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Nice looking watch face with a custom launcher and other cool features
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Classic Watch Face is fully compatible with Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 and is compatible with all Wear OS watches

Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 integrated features
• external complication support
• fully standalone
• iPhone compatible

The Classic Watch Face is built for use every day, it simplified many use cases such as launching programs, setting brightness, or being informed about watch battery usage.

The application is completely free and has basic features and options. You can also purchase the PREMIUM version with many useful features and options.

FREE version includes:
★ 8 background colors
★ Own launcher
★ Ability to change screen brightness from launcher
★ Weather forecast for current day
★ Detailed information about the watch battery

PREMIUM version includes:
★ All features from FREE version
★ Another 12 background colors
★ Use Night Mode for power saving features
★ More than 15 language translations
★ Watch battery history chart
★ Weather forecast for upcoming hours and days
★ Ability to change battery indicator type.
★ Set two shortcuts with predefined views or actions
★ Set four Quick actions with predefined views or actions or any application on your watches
★ Choosing from three clock dial types
★ Set smooth seconds
★ Ability to change Keep watches screen awake interval
★ Ability to change Weather update interval

You can change any settings or adjust all features(the PREMIUM version) or all free features in the Watch Face configuration in the watch. You can also install a companion application that allows you to conveniently change any settings or adjust all features.

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The Classic Watch Face works great with squared and round watches.


- Ability to change the position of the Notification indicator to LEFT, BOTTOM, RIGHT (PREMIUM)

- Weather: The Weather update did not update on the selected update weather interval


40 comentarios en "Classic Watch Face MODDED"

  1. Elai Idpan dice:

    since day 1 with my watch, I installed this face app, it is simple, very clear to use.. am going to get the premium version soon as the free app is already great, and the premium’s added access will also make it even better. also if something free is great, play store users should support developers so it keeps coming and improving!

  2. Look wise, design wise very nice. I like it very much. Only one thing to be added in the date format like Sat, 3 Sept. 2022. If you do this, i will very happy to this watch face, then I will give to more than 5 stars.

  3. Lags a ton, and the free “core” options only consists of changing the background colour and changing the notifications count from a dot to a numerical value. Free version is so limited, you can’t even change the complications on the watch face itself (e.g. change the “Weather” function to something of your own choice). Due to the VERY limited experience on the free version, I am hesitant to purchase the premium version, since I can hardly judge the versatility of this watch face based on what I experienced with the free version. I understand watch face makers want to make money off premium versions of their watch faces (and I did purchase premium versions of watch faces I like), but this free version does not give me enough justification to purchase the premium version. To be fair though, visuals are sleek and the concept looks nice on paper.

  4. Best and beautiful face very easy to use . Am trying to buy paid version but my country does not exist in the lest please help me if u can.

  5. I love this watch face, I haven’t found any area where there’s no option to customise to how I like it. I have it with the black background and it looks good. There are more built-in features than I’ve seen before (including a launcher and weather stuff) and they all look so good This has made my Moto 360 look like a sleek new watch!

  6. Would like some more customization, change colour of second hand and increase size of numbers or markers on dial as they are just a tad small and look distorted. possibly invert the whole watch face to black and white just to keep it fresh every once in a while. Otherwise love the fresh clean watch face.

  7. I recently went back to using my first Ticwatch Pro. I did a factory reset and reinstalled everything, including the Husky Dev Calendar watch face. I had forgotten how excellent their watch faces are. If you like to be in control of your watch face and configure it just the way you like it, HuskyDev are definitely the team for you.

  8. I wish there were some extra features. Removal of launch bar option and be able to move the date around. Also being able to choose what color the smaller dials are would be great. I would give 5 stars for these fixes.

  9. I love this watch face. The only issue I have with it is that my weather button constantly says -460, which I’m pretty sure isn’t accurate, lol. That is the only way, besides making all options free, that I could see making the watch face any better!

  10. I wouldn’t suggest buying this just because if you have a question for support, it gets ignored. I think it’s heavy on batteries and I know it’s flaky when you try to change certain elements. It looks okay but there are hundreds of watches that look okay. I wouldn’t buy from Huskydev again.

  11. This used to show my Fit steps directly on the watch face but now that’s been removed (even though many of my other branded watch faces show my steps right on the face). This used to be an excellent watch face and that’s why I spent money on it to unlock all the features but having features removed like this after paying for the face is a drag so buyer beware. It’s still a nice face but downgraded in features. This developer seems to removing features across multiple of my paid-for faces.

  12. I was very disappointed. It doesn’t support my Ticwatch C2 to count steps, including google fit, the app let me allow it to turn on the GPS to count steps, unfortunately when I turned the GPS on, this function still doesn’t work well.

  13. after factory resetting my phone and watch i still have issues using this with my moto360 gen 2 and moto X4 phone. Biggest issue is when i touch the media (headphone) icon on the watch it says, no connected phone found….???? The watch is clearly connected to the phone as i can send texts and do other tasks via the watch. Very annoyed since this has been an ongoing issue for the past year. They do not respond to their email. I paid for premium can i get this fixed?? update:no word from support

  14. Don’t waste your money in “premium” content. The developer might produce good watch faces but they also delete watch faces you’ve purchased premium content for without notice or option to transfer. The deleted watch faces stop working or set display to almost zero brightness. Amateurs? Rip-off merchants? Or just idiots with a development SDK?

  15. Notification area spamming is on by default. There is zero, zero reason to put an advertisement for another one of their products in the same area reserved for important messages. Absolutely inexcusable

  16. One of the best watch faces for wear os. Free version should be plenty for most ppl, but the premium version offers a buttload of customisation. Sleek, simple and modern! Also love your calendar watch face! Kudos to the dev!

  17. The watch hands on ambient mode sometimes turn into low contrast. If I turn on the high contrast mode the color of the watch hands turn into green, please make let me choose the color. Thanks

  18. Gary Brown dice:

    Looks very good on my Falster3, and is easy to read and tap. But, nothing I’ve tried gives me weather in Centrigrade: my watch is set to UK English, and every other wacthface shows C. But this face is resolutely F only….

  19. Fastest watch face with launcher available for fossil sport. But 24 hrs format option is missing. “External provider” indicator is also not configurable.

  20. Notification ads in premium. Not cool. The face itself is nice and features are nice. Seems to drain my battery quicker.

  21. Simple, no fuss design. Even has it’s own shortcut buttons to apps like timer and GoggleFit workouts. And it’s free so 👍👍

  22. Hi Only 3 stars at the moment. I have bought the premuim features, but I still cannot use them. Reinstalled the face on my watch and now when I click on the unlock premium it says that I already own this. Can this be fixed please? Thanks

  23. I’ve a Huawei watch and it works fast, lag free and very good on battery life. I ended up buying two other faces from them too, I thought this one was that good.

  24. Looking at the coments this does not work with any devices including my galaxy 4 classic. Wonder what us it made for… 🤔. Dev’s aren’t either too eager to solve people’s problems with their app… Way to go!

  25. The only minor issue is, after night time is finished, brightness is not automatically restored.

  26. I have been using this watch face for 2 years now and have never needed to look for any others! Has loads of customisations. Does exactly what I want!

  27. Was perfect for the ticwatch E. Now that I am using Michael Kors Lexington 2, the weather forcast will not update automatically no matter how long I choose for the interval.

  28. Would not display my step data in sub dial on face? Pretty bad if it can’t even do that. I opened and installed 2wce! Oh well probably won’t buy the premium versions .

  29. Why does it say that this watch is not compatible with the ticwatch pro 3? It has the latest version of wear 2.

  30. Outstanding functionality. One suggestion, offer more color choices for the watch hands.

  31. Looks nice on phone screen but not so much on the watch. Plus it thinks my local temperature is -460 degrees.

  32. M Baligh dice:

    Sends a lot of notifications

  33. Excellent customisable and classy looking watch face with tonnes of features and options.

  34. Don’t Download this app , it’s not working. Most worse app.

  35. For a paid app, it sure had a lot of non-bypassable pop ups… Don’t waste your money!

  36. if you want this there is a better choice called real wrather reborn look for that one compare amd i guarantee you youll get the realweather reborn its been my.daily for well over a year the face even mimocs the weather if its rai ing the watch face rains if its sunny the eatch face is sunny blie skies amd all id almost say it was the same watch wothoit all of the realwrather reborns coolness features

  37. Everything is fine and classic but the step counter is not working. Does anyone knows how can I fix this? Thanks.

  38. Does not work on my Galaxy watch 4. Huge let down because it was exactly what I was looking for.

  39. Horrible. White screen is so difficult to read and clutter makes this useless DEVELOPER DOES NOT RESPOND

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