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Manage Digital Cards (Passes, Stocards, Credit/Debit cards) with Wallet
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Across all wallet apps on Play Store,
Wallet Cards is the Best Digital Wallet for Android Passbook (pkpass) to migrate from Apple iPhone Wallet!


Now you can store your Bank cards including credit cards and debit cards securely in your Digital Wallet Cards!


Wallet Cards give you the freedom to store your bank cards including credit cards, debit cards, and even virtual cards in your Wallet easily.


Store, view and manage your *.pkpass files on your Android Wallet easily.


Simply add your airline boarding pass (pkpass) or Ticketmaster and StubHub tickets (pkpass) to Wallet Cards to check-in for flights or enter an event with just your mobile wallet.


Add your favorite coffee shop or retail store card, rewards, or coupon cards to Wallet Cards, so you never miss out on all the rewards and benefits.


Add your student ID card to Wallet Cards, and use it to access places like your dorm, the library, and campus events. Or pay for laundry, snacks, and dinners around campus at participating universities.


Wallet Cards require minimum permissions to work full-featured.

– Never keeps any personal information
– No location information is being shared by any online server (WalletCards servers as well)
– All the location-based push notifications are being handled just inside of your Smartphone concerning your actual location in comparison to pre-loaded location settings defined by the particular Digital Card provider.
– Camera Access is only required when you would like to scan a barcode. No online data sharing.


– Fully compatible with Apple iPhone Passbook
– Best Android Passbook Wallet pass app
– Automatic Pass Updates & Notifications
– Embedded QR Scanner & Built-in Browser
– Barcode Support (QR, PDF417, Aztec, Code128)
– iBeacon Support (Built-in iBeacon Scanner at the background)
– Install Referer Option
– Works with .pkpass Apple iPhone Wallet’s Passbook format
– Good alternative Android Wallet App for Apple iPhone Passbook App
– NFC is not supported
– Not an alternative to Apple Pay on the iPhone

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Wallet Cards Alliance is a consortium of companies that operate in the Mobile Wallet Marketing industry and WCA’s aim is to develop the best-in-class Mobile Wallet experience for Android platform users.


Wallet Cards is an open platform for all companies developing Digital Card solutions. At least 10 years of maintenance is guaranteed by WCA.


Wallet Cards is an open platform for Wallet Marketing companies and developers. For more information about connectivity API’s please visit walletcards.io

Wallet Cards Speaks your language (Soon)

English: Digital Wallet Cards / Mobile Wallet for Apple iPhone Passbook
French: Cartes de portefeuille numérique
German: Digitale Geldbörsenkarten
Spanish: Tarjetas de billetera digital
Italian: Tarjetas de billetera digital
Dutch: Digitale portemonnee-kaarten
Portuguese: Cartões de carteira digital
Russian: Карты цифрового кошелька бумажник
Japanese: デジタルウォレットカード
Chinese Traditional: 電子錢包卡
Danish: Digitale tegnebogskort
Turkish: Dijital Cüzdan Kartları
Thai: บัตรกระเป๋าเงินดิจิทัล
Greek: Ψηφιακές κάρτες πορτοφολιού
Hebrew: Digitale tegnebogskort
Vietnamese: Thẻ ví kỹ thuật số
Polish: Karty portfela cyfrowego
Arabic: بطاقات المحفظة الرقمية
Czech: Karty do digitální peněženky


Wallet Cards is not an alternative to Apple Pay or Google Pay, etc. Adding your payment cards (credit, debit, etc.) is technically not possible for such kind of generic Wallet applications as Wallet Cards.


- Minor improvements have been made


40 comentarios en "Wallet Cards | Digital Wallet MODDED 2022"

  1. Excellent customer service and in the utmost respect and appreciation. I contacted them via e-mail to cancel the subscription and refund the paid amount, and they responded to me immediately by implementing the request, canceling the subscription, and refunding the paid amount. I thank them for their attention, assistance and good handling. I wish them success always

  2. I just tried to install the App and the moment App got installed. It right away activated the annual package 68 GBP itself. I think it’s kind of a bug or this App is completely a Fraud. Now a days it’s been a habit to steal the money from customers in this way. First they said they gonna refund the amount and later they said they can’t Refund because of their so called policy. I highly won’t recommend anyone to use this App. Use the App to lose your money. I just want my money back.Worst App evr

  3. , I had no information that money would be deducted after downloading the wallet, I was misled, I don’t need a wallet. In the bank account it is written that the mentioned amount was deducted by your organization, I do not use and have not used the wallet application. Refund me. This is a scam

  4. I NEED to REFUND MY MONEY! I have canceled subscribtion, my son downloaded the app by mistake, I need refund of my money, dear support and wallet team please help me to get my money back, I have never used this app, I do not need this service, hope you will cancel my payment soon and refund the money, thank you.

  5. I requested a refund as my eldest child was using my phone and accidently hit the subscription button , which i cancelled with in 5 minutes nd requested a refund plus cancelled the subscription as well. NOW I am waiting for refund i believe they will get back to me and i will update here once i will get refund.

  6. Shaik Asma dice:

    Hi all. Please note it’s not a fraud that your money deducted. It’s clearly mentioned before starting that subcription chares are applicable and can be cancled any time. Me too shared card details without notice. Later I contacted wallet card team and requested for refund and they responded and retuned my money back. Thanks to wallet card team

  7. Absolute waste of time. Can do nothing on the free version. Can’t even delete cards you have added. Avoid at all costs

  8. [Edit] Worst support from the developer. Dear developer, you are persistently replying the same thing instead of updating the instructions about how to add Boarding pass. Have tried scanning the barcode from digital boarding pass. But same error. It seems the app can’t read and add boarding pass from digital boarding pass barcode.

  9. This is a scam from what I can tell. I downloaded the app to use digital credit cards i recieved through a rep of mine. The cards are registered on the app but there is no way to use them. I tried inserting the numbers on the card manually in a cash register and it told me it may be a scam. I accidentally subscribed and can’t seem to cancel the subscription.

  10. Wendell V dice:

    I accidentally hit the subscription button when I was installing…I immediately canceled subscription but it still charged me and said NO REFUNDS! From the time I accidentally hit subscribe and tried to cancel was literally minutes…now I’m stuck with a subscription I don’t want or need. I will try and reach out to WCA

  11. Doesn’t actually work to import pkpass files. No feedback on why it fails to import Spain’s travel approvals. There’s an obnoxious splash screen to upsell on a subscription on most launches, and it uses a dark pattern to make it look like the option to skip the upsell isn’t a button or link. You had one job: import pkpass files

  12. BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM. Until now I can not contact customer service for a refund. This app looks as if it is a wallet app but it is not. I will change my review if contacted back and refunded.

  13. I just installed this on my android phone. I paid for the service. I was able to enter my credit and debit cards but when I try to open Wallet Cards for all my other cards it says I need to get the app…which I have already installed. Then it says I need to sign into my Google Play account but no keyboard appears for me to type in my info AND I am already signed into my account anyway. WTH? I WANT A REFUND since this product is not working on my phone but I can’t find any contact information!!

  14. This is terrible app. When i add a new pkpass in “limited version” i have not any option to remove it, but pkpass is subscribed to receive notifications. Great work! But ok, i can buy it, for…

  15. I’d like to test, added a card but cannot delete. It says unlock all features. If I do not want to unlock now then how to edit or delete card?

  16. Can I get refund for mistaken subscription? I was looking for substitution to google pay (it stopped working). Just got in touch with developers and they understood my mistake (I am older gentleman, not very good with technology), kindly refunded and restored my faith in good human nature.Advise users of this company to share your problems (if you have any) with them and they definitely help you out.Appreciate companies response, thanks very much.

  17. Many thanks to the “WalletCards” team for their generosity and promptness. By mistake I’ve paid for the membership of the App, not so insignificant amount – almost $70. After sending the refund request, the company responded promptly and the next day I received a refund. Thanks for fair play 🙂 and good luck!

  18. I cannot use the app after inputting my cards. How save is my details. How can I delete my cards without subscribing. Just want out without my cards being out there…

  19. Paul dice:

    Wallet not working, can not access cards, can not delete cards, keeps going to advertising to get me to pay for wallet cards pro which I do not want, when I refuse it goes back to choice of cards instead of the details of the card I chose which is where I can access details of card to use or delete, said card? my sister has this app, works fine on her apply but not on my oppo, please advise, I will uninstall your app if there is no response, stored cards or no cards in it.

  20. D M Vaughn dice:

    The worst, extremely buggy. Almost $70 subscription with no refunds and you cant even use the cards you add to your wallet. DO NOT USE THIS APP, ANYTHING ELSE IS BETTER! IT’S A MONEY TRAP, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

  21. I downloaded by mistake and they get money from me. And I tried to contact them by email to get back my money. But no answer 😕 I get really mad

  22. I downloaded this app on Android and Its not allowing me to pay using my phone any suggestions on how to use this app as it’s pointless if I can’t pay using the phone.

  23. Taha Qaisi dice:

    This app Is fraud! It’s not legit. Looks like Apple wallet app but its not! DO NOT download , they will steal your info

  24. Sharleen F dice:

    App forces me into a $60+ subscription service to upload my train tickets. Useless.

  25. Ahmed Saad dice:

    I am installed the app to be able to pay checks or invoices or bills and to be instead of using the credit card But after installing i found that the app has a limited use and deducted 1049.99 LE from my bank account so what i need that to refound the amount to my bank account so please your support is highly Ahmed Saad

  26. I have only just downloaded this app and now I can see is asking for £59 a month I would like to delete this app as I am in the 3-day free trial this app is not for me how do I do this without getting charged

  27. Scam. DO NOT INSTALL. I made the huge mistake of downloading this app which cost me $92.99Aus I contacted support, and received zero correspondence asking for a refund. Don’t get caught, app doesn’t work with all phones, and you need nfc to use. Next time i need to read reviews, really disappointing that companies like this exist. it’s manipulative in the signing in process as I thought I was putting my credit card details in my wallet,not to pay for the app. Scam!

  28. Tim Rose dice:

    If you want an app that’s constantly trying to get you to upgrade… this is the app for you. Of course you would like it to work, it doesn’t. If you’ve ever used the Apple version. You will absolutely hate this period. Here’s the steps on Apple to load a boarding pass. Get the boarding pass from the airline select the button for add to wallet you’re done now here’s the steps on android wallet. Select the pass on the airline app. Look for the button to add to wallet, it’s not there.

  29. Looks beautiful but .pkpass import seems not to work quiet yet. After selecting the .pkpass file nothing happens. Tried multiple times. S9+, Android 10. UPDATE: this still does not work. Tried importing a downloaded .pkpass file and nothing happens. It worked fine with the walletpasses.io app though. It’s a shame.

  30. The Stahh dice:

    Hmmm doesn’t let you use it makes you pay 86$ a year what a joke… if you cancel it enough will go down to $20 a month. No it won’t work without paying as soon as you open the app it covers your cards when you cancel or start you don’t want to subscribe it pops up again.

  31. M.W K dice:

    Installed it and then uninstalled it within few minutes. Doest work at all for me and I know what I’m doing. Tried to add board pass which was pkpass format and then covid pass both flopped. Not too sure what major update they did but it still doesn’t work. Waste of time.

  32. Bob G dice:

    Worst app I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t do a damn thing. No built-in documentation, no documentation online. I *might* have been able to add a QR code, but saw no confirmation, and there is no way to retrieve anything you’ve added. My brother has the app on his Apple iPhone and I think it works for him. It really is worth less than you pay for it (nothing) because you waste time on it before you discover how unusable it is.

  33. Jay QUINN dice:

    Seems all these people can’t add COVID passports it works as a “wallet” for your cards seems simple and free to me unless you want to” pay for extra benefits” it offers free card services or your bank! Nothing complicated about that I don’t see what all the negitive reviews are about not sure if it uses NFC yet? Maybe the dev can assist with this answer

  34. I had problems installing this app,,..requested for a refund in which they agreed ,,so till then ill just wait,.thank you for the quick responses and help of the admin..

  35. I had to pay 50 pound it doesnt even work plus when i touch my phone the monsy doesnt go through soo whats the point of keeping this app. I swear dont use this app at all

  36. Like most of you guys, I also sibscribed exidentaly and the app took my money. After asking for refund they returned the money without any problem.

  37. Fer T dice:

    They dont tell you but they charge u $70dlls for using the app, wach out!!!

  38. Amr Salah dice:

    Why it is not working at all . it is very good app on iphone.plz work on it the updates has been done doesnt fix anything scanning or importing. Reply : it doesnt scans the boarding cards and doesn’t show anything, nor the importing it returns to the same screen without doing anything

  39. Really enjoyed the experience with having the ultimate wallet. But then all of a sudden I can’t open it no more or lets me open it and then it closes it again on me and then it tells me even when my cards are in there that I need to pay another monthly fee for year later regardless. I feel like I should not have to pay nothing y’all should definitely be taking care of each other like we have been. I hope somebody contacts the company soon for the big boss besides not to use it no more. Tm9 Honor

  40. Running on Note 20 Ultra When starting the app there is an import option. When you try to import a pass or file it does nothing. When you try to press on the + it brings up the camera to scan qr code and that doesn’t work either.

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