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Write, plan & get organized in one place. Customize Notion to work the way you do.

Free for personal use

– Never hit a storage limit — add as much content as you want
– Just drag and drop to craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system you need

Free to try with your team

– Invite your team members and start getting organized with a free trial
– 90% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies use Notion to get work done


Drag & drop anything. Organize everything.


Easily share pages. Add comments and @mention teammates.


Create beautiful docs with images, to-do’s, and 20+ more content types.


Nest pages inside pages. No more messy folders.


Turn any Notion page into a website in just two taps.


Pick up on desktop where you left off on mobile.

To download the desktop app, visit

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Notion – notes, docs, tasks MODDED 2022"

  1. This app is the best by far!! I have tried Samsung notes, Momento Database (which has like 24 folders) and other means of trying to organize my files and notes. I work as a freelance worker doing many different jobs for multiple people. I can create new folders for each client and keep all invoices and assignments with the right person. I truly think that I will be staying with Notion for the rest of my time. I definitely recommend anyone download and try it..

  2. Jakeypoo dice:

    I love Notion on desktop to death but this mobile app still needs so much work. It gets the job done where it needs to do but not without its headaches. It’s been years and it still feels like it struggles to achieve what the desktop version does so effortlessly… And that’s excluding all the bugs you’ll be running into (hard to use from bugs on a foldable) :/

  3. A great, advanced application for storing wikis and notes. However, more UI consistency on the mobile version would be great. Also, a mindmap or corkboard view for databases. Imagine if users could move pages around like elements on a mindmap. Relation properties & backlinks could act as links between pages on the mindmap view. Maybe even an image could be uploaded as a background. One could make a nice-looking roadmap with something like that.

  4. Dev Dalal dice:

    Notion is a great concept with good execution, but its mobile app needs work. Needs zoom/text scaling options, ideally pinch to zoom. Sync is👍. Both desktop and mobile lag when typing paragraphs > 100 words, problematic when typing academic content or diary entries. In a program that supports complex content, text shouldn’t be causing slowdowns or memory leaks. Forward slash (/) useless on mobile, lags, and should probably be backslash () on desktop anyway. Add biometric auth to unlock app.

  5. This app will delete recently made content before your eyes. Working on a journal, story idea, or anything else? Don’t do it on mobile. You will write, pause, and then watch your thoughts and ideas disappear. This happens every time I sit down to use the mobile device. 😭 It doesn’t matter if you exist the page you are editing, something I thought would work as a “Save” feature. I did this, and when I went back, less than three words into my next sentence and my entire last two were gone.

  6. I finally found a place that fits my way of organizing thoughts, to-do lists etc. I’ve been struggling to get them all together, and with Notion I have the opportunity not only to do that, but to create the best visual for each category and area that I want to put in order. It’s amazing, I am enjoying it so much, it offers plethora of tools and fosters your creativity along the way. I use it for my goals lists, for assembling the notes while reading books, for planning, collecting ideas… ♥♥♥!

  7. Notion on mobile needs an overhaul, it is much too difficult to find things. A simple fix would be a zoom out feature so you can see a bit more on the screen, and also more compact tables with tighter cells so that you can see more in the view. Doing that and turning your phone in landscape should help a lot. Currently I can’t see much when turning the phone in landscape so I really don’t use the app much.

  8. Nikole C. dice:

    I love the organization of this app, but it is far easier to build your templates and sections on a computer first and then utilize the mobile app to take your notes and copy/paste items you want to save. There’s a small learning curve but many options on ways to organize your thoughts, life, journals, reading or movie lists to name a few. I’m always looking for that perfect organizational app and this one is currently my favorite.

  9. A few weeks ago there was a bug that would only let me use the Android app upon a fresh install. After I closed and reopened it would crash immediately so I had to reinstall. Looks like that got fixed so I wanted to add my review. First review of an app in the play store and it’s because I love Notion so much. Truly a life changing tool which sounds dramatic, but Notion has been the biggest force multiplier I have found in the last 2-3 years since I’ve been using the service. 5+ stars.

  10. Good on phone, but horrible on tablet. Like one reviewer said, if just viewing things and small edits it works fine, but as soon as you go beyond that things go down hill fast. Its like you’ll get stuck in a loop of different UIs trying to take over. One second its like the desktop interface, then next second its like the phone interface. And it will just keep looping on its own. Makes doing any note taking on my tablet a nightmare.

  11. Amazing idea riddled with annoyances slowing it down. Taking the obvious missing offline feature off the table, I still find this app not living up to its tremendous potential. The view handling is simply a mess. Why can’t I set a preselected view up (with hidden details!!) and create a shortcut from it. My tables have multiple views accomplishing vastly different functions, yet I always have to wait for data to load, select the view I ACTUALLY want and hide the details. This is super tedious!

  12. Milo dice:

    I’m still very much learning how to use this app but I’ve been using it for a couple months now and it’s already helped me so much! I have ADHD so staying as organized as possible is essential for me and having everything in one place is a great help. My two favourite pages I’ve created are: my daily to-do list page and I have a plant tracker to keep up with all of my house plants and their needs. I also love that I can access notion from my phone or computer.

  13. Literally the best app I’ve ever used how is this 3.5 stars w**. Fix your ratings folks! This is the only app I get giddy about introducing people to. And I don’t get giddy. There’s so much depth to it and it’s so easy to manuvuer threw. Not that any other app has as much capability as notion but the ones that have even a quarter of the options feel cluttered. Notion isn’t cluttered. It’s as smooth as your boyfriend when you first met him.

  14. softhebig dice:

    If I had time to write out everything I wanted to about this app, I would. Just know the features are amazing. You can use more complex tools if you’re at that comfort level, or stay with simple tools if you’re a beginner. However you use it, it’s amazing, effective, and overall very useful, especially for a free app!

  15. a z dice:

    So I have been using this app for almost 2 months now with its few bugs on the mobile app unlike the web app. I must say Notion is something I have been imagining how an app could be its amazingly flexible, feature rich, clean UI. I never thought I could find something better than Evernote yet here I am. The only caveat is the absence of offline mode and unpolished mobile app.

  16. Notion as a whole works great and has exceptional functionality. The mobile app needs work, though. On anything but the most robust of internet connections, the app struggles greatly with syncing and often undoes your changes if you type too fast. It leads to a lot of half-words and errors that make the app difficult to use. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be trying to collaborate with others.

  17. Sabrina dice:

    This app has cured my ADHD. …That’s a massive exaggeration, of course. But this is so great for keeping everything in one place – especially for somebody who has a hard time keeping their lists from getting everywhere. I don’t have to worry about transferring *everything* over, because it’s so easy to embed a YouTube playlist or Pinterest board into its own page. I finally feel like I can keep myself together digitally without losing things. Thank you. <3

  18. Recently, about 90% of the time when I try to open a page or tab in the app after opening the app, the app will infinitely load and become completely unresponsive. Exiting and reloading the app does not fix this issue. On top of that, I’ve been having a bug for months now where whole words or letters will get deleted or not show up frequently when typing making writing in the app feel unpolish and a chore.

  19. Luvsfx dice:

    I’ve used Notion for a lot of things and it’s AMAZING !! You can decorate ut and you literally have so many options ! But, ever since the new update, everything has been more difficult. One, I can’t move my pages (or whatever they’re called) and I HATE IT. Second, it literally looks so weird now. Please change it back !!!

  20. Jimin Park dice:

    The overall concept is good and the design is not bad. However, it lacks a sense of polish and ease-of-use. Ease of Use: It’s complicated to get set up and even though I’ve been using Notion (Mac,iPad & android apps) for about 6 months, the structuring is still occasionally confusing. Polish: An example would be when deleting a page from the side bar. There’s no warning about what exactly will happen and it’s not exactly clear what you’re deleting in terms of UI.

  21. The Android app has never been as smooth an experience as the desktop app, but whatever they did recently, it’s made it basically unusable. Letters I type overwrite each other constantly, if they even register in the first place. I can’t copy paste, sentences will randomly vanish, and sometimes entire sections will delete themselves permanently. It’s horrific.

  22. It’s a very basic text editing stuff completely fails. For instance if I try to slide the backspace button to delete a word (very common thing I do) it sometimes jumps to the title of the page and starts deleting it. I’m like in the middle of a chapter writing a book and a jump randomly. At one point the title bar above the keyboard just disappeared and I had to restart the app. Trying to link some text is pretty annoying too. What does work pretty well is sharing data into it.

  23. Dan V dice:

    It’s amazing how buggy this app is. When typing, the cursor randomly starts jumping to random places on the page (usually one word back). It takes a special level of incompetence to mess up the typing experience this badly. Love the desktop app, but this experience will probably force me to switch to a competitor. (Google Keep/Doc, Workflowy, DynaList, etc)

  24. Notion’s databases are amazing, and I love that you can see the data in multiple ways. Awesome. But, I don’t care for the way the handle backlinks – kind of a lazy developer way to do it – and the icon for linked pages is obnoxious, ruining for me an otherwise pretty UI. The biggest thing is that you cannot store the data offline, locally. I work for a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t allow info to be stored online by a 3rd party. Users, companies want to own their data. Bad.

  25. I love the product, but I hate that when I’m using the app.. scrolling up to see other pages is so sensitive. The pages shuffle if my finger holds on to it for even one second. Update on 7/7: I noticed an improvement. Seems to be showing more stability. It’s not 100%. The databases still need some stability. But yeah. Thank you devs!

  26. i love using notion to write notes but i feel like the app can be too buggy. often when i type something, the keyboard feels laggy and delayed. sometimes it’ll double my words for no reason when i type and it gets quite annoying especially if i need to type long paragraphs. scrolling through pages can also be laggy, which is generally not an ideal experience either. i hope the lag will be fixed soon, because the desktop version is great; not so much the mobile version.

  27. kayla Kay dice:

    I created a journal and wanted a duplicate of the format I created. Since I’ve clicked duplicate, the App keeps crashing since I’ve done that. So I uninstalled and reinstalled again, went to duplicate and then…. crash. Again …Crash! It’s just frustrating because I don’t want to create a whole entire journal to replicate all the hard work I’ve already done. It doesn’t even open anymore unless I uninstall & reinstall I will change to 5 stars if this is fixed

  28. Notion itself is great — huge fan, excellent work — but the android app is a pain to use! I will happily update this review when they have improved the ergonomics of the android app. Update: the current android version of notion is nearly unusable. I guess I’ll have to find some other system, I can’t work with notion if I can’t use it reliably on phone.

  29. The website itself is amazing! I can get lots of things done and it is extremely easy to use – but the app is very unstable. It often jumps to certain lines or slows typing; sometimes it even deletes a whole line in the middle of typing it.

  30. Until recently, I really liked this app. I would recommend it to almost everyone. The newest update has made it almost unusable. I don’t know if it is just a me thing or what, but judging by the other reviews, I would say it’s probably not just me. When it updated itself, the layout changed for the worse. It is slow, sometimes it doesn’t open at all, and even when the pages open, I can’t always do what I want. I am holding out hope for a fix. (And maybe an offline version).

  31. I like notion a lot, specifically the desktop version, but the app is unfortunately really laggy and a bit frustrating to use. I like everything about it other than that. all of the features are really cool but I just wish they would make it a more smooth experience. it especially performs really badly on older devices, but even on my brand new phone it’s laggy. I haven’t had an issue like this with any other app, even games.

  32. Adele Look dice:

    Really slow, almost unusable. I can’t type fsster than 20 wpm, delete more than 10 words at a time, or change a few settings without the app crashing. The delay on typing can be almost 5 second longs (let that sink in; a delay of half a second is annoying). There’s no offline mode, even though I don’t use any online features. I checked and re-checked; no magic setting that fixes it. I’d give it 5 stars, if only it worked.

  33. Generally, Notion’s app works as intended, having most if not all features from the desktop app available here. But with every passing update the typing experience on Android gets worse and worse. First it was that the text editing features would not show on tablets with an external keyboard. Now, trying to type in any field makes the digital keyboard flicker and disconnect from the text frequently, which then causes double typing and random autocorrects. It’s frustrating and almost unusable.

  34. Josh M dice:

    The webspp is good, but somehow they broke the android app. The keyboard basically doesn’t work. It has been atleast 2 updates now and still unfixed. Half of all inputs don’t go through, what does go through is basically gibberish completely unrelated to what was typed in, the cursor moves around randomly into the middle of “words” that you manage to type while you are trying, sections of the input disappear randomly. On a note taking app, this basically kills all usefulness

  35. I love Notion’s web app. I didn’t have an issue with the Android mobile app until recently. I only used mobile for quick notes. But lately the keyboard is completely broken. It misses most letters as I type and the cursor jumps around. Just snagged the latest update, but it didn’t fix the issue at all. The app has become unusable 🙁

  36. Notion is incredible and changed my life! I am now so organized and happy! Notion is also very easy to edit, and very moldable. It can adapt it’s to style to each user. Advice: Notion is more a computer app than a phone app. You may see your Notion templates way different in your phone than in your computer. Also, it is harder to find and organize yourself with the phone app. So I recommend using Notion with a laptop.

  37. I find the website service pretty great. It’s flexible and I use it all the time. The app on the other hand is a very poor experience. As of recent it does not load. I have to force stop it and the re open it. Even then it takes about 7-10 seconds to load. It’s also sometimes not saved my data only to find that out later when I head to the website version. My main fix is to re-install. But it’s growing old. I’ve been heading to Google Keep anymore for notes.

  38. I pray for Evernote to last for the rest of my life. Notion does way more than I need day to day, and it runs like it. Too long to open, too hard to navigate and, after 3 months trying it out, I still feel like I have a loose stack of handwritten notes crammed into my phone. The last straw was not being able to figure out how to zoom in on a picture I put on a page. I tried dragging fingers apart, double tapping and looking for “zoom in” under … , then gave up. Only if I have to, Notion.

  39. This app is so glitchy it’s basically unusable. I swear by the desktop version, but I’ve thrown in the towel on the app. Half the time the app won’t open. If I have to type more than 2 or 3 words, it starts skipping letters and moving the cursor all over the screen so one sentence will skip to 3 different places within the text. It constantly logs me out. I have to sign back in multiple times in the span of 10-15 minutes. I love Notion, just not the app version.

  40. In the few months I’ve been using Notion, it has quickly become one of my favorite apps ever. This does what I always wished OneNote and Ever Note and Keep did: it allows me to organize my workspace the way it makes sense to me, using a combination of pages and blocks and wikis and lists and boards, and have different work spaces for the different things I have going on. Additionally, the integration is well thought-out, and the support staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

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