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Scan, print & share any document to PDF with your mobile device!
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The new home of all your paper documents.

Scan, Print & Share any document to PDF.
Now you can simply scan, import and share right inside this portable scanner app. Access everything you’ve previously scanned with the TapScanner app.

Why TapScanner?

Join over 90 Million satisfied users all over the world who trust TapScanner to be their tiny portable scanner. Download for Free and start scanning now with the top scanner choice!

Low on memory? No problem – this camera scanner has a tiny binary footprint of 20MB

Scan to PDF
• Scan any document and convert to PDF with your mobile device.
• TapScanner has got you covered with our pdf maker and pdf reader. Receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID’s, books and photos – From image to pdf immediately

We do the work for you with Auto Border detection
• Scanning made easy
• Get your documents auto cropped and sorted in the way you need them
• Save time cropping each document

Finish your paperwork from anywhere
• Use this document scanner to attach an E-signature using pdf sign tools.
• Mark and edit fields to add everything you need with an intuitive pdf viewer.

Reduce PDF size
• Compress PDF for easy sending
• Making your PDF smaller will help you save space

Get the perfect scan – Enhance with Filters
• Filters that will make your scanned documents look professional
• Remove shadows and artifacts to enhance your scans
• Clean your scans – Remove watermarks
• Port to black and white or adjust contrast and brightness

Backup to Cloud
• Just like that, scans on your phone are backed up to your favourite cloud.
• TapScanner’s PDF converter ensures you store a high-quality PDF output from our mobile scanner

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Protect PDF
• Lock PDF with password to keep your documents secure

Edit text from your scans
• Convert image to text – Edit your scans with OCR
• Recognize text for easy text editing
• Export accurate text straight from your docs
• Unlock content and extract text from images through OCR with automated text recognition enhanced by machine learning algorithms
• Read QR codes with the built in QR scanner which supports links, text ISBN and emails – simply access the Qr code reader in the cam scan module

PDF Editor
• Pdf splitter – simply import a pdf file and TapScanner will Split PDF
• It’s never been easier to split pdf into a number of pdf files

Manage your files
• Merge PDF files together to make editing easier
• Combine PDF files quickly to organize your files

Convert files
• Share your files in the format you need: convert jpg to pdf files or convert pdf to jpg
• Need a document in word? Convert PDF to text for easy editing
• With OCR, you can easily convert PDF to doc

• Using this PDF scanner, you can print directly from our scanner app.

Get everyone in on the loop
• Share documents easily and quickly
• Seamlessly share to email, social media and instant messaging apps

• Create folders and tag documents to organize all your scans
• Find the important docs you need inside TapScanner’s mobile pdf scanner
• Find documents in your scanned library easily by name, tag or folder



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40 comentarios en "Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner FULL"

  1. A life saver. Honestly made my life so much easier. I was able to take a picture of my documents, and it automatically makes them look very clear and professional. I was then able to convert the 25 page file into a PDF. The PDF was too large to upload to the site I needed so this app let me split the PDF and automatically labeled the 2 files. I am not tech savvy at all but this is very very user friendly. I highly recommend this app. I will be using it for everything! Thank you !!

  2. Craig W dice:

    I had a terrible experience with this app. BE CAUTIOUS… it is very difficult to cancel the app. There is nothing on the app that allows you to cancel it. I emailed customer service and they responded and told me to cancel it from the play store. I could not find the app listed on the play store. I was not able to cancel the service in time and was charged for a years subscription and disputed the charge with my credit card company. Very disappointed in Google for their shisty tactics.

  3. One of the best scanning apps I’ve ever seen! It’s got anything and everything in one convenient app. The capabilities of this app are astonishing, to say the least. It has so many features and tools besides, just the obvious scanning tool. WHEN scanning it document u r also using precision tools, along with an automatic crop lines as u scan it document and so much more! Please keep up the awesome job that u do and the astounding app that y’all created! Ty!!!

  4. Very easy to use app. The interface is simple but effective. Also, the camera scanner is super convenient. Unlike other scanners, which uses contrast to recognize the page you want to scan, this one just required to take a picture and the algorithm can detect the page from there. There’s also the feature at the end that allows you to select the region of the picture to convert to a PDF which is really useful. Filters and lighting adjustments work great. Overall fantastic app!

  5. Slowly trying to force you to pay for the upgrade. I swear every time I use this app a feature has been taken away from the free version and put in the premium. Especially the editing features for scanned documents. Like if your document has any kind of watermark or stain on it none of the features they now have in the free version will clear it up. Or if it does you can barely read the text. They legitimately took all the good and even decent edit settings away from the free version.

  6. This is the best cam scanner app I’ve ever used. Clear photos that the app takes for you after a short countdown, eliminates the area surrounding the document, has filter options + more! The premium version is worth it especially if you use this kind of thing all of the time. I wouldnt mind if there was a small tutorial on how to navigate the app even though it’s easy-to-use. I had a bit of trouble at one point. Overall, Highly recommend 👌🏾

  7. Everything is what you’d expect from a scanner app and in general it is very nice and easy to use. However, frequently my pages will come up completely blurred. I will have to “scan” something 10 times before it comes up clear. I don’t know if this is user error somehow but I try to be as still as possible and scan my pages under bright light. I understand if I shake and the image is not perfectly crisp, but these are legitimately blurred and illegible. Not sure I can continue with this app/:

  8. Lifesaver. I was having so much issues with my printer and scanning documents. It would take forever to read into the computer. But after finding this app, it has made my life a whole lot easier. The small fee i pay monthly is worth my sanity. And now I can quickly take a pic of something, edit, and email or upload with no hassle. Great app! Save me from all the headaches of using my printer ever again.

  9. Luis Leon dice:

    If you do not own or have access to a printer with a document scanner, this app will be a life saver. It will ask you at first to sign up for a free trial then charge you afterwards, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS. Just tap on the X at the top corner of your screen to skip the payment screens. The free version is more than capable for your scanning needs. The documents also look great once you scan them with this app. Recommend 10/10

  10. This app is one of the best i’ve ever had. It is useful and doea the job you are looking for scanning, putting a way to fix your picture, transform it and then make it visible in the best way with different options. It’s free wich is amazing, imagine being premium cause that would be 100 % better, the only problem is the ads but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter that much.

  11. Fantastic! This app has been a life saver when I’ve had documents that needed to be scanned practically on the go. The ability to bundle into a batch or make a single scan was extremely beneficial as well. However the ability to format the documents with crop and lighting really seals the deal and it look even better than normal printer scanned documents. Best of all you can either just take a picture of what you need scanned or you can add it from wherever it is stored in your phone.

  12. Nicki Love dice:

    I really like the app. I signed up for a free trial however after 3 days they will charge you $50. I do not need it passed the 3 days and there’s no where it seems that you can easily cancel the subscription. So now I have to wait on an email back from them and just pray they respond promptly and not after the 3 day trial has ended so I could successfully cancel my subscription WITHOUT being charged unessacary. Otherwise, it is a great app to get what you have to get scanned, has many options to

  13. the doc j dice:

    The app was fine until they put an artificial limit on how many pages you can export in a day. Not to mention that it doesn’t actually let you choose where the files are sent on Android, it just “sent to emulated/storage/…” where it can’t be accessed but it still hits against your daily limit. Deleted the app because right before my final exam was due it exported nothing but used up my daily limit so I had to email my professor literal pictures of the test. Has good editing features though.

  14. Used to be good but after several updates, it constantly crashes and documents you take a picture of, and edit, are saved as blank, black pages. The two filters that were most useful (auto-edit and b&w) are now a premium feature (i.e: paid) and seem to require credits to be used by users who don’t have a subscription. In addition, the ads bombard you constantly. I was willing to accept that because I was free user but now that the actual useful features aren’t even working/available? Forget it.

  15. K Meade dice:

    I can’t cancel my subscription before the end of the 3-day trial! Nowhere on the app does it allow you to cancel your subscription on app, and it does not show up as a subscription on the Google Play store! It’s a scam unless they clearly state how to cancel. When I contacted them to cancel my subscription, they sent me a link to my Google Subscriptions, where their app DOES NOT APPEAR instead of cancelling on their end.

  16. Adam Mata dice:

    Great app. Documents look like they were created on your phone after filtering the with B&W or the Pro Filter. Highly recommend. I really don’t understand the complaints in other reviews about ads and the limited # of scans if using the free version. If you don’t want ads and want unlimited scans then use the paid version. It’s up to these people complaining… watch ads or use the paid version. It’s a choice, not a flaw with the app.

  17. Ivan K dice:

    It was a good app for scanning, but the last few updates have been terrible. Along with changing the format that the files are named by and causing a general mix up of files, they now limit how much you can save per day in an attempt to force users to spend money on their “premium” subscription. The app is now virtually unusable. Edit- not to mention the overabundance of adds. Open the app, add, scan a page, two adds, save a page, add. You are forced to watch the adds before proceeding, no skip

  18. Tom Madden dice:

    The app is fine but I needed other features so I attempted to cancel the three day trial. It was impossible on my Android phone. My only remedy was to send a message to Tap Support customer Service to tell them to cancel the trial and not bill me for the subscription. I haven’t received any response, but will stop credit card payment if the subscription cost appears on my statement. The trial advertisement for the product misleads you into thinking it’s easy to cancel. Believe me, it’s not! If the company responds positively to resolve this issue I will be the first to write a review acknowledging their support. At this moment, however, it’s very frustrating because I’ve spent hours trying to cancel it and nothing works! Based on my one day trial experience I would NOT recommend anyone subscribe to the trial unless they were certain they would keep it.

  19. Shane Todd dice:

    Great cam pdf scanner. Great options for sizing and editing clarity. But at $50 subscription annually for the full version or $1 monthly for the lite, it isn’t worth the expense to me. There are enough alternatives out there where it isn’t worth it. If you are going to be using this very frequently might be worth the price.

  20. This app got worse and worse. Ads in between every action, saved files are nowhere to be found, limited sharing, so many things are just inconvenient and stupid. Turned in an exam late because of this worthless tool not working how it’s supposed to. A different app does the job faster and doesn’t bombard me with ads every time I touch the screen, so bye TapScanner, thanks for nothing but wasted time and extra stess on top of schoolwork.

  21. Horrible!!!! At least half the time, people couldn’t read the scans. So, I decided to upgrade, hoping it would be better. Also, they were offering a 7 day free trial. Well, it wasn’t any better and so I tried to cancel on the app, but there was no where to cancel. I emailed them 3 times during the “free” trial, telling them to cancel. No response from them and then my bank account was charged!! I tried contacting once again, with no response! Now my bank is fighting it!!! RUN!!!!!

  22. Scanned my documents and auto cropped my kitchen floor out exactly as needed. It looks like a real scanner did it and not my phone camera.. Did not have to sign up for a free trial to use because there is an x in the top corner and if you close that you can immediately start scanning stuff. This app did exactly what I needed it to do for free. Very easy to use and navigate. Would give more stars if I could

  23. Page rearrangement could take some work. Once you hold on a page, the screen just starts scrolling very fast, either upwards or downwards and there is no location on the screen where it is not scrolling, which makes it really hard to place the page at a correct location. There should be options for having pdf made from the actual size of the cropped images instead of having blanks spaces around. Would be nice to have an option to adjust filter for all pages.

  24. Lowest value possible for: > Predatory “free trial” that autobills you 3 days later without you knowing. > Screens, primarily purchasing screens that lock your screen and hide your navigation buttons so you can’t click back. Clearly intended for freezing you on the purchase screen and making some users go “forward” instead of “back”. > Features the same with no improvement over the competition. You shouldn’t even give apps like this your time. It’s trying to trick you unintentionally into purchasing, and it’s not better than any of the other scanning apps. Shady.

  25. KNKevin dice:

    Had to quickly scan my homework, due in 2 minutes. Had the pictures taken, just needed to export them to pdf. All of a sudden an ad popped up telling me to subscribe to their premium version of the app, took precious seconds for the x to appear to close the ad, and by the time I had it exported and opened the app to submit it, the clock hit midnight. I missed my deadline. Would not recommend

  26. As mentioned, this app truly feels like it’s trying to scam me out of $50. Less than 72 hours after the start of the 3 day trial, I was charged. No warning. No email. Nothing. Absolutely not okay. 3 day trial? Ordered on the 16th, charged on the 19th. Less than 72 hours, THAT’S NOT 3 FREE DAYS. I’ve used the free version and watched ads for a while, but I’ll definitely be uninstalling this app now. Disingenuous and exploitative.

  27. Downloaded the app, it scanned fine but when I had the app email the file to me, it never arrived. I uninstalled the app within a few hours. A few days later I was charged a $49 fee through Google even though I didn’t agree to anything and I didn’t even have the app any longer. Scummy company that relys on erroneously charging it’s users to turn a profit. Absolute scam.

  28. This scanner app is exactly what i needed to scan multiple pages into 1 pdf document from my phone for like 100 mini books. Easily linked to Google drive to save everything, has filters and great auto focus and manual cropping of the scans. Wish there was an option to rescan a page that wasn’t in focus well enough instead of redoing the whole document, but other than that, this app was perfect. I squeezed my project into the 3 day trial though cause $50/year is a no for me.

  29. Tried my trial, and was impressed. Canceled the pro/premium trial offer as I did not need the service. Went back on the app to scan some pages, and was offered in 80% savings. I continued on without accepting the offer and now the only offer I can find is $50 for the year versus $10 for the year. Not happy.

  30. I can’t give “0 Stars”. Be aware of this scam app. They make you sign for a free trial in order to be able to use the app, and I know was my mistake to didn’t cancel my subscription, but they don’t offer you the option to get the cancelation and refund your money back (after they charge you the payment). Honestly the app is not really worth the money $49.99 Dollars, it’s ridiculous as the Google refund policy. I guess here don’t apply “You get what you Pay” 😡

  31. I think its good. I’ve been using it a lot during quarantine to turn in stuff for classes. It keeps pushing for me to buy the upgrade however I like how I’m using it right now. Plus I rarely ever see and ad on it and I constantly have to make sure the pictures are right. I normally have to crop some of them to the full paper size.

  32. Stupidly overpriced. Free app… that costs $50 a year. I just spent like 20 minutes scanning a long document only for it to tell me at the end that I would need to upgrade to the paid version to download it. What a huge waste of time. There are better scanning apps out there that are free or nearly free that work far better.

  33. Raymond Li dice:

    Let me tell you a story, Covid-19 happens and as a college student taking a semester off-campus, a scanner is a necessity. I end up finding this scanner, looks good. Try it for a few days, and it seems decent. I decide that since it’s gonna be 2 semesters off campus even the $49.99 plus tax is acceptable, if a bit steep. Probably worth it to save the headache throughout the semester. It takes less than 2 months out of the full year before it tells me to buy the subscription again. Not worth it.

  34. You will be charged $18.99. I downloaded this app, but in order to try it you must enter a paypal addreess or other payment method. I then uninstalled it from my phone within a couple hours after trying it. Thought I was done. Nope. 3 days later I was charged $18.99! You have to go into your Paypal account under “manage payments” to cancel their account. No way to get a refund! Scammers! Move on and get a free app!

  35. Free trial charged me for a year subscription. It worked well at first but then I scanned several things and sent them to my email and I couldn’t open them. So it didn’t work. I cancelled the free trial a day after I signed up and it said I had the year subscription. Checked my credit card and it had charges me. Thankfully google refunded me the money but seems wrong to call it a free trial when it isn’t.

  36. It makes it almost impossible to cancel because there are no in app ways to do that. I contacted them multiple times before my trial ended to cancel my subscription but they never did. And there’s no phone’m number you can call. I demand my money back because I kept emailing. There are other apps that are free and charge less that $20 for the whole year, but that one was $53.

  37. maga uo dice:

    I was in an emergency situation and needed to scan and send a document quickly so I downloaded this app as it was the first one that popped up from my google search. It was supposed to be a 3 day free trial, which I proceeded to attempt to cancel right after scanning my 1 document. It gave a message something along the lines of, “You are unable to cancel before the subscription service starts”. After getting this message and being unable to cancel via the app, I sent an email stating that I would like to cancel my 3 day free trial. I received a response email saying that my request has been received. 3 days later I get a charge for $54.11. I then receive an email saying that “All charges for in app purchases are nonrefundable, and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.”. This is an absolute scam of a program and I don’t know how Google allows them on their play store. Also the fact that Google has yet to issue a refund is an absolute joke. Everyone, please do your research before downloading this scam of an app. There are plenty of free alternatives, and certainly plenty of apps that offer a free trial period that is ACTUALLY free.

  38. Exceptional! I had to photograph oil paintings with frames. None of them were square and I searched and searched for some kind of crop app that I could manipulate so the frame would line up leaving no background. Welp! These guys really made my day and work so much easier. I’m going to use them exclusively. No more searching and no more hassles! Genius brilliant app! I’ve always thought so since I joined but now I must share with the world. 😁

  39. I emailed this company to cancel during my 3-day trial as this was the only way to contact them. I emailed them twice telling them to cancel this prior to being billed. I got no response and I was just billed for a full year. This is a scam. They make it impossible to cancel during your 3-day trial. They offer the 3-day trial just to get you to give them your credit card information and then they basically steal the money for the subscription. SCAM!

  40. Jack Estes dice:

    Fantastic App! Highly recommended! All I have used is the free version and I am seriously considering subscribing at the 99¢ the 1st month and then $4.99mo after that! I already would have but I just don’t need to use it that often. They should offer it at a reduced cost with the Premium Features applied for let’s say 20 scans, and then a bit more for 30 or so. I don’t think I would need it for more than 20 and I would consider maybe $2.49mo for 20 w/Premium Features Applied.

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