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Play games, invest your coins and get real money rewards!
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Have you ever wanted to earn money or gift cards while playing games?

It’s time to get lucky and get the money you deserve for playing! 🍀

Once you start playing, we track your active time in the game. Throughout the games, you will collect tickets that you can exchange with gift cards. 🎁

All you have to do is play one of our games and you will pick up your Paypal money, Amazon gift card, Steam voucher, Psn cards, Nintendo vouchers, Google Play Store coupons, iTunes gift cards…

Last but not least, enjoy a smooth game experience with no advertising in the games.

👩‍🏫 Here’s how it works:

🙂 First thing, get our completely free app: no in-app purchases, no deposit and no advertising.

😊 Once you have opened Money Turn, you can select a game from our offer wall: arcade, adventure, casual, strategic games, and more. New games will appear regularly in the app and give you the opportunity to discover something new every day.

😃 As soon as you start playing, our app tracks your time. The more you play, the more money you make. Check any time your score on Money Turn to see your progress. To win a gift card, you will have to collect a certain amount of coins depending on the brand.

💰 You can put your coins onto the deposit with an interest rate. The more you play, the higher interest rate it would be! 💰

🤑 Fetch your gift card as soon as you have reached enough coins. You can also cash out on your Paypal account and get your money in less than 2 days.

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Sounds like an easy way to make some money, right? 🤯

Here are the gift cards you can earn depending on your location:
💫 Amazon
💫 Paypal
💫 BestBuy
💫 Google Play Store
💫 PlayStation
💫 Nintendo
💫 Starbucks
💫 H&M
💫 Zalando
💫 Steam
and these are just a few of them 😍😍😍

Don’t miss out on our tips to win your gift card faster:
📈 Withdraw rewards after the date of accrual
🤝 Invite your friends or family and get extra coins
💸 Each game gives a different amount of coins per minute, be smart and select the games where you earn tickets faster

Let’s play and get lucky!




40 comentarios en "Money Turn – play and invest MODDED"

  1. GregoryAM dice:

    Honestly, was a little skeptical of the application at first. However, after requesting a withdraw of $0.50 just to test the waters, It worked within a few hours! I like the idea of earning interest on the coins. I just wish it was daily interest not weekly, but overall great experience with the application so far! Good job devs! Also I noticed the bug where it will not allow me to level up. So I have to change my rating from 5 stars to 3. As that was the only great part about this application.

  2. This app has the potential to be one of the best daily check-in apps out there. The concept is great, investor level up, coin saves, interest on in-game currencies. Needs to be tested more thoroughly because the games are slow and keep crashing. Like to see more detail about the coins being saved- what type of coins, what wallet using, and some settings for the investing functionality would make Money Turn into a Must-Have.

  3. Jo Peebles dice:

    It keeps freezing. I am now not able to get passed the interest earned pages it keeps wanting to press next and freezes. I can’t get into games. Also only 4 games displayed at beginning. Have downloaded and played 3 but new ones do not repopulate. I don’t have any interest in the 4th. Advertising said a wide range of games. This appears to be a lie. Also I didn’t see anything obvious to tell me that you lost interest levels by not playing for a day! Also is the interest rate per day?

  4. Ben K dice:

    It was going well, I was racking up points and even did a test cash-out which worked, but after that, the accruals stopped working. Contacting customer support through the app only got an auto-reply, and the developer contact email on Google Play came back as undeliverable.

  5. So far is a great app. I love the whole gaining interest on my coins earned. It’s definitely like being rewarded for earning rewards. I earn faster for just trying new games instead of just playing. I found out you are more coins for just downloading a game and playing it for 2 hours then uninstalling and downloading a different one and playing it for 2 hours, then you do for just downloading one game and playing it for 2 hours plus your investor level gets a boost anytime you try a new one

  6. just down loaded. think its got one of the best layouts/farming points strategy. have to wait till ready to cash out to see if this app really do pay out. Only thing I can argue with is the earn with games option doesnt work hence the 3* can only play the games at the top of the screen whats suggested.

  7. I enjoyed the simplicity of this app and it was easy to use. However… when I tried to cash out to PayPal, I ran into an issue…. since inputting my information, my PayPal account has had 3 attempts to access it! Luckily I have the strongest security setting enabled. If for some reason this is an error, I’d love the developers to reach out and remedy this, and I’d be happy to update my rating.

  8. I liked it at first but then I noticed that a lot of points weren’t getting credited to me from the games I played and made it impossible to upgrade the interest percentage. I would put in a ticket but there is no option to do so for the games.

  9. This App times out before it loads any page. Has done this from day one. Absolutely irritated because I feel like I am using a DOS system. Wasted a lot of my time. Still haven’t been able to do anything as far as check out anything else but it let me finally get in to play a couple of games. Still can’t get into other pages of the App. I give it a Zero for stars but you didn’t have that as an option.

  10. Money Turn could be amazing, if there was some resolution on the App constantly Freezing, right at the moment. I just downloaded Money Turn, and it turns out, I’m really about to turn this so called earning App off. I’m not able to get past the payment and badge

  11. Todd Senft dice:

    Everything started out great, I was gaining points consistently, plenty of apps available. A few weeks ago however, It stopped giving me the weekly interest points. I’ve messaged the company and received no response. It seems like another turn and burn app.

  12. Sarah Kelb dice:

    This app is 100% legit. I’ve cashed out a few times ⏲, but now it doesn’t give me any points for playing on their games. I’m really frustrated with this app now. Hope the game 🎮 developers sort this major issue out soon, because I’m very tempted to uninstall it. I emailed 📧 the developers and they said it’s because I might have a bad Internet connection…what a load of nonsense. My Internet is 100% perfect 🥰. Its the game 🎮 developers end, not my Internet..

  13. Sooo as good as this app sounds & potentially could be….it continues to freeze up on me EVERYTIME I try to get past the game screen. I’ve already uninstalled then reinstalled, all that got me was the loss of my coins that were accruing interest… It would be a good time for a company representative to pop up and be helpful!!!

  14. Probably a Scam Been playing a few days, apps were rewarding coins just fine Today, all of a sudden, after a “Gold” day, none of my apps will reward coins…not even newly installed ones(Never plated before) Things that would be nice: Tap on an app, & it should tell you the minimum per minute coin(earned) ratio The investment level is nice, but I ALWAYS get downgraded to level 2, & wind up at level 3, after installing & playing whatever game is required The whole thing is really Fishy

  15. This is a good game so far. The ads keep freezing. I have to back out and close it. I lose my time. It’s annoying. If it keeps happening I’m going to uninstall it and drop my review.

  16. This app is a rip off!! Spent so much time building up to $10 and just before I got there, the app locks up and says suspicious behavior and will not allow me to open it anymore!! Waste of time!! Tried to contact developer but will not allow me to!! So much time wasted on this BS app!!

  17. This app is a scam 100% confirmed. Their entire bases is screwed they want you to come back every day and play a game at the bare minimum to keep up your bonus bank for the week with that said I have now been on day 3 for 5 days even though I have logged more time in the past 2 days I keep getting a message saying I’ve been downgraded to level 3. Day 6 still downgraded to lvl 3.

  18. Mel Renee dice:

    App isn’t counting when I play the games. I get the coins and it updates the hours played but it says I haven’t played in 4 days and I’m losing investor level because of it. A week later from reaching out for help now and no answers either

  19. Since the update it does not keep track of my game play time I get the coins but I keep getting down graded from a level 3 to a level 2 cause it’s not racking I am logging into a game and playing I login this morning to play my games and it said I last played 2 days ago when I play 6 hours ago it does not even show the Pic of the game in my lost it just shows its loading and when you click it it takes you to the play store then it shows you the game please sort this bug out

  20. What a waste of time. You end up paying them and losing money. Games are all the same with TONS of ads. You can download them but you have to keep downloading new games all the time and then play them. After a while your phone is so full and really nothing to show.

  21. I was inappropriately and incorrectly notified about “suspicious activity” that I didn’t commit. Already reached out to support about how I am unable to even use the app currently and how I truly do not understand what happened. ***I will happily edit this review once this issue has been dealt with.*** EDIT: don’t download this scam, save your time and spend it doing literally anything other than using this trash. I got $30 in coins from a game and was banned before I could redeem (read above)

  22. Terrible payout. I tried to withdraw the bare minimum to my PayPal account to see if this app is legit and I never received it. I’m not changing my review until I get what was promised to me. Update: I got my payment in euros so I bumped the star rating up , but I’m still going to be cautious of this app.

  23. App seems to be worse everyday. No longer possible for me to use it at all, every game I have downloaded doesn’t give points and the download option on new games doesn’t work anymore. All I can do is uninstall.

  24. Was a great app until I switched phone. Now there is suspicious behavior on my account. If you mean buying a new phone is suspicious, then I’m the big bad Boogeyman. Forget it keep your app. And your lame games. I invested too much in this app for it to all of a sudden turn hater. We be taking my ad watching else where. Good day.

  25. Just installed this app, played a game for about 15 minutes, earned enough coins to cash out .50¢, but if I keep it in an invest it I will earn another 17 coins. So I am going to just keep playing and earning and see how much I can make. I’ll review this after a week and see where I am. I work all day so I won’t be playing constantly, so I guess we’ll see how well this benefits a working person.

  26. Though it pays this app still tricks you to think you would earn what they originally say even if it said that if you download this app and play it for 70 coins per minute it actually decrease while you play till you can’t really farm coins and after that this app will just gives 11 to 4 coins per month a download and play but even if they says it’s 11 coins per minute it still decrease

  27. Gives you points for a while but now I can not get any new games to play and and the games i have only give like 1 coin every hour so 4999 hours to get 50 cents. Also the last time I claimed the Interest earned I did not get it over 7000 coins. Email support and all I am told is coins can be delayed it has been 3 days.

  28. well I know that there are other apps that pay per minute which is nice but this concept of investing the coins you earn in the app is very new to me and I like it considering I have a decorated history of trading in the stock market as well as investing

  29. Hi 😊 First app that paid me back 😊 Well done. Sent an email but no response the game I am playing coin master it reads the play time but I am not receiving any coins and my level drops 💔 …my time.. please get back to me and fix it 😭

  30. so far good I’m enjoying this game it easy to earn coins not like the other money making games I’m impressed they count every minute you play on their games I give it three stars because I haven’t cashed out yet but I hope it legit other than it good app keep up the good work.

  31. Just like a the other justdice gaining applications. The most common gaming system full of bugs. Games won’t credit after switching from time to level. You cannot get past level 3 investor, it keeps resetting it. Prices are poor on general. Surprisingly the interest seem to last forever, whatever you invest will keep getting interest every week, instead of having to invest a new amount. Even then, the three games I have suck and the others won’t credit. Not much to be gained here… Just a lure.

  32. Lisa Black dice:

    Fake as hell, played for hours and hours and somehow they transfer your credits to an invest addition, so you never reach the pay out because the invest side never adds up to your credits, have to click every day and they just decide how much if your credits you invest, which in the end turn out as zero profit, biggest scam ever

  33. Like the the app You just have to do a lot to get your payment 1st You have to Have a PayPal account On top of that Your email confirmation is in the junk folder Not in your inbox Then you have to turn it into US currency Just sign in to your PayPal on The Web browser But it works and yes it does lag on time I don’t know if I was getting my money either or my coins it only recorded when I 1st download I was gonna uninstall the app Till I figured it out

  34. It’s an interesting concept to say the least, but on the initial download and install the app states it earns you coins for your time/per minute. That seems to go out the window within the first or second day and reverts to similar apps that earn coins based on per level. This is why I decided it gets a two star from me.

  35. j leonard dice:

    My story sounds like a lot of other people’s story how the first day or two it keeps track of the time spent on the games and records the points but as of late the past day or two it doesn’t record any hours on any of the games played. It’s definitely a legit app it does pay because I’ve cashed out. Hopefully the developers figure it out why it’s glitching because I would love to keep playing games on their app!

  36. Cory Brady dice:

    Well for one it will say invest coins by downloading an app then when I go back to the app it says to download another game like come on how you gonna have such a glitchy app and if it’s not been 24 hrs it will say that I lose because I’ve been away for a day should be a full 24 hrs and even so some people have other things to do so what am I to set an alarm everyday saying play this app or lose points

  37. When I went to get the payout they asked for me email address and my PayPal password and I put all that stuff in and I think I made a mistake and then I found out they paying euros so this game really was a waste of time and I’m afraid I just got scammed for my PayPal username and password

  38. I haven’t cashed out yet, so I’m not giving 5 stars simply due to not having experience with that important step. I’ve been using this for about a week, and it is the only money making app I’ve found that actually looks like it has potential. Once I try cashing out, I’ll update my rating.

  39. Every day that I am supposed to up grade I get a message that I am down graded to level 3. I made it to level 3 but I’m not able to get past it. Every time that I should be part it I know because they down grade me to it. Or tell me I have to work harder to level up

  40. Not really sure how I feel about this app. Today I played a game for 2 hours, got credit for only a half hour and got no coins at all for playing today. And I could not raise my investor level. It would be nice to know how much longer you need to play before getting coins as well. (I assume that’s why no coins even though it gave me some time.) Also I have not cashed out yet but I will update with another star at least if I can.

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