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Build paradise island, grow your inner tycoon
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Idle merge Simulator. Merge computers! Tap to be rich, become coin tycoon!
Join the world of coin miner! Enjoy pleasureful gameplay and colourful graphics. Create you strategy and use the merge mechanics to increase your progress. Keep in mind that this idle merge clicker game is somehow addictive – unique gameplay will turn you into a passionate coin miner.

Compare your skills with other players and become a lazy tycoon. Create the most powerful computers that will work form you/

Spend cash on business empire or on your paradise hideaway.Take part in special weekly events,

What makes idle miner American Dream so special?

UNLOCK 💪 computer levels

MERGE ✨ computers to gain more mining power

MINE ⛏ coins in idle game

UNLOCK 🔑 new businesses to boost your money income

EXPLORE 🌎 2 island in coin miner simulator world

COLLECT 💫 coins and spend all that gold

American Dream brings the best of both Idle and Merging and Island building games into one amazing new experience! Create your business.

Tap to get Rich money tycoon, and explore caves full of Magic and Wonder in this 3D simulation game. Play in limited-timed events and earn amazing rewards.

Don’t miss the chance to become a money tycoon of the coin mining world. Make sure you are best in this incremental idle game!

🔸mine coins, even when offline
🔸Over 1000 upgrades
🔸Collect all kinds of boosts to be rich mine tycoon
🔸Boost income and get more powerful computers
🔸Beautiful 3D island to build
🔸Merge gameplay mechanics to become even more rich

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It’s not just a casual tap game but a unique adventure dream life idle game that will make you rich.

Over Million users all over the world are competing in idle mining with.


We’re always making changes and improvements to our game. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

** Done
Minor performance improvements and bugfixes.

** Merge VIP
Become VIP player and speed up your progress with income boost. Oh, it also disables forced ads.

** Delivery times
We've reduced delivery times of items on the island.


40 comentarios en "American Dream: idle coin mine MODDED 2022"

  1. In of itself, this is a beautiful game done very well. The reason I rate this at 2*: their game keeps crashing during ads. There are daily goals that you can’t do unless you watch an ad, so basically the game is defunct. Again, love the game itself, but I gave the dev’s way too many chances to fix this issue. Deleting game now.

  2. 3 stars because of that mandatory commercial break…given how many ads you have to watch for free stuff, upgrading computer or spins of the wheel etc etc, having the game stopped for a forced commercial break makes me shut the game off, not keep playing. Performance wise, it sucks for devices with less than 2GB Ram.I’m guessing that’s a lot of people’s problem with game crashes, as my Lenovo tab 3 crashes like crazy. But that’s true of most of these game typee

  3. Overall I like this game. The thing about it that drives me nuts though is I keep getting an error message that says I am not connected to the internet, which then prevents me from claiming boosts and bonuses and some gifts without spending (the very limited) gems I have. I am connected to my home wifi and have no connection problems with the other applications I use.

  4. Pretty much like every other merge game .The timer in the computers makes me feel rushed . Love the build part but it would be better if we could place items our selfs . Or merge items in order to upgrade . Graphics are supper gameplay easy adds are way fair . not to many and are optional. Prices are a little high for the starter pack. otherwise great game 👍

  5. Overall I like the premise. But the wait times to build things on the island take forever (hours) and there’s nothing really to do while you wait. It be nice if there was some incentive (faster countdown maybe) if you stay engaged on the app. Also money is disproportionate. I have a ton of money so earning money isn’t a reason to stay.

  6. Great game but I’m not getting my daily bonus anymore. It would be nice if there was an option to sign in with google to play on multiple devices. Also, we can’t pick what we want our house, cars, fountain, etc., to look like. With future upgrades there should be that option. Maybe have 3 different choices for each, that way we can have our dream home. Edit: I am now getting my daily bonuses. Thanks for fixing the problem.

  7. What happened to the AP? It was great, fun to play,ECT. I even invested money and purchased the casino and “gem boat”, had advanced my computer’s to level 54 and my islands/ adviser’s were built up very far, then suddenly this morning I was taken back down to level one cpu, couldn’t access my islands, or any other area in the game, but was still showing level 45 and large coin level, I tried reinstalling and lost everything, took my game right back to the beginning, not exactly happy.

  8. There are too many ads. Literally an ad in every aspect of the game. The game itself is just okay. It helps pass time, but it isn’t worth it for all the ads. I also didn’t like how when I got a notification and unlocked my phone – the game loaded up immediately without me opening it.

  9. AD OVERLOAD!! I understand that you need the ads for support but DAMN the girl pops up for a commercial break,it’s ridiculous. I could spend money to not have the ads which I choose NOT to because you’ll still get ads to collect items for free like the wheel,crates,the AD campaign and so on. Not to mention you’ll have to end up buying gems and gold bars to progress in the game so sorry to say uninstalled.😞👎

  10. For some reason the daily bonus stopped work for the pass couple of days. Other than that the game is fun. Still a good game to play but not running into ad not playing. It’s raining the hotel tonight that doesn’t play when that I happens either I lost out on the rewards or I have to used up my jewel’s to get the rewards. I have no problems with the others ad just the hotel tonight.

  11. Boring and too many ads. Buying the computers without tapping is too expensive. the island is neat and looks good though. The music gives me a headache but you can just mute it. It’s still bad music and overall a bad game.

  12. Luke Bower dice:

    This would be a great game if it wasn’t for all the stupid adverts. It wastes your game play time and NO it is not value for money to purchase in house items. 15/5 I know it is free but do you need to make us watch a advert for every action. Plus I hardly purchase any game. They are too expensive. Also the internal adverts for the games offers are annoying and get or interrupt gameplay and the game keeps asking for reviews! Weird

  13. Great game not hard to start very easy to play I enjoy it quite as much. But the problem that everyone complains about it ads but this game has addressed this in the best way I have seen in a lot of games like this. There are forced ads but unless you are going to pay for the game you are going to deal with it. The game devs are nice enough that whenever you have to watch an ad they give you a purple gem which is the premium currency. Best way to keep ads and not charge for game. Amazing game!

  14. Jen P dice:

    I love merge games … But something needs to be done about the ads … You get the option to view them, which I don’t mind, but when the “please wait for video to load” pops up every time to get something for free instead of paying with gems & no ad pops up … WTH? Can’t even finish tasks because of this. Please fix!

  15. The game is very different from other game’s, it’s very fast pasted and very strange, all I can do is keep playing until I can figure it out, that’s why it’s a three stars for now. I would like to add that I’m not putting my rate up untill you make the box’s STOP JUMPING it’s driving me nuts.

  16. The game looked quit interesting but being bombarded with boxes to watch ads were a bit much. And i also watched 10 ads for things and got nothing. A waste of data. It was also taking forever to get anywhere. Nothing like what the screenshots were showing.

  17. First off, this game has two names. On the Play Store, “American Tycoon” and the app itself is “American Dream”. JUST PICK ONE NAME. Another thing is that the ads are forced whenever I go to the island page. It takes a long time to level up cpus since I don’t have lots of time. And when I downloaded the app, I wanted to customize my island but instead, you just buy what is told. If it was so “American” you would have the freedom to choose what color your house, car, or boats were.

  18. Way too many ads for every little thing.most games you could at least enjoy the game with few to no ads..this game is overly ridiculous with the ads..then when u get something that’s supposed to be a prize u still have to watch another ad to get the maximum prize that was given..too much..good game way too many ads..seriously I thought about uninstalling the game because it’s just too much..but I’m still trying to learn it .but I hope this helps..just being honest

  19. Its a good game, the commercials arent bad, and its easy to play but, it takes too long to get through all the boxes and there should be an option of what we want on our island not just whats there. Im not bored yet so still going to play.

  20. I like the game but it does get repetitive quickly. Is there and auto merge upgrade? Also I would like if the computers only bounced up and down if there was an available match. It gets a little confusing during a boost.

  21. The game itself is Amazing but you can’t delete it … Once you do there is NO WAY TO GET YOUR PROGRESS BACK!!! Even if you spend money you loosing them basicaly …. Bought no ads pack and pressed restore purchases and nothing !!! still can buy that pack and has to start from beginning even before I’ve been on level 37 with lvl 46,45,44,43 computers on board …Think about update how to save through google play or facebook and that be 5stars …even adverts doesn’t bother me as others

  22. Tapping on the buildings on the new island is awful because 1 the screen moves a lot 2 some won’t let you collect. I looked into the settings the sensitivity is off so don’t say it is that. You just don’t want to fix your game. Your game is the only game that had issues when it comes to tapping on anything. Your company is so awful that you blame other people for your mistakes. Since you won’t fix this I am deleting the dam game and Google Play should remove it also.

  23. Too many ads now. I have several 45 computers. Please add more. Also the ads are annoying now. Every 10 seconds? Come on. Update: Thank you for the reply. I have decided to support the app. Great little game.

  24. The gameplay and everything is fine. The only thing I have problem with is that no matter how many times I try to watch an ad to upgrade one of the computers or whatever, and it won’t do it. They’ll go back to the thing after the ads and nothing happens.

  25. Similar to an Idle tapping game, it’s simple and fun but does become repetitive after a while. Too many ads, ads for boosters, ads to speed up deliveries. Only to have a pop up ad show with a msg ‘Watch ad to support the game’

  26. You can’t watch ads to get gifts or double income some internet error message pops up EVERYTIME. But when the app forces it’s hundreds of ads on you there’s no problem with the ads popping up EVERYTIME. You can’t get managers without spending diamonds. Total money grab. Deleting.

  27. I really loved the game but the new wheel of fortune is horrible it only gives gold and there are only 1 chance per day and you cant spend gems to spin anymore. And island quests got bugged i think it doest show them anymore. I just found out it seems like the computer encome has been decreased to 1/5 of former times.

  28. Tyani dice:

    I enjoyed the game. A great time passer! My only issue is you can’t play across devices. I looked to see if I could somehow restore my progress on my tablet because I mainly play on my phone but didn’t see anything. Unfortunate.

  29. The game itself is good and addictive, but almost every box I open I get the option to watch an ad and if I say no I still get an ad just a shorter one as a “commercial break”! Very annoying

  30. The latest update is a show of real greed. just one building at a time to upgrade while there were 3 previously is ludicrous, and only gem speedups possible. I will play this game even less now, just enough to keep a profile so you keep paying for capacity. The ads, which are already excessive, should be enough income for you!

  31. Frustrated because the last two of my daily quests require me to watch a video to get them. When I click it says that I’m not connected to the internet, but seconds later I click on my island and it shows me an ad from the internet.

  32. Too many ads for literally trying to get anything, AND they interrupt your game with ads. I think I’ve played the game like 20% of the time and the ads were 80% of it. Cute graphics and sounds though

  33. To many forced ads. I can see ads for powerups and whatnot but watching those or choosing to not watch those shouldn’t force me into an ad. I have had this app for half an hour and most of that has been taken up watching ads.

  34. Graphics are good but merging gets really boring quite fast. I suggest to add more minigames to keep it interesting. Also the commercial break popup is very annoying.

  35. Very annoying when you get a “commercial break” within 10 seconds of opening the app. Would be nice to have a “thumbs down” button so that objectionable advertisements do not repeat.

  36. Will give it 5 stars once it gets fixed. Won’t let me watch any videos for rewards our to speed things up, etc. Says i don’t have a connection to the internet but i do. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also trying to email the issue with no reply

  37. This is a nice game, it as some problems. It lags too much. I’m level 40 now. The adds are obtrusive also. The constantly interrupts game play.

  38. I am on level 47 unlocked box 60. I can’t go higher than 60. I have no more island quests. it’s really a fun game but if this is all I’m going to uninstall. please add more!

  39. Keeps freezing up in latter levels. I get to level 10 and it frezes up and thinks that I only have level 1 computers unlocked and can’t do anything in the game.

  40. worked fine at first but i got a little ahead of the game and did what it wanted me to do before telling me to do it and the whole game was like nope you gotta click on the button that isnt there anymore because you already clicked it and well the game wouldn’t let me continue. since you’ve decided to look into this glitch ill up my rating.

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