Beat Workers MODDED 2022


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Tap on the beat to build and defend your constructions against hordes of robots!
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*** 🏆 TOP 10 of the Indie Games Festival 2021, by Google Play 🏆 ***

Beat Workers is set in a futuristic world where most of the work is done by robots. You’re put in the shoes of the Great Architect, one of the last employed human being. Your job ? Rebuilding monuments from the Great Country’s past to offer some more distraction to the mostly idle Great People.
In order to do that, you need to synchronize builder robots by tapping to the beat of the awesome tracks composed specially for the game.
This task would be a piece of cake if it was not for the Saboteur, a dangerous criminal bent on preventing your Great Work from being done. You have to fight his legions of robot minions with the tip of your fingers, while keeping up with the rhythm of increasingly difficult music tracks.

** Key features :
Unlike most games of this genre, you need to tap and swipe to the tempo without help from any visual cues! Your ears and sense of rhythm are your best allies!

32 original music tracks composed specially for the game in more than 10 genres!

A campaign mode with 2 levels of difficulty for a total of 64 levels! Will you get all 196 medals ?!

Discover monuments from 11 different french cities! Each city has its own music genre!

The Saboteur will join his robot minions to prevent you from achieving your Great Work!


- Improved enemy spawn timings in many levels
- Reduced the overall difficulty of Normal Mode
- Changes to some medal target scores, especially in Hard Mode
- Replaced Saboteur's "Reverb" and "Metronome" music modifications by "Volume", which mutes the song for the duration of his attack
- Added a cloud save feature, you can now restore your save files after having uninstalled the game (you need to play the game once after this update and to connect to Google Play)


9 comentarios en "Beat Workers MODDED 2022"

  1. Alexis B dice:

    I want to like this game, it’s so close to being good, but the rhythm game is lacking…Rhythm. I tried to get an A rating hitting bugs, but it just wasn’t possible no matter how much I tried. It’s lacking the feeling of hitting on the beat, like nothing to say if you’re missing or how you’re speed is off. Update: Game is more interesting as you play. I look forward to any patches that help you find the beat & what to do when you’re off. It’s fun, just needs a little tweaking around the edges.

  2. SinGem dice:

    As a rhythm gamer this game is functionally unplayable. For the calibration robot, it is out of rhythm from the song when banging the tambourine making me try to do the recallibrate the offset of the music. But he also is playing in what almost sounds like swing style which is not a consistent pace. All in all the game itself is a good concept and has the potential to be fun to play, but if you want to get any satisfaction from hitting to the beat, the music synchronization Must be fixed

  3. It’s a good game, nice sound, graphics and fun to play, I just find it too difficult to tap on enemies at the same time and the amount of enemies spawning makes it quite frustrating and I can’t regain focus again because I don’t get the chance.

  4. TT C dice:

    Actually works. Taps go to the beat, esp since they have calibration which ensures it matches to what you’re hearing unlike other similar rhythm games out there. Sadly it becomes a hectic mess once certain sabotages (robot w/ belly) are added in the 5th level. Not fun 😔 uninstalled

  5. The timing is bad even with calibration. Also no visual rythm makes it difficult but not for the right reasons, you have no real feedback if you were late or early. Also can’t play with low volume.

  6. J dice:

    Haven’t started yet as I’m just finishing up my current game, it looks great fun though 🙂, so can’t wait to start, auto 5 stars though for having the foresight to add Google Play Services for cloud save backup etc, I wish more game devs were like you and had this feature, maybe you’ll consider adding achievements at some point too as imo it’s massively overlooked by most game developers on android, I love getting my profile level/gamerscore up, it’s a great incentive to keep playing.

  7. Jimmy B. dice:

    Evidently calibration and tapping is way out of time love the concept. But lost to every missle 3 times I’m done.

  8. Awesome graphics, love the music and is super fun to play!!!

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