improvement. We love being able to share pics with our family and friends in a specific app that they have to be invited to! Love that they’re able to comment on the pics. My biggest issue is with the recap books – I love the idea of getting a monthly recap book! But there is no way to edit or even just crop the pictures as you’re creating the book. Therefor you have to edit your pics before uploading to the app.. and who has time for that with a baby

  14. I love this app but have two big issues. There is no good way to digitally back up photos or videos from the album, you have to save them one at a time. Also, even bigger issue, there is no ability to have a separate album for a separate kid!!! Update, I have paid for the premium family album for over a year. I have added the info for a second child but it has not created a page for them yet and I cannot find a way to differentiate between kids when loading pics or vids

  15. App works exactly as expected, maybe even better than expected. This app makes sharing pictures with multiple family members a breeze. They can choose what to save for themselves and see every picture I take! Plus if they take pics and upload, I can save those too! That is my favorite feature. I’m sure there are more features I should be using that go along with this app but I’m new to it and will continue to play around with things.

  16. Great app. I love that I can share pics with all the people I invite. Very easy to use. You can have aunts/uncles create their own account and it is a separate album. If I had more than 1 child I would buy the premium, but I also wish that it was a yearly subscription not monthly (or have the option). I do wish I could choose individually who can/cannot download pics from the app.

  17. Affordable Picture and Video Sharing. This app makes video collages of the pictures and video. They also have picture books for around $6 per month. If I could change anything, I would add the ability to purchase the books for 1 year time frame in addition to 1 month increments. This app is easy for my family to use and safes me hours of choosing the best footage for a video.

  18. MJ Turri dice:

    Honestly great app. There’s a lot of cool features for sure! I have the premium so I can save all the cool 1s video’s and different albums. There is a couple of things that would be such a great upgrade to make it even better. The news feed type of button would be awesome to make it more user friendly. More social media type of userface would be really nice and easier to navigate through the app. Also if I could put captions with the group/single photo when I post them that would be very helpful

  19. I friggin love this app! It keeps all my little girl’s photos in chronoligical order automatically, as well as generates a new 1 seconds video every three months. These things are adorable! They also give you the option of buying photo books of your children for way cheaper than anywhere I’ve seen. No ads, great utility, super easy to use! 10 out of 10.

  20. ** Update** Devs fixed my issues. Thank you for response. Changed from 2 stars to 4 stars. I love the concept of the app and haven’t had almost any trouble on the iOS version, but I have all kinds of trouble with Android version. App won’t let me upload photos anymore. They all show up as grey squares and it will never upload them anyways. Sometimes When people post something I have to reset the app multiple times to see it. The last update (before Current) seemed to work much better for me.

  21. D. D dice:

    Been looking for a private photo sharing app since my departure from Facebook and other social media. Great app, but we definitely need caption ability on pictures and perhaps the ability to create and name folders. I don’t always like to group by year, so the ability to create/sort our own photo folders would be awesome. Also, the journal/individual folder feature is not working. I’ve read other reviews with the same issue. This a good app..but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one.

  22. Leann Marr dice:

    Needs an option to crop photos and also it needs more characters for comments or an area to add a description. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and 200 characters doesn’t always cut it when trying to give the backstory of a photo. Other than that its a great app. I love that the photo and video quality isn’t altered after uploading. This app has been a lifesaver for sharing even the most private special moments with the people closest to you. Thank you creators for making this app!

  23. So much potential, but it is so limited! I have the paid version, and despite them saying they were adding features earlier this year, they do not appear. There is no way to create albums, everything is just lumped into a single month. So the pictures of my brand new baby are lumped into pictures of us going to a garden earlier this month for pregnancy photos. No way to add a description of a group of photos like. So simple to do. Such a small thing to group photos by event. Just not to this app

  24. there are so many inconveniences and downfalls to this app. 1. You can only have 1 album for free. You’ll have to pay if you have more then 1 kid. My wife and I decided to buy the premium so we could have multiple albums, but the way they do the albums is asinine. When you upload a picture you can’t choose which album you want. They must do it based on the photos? Idk. waste of money. 2. wanted to cancel premium subscription immediately after getting, but there seems to be no way to cancel…

  25. Courtland dice:

    Great app, but needs to go to the next level. Wonderful for pandemic babies. I have a total of 10 people on it. We can all take photos and videos and share. Ordering pictures is easy, and inexpensive. Great to add to baby book. Things I’d like- Like feature. Better comment view (expand comments to fill screen), a way mark photos that will automatically add to a purchase que. That way, once a month, I could buy the pictures already lined up. Tracking shipments, and viewing order pictures.

  26. I love this app! It’s so easy to use, very straight forward! I found this app when I was searching for an easier way to share pictures. When my son was born everyone kept texting me for pictures, so this came in very handy. I only have a few questions: -Reply directly to comments -Add captions to pics -Where is shows who recently viewed, maybe the option to differentiate between people better. It shows the first few letters of their name and I have serveral people who have the same letters.

  27. its a great app for sharing photos with family securely. its nice that damily can vontribute photos and comments. it would be very helpful if you could sort the photos into albums rather than only by date. its annoying to hsve to scroll looking for specific events. it would also be nice if there was a bit more customization to the albums. bit app works well, and family have enjoyed it.

  28. My children and granddaughter live across the country. It’s a fantastic app as I’m able to watch her grow. The only problem to me is that when someone makes a comment it writes out part of the picture. But since I download them for Amazon photos, it’s fine because the full picture can be seen. The pictures and videos are really clear. Definitely recommend!

  29. We have loved this app! that you don’t hear enough about. It is a simple way to include all family members in sharing pictures of your little ones safely. You send a specific link to allow family members to join and there is a PC version for those who do not have smart phones. It is easy enough for elderly users to browse pictures. (Signing up may require some assistance depending on the user. But so long as they know the icon to click, the pictures are easy to locate and browse!)

  30. It’s not easy to find a place to store and share your pics and videos especially since I’m no longer putting them on cds or dvds. (because who uses cds and videos anymore?) And emailing and texting videos doesn’t always work. I am very thankful that my sister found this app. It makes sharing and downloading our family photos and videos soooooo easy. An app that’s become essential. Thank you!

  31. I like the idea, being able to share my baby’s photos with only people I choose, rather than the general public on fb. A couple of updates I’d like to see: I do wish I could group family members, as we have a very broken family and I don’t like that certain sides of the family are visible to others. / Option to caption when posting. / Option for your nickname to be different in different albums. I made myself Mom for my album, then my sister joined with her baby and I show up as Mom in her album. / Different notification settings for different albums. I want to know when people comment on mine, I don’t need to see comments on someone else’s album. / Great app, but could definitely perform better

  32. Great for sharing with far away family… however why can i not add as many photos as i want at one time anymore and why cant i add photos and videos at the same time?! We only have had it for nearly 2 years and they really have disappointed us with the way that we cant add the same way we have been adding for the past year and a half. Now suddenly videos have to be added seperately but they are still in with the photos and only a meer 20 at a time. Severly upset. Completely disappointed/annoyed

  33. This app makes sharing easy with my family! The only issues I have with it: 1) The link to connect can be confusing. You can only send one link to each person individually instead of mass texting your family. 2) Photo response lags quite a bit. My family members have to wait a while when they click on the picture to enlarge it. I personally don’t have this problem on my end, but other family members get frustrated when they click on an image and they have to wait 5 minutes for a larger picture.

  34. I do love the idea of the app. it’s nice to be able to share photos of my children with just family and not have them all over public profiles. I wish there were some added features, though. The ability to like comments and pictures would be really nice. Sometimes the layout of the app can be a little confusing for my older family members.. even me sometimes. It’s a nice app but could use some improvements.

  35. I’m paying for premium so I can have different child profiles. Still they haven’t fixed it and it’s been a year of paying premium with no results. I want to be able to add pics to my kids individual folders and take pics out instead of the app adding random pics wherever it wants to…. its frustrating and not worth the money if they can’t fix this in a timely manner (meaning at most like 6 months). The free version is quite lovely and I do recommend, I just want this issue fixed!!!

  36. I love this app so far. It says it had unlimited storage and I intend to test that as I have way too many pictures on my phone. I like how they are organized and the neat videos that they have made with my pictures and vidoes for me. I am excited for family to be able to see the pictures from several states away without having to overload my facebook friends with a ridiculous amount of pictures of my kids. My husband can also view the pictures when he is away for work and feel more at home!

  37. Joseph dice:

    Was very quick set up and users don’t have to create an account to view the photos – they just need the invite. This is perfect for most people as no one wants to have to create an account and some grandparents struggle with doing so. We don’t use the pro version as we feel we get everything we need from the free. As she gets older and we have longer videos we may upgrade!

  38. In the past I have always had to email pictures to family that is out of town and it would get time consuming. A lot of family and friends are not on social media so they were left out of seeing those posts. Or my husband would take pictures on his phone and I didnt always have a chance to view them. With this app, we can all upload our pictures to one viewing area and comment on them too. It’s been great and easy to use as well. Highly recommend!

  39. I will give it 3 stars because it is a really good app. I love sharing my photos with family. It’s got a nice look to it and easy to use. However, it has some shortcomings that need to be addressed before it can be a 5 star app… No way to mass delete photos or clear out entire album It doesnt recognize duplicate photos being uploaded Does not allow you to create custom share groups

  40. It’s very user friendly for my older family members. Very simple set up, and once you get into the app it’s all plain as day. The only thing thats frustrating, is there are quite a few times where I’d upload a 13 second video (or however long) and on the app it’ll show as 1 hour long. Once the actual video is over, it’ll just seem like it’s frozen on the last part of the video and it’ll go silent. Besides that, I’d give it 5 stars! This app is amazing, and my family gets great joy out of it!

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