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Find, pay and manage parking in mobile in +2200 cities across 20 countries
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At EasyPark, we love cities. And by making car parking simple, we believe we’re making urban life easier. Our parking app helps millions of drivers by saving them both time and money while eliminating the hassles and stress involved with parking in urban areas.

*EasyPark is the nr.1 parking app in Europe when it comes to coverage – we keep you moving in over 20 countries in Europe.. We’re changing the way people park their cars for the better. And that means we’re leading the growth of parking technology and developing new parking services for on-street, off-street, and garage parking.

Price: For the value we deliver, EasyPark charges a fee on top of the parking cost. Please find more info on the pricing on your local EasyPark website.

EasyPark is available in: Berlin, Barcelona, Turin, Hamburg, Hanover, Salzburg, Cologne, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Rotterdam and in many others!

EasyPark – Parking made easy.

★ Pay for parking from your phone with card, only touching your screen.
★ Account registration takes less than 60 seconds.
★ Cashless parking with a wide range of payment options including PayPal and credit cards like Visa & Mastercard.
★ Our FIND navigation helps you locate on-street parking spots.
★ Remotely extend the time of your parking session, directly in the app.
★ Automatic notifications remind you when your session is about to expire.
★ Pay only for the time you park; stop your session early directly in the app.
★ Get a business subscription to split personal and job-related parking costs.
★ The convenience of a smartphone app saves you time and reduces stress.
★ Smart parking: increased control of your parking session helps you to avoid fines.


Visit EasyPark online at: www.easyparkgroup.com


40 comentarios en "EasyPark – find & pay parking MODDED 2022"

  1. Matthew T dice:

    Needs an option to purchase prepaid amounts, like the dropticket app. Using this app every morning or a few times a week, makes it too expensive with the added fees. This app needs the ability to prepay for a set amount and then when you use your credit from the prepurchased amount when you park. This a much better business model for long term use.

  2. Don’t get the hate. You pay a bit more but you save so much on the long run and it super convenient. Let me elaborate: When you park with the local station, you prepay time. I normally buy a bit more than I think I need… (Waste most of the times). When I pay with the app, I can prepay for tons more time than I need and when I’m done parking, I stop the payment and only pay for what I’ve actually used. It’s fast and it’s easy to use and set up.

  3. PT dice:

    Absolutely terrible app. Times out trying to end my last parking session and keeps on re-attempting on re-opening. Cleared cache, can’t log in as they verification code doesn’t work for both mobile and email. Can’t create a new account as verification doesn’t work either. All happens after I park and start walking to office and can’t immediately go back to pay via machines due to front line work. You guys paying for my parking fine if I get one? Local council needs cut ties with EasyPark.

  4. Updated review: The first time you use this app it will take an extremely long time, 15 minutes+, to use your payment method and make parking payments. So if you’re in a rush the first time you use it, expect to be late for any appointment while the app figures itself out. I’ve never seen any other app take so long to process payments. Extremely difficult to locate your position and nearby parking. Requires multiple restarts to locate. Original 1 star review: The app doesn’t work unfortunately.

  5. Using it in Germany. I had to migrate from my previous app (parknow). The new system is no good to me. Previous app allowed to start and stop parking whenever I wanted and considered the times no parking ticket is required. Now I have to preselect the amount of time I want to park. Why not use directly the meter on the street then? Offers no advantage to me at all. I am glad to pay extra for a service, when it meets my needs. But not like this.

  6. The app itself is ok. But one thing is very annoying is that it does not process the card transaction right after parking ends. Instead it process the transaction at random time (around 20ish hrs after). I always lock my credit card for internet payment and therefore I always being told the transaction has been refused. Never have this issue with their opponent Paystay.

  7. Tan Nguyen dice:

    Horrendous app. I’m literally standing under the sign and I enter the code for the location and it was unable to locate it. The interface allows me to narrow in the street and it states there are no meter at this location. Further issues, I enter the EasyPay location and it comes up to a USA location. I only use it because I have to however it takes at least 5 mins to sort it out.

  8. I have never had a problem with Easypark, until the last 2 times I have used it, both resulting in infringement notices which I cannot afford to pay. SO disappointed, and feel like I definitely will not encourage anyone to use this app. It used to be true to name, now it doesn’t find parking available, and the location is always wrong. Today, I parked in Melbourne according to the app, when I was actually in Hobart!

  9. My husband tried to use the app but only got fraud notifications with every card that we had. When i tried using it the app it worked ok, the only downside that i found was that i cannot add that our car is electric and therefore have price reductions from parking in several parking places. Ended up using the parking meter outside the parking lot. Too bad.

  10. I made the switch from Park Now based on the promise that now I would have access to plenty more locations. However, I believe I just lost access to quite a few locations I previously used Park Now for. Also, in some major German cities there seem to be no parking zones at all. What on earth is this?

  11. The app have serious problem with payment method. In Finland, technically I can not scroll down to connect my bank account and pay on the app. Then I tried website version, and still does not charge through my bank. Please fix this problem, it is an annoying repeating problem when Easypark notify me every day that payment does not go through.

  12. Using this app in sweden for the first time. It is better to use apcoa instead. Easypark is really old fashioned,not possible to tap in and out per minute. Even worse,it is not possible to pay for a day ticket or month ticket ,you can only pay per hour. 🙁

  13. Pretty basic. You are slaved to the expensive casual plan (pulling a ridiculous 10% commission) unless you phone or email to join the subscription plan (which still slugs you 2.5% commission and $2.99 a month). There’s no multiday parking, so for people that have to park daily for work, you are guaranteed to forget at least once, and boom, another fine. The spinning wheel is annoying. I just want a button that is for all day or preset to a time. I’m paying for parking, not doing wheel of fortune

  14. This app used to be my go-to for parking, it was excellent! What on earth have you done to it?? It’s now completely unusable! Why would you change a UI that was so easy to understand and so user friendly into whatever this is?? Location by GPS or area code? That would be great if it would actually recognise area codes! And where are my favourite locations?! Since when do I have to have my GPS active for parking when area codes exist?

  15. Kelvin l dice:

    Terrible app doesn’t even know what country you are in!!! Melbourne replaced paystay with this absolute garbage app, pretty sure they didn’t even test it once. Have to manually pin my own location and restart multiple times before the miracle of this app finally figures out the number I’m using and location. And why is it listing 3 other countries with the same code besides the one I’m actually in…

  16. Hello, I have tried to connect with the app multiple times now. Everytime I put my phone number in I never receive an SMS in order to set it up. I had used the app on an iPhone previously with no issues, but now with my Android it won’t send me a message.

  17. Does not notify to end user that he/she is in an active parking, and show confirmation or suggestions for appropriate options for end users instead of activate 2 continuous parking in 2 continuous hours when he incidently presses parking button. The cost of 2 separate continuous active parkings are two expensive than a single 2 hours parking. This app is oriented on getting money from end user pocket.

  18. Parking costs more than using the on street metre. Bad UI, can’t simply put in the parking metre number (have to enable location and select parking metre on map). No way to delete a payment card, only change it. Not sure if you can delete your account either (couldn’t find it in the app but maybe there’s a way). Can’t pay as you go i.e. start the timer and pay whenever you stop. Instead you select how much time and pay from the start, which is exactly what the metre does. So a shittier metre.

  19. I don’t have a car but rent them once in a while. So I deleted the app a while ago. When downloading again and wanting to login after a few months, its asking me to remember the license plate for last car I used to verify my login? Urgently needs a hotfix! Updated after answer: if downloading the app spontaneously when parking, any verification is acceptable that I can do without calling or sending emails, as long as I can do it within two-four minutes. Thanks for replying!

  20. During setup all my cards(I’ve used two cards from different banks) were detected as fraud and, most importantly, there was no troubleshooting available. I could not use the app at all.

  21. Anh Tu Vo dice:

    In addition to the service surcharge, this app has its own hourly parking fees without warning. It does not follow the parking lot’s fees. Here is the reply I got from their customer service when asking why the paid amount was way more expensive than expected: “There is an hourly price of NOK 25, but that is not what we have with us. We have the first hour 26 kroner – the second hour 34 kroner, and the third hour 52 kroner. and a service surcharge of NOK 15.25”

  22. I suppose this app works very well for many people, but not me. I went on vacation in Italy and rented a car. When i installed the app and got to the point where i needed to complete with my card information it kept declining my card. I tried multiple cards, debit and credit and none of them worked. I got the same response ,,Data error, please verify your entered details as they seem incorrect”. Keep in mind i never had any issues with my cards, nor did I entered my details wrong.

  23. When i use the parking number it comes up as a postcode in another country, then when i use location its hit and miss whether it will actually find the parking area even though the location is accurately shown. Very annoying.

  24. Fiona Feng dice:

    Not user friendly at all, was much more happier with the paystay app. Why must I preselect a time for when parking ends when I don’t know how long I will be? I forgot to extend my parking time today as my nominated time had passed, luckily I wasn’t issued a fine! At least Paystay covered me the duration I parked until I returned to the car and stopped payment. It also informed me of local parking restrictions.

  25. GPS location is correct, but app reports there is no parking near by. Even with parking code, although it shows correct parking name, when I want to pay, it again says wrong parking location.There is no way to request account delete per GDPR!!!

  26. Seems to be working elsewhere, but not in Italy. I tried to use it by entering an area code written on a parking meter in Italy and was always receiving an error message “system integration error 11315”. This happened several times in different places across Italy (my user account and payment method work just fine, as I l’ve used the app in other countries). You cannot rely on EasyPark – bring some coins with you!

  27. Horrible dial to select your time also 10% dearer than paying at the meter the paystay app was a lot better. And it appears to charge upfront as opposed to paying for time used. Developer asked myself to contact them about my concerns well they’re listed above, it’s not pay as you go it’s an upfront guess and pay for how much time I might need, 10% more expensive than other apps and the meter on the street, unable to delete my card details can only edit them but who knows if it delete them.

  28. Really useful parking abroad. I’ve been using it in Italy and it worked for most of the cities and towns. Even did small ones line Monopoli. Thank you!

  29. NAA dice:

    Compared to its predecessor, Easy Park fails dismally. In the previous app, you don’t need to preselect your time. You only need to pay for actual usage. So with Easy Park we have ended up paying much much more. Also the transaction fee is unconscionable. A drastic downgrade and not customer-oriented at all.

  30. Worse ever. There app simply doesn’t work. I have been using it for weeks, not one time I could find the parking zone number from the map search in the app. Contacted the costumer service to ask them about an specific location parking zone and they said I have to manually input the number from the signage. If we cant use the app to initiate the parking, and have to either call or use the street meters, then what is actually the function of the app?

  31. My favorite parking app, but this week hasn’t been a good one. First, at two separate occasions, the app didn’t match with the street parking. There could’ve been changes by the city, but a parking app should put priority to keeping up with them. Second, the account my app is linked to failed one payment. As soon as I got the text from EasyPark, I transferred money to it. 8 minutes later I got a second text telling me my account had been paused and when I checked, my card info was “inactive”.

  32. Much worse than paystay. Melbourne council take note. Very unreliable to add time to an already activate park session, confirms time added, then it appears that it has not been at all. Lucky so far have avoided being fined but this app sucks at the thing it is supposed to do.

  33. The idee behind your app is great, but only if you have the FULL Version of the app, if NOT everything is missing, the price is not clear, the fees in Italy are enormous and you are not able to see them before buying the parking, they can reach extra 15%. Contact the suport before using the application, the cost for the full version is 2.99€/month.

  34. Mi Nantes dice:

    Wouldn’t stop a park spot that I’d parked in 4 days ago, app kept shutting down, worried that its been charging me for this entire time, can’t use it to re-park somewhere else so will probably get fined…. rubbish, never had this problem with PayStay

  35. Alex LI dice:

    Terrible app. 10% transaction fee. And not mentions that while you using the app (at least you won’t notice it easily) just ripping off the users. The paystay app we are using is far better. I am not sure why the local councils decide to change to this app. It’s absolutely like a scam. I will pay my parking with coins and credit card again for sure.

  36. It never works when you need it, it lacks basic functionality such as telling you where you parked (which is surprising for an application with the only purpose of stating where you parked?), UI is generally terrible, it’s hard to even tell how much credit is left and where your money is!

  37. Poor layout, hard to find where to put the zone number. Note when you start parking as the app won’t tell you so you can pay for longer then the zone allows

  38. USE THE ON STREET METERS!! The app adds a scummy 10% transaction fee without telling you… 1-3% that’s a fair cop but 10% is not cool. It’s a shame that they encourage using the meters despite their environmental impact from all those slips of paper.

  39. Jack Tam dice:

    Terrible app. Only allows you to enter one credit card as a payment method instead of multiple cards (eg private and business cards). This forces you to sign up with them for a business account. Shame that Parkmobile app pulled out of Australia and now we are stuck with EasyPark. Spinning the wheel to set the time is gimmicky but impractical.

  40. Park Now was just better. Information about the selected parking zone is missing (price, from when until when is it paid, …) UI is less appealing and friendly than on Park Now.

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