Exciting new k-pop music game with your favorite artists from SMTOWN
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The rhythm game of SM.Ent! “SuperStar SMTOWN” is officially released!
SuperStar Series – SMTOWN, JYPNATION, BTS, PLEDIS’s first K-pop game!

# Artist & Music

– 46 groups of SMTOWN
– Over 432 songs from SMTOWN artists

# Collectable Artists Cards

– Make your own card deck!
– Collect and Upgrade

# Challenge the league!

– Weekly / SUPERSTAR League: Compete against players worldwide!
– Upgrade your cards for higher game scores!

# Daily Missions & Various In-game Events

– Clear All Missions! Get Massive Rewards!
– Also, many more in-game events start with SMTOWN artists comeback!

▶Featured Artists◀
Super Junior
Super Junior-D&E
Super Junior-M
Girls’ Generation
Girls’ Generation-TTS
Red Velvet
NCT U-The 7th Sense
NCT 127

[Access Permission Rights For Smart Device App]

SuperStar SMTOWN hereby asks you to grant permission to access specific apps in smart devices to provide the Service as set forth in these Terms of Service.

*Required Access Rights*

Picture (Photos / Gallery) / Video / File: To save a game data

Read, Record and Save at External Storage: To save sound source data cache and game options

Device ID and Call Information: Advertising Tracking Research and Token Generation For The Push Notification

Wi-Fi Connection Information: To send a message about Wi-Fi connection when there is an additional data download

ID: Required for ‘User Account Generation and Check’

[Access Permission Revoke]

Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps preference> SuperStar SMTOWN > App Info > App Permissions > Access Agree or Access Revoke

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Lower than Android 6.0: Need to upgrade Android version or Delete the App.
* Lower versions (than Android 6.0) may not provide permission functions of individual apps.

[Access Permission Revoke]
Settings > SuperStar SMTOWN > Access Agree or Access Revoke

※ “Visual Setting” of the game

– If beatmap notes are not coming down smoothly,
– [My Info] – [Visual Setting] – check “Low Resolution”

※ While SuperStar SMTOWN is available for free, you will get charged upon purchases of certain paid items.

※ Should you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us mail through “[email protected]

SuperStar SMTOWN Dalcomsoft Contact Information
Email: [email protected]


* Minor Bugs Fix


40 comentarios en "SuperStar SMTOWN MOD"

  1. Regina dice:

    The app won’t fully open When I go to open the app it comes all the way up to the loading screen but it only gets to 45% before the entire app just closes. I have had this app for 3 days now and it still refuses to fully open. The highest it got was to 94% before it stopped and crashed again. I keep reopening it but it just does the same thing over and over. I really want to play this one. I have JYPNATION on my phone and it works just fine.

  2. the app took 45 minutes to fully download and kept crashing throughout, so i’d have to keep an eye on it while it downloaded. i only played the demo and once i made an account the game was just permanently stuck on the loading page. normally i’d just try to redownload the app, but it’s not worth the time or effort for a game i was only trying because of an ad in my album

  3. I have to reset the app three times in order to open it, there are SO many messages once get through the loading screen, and I have gotten as far as tutorial and profile set-up. I have not even gotten to do one song yet so I could not tell you what this app is about. I assume from tutorial that it is a rhythm app.

  4. I’ve had this for ages, play super actively, and am in Platinum league. Love the game but the touch syncing is always a bit funky no matter how many times I adjust it or how carefully I play. On other SS games I get 90% or more Super Perfect, no problem, but on this one it’s more like 66% or 75% on a good day. It’s super frustrating because it makes it so hard to move into the top leagues.

  5. The game itself is fun and had good songs. It’s definitely very addicting but it has it’s share of problems. There are so many updates, it floods your device. Still, even with the updates, not sure what they’re fixing because it will freeze or get very laggy at times. It had been better lately though. ultimately those issues are worth it, the game really is a lot of fun.

  6. Rosie Bai dice:

    Amazing game. Other music tapping games are too boring and easy form me, but this one is perfect. Really easy and really hard. But this all depends on the song that you choose. if its a slow song it won’t be that hard. But it you choose one with lots of beats(exo’s ko ko pop) your fingers WILL hurt. This app has also lead me to find many new artists that I like. And this doesn’t just give you random things to tap. It actually goes with the beat. Love it!

  7. loveya ok dice:

    Recently when I play a song (for every song) it always shows that I missed some of the colored circles when I pressed it at the right time. I even usually get the golden perfect for pressing it at the correct time. Now no matter if I press all of them or not it says I missed some and I end up getting 2/3 stars or sometimes 1/3 stars. I can’t get a screenshot because it’s during the game.

  8. Game’s not bad, music is great, and the game play itself works great. But the time it takes to go from menu to menu is a nightmare. I have more loading time than play-time, and that kind of waiting, where it takes over a full minute to go from finishing a song, hitting lobby, and having the lobby load.

  9. Wish the music were longer. I’m happy with it though. But the controls. I find when I’m clicking it won’t “register”. I have to be in the EXACT exact spot. Which is hard because my phone is pretty big. There should be controls that allow me to change the size of the tap area so that I don’t have to extend my finger super super out.

  10. I absolutely love and enjoy playing this game. Usually when I start playing rhythm games I tend to stop after a week or less. For this app, I been playing it for over a month and don’t plan on stopping any time soon because of how much fun it is. Unfortunately, I cannot give this game 5 stars because of how bad it glitches or stops mid song. I would open the app and start playing a song, after 5mins it would completely freeze and glitch as if I failed the song. Please fix this bug problem!

  11. I really love the SUPERSTAR games, but this one has made me rate it a 1 star, simply beacuse the game takes way to long to load, it gets to 99% and then it suddenly stops. I tried uninstalled and installed it, I thought that maybe it was the update, but that just made it worse. i even left the app loading for about an hour and still nothing.. hope this is fixed.

  12. monique W dice:

    I really like playing this game but the glitches are too much lately. I’ve been playing for years with no problems but for whatever reason all of a sudden the last couple months I keep getting this weird error message that won’t let me access the game. The only way I can play is to uninstall then reinstall. This works for about a week or so. I’ve even emailed their tech support last month after the 5th time and never got a response back. Completely ridiculous. Not happy with this game at.

  13. This game has so much to offer. The mechanics of this game at normal and hard difficulties feel extremely good. This game also manages to really innovate with it’s mechanics in a genre known for being stagnant. I can’t remeber the last time I played a music/rhythm game that felt this fresh. On top of the good mechanics, thr game offers daily/weekly challenges to keep you coming back, though the goals in these challenges are rudimentary.

  14. Trish dice:

    Pros: Fun, skill-based game that allows users to gradually up the difficulty level. Good for both competitive and casual players. Love the UI. Cons: There are days where the game keeps glitching in the middle of a song. I’ve also had issues where all of a sudden the game won’t load, or loading will be stuck at 4%.

  15. Good songss, but there are some UI things that can be improved. The scoring that pops up(i.e. Perfect or Great) should be moved because it blocks the playing board, and the idol card can also be moved. That can increase playing space. I felt cluttered when using the UI in the main menu, sooo many things! My review is a bit harsher because i previously tried Bang Dream and the UI is so dang good. It would also be cool to have one app for all songs but im guessing its a legal issue.

  16. Cress Choi dice:

    As much as I love this game, the bugs really piss me off. I can’t even leave the home menu because the game gets stuck in a loading loop every time I touch something. When I do finally get the chance to play, the beatmap gets stuck on a black screen. I’ve restarted this game so many times, but to no avail. I have the exact same issues on the JYP version too. Please fix this game, Dalcomsoft! 😭

  17. No matter what I click the app crashes. I can’t download songs to play because it crashes. I try to go to the shop to purchase cards and it crashes. I used to enjoy this game so I redownloaded it after 2 years of not playing but so far it’s just annoying. It also took an hour to get the dalcom account set up because every time I would go to my email to get the verification code the app would reload and it wouldn’t accept the code. Someone needs to fix the crashing issues.

  18. Used to really love this game a couple years ago. But now it won’t even open on my Galaxy S9. Just stays on a white screen forever even after reinstalling… (Edit) Decided to reinstall on a whim and it seems to be working just fine! Would highly recommend that there not be an inventory limit though considering there are more cards to collect than playable songs it seems.

  19. If you like Idols under SM and rhythm games then you will love it. The controls are very responsive and the game loves to shove cards on you, which is a plus when starting out. It’s also updated with new songs and sometimes they add hidden songs (songs that will randomly appear after the song you just played). Finally, ads are optional and not pushed on you.

  20. Kelsey D dice:

    Played this game for years and have never had any trouble up until now. Loading screen is stuck at 99%, even after minutes of waiting. Was able to get in once I uninstalled the game and re-download it, but next time I tried to play it I was once again stuck with the loading screen at 99%. They claim it’s our internet giving us these issues, but is very clearly their servers that aren’t working. I absolutely love this game, but right now it is impossible to play and I am very disappointed.

  21. Jhanae dice:

    I love playing this game and I appreciate the fact that they fixed the 99% loading screen issue, however, there’s still an issue with the internal loading screens in the game. I’ve been trying for a while to collect my rewards in the daily attendance but the loading screen comes up and it loads, loads and loads some more and even after waiting for literal hours, it still hasn’t changed (this has been happening before the update too). Please fix this. I really want to continue playing this game😔

  22. The game is stuck at 99% and has been for the last week. Edit: after fixing the problem almost 3 weeks later they didn’t give any rewards or tier jump passes or really any benefits or accommodation for the problem that they caused with their own error. The internal loading times are even slower than before as well, the game is extremely laggy now.

  23. I’ve been unable to play since Feb 11, 2019. At the time it would load up to the black screen before the game title and then crash. Now it freezes before even the Dalcom logo appears. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinsalling it too many times. It was a fun game when I could play it though.

  24. My only complaint about this game is that i can’t get 3 stars on songs in hard mode anymore, because whenever i tap, at some point it doesn’t register the tap and just makes me miss the note and lose my combo. Other than that i like it, it has various events that are fun to play and give many rewards.

  25. love to play this game, but haven’t been able to play for almost a month now. for some reason i haven’t been able to even open the app. whenever i try it just shows a white screen and a pop up describing some error. don’t know if it’s the game or my device. just something weird thats been happening. forgot to mention i did contact the developers but they didn’t find anything wrong. said to just troubleshoot the app but that didn’t help either.

  26. naz b dice:

    i don’t know why, but this has been happening for a while : it won’t load the pictures of the cards or groups, and when i try to play a song, it would take the headphones it needs, but won’t load the songs, and i have to restart the whole app in order to try another one. but that’s happening more frequently now with any song i try to play even with a strong wi-fi connection

  27. Its a bit flashy and takes up a LOT of your storage, since each songs has to be downloaded and its frequent updates. I honestly don’t mind the updates but if you’re low on storage it hits really hard. also it lags every once in a while and won’t register the taps. i’d give it 4 stars if its fixed

  28. The game is fun and has gotten better over the years. My issues are that whenever there are about 3 hours or less before the maintenance check every week I can never get though the title sequence to play. I guess the sever is too crowded because I have tried everything on my end from resetting my phone to trying to get through on wifi and data. The next day same time everything loads normally. It’s extremely frustrating. Also he new PVP mode is really laggy compared to the rest of the game.

  29. Edit 1/30/22: after having this problem be a minor one that could be fixed with a restart of my phone, i can now no longer avoid the problem of the game loading stopping at 99% every time every single time i have attempted playing for the last week. Even after a uninstall and reinstallation the game does not load. And yes, i am on a stable connection as other superstar games do load! I cannot leave my review at 5 stars when so many people including myself are having the same severe problem.

  30. They give out very generous rewards and often, in comparison to JYP and BTS Superstars. Love the huge song library, graphics are my style. It’s very simple to navigate and learn the UI, the hard modes test your reflexes and rhythm, but I also highly enjoyed the almost tactical aspect of cards, choosing what’s worth sacrificing, balancing theme grade and level, constantly locking cards for future upgrades.

  31. Its a great app but definitely not for people with small hands and big phones. Also, if you play it for a long time it heats up your phone until the screen is burning hot which is very bad for the battery. I got a brand new phone recently and it heats up very quickly when that app is running.

  32. So I reinstalled the game and I love playing it but the problem is I can’t since the whole screen goes black and I can’t see anything. The music still plays fine but I can’t see anything. And it’s also started freezing up so I have to exit out and come back in but nothing changes. Are any of these bugs fixable?

  33. Ever since the new UI update, my game has kept crashing. I can’t click on any events,go to the store(and mystore). And everytime I try and play a song, the screen turns black and then exits me out of the game. I hope a future update fixes this dalcom :(. Update : (June 3 2021) so now it doesnt even load up fully, the game crashes before the game fully loads.

  34. At this point I’m uninstalling this app takes to much space to keep installed if everytime I open it, it goes to a black screen and goes off. There has been several updates since this started and none of them have adressed the problem. I know I am not the only one experiencing this problem there are alot of complaints in the reviews that seem to be ignored and I don’t understand why you can’t fix it. As of right now the app is useless and I wouldn’t recommened installing.

  35. It keeps saying relaunch the app. And I’ve uninstalled, I’ve checked for bad internet connection and that’s not the problem. And then when it did load, it froze! This game used to be fun but ever since I installed it again, I havent been able to play AT ALL. Please fix this so I can play! And when it does load, it isn’t downloading songs! I’m very disappointed.

  36. The new UI update makes it uncomfortable.The lobby has mostly empty space with small icons.The cards have reduced in quality specially when you enlarge them. As for the game play, the accuracy is off and notes appear slower. I been playing since 2015 even though I didn’t particularly like the 2018 update it was better then UI update. Bring back the old version.

  37. Wish there was a sretting to block easy songs from being my challenge songs or songs for daily goals. Once you stop playing on easy level it is excruciatingly boring to be forced to play them to achieve daily goals and win challenges. Being forced to play songs on easy mode for achievement sake usually just makes me want to quit for the day and I hope I don’t get easy songs the next day.

  38. Ahri Best dice:

    The songs will not play. I don’t know if it’s just on Hard, but all I see is a black screen where the moves should be and the music plays. Can’t even see when you fail. Happens on mission songs and the weekly daily song. Wasn’t like this before the update. Please fix this.

  39. I loved this game but i updated it and now within about an hour of playing it has crashed on my 3 times and froze where i had to suddenly exit it and restart it if that makes sense. It used to run perfectly,please fix it and i will give it 5 stars! Edit: all this time later and it still hasnt been fixed… Down to 1 star now.

  40. Takes up too much space! I had to sell a limb (not literally) to get this app on my phone and then they update and its just too much. As far as the gameplay, easy is fun and normal is hard but hard is extremely hard. I dont know anyonw who would enjoy hard mode, its just too much. Honestly, normal can be hard mode. But regardless, i enjoy the songs and the game as a whole.

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