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Paint by number, happy color game, coloring book, for adults and girls
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Paint by number – Relax Jigsaw for Free.
New ways to play: coloring & jigsaw puzzle
A happy color game for both adults and kids

Animals,Landscape,Flowers,Fantasy,Nature,People,Mandala,Pirates, Family,Arts,Polular,Art colorings,Bible Colorings,Couples,Pixels,Polys,Comics,Witches
Various pictures available for you to color.

Let’s go and color by number free in this color app with your friends.
Just tap on the block with numbers in picture and paint the artwork by numbers.

Not only painting, you can also choose pictures to make a jigsaw puzzle!
Different levels for you to challenge, no matter what difficulty you want , you will always find your place!

Paint by number – Relax Jigsaw is a FREE art Coloring Book
With these features:
*Color by number and all for free
*Two mode:coloring or jigsaw puzzle, it’s your choice
*No pencil or paper,Anyone can color and jigsaw
*Every day new pictures and weekly 6×6 big jigsaws
*So many categories:animal,mandala,people,landscape, fantasy,unicorn,etc
*Color and Share with your friends!
*Fantasy special pictures, daily update
*Pieces to choose:You can choose any pieces to play in jigsaw mode

Color by number and enjoy.
It’s so simple to become an artist.
Just paint by numbers and start happy coloring.

Paint by number – Relax Jigsaw is a happy color and art coloring game
which you color by numbers and compete jigsaws.
Really relax for adults and kids.

terms of use:
feedback:[email protected]

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40 comentarios en "Paint by number – Relax MODDED 2022"

  1. I love this coloring app, so many things that are better than the ithers..others… not only is there music but theres 3 different tunes to choose from, the layout is a better visual experience, & I like when you level up how it gives you a little quote. Also, I don’t think the adds are so intrusive. So far I haven’t really seen anything negative, but I’ve only just stated playing, so we’ll see 😉

  2. Julie dice:

    I LOVE the music playing in the background. All the other coloring apps I had in the past were all dead silence. This app’s theme is so pastel, cute and lighthearted! When you color the numbers, there’s cute noise effects with cartoon sparkles coming out from your finger through the screen. My only problem is, is that, there aren’t a lot of good and difficult designs, they all cost money.

  3. VERY nice pallette and all shades of basic colors is nice to choose from. Unlike most coloring games, this 1 actually gives the option for each picture to be painted either by – Your own personal choice of colorSheme OR the pre designated “color by number” color scheme. Usual amount of ads. However, when it is given as an option, ad-watching can provide free hints and such which indeed come in handy now and then.

  4. If you enjoy trying to color tiny little slivers of pictures that you can’t even see with a magnifying glass, then this is definitely the app for you. If you like ads popping up constantly in the MIDDLE of coloring a pic, you’ll love this app…….NOT! I have 4 other coloring apps I use that NEVER, EVER have popups right in the middle of working a pic. None of them have to use popup ads, so why does this app? It’s an unnecessary annoyance. Frustrating, not relaxing or enjoyable.

  5. I used to really love this app. It was my main one to use but for the last two updates it keeps crashing. I open it, it tries to load, it crashes. I open it again, if I click on anything, it crashes. Its not playable anymore because I cant color anything. If I continuously try over and over, sometimes Ill be able to color one picture. Maybe. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing changed. Im a samsung 10 user and if this doesnt get fixed Im uninstalling it.

  6. Every time im working on it, it stops righ in the middle a d asks me to take a break for coffee or tea? So i choose to go ahead anyway and has an ad. Then when I finally rid of the ad (not always same one) the screen goes black and will not come on again until I shut down and restart my tablet! I don’t need this stress!Re RATE: It hasn’t been asking for tea break, latly, but way too many ads. From 2 to 3 before I can pull up a picture.

  7. I have colored only one picture early on,so the rating will be on this one picture. You ask me to rate this coloring book before i was able to color any other pictures. You do have a variety of pictures to color and ways of coloring them and i found that to be excellent. Thank you very much for this! I just wish you had challenges in here.

  8. Danoceline dice:

    Has ok content and the touch is responsive. Biggest issue is that there are too many ads. You get one before a picture, one after, and some times one when navigating around or just logging on.

  9. M. Rackley dice:

    Love the colors, very vibrant. Love the music you can choose. Would like more Holiday pictures and sorted. Want to do fall now, takes awhile to go thru mostly Christmas things… 💗

  10. I just finished one of the stories. I must admit that the translation was a bit of a challenge. But the pictures were so much fun to color. I would be very happy to see more stories. 😊

  11. I enjoy doing painting really like the number painting real good wish they had different artists Arts but I do find a lot of them that I do like a lot keep up the good job

  12. So many beautiful pictures to color. I spend hours coloring plus it’s a good stress reliever. I love this app!!

  13. Nice images, and a good App to help put the stress away. The problem is, whenever I’m going to see the images I already finished, there’s always a lot of them switched off for another image. I learned how to correct it, but I must watch ads to do it. I like to see the images I’ve finish, but every time I’m going to see them there’s a lot of wrong images so I need to change them over again and again, and that totally changes my mood, not cool.

  14. F. St. dice:

    what a lovely app, with pleasant music. The numbered colours slowly disappear from the line up as you finish the painting. I did a mandala and as it progressed it turned into a wonderful multicoloured piece of art. Only drawback was the tutorial at the start, which wasn’t very clear & stalled, perhaps the developer might improve it but I found I didn’t really need it.

  15. I loved the features of this app, with additional options, such as, free colour and puzzle. However the app has started crashing lately and in my opinion needs several bug fixes to resolve. Has started crashing either colouring but not processing as completed when no more colours. Also app freezes or goes to an ad and screen then goes black. Have to keep restarting the app. Used to work really well, but find these bugs very frustrating and is starting to dissuade me from using the app.

  16. Beautiful colours and love how the numbers move along instead of having to select them but…. It would be good it you had a choice to turn this option off. If you can’t find a item, your stuck till you do. Also, if it’s an adult colouring book, do we need the flashing stars everytime you fill a colour in. It’s very annoying.

  17. Nice music while coloring. Not too difficult and pretty pictures.

  18. I love this app and its paintings. However, I find that I paint an artwork and it’s fully painted when I finish. But, when I go to share the painting it never fails there’s a large portion of the paint missing when I share the art piece. There seems to be some type of glitch between the completed finished painting. Which is fully painted but, if shared the paint is missing in the shared version. The fully painted version only shows in app. Please if there’s a problem with the app fix it.

  19. I just gave this app five stars a few days ago. After rating it the next day it went crazy. I can’t magnify. Its like it is not working. I can’t move the picture around. It’s like it’s froze. I have started having to keep tapping the number. It’s not applying the color like it did in the beginning. This app has serious problems. If it is not corrected in a day or so, I am going to uninstall. Another thing comes to mind it takes a longer time to get the picture to upload.

  20. So far, I love it The colors are vibrant, I like the option of color by number or on my own, and the pics aren’t that difficult to color. I subscribed to the weeklybso i could get rid of the ads. A little speedy but so far it’s worth it.

  21. I like and hate this app. I like how you can watch adds and get rewards and the cool pictures. But I don’t like how it is so hard to scroll down to get to an older picture. Half the time when I do this it will assume I clicked on a different picture, as it doesn’t check with me to make sure this is the one I want. And when that happens I have to reload the game and start scroling down from the top. Also half the time when I watch the add it doesn’t load the picture afterwards.

  22. Mandy Bala dice:

    So it took 3 tries to even open the app… was able to get through a few pictures before it froze and locked up again.. it wouldn’t acknowledge that I liked it on facebook..Facebook… I really wanted to use this app because of the pictures alone and colors are beautiful but it’s so glitchy and I’m not going to deal with the constant freezing…

  23. Gradient colors are too pale and colors do not look like true colors. I plan to discontinue subscription until problem is solved. Marilyn Drew. The colors are much better and I will give your app a 5. 7/21/2020 I renewed my tried this app again and was again disappointed by the colors..very weak in colors and the paint selection # did not give the same colors on the picture when applied, not even close! I have cancelled my sub. and uninstalled app.

  24. I LOVE this program. Beautiful pictures. And this program offers a couple of options I’ve never seen in any other. I can choose to do color by number OR color by choice. And at the end I can choose to redo a picture as a jigsaw. Brilliant.

  25. I’ve tried MANY Color by Number items; books and Apps and this was one of the most underwhelming of them. While the colors were vibrant, the quality of the pictures/drawings themselves were lacking. I truly had no desire to color them. I tried to find pictures that would interest me, I LOVE Mandalas and even those were hard to find any interest in. And the Fee to unlock all the pictures, specials, and whatnot is not worth it for me for something I’m barely interested in. Sorry.

  26. Too many pictures that do not correspond to the color chosen. You pick yellow and the color on the picture may come out yellow green or purple. They make it discouraging to try and color. After looking through all.of the pictures there is only a handful of pictures than can be colored. Uninstalling this useless waste of space now.

  27. P_vthetic dice:

    I really enjoy this app. I wish there were more mermaid pics tho! Otherwise, very good app, and i love that they allow you to, upon completing a picture, put that finished picture together as a puzzle, or free color it in your choice of colors. Very unique features, and lovely pictures available.

  28. Alex Mason dice:

    Some nice pictures. Ads are a bit excessive. Seems to have a bug when it comes to saving finished pictures. After tapping the button it just says “insufficient permissions” yet it does have access to storage.

  29. For now it has to be 1 star. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still haven’t been able to even try one picture yet. It locks up or exits out randomly. Very unstable. I assumed my Samsung S21 would be current enough to play the games. Something is not quite right. The pictures look so promising – I’ll try again later to see if it will work better.

  30. Relaxing paint by number app. Best thing is. You can choose predefined colors. Or you have the option of choosing your own colors. Plus you can watch a video to remove the watermark. Favorite paint by number app.

  31. I already love this app!! I love that I get to choose which mode I want to color in and the music that enhances my relaxation while playing. There’s so many amazing pictures and plenty of categories to choose your picture from.

  32. Just barely installed the app and already having problems with getting it to work. It would open and freeze or open and cause my screen to go completely blank…No thanks, don’t need the stress of problems right off the bat with an app that is supposed to be relaxing..

  33. Jo Vaughn dice:

    I Have Loved to Color Paint By Number as a Young Child & if Followed me into Adulthood. I rate your app a (5) because that background not only makes it so much more relaxing and Mind Soothing. I find that PB# with the relaxing music in the Background Music is by far the Best Stress Reliever so much more then any Drug they have out there. Thank You for this Awesome App!!🌹

  34. Easy and relaxing, I like that I don’t have to hunt for slivers of color, I highly rate this app, it has easy medium and more challenging pictures. Something for everyone’s capabilities.🥰🥰

  35. Colors are just random. The color you selected may or may not have anything to do with the numbered areas. Tapping a spot tends to drag the screen. WAY too sensitive.

  36. Really loving this app so far! The pictures are as pretty as advertised. I also love that you can choose to color the pictures your own colors rather than just the color by number option! Great feature!

  37. Love the pictures and colors. Would like some neon colors. It is challenging when there are over 200 colors. Downside, if you exit and go back to a pic to many times it asks if you want to start over. If you say no you don’t get to finish the picture.

  38. Dianne Lee dice:

    Love the pictures and the rewards. Very relaxing. My only problem with this that is has started freezing up whenever I try to collect my rewards. Very frustrating.

  39. This is the best. You can color it with their choice or you can pick your own colors . Also, when you touch a number on the puzzle, it shows all of that color. The pictures are great also.

  40. I love this coloring app it is relaxing and enjoyable

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