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Raid the Dungeon is the perfect incremental clicker / Idle Adventure RPG with an endless fun.
Battle your way through the Dungeons and power up your hero by collecting epic weapons, armor and gear AFK!
Jump into PVP battle against players from all around the world and tap! Crush them all!
Face the Guild Boss with heroes/titans over the world by tapping on ‘Guild Boss’ content!

Game Features

★Convenient Idle System
Is this game Idel or idl? Nope, this game is IDLE with an autoplay!
Switch between IDLE and Control Mode anytime you want! It’s your choice to AFK or Tap to control with your finger!
This is different with painful grinding games! Your hero will level up even when you are away from your phone!!
Heroes grow easier and faster than any other tapping/clicker games or idle mmorpg games in Raid the Dungeon!

★Easy to play
Whether you are an experienced gamer or not, you’ll be able to have fun with the game right off the bat!
Raid the Dungeon is an easy tapping clicker RPG game with a backgroud of exotic fantasy world and an epic adventure.
Just tap to start Raid the Dugeon!
Simply tapping can make your titans defeat enemies! Crush them all!

★Collect! Collect!! Collect!!!
Are you a fan of collecting games?
Over 500 avatars, 200 equipment, dozens of Relics and companions to collect AFK! Ulala!
We have a wide variety of collection than most grinding games or idle mmorpg games!

★Power Up and Customize your Hero
Power up your heroes by defeating the fiercest monsters and bosses in the Dungeon!
Customize your titans from head to toe with the loot collected from your idle adventure!!

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★Strategic Gameplay
Choose whether to use melee or ranged weapons for your titans!
Manage your titans’ skill sets by selecting skills that suits your strategy the most!!
Tap on equipment and skills to become stronger titans! Get stronger in the wonderful clicker RPG!

★Intense PVP Action
Test the power of your hero by challenging other heroes in the Arena from all around the world!
Fight at the PVP Arena to reach the top of the ladder and get rich rewards by being AFK!! Ulala!

★Tons of Content
Raid Raid Raid! Endless dungeons and raid dungeons allow you to collect legendary gears!
Create your own GUILD and defeat the guild boss with other heroes around the world! Crush them all!
Enter the Rift with your titans and jump into the idle adventure!
Craft your own special equipment and become more powerful heroes!

★High Quality BGM
Beautiful title BGM composed by Matsumae Manami, the composer of “The Mega Man” and “SHOVEL KNIGHT”!
The high quality BGM matches Raid the Dungeon, one of the best clicker games!

An immersive Idle clicker RPG experience for all! Join the adventure and tapping can lead you to victory!
Download now and start your Idle adventure or Tap Tap Tap!!

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40 comentarios en "Raid the Dungeon : Idle RPG MOD"

  1. I’ve been playing for over a month and really like the game. I just switched from IOS to Android recently and the game performance seemed to have dropped. I’m having issues with the game screen completely lagging. It only happens 1-2 times a day, sometimes resolving itself, sometimes doesn’t do anything and other times needs a complete restart. That’s all the bad i’ve seen. The good- The games interface is pretty easy to figure out, generous to new players. Just watch a guide or join the discord

  2. Not exactly what I expected, but kinda my fault for downloading before reading more lol. It’s great for what it is, sick animations and lots of cool effects for weapons. The controls aren’t too bad either, pretty simple and easy. I expected more skillful gameplay, but it’s just easy, laid-back idle work, as the name suggests. I got to level 36 I think within an hour, and then got an OP weapon that made each fight too easy and left me unsatisfied, so I’m ditching the game. Other than that, lovely

  3. I am Steve dice:

    I’ve been playing this game for about 7 weeks and for the first month, it was amazing. Constant progression in terms of level and equipment kept me coming back daily for more. However, now it’s turned into an unfulfilling grind. I can’t seem to progress any farther in any game mode. The extra equipment gained from both adventure mode and rift mode is woefully insufficient to raise my equipped gear. My only conclusion is that I have hit a pay2win wall in the game. That is truly unfortunately.

  4. John Sykes dice:

    Fun, stress-free game. Nice graphics and no ads (that I’ve seen). The runes, enchantments and whatnot seem a bit overwhelming at first but it gradually makes sense. The mounts and companions are a nice addition. This is not a game you’ll finish quickly. It’s long and progressive with repetitive themes. A game to play casually. Good luck & have fun.

  5. This game is fantastic. I afk a lot and when I come back there is always tons for me to do as my nightly routine. This game allows you to earn everything just by playing and over time you grow. It’s nice to purchase a pack if you can, especially this anniversary, but it is not necessary. I recommend allowing this to afk on a separate device using the “idle” option with saves battery. I’m not sure I’m even logged off except to reconnect! I was gone for 49 hours and when I returned it was still up

  6. Absolutely worth anyone’s time investing in this game. Wonderful, cute, fast, and friendly. Great for any rpg player, very enjoyable, with the ability to play as you go without having to concentrate on it 100% of the time. It even comes with a battery saving mode to protect your phone. UI, controls, graphics, story, and gameplay are all spot on with no bugs currently. The devs seem to care very much about their game and it’s definitely a game worth playing whether your hardcore or casual!

  7. It’s a great game concept with very lovely and comfortable user interface. But personally, it’s too many loading screens. I wish I was more seemless like offline idle games are but I didn’t attempt to play this offline so I couldn’t verify that part. But with the idea of constantly needing to download new things after an update thru the play store was a big turn off and made me feel like this was gonna be a waste of space.

  8. It’s very similar to some other idle games. Eerily similar. Like Idle Death Knight. But it does have some differences. For some reason, I like this game better. More variety to the cosmetic options and companions feel useful. The equipment screen is a bit of a hassle to manage, as you are constantly getting new equipment and it all ends up jumbled. Another big difference from other Idle games is that I don’t feel pressured to buy something. The options for it are nice but not necessary at all.

  9. Really great game overall. Fantastic gameplay, oddly enjoyable and mesmerizing, no glitches so far, and so many things available for the player to do. There’s two problems: the tutorial doesn’t go far enough-specifically on the equipment enhancement and upgrading, like what the differences are and what that means and does, also enchanting skins. The other problem is load screens-just too many at the start of opening the game. Otherwise, fantastic!

  10. I have been playing this games for about 2 month now and I’m doing pretty good. I’m currently level 4000+ and I’ve got a couple of eternal equipment as well as companions. Then the game start acting up today and don’t want me to get 2x speed. Everytime I tried to watch ad or after I watch the ad the screen would just shut down. When I get back to the game my 60 minutes 2x speed is not there. Please fix the problem i like this game but I feel like I’m being held back. Thanks

  11. Was excellent, Now lacking. Ive been playing for several months,, and until now I found the experience to be excellent. Now, the game consistently crashes, and every other time I launch the game it won’t even load to my character screen, I can’t even select the server option – Update feb 7th, back to usual excellent experience, bug is patched 🤘

  12. Easy to learn, great animation, GUILTY GEAR! Sweet gear that’s reasonably easy to get at low levels. Really creative character design and companion and mount setups. Deeply varied skill setups (i like ranged laser). And it’s fun to see how much you’ve grown over time. Ads aren’t required to play, they just help net extras which you can get 20 times a day in many categories if you like grinding ad pickups.

  13. Mabe O dice:

    It’s not that it’s a bad game, but there is nothing to do. It’s just a dull auto play game that’s banking on you wanting to collect more gear as it’s only draw. Don’t buy into the high rating on this one, there are many other versions of this same premise that actually have events and activities that make them worth playing. Edit: decided to give another try a few months later, won’t go past the first screen now. So dropped from 3 to 1 star.

  14. Zil dice:

    Honestly a really fun good game that’s EXTREMLY simple and easy to definitely get the hold of, the abilities are all very nice and the equipment is varied slightly. Over all the game is great but, I’ve been having lots of problems with the game lately! I keep on getting web errors that constantly makes the game annoying and I wish it could stop.

  15. Not too much info on what everything is, it just throws you into the game. 30 levels for 1 chapter? Bit annoying of a long stretch. When you’re combining companions you have no idea how many crystals you have to use. Basically you have to go in your backpack and remember how much you had to use for any upgrade. Not a huge fan of this game and its GUI.

  16. Been playing this game for half a year. A recent update created a huge error, the game now deletes companions when you upgrade them, or it will not add rare companions to your inventory when you get one in a reward crate (disappears). This game should not be live-access until the developers fix this. Update: CS Reply to me is they pretend no problem occurred, and even used player data to show that there was (wait for it) no record of LOST DATA. So disappointed in these people. Trash.

  17. Definitely worth checking out. At first the game may seem super fast paced and almost too easy but after awhile you’ll find that there is a challenge. The late game adds a sense of accomplishment after grinding to clear your next goal. The rewards are plentiful and the VIP system doesn’t seem to play quite as heavy as some games can be as you still have to have plenty of luck to get what you need. The dev’s are also quick to fix issues. Over worth a look at the very least if you’re a rpg fan

  18. I can’t get enough of this game! the gameplay is amazing and I just love the graphics! I have no problems with this app, I just wish you could cancel the wait to delete characters and I wish you could turn equipment into styles with a cost. The game is amazing, keep it up! the update is even better!

  19. The novice pack is a big help, and the cool stuff for daily log in are enjoyable to have. Thank you whoever chose these particulars. The game has a screen off function, so phone can cool off. That about gives it, but I would want an ad blocker. Yet usually the ad running games are a bit more player able after sitting through ads, but you have to be on one long walk a thon of a wait. So, no ad blocker buy option? I have to play till my novice pack runs out.

  20. Great game, I have found myself leaving it on overnight to get the time rewards, so pretty adicting. Very fun to build armor sets and weapon sets. Only critiques are that it is a little rough around the edges. Some kind of button to equip the best gear you have would be great, and auto equip, unequip strongest Power Orbs would be great. It is a little tedious to go in and unequip each one individually, especiall mid to late game when you have 5 slots on each armor piece. That’s about it really:)

  21. Came back after way too long. Still fun little side scroller with lots (understatement) of options/variations on 3 classes. Sword, bow and arrow, mage staff. No one has the same items after the second quest. Parts of it has some righteous Rock music. Occasionally u have the CHANCE to Choose to view an advertisement. So…much… to do… X_x

  22. After a bit of time with the game, it just doesn’t feel wildly engaging. The game mechanics are well-implemented and the item rates are generous. However, I found myself without much of a goal in the game. You can keep grinding and doing story missions, but the game lacks a strong sense of progression. In the end, I wasn’t motivated to keep logging in and playing.

  23. Honestly very fun BUT would be even better if you made this so it is more skill-based. Give us more control of the characters with left and right movement. Just make mobs come from both sides at once, have arrows indicating enemies when the round is ending and completely disable autoplay. Or have that option in a separate league with mandatory new characters so everyone has a fair shot who are f2p. I’m just sayin, but it’d be awesome if you guys did🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  24. A million ideas of free game frameworks glued together, but no coherent game. For example, there are a ton of skills you can equip with absolutely no stats or explanation as to which skill you’d want to use and when. It’s just a lot of flashy assets with nothing underneath. There’s not really anywhere to apply sentient thought to your decisions.

  25. Needs a more in depth tutorial. Armor sets look super cool. Pvp servers are probably the worst in any game that has ever existed. I average about 5 disconnects in 20 matches. Also when it does it you get booted to the login screen. Why not have it do a recheck for stability before booting you out?

  26. Great game!👏 only a few complaints(suggestions),event only gear should be pushed into random loot after the event ends, have certain paid items drop randomly (particularly qp even if it’s only say 1-3), and the adjustment of rewards if you’ve completed the main map since it ends at 55😭. Lvl’ing gear becomes quite expensive without wasting the much needed currency buying gold to lvl airships. Otherwise keep up the solid performance 👍👍

  27. i cant play, when downloading files atthe start, it just stops, the first time it stops i just let it be for a minute and its still not moving so restarted it, it worked again but stopped again and just wasted 30 minutes trying to download files, please fix it, also its just chapter 6 everytime i go back

  28. Emma Lu dice:

    Tried playing the game, it was pretty fun for the first 20ish minutes. A relaxing idle game. Suddenly, without any warning, I’m sent back to the title screen with an “account suspended” showing up. I never chatted, never cheated, nothing I could think of that could have gotten me banned. I would give 0 stars if it were possible, at least until this gets fixed.

  29. pretty fun for an idle game. Need a way to earn premium currency (quest point) though even if just a small amount each time since some buffs are locked behind it.

  30. Fun game that starts slow and picks up quickly. If you don’t like grinding at least a bit it may not be for you. Technically, you can move the game to your computer an use macros. I definitely believe it will last a month before you feel burned out. The community is chill and helpful to, so go chew the fat in chat when you’re bored grinding.

  31. Alright after 2 weeks of playing it’s time for a review! Firstly, the phasing is decent and joining discord group is a must so that you can follow the guides on what to do. Secondly, this is why i 3 star it because the crashing is almost if not everytime you finished a dungeon and go back to village it crashes. Overall, still enjoying it for it’s simplicity, good graphics, and some bosses that are challenging!

  32. I downloaded the game and played for about 30mins. It was fun, untill i was kicked from the game with a notice saying my account had been suspended. There was no reason given, no warning. I hadnt done anything other than play the game, i hadnt even named my character. If you enjoy idle games that are super easy and ban you for no reason then you will enjoy this one.

  33. Simply put the game isn’t worth playing anymore. They are just recycling content and events. And the player base is so dead it’s not even funny,the game chat is silent for up to hours vs the old multiple messages a minute. Don’t play this game and please don’t spend money on it

  34. Passione dice:

    I recommend you play this game 😁 because you can be a pro in just a few days…but someone commented that some people get vip some don’t but for some reason I had VIP when I started the game🖖…besides that the game is really satisfying to play.. the effects and big damage makes you feel powerful!

  35. Soviet Owl dice:

    Typical idle game, lots of stuff but nothing to introduce it. Made my first character, 30 minutes later, account got suspended. Made a second character, 30 or so minutes in and it gets suspended. Clearly this game has some extreme flaws and needs a lot more work.

  36. This is a 5 star game but with this recent update they just did most accounts are just getting auto banned even if your a brand new player. Have months of work put into this game(and money). This game is broken and will lose its entire player base in days unless this is fixed. No one can play.

  37. just try downloading it and u will see how amazing this game is but its need an internet’s to play but to play online kinda fun but most time its just grinding solo so i think this game have to add a choice to play offline or online

  38. This game is really good.I would recommend this game to everyone cause this game is so much fun,but I have a problem I want to be solved its that the spiders in honor dungeon is really hard to kill even though honor dungeon is the fastest way to becoming strong, I would like the programers to make the spiders less difficult to fight that’s my only problem plss solved my problem

  39. This game has a very solid framework. Could definitely use better English translations, and better descriptions of elemental debuffs and effects. Lots of depth but the end game needs something to keep players engaged. Need to add some sort of world boss or more guild content that lets people compete and/or contribute to a common goal. I’ve been playing for over a year and Valofe needs to step it up to meet the quality of content QuestGames provided.

  40. The game is very experienced and lots of fun,I really like the way you actually get free items every days a week!

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