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Want free note taking apps to take notes and to-do lists?
Want sticky notes widget with colorful notepad themes?
Want free goodnotes app to take good notes?
Then, this notepad free, memo, notebook app is exactly what you need for taking notes then can noteit anywhere

⭐ Easy Notes – Good Notes, Notepad, Notebook, Free Notes App⭐ is an easy-to-use notepad free for note-taking app. With this easy notebook and notepad app, take quick notes with colorful backgrounds and checklists to organize notes and tasks easily. Use this note taker and aesthetic notes to add photos or audio to your notes. Easy Notes is a good notes taking app and notebook for keeping notes and organizing tasks.

It will be a good note taking app and digital notebook free for you.

Note Features
📒 Notepad free and notebook for note taking apps
🖼 Photo notes, audio memos, sticky notes widget
📌 Pin key notes and view them with notes widget
🗓 Sort notes by time, find notes quickly
🗂 Organize notes by color and category
📥 Automatically save notes when taking notes
📋 Checklist notes ann writing pad for To do list
✍️ Draw in this note taking apps with pens and templates
⬆️ Cloud backup to keep notes safe
🛎 Set up note reminders in the note pad
📅 Calendar note to manage your notebook and notepad
🔐 Lock notes writer and keep notes safe
🎨 Make color notes on tablet and phone
👀 Sticky notes free and view notebook

Free Note Taking Apps
Easy Notes – Notepad Free, Notebook, Notas, Free Notes App is a good note taking app for noteit. Note it, make a shopping list or checklist with this simple notepad free.

Easy to Noteit with Notepad
Take notes, Noteit, view notes, and check note with this good notes app. Display notes in list or grid. Pin the key notes at the top is also available in this notes writer. Sticky notes on your homepage for view

Personalize GoodNotes with Colors
Easy Notes – Notepad Free, Notes Writers, Notebook, Notas, Notes App is a good note app that supports color notes. Take notes with different note colors or awesome note themes. Easy Notes writer customizes notebooks with different themes. Choose your themes in this free note taking apps and make your note app more organized!

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Notes Category and Memo
Make notes for school, work, or other usage scenarios. This noteit easy notepad, note-taking free note book app helps you categorize notes into different tabs. Manage your n otes more efficiently and easily. Memo more notes tabs as needed.

manage Notes with category
This note taking app is easy to take school notes, book notes, text note, memo, and stick notes. Hand-drawn to help you make school notes.

Calendar Notes and Notepad
Use this note pad free recorder to view your notes and noteit in calendar mode. Note taking apps help to write notes, memos or organize notes in the form of a calendar. In a word, you can noteit anytime and anywhere

Backup and Restore with cloud
This awesome notes writer sync note between tablet and phone from the Google cloud. Never worry about losing note pad. Easy to share notes or import notes into the notebook.

Reminder for Notebook Free
The free memo notes app allows you to set reminders for simple notes. Schedule your time and don’t miss important notes. Well organized with this notebook free.

Keep Notes Safe
Notepad Lock helps keep notes private with locks. Note writer with locker protect one note pad or the entire notes category to keep the notebook safe.

Sticky Notes Widget
The sticky notes widget help write quick notes. Easy to add note widget as a note widget with various color note widget themes. Access your sticky notes free on homepage. Customize the sticky notes widget to help you work better, clearer on tablet.

Any issues, mail us via [email protected]
Thank you for using Easy Notes – Noteit, Notepad, Notebook, Memo, Notas, Free Note widget App


⭐ An easy to use note taking app
⭐ Customize the color of sticky notes
⭐ Support inserting photos and text
⭐ Make to-do lists and shopping lists
⭐ Notes your thought anytime, anywhere


40 comentarios en "Easy Notes – Notebook Note pad MODDED 2022"

  1. I have been using this app well over 6 months now. I left Samsung Note which I love to come here. When I first crossed over I had some technical issues, in fact I had a few. However, every time I emailed them about it, they always responded & fixed it. The last issue I had, I got frustrated & left for about a month but upon getting back, I saw the issue was resolved. Thank you so much to all those who are working hard to make this note app amazing. You’re all doing and have done a wonderful job.

  2. It’s a very nice looking app but it’s got some issues & support won’t respond. Paid for lifetime version and regret it for my purpose. ISSUES 1. If you accidentally forget to categorize a note there’s no way to find those other than opening every note to check its category. 2. I needed notes to stay organized by date. Every time you open the note it updates it to the current day with no option to turn that off. 3. There’s no way to assign a specific color note to a specific category.

  3. One of the best Notebook in the Android. Install it folks, it is great and simply intuitive. A must install apps in your android device for your notes and documents storage. Easy to understand and very simple no complicated “a must dos” to functions the apps properly. Edited after many days of used: The obvious one here is the ads. The ads is very annoying it really stops you from using the app. So I give it back to three stars.

  4. Brooke A dice:

    I have been using this app for taking notes for College classes and have loved doing it! I do wish there were some other features along with the notes for other things but for what I’ve needed it for right now has been perfect! I bought the 30$ lifetime subscription and though I did think it was a little pricey, if you think about it as an all in one note book so you don’t have to buy notebooks, pens, folders, ect for school, which will definitely add up to 30$ you will be saving money this way

  5. The app works pretty well, and you don’t need to buy it to get some decent use out of it, but there are two bugs I really have issues with. First one is when I paste bodies of text into a note, it automatically underlines every word. Removing the underline does nothing, as it goes right back, even when I save it. I have to jump through hoops to get it back to normal. Second one is when I use the same themed background in multiple notes it will freeze the note and I have to make a new one.

  6. This app is probably the best one I’ve found so far. For years I’ve used one that had a few features unlike this one! You can change your fonts, make checklists, recording, draw on your notes or make your own drawings, put images, and so much more! Its a lot to list because theres a lot to do. This is really helpful! The only problem is that you have to pay for the full experience, but even without the payment its still a good app!

  7. I really need all my notes to be colourful but also visually organised in order to retain what I wrote and I’ve tried dozens of apps and have been disappointed. Either not enough customisation, very limited use, or ui/controls were too janky. This app has blown me away, it’s wonderful! My only wish is to choose a default font from the list. I’ve literacy/comprehension issues, so I tend to use only one type of font for text (comic sans-ish) and manually changing it per new note is tedious!

  8. usually takes multiple apps to do all this one does. I usually carry around a pen and notepad everywhere I go even to the shower! this makes it to share I don’t have to! great app. if you’re looking for something for all kinds of lists and reminders but it’s still cute and fun and you can save and view in different places and with different formats this is a good one😁

  9. I like this note app because it has many more options than my other favorite note app. Probably be using both of them. This one is newer and frequently updated. 🙂 Edit: I use this note app exclusively almost every day. Mostly to save quotes, sayings and 💡 ideas. It is so easy to use. Never had any problems. The syncing is reliable also. Thanks for the great work. 👍👋

  10. Lisa Perry dice:

    Disappointed in this app. It is missing features like to do list etc. Most awful is that the menu bar is stuck in the way of you seeing what you are writing when making a note. You cannot move it or hide it. I paid for the upgrade, but I wouldn’t recommend this app for others. Hope they will add more features and fix the menu bar.

  11. I Love it so much that I paid for the paid version… Has many fun features. Many background colors and images, many different styled fonts, size of font and color of font,,, So it makes writing fun and not just a pain in the butt… But, I’m frustrated That I cannot use it on My Chromebook unless I Pay Again… please fix this issue… Problem fixed within 5 minutes… Thank You…

  12. Mark Adams dice:

    A person doesn’t get a decent chance to checkout the app. Ads ads & more ads. You can’t get out of the ads unless you exit the app on most ads. Was seriously considering this app because I liked the layout but can’t truly test it without ads ads ads. This only tells me they care more about ads than the customer. Would rate zero starts if possible.

  13. Just made my first note, I’ll have a dozen more by the end of next week 🤣 app is easy to use, shows that it’s saving in the bottom corner which is nice, I love the background, pen marker calligraphy pen etc choice. We will see.. I pd for the year so plenty of time to see what comes with upgrades or what doesn’t. So far I REALLY like it. Update since the last app update I can only sometimes place a note on the desktop and it’ll show up. Please! Please! I need to be able to see my notes!

  14. I love this app enough that I paid for the VIP subscription! I rarely do that, but it was affordable (can’t remember exactly what the annual fee was, but it was definitely less than $10 or I wouldn’t have done it) and it has the kind of customization I was looking for: different backgrounds, fonts, stickers, and such. I use it every day and I love having my notes not be boring! EDIT: changed 5 stars. The “glitches” were me not fully understanding the app’s functions. Whoops!

  15. This is a decent note taking app, if you pay money. I’ve been searching for a note app that allows the use of both checkboxes and rich text features. Like the Samsung notes app. I need to be able to have one note with multiple subtitles that each have their own checkboxes below them. This app gets the closest I’ve seen with the ability to have 2 checkbox lists with normal text between them. I look forward for future updates.

  16. Diva Wuan dice:

    Able to write my notes and have multiple fonts styles to choose from. Able bullet point my statements. Also can save notes for later. Can change the font size etc. Only slight drawback is the ads but their not overbearable. Thought I’ll be willing pay a one time fee up to $5 if I can get a version that is ad free.

  17. Yes, a note app that lets you bold, italicize, or underline individual words! You can change the color of a note or just a word, too! It has rich note-taking features like checklists, bullet & numbered lists, typed text & handwritten text. There are a variety of fonts (there could be more!), background styles, & emojis. Plus, you can make your own categories, lock one note or all your notes, & post reminders for a note. Easy Notes is finally the full-featured note app I’ve waited years for!

  18. First of all, why would you have two reminder settings. I’ve never seen this 0n any app that has reminders. If you don’t set up both the right way the reminder won’t work. Second, the notification sound is actually your phones ring tone not the notification sound you set on your phone. I paid for the full version and I am very disappointed.

  19. This is the best notes app I’ve tried, and I’ve tried six or seven. The best part is you don’t have to pay for the pro version to get a TON of use out of it. There’s hardly any ads, checklist format, a really simple widget option, and lots of different colors and backgrounds for the notes and widgets.

  20. The app is user friendly but every few minutes, there’s an ad with their advertised special rate for the premium version. If I wanted the “premium version” I’d buy it. I don’t use this enough to pay for it. My one star rating is for their tracking abilities once the app is installed. You should see the info that they extract from you if you don’t have a secure browser. It’s appalling! I use Duck Duck Go. The truly scary thing is that they’re not the only ones doing it!

  21. I really like this app! It has everything a notebook needs and then some. I even went for the lifetime subscription! It beats walking around with a steno pad! It’s always with me so I never leave my lists behind. I can cut and paste to my hearts delight! And for something like journalling , you can even lock your files! Its super easy to use and it’s just what I needed! Thank you!

  22. Pretty backgrounds, some very nice functions, but limited. There don’t seem to be any folders, for example, where you can store pics for later use, or recipes, or decorating ideas, etc. I did pay for the pro version but I regret it now – I doubt I’ll use the app much.

  23. *Edit* The sync isn’t working- when it does, it deletes half my notes! Plus whenever I add a note to a tag, it never stays there after sync. My new notes or any change I make is not synced. It deletes itself. Please fix this. *Edit* the same problems, and nothing has changed. I get kicked out when making edits.

  24. Corey M dice:

    *** (5) FIVE reasons it’s my 3rd most used app!!! 1) it’s called eznotes for a reason. But unlike other “EZ” apps it’s not watered down. 2) easy to edit notes, I love being able to create groups and organize em. You’re able to change the group later. 3) fun extras like a drawing pad, add a pic and audio notes. 4) put time and date alarm reminders on em 5) can make the note with a checklist that you can actually check haha Good job with this app!

  25. Replaced with a different notes app; the ads are ridiculous! Usually some ads don’t bother me, but when you want to be able to quickly take notes, you can’t because an ad pops up everytime you click something… Other than this issue, it does have some features that are nice, like being able to lock certain notes with a password. This brings up another issue though; you can only lock two notes before you have to buy the upgrade… Not worth it for a simple notes app… Thanks anyways! 💖

  26. When I put an image in a note, I have no control of where the app will insert it. The app also doesn’t allow me to change an image’s placement once it is put in. I was hoping that could be fixed so that I can just click where I want the images to be placed or even just drag them from one area to another. As for the backdrop options, they’re all great, but it would be cool if we could insert our own custom ones as well.

  27. Erin dice:

    Nearly perfect – really aesthetically pleasing, which I find important for this type of app. I mostly use checklists and do wish that when you crossed an item off, it would automically move to the bottom and out of the way (or, for some people, maybe automically delete – but I like seeing what I’ve crossed off). Having to move them manually gets a bit old. Otherwise, I enjoy all of the personalization options!

  28. I’m very pleased with the app I like that it can store you can input different pictures and you can also put other pictures that are not with the app itself you can also transport them into your Google drive files PDF files as well, the only thing I dislike about it, is that notification settings. would be better if it, had different RINGTONES, other than just seeing pop up on the banner of the Phne. Personally speaking I honestly don’t pay attention to those unless the ringtone is different.

  29. Other than the annoying ads and stupid app upgrade promotions, it’s a nicely-themed andnorganized app. Other apps I’ve used in the past have been hard to use. This one isn’t, for the most part. I’ve had an issue where I’ve accidentally deleted an entire set of notes instead of deleting a subset, but I just need to tinker with the app more to figure out the deletion stuff.

  30. I really love this app, I do. I’m currently using it. But there are a few little things that could be better. 1. If you don’t plan on buying the subscription, it’s really not worth it. 2. Let’s say I’m going to edit a note. I scroll down & click where I’d like to begin editing & sometimes it’ll select everything above that point for a split second & then bounce back to the very top. 3. I love that they have stickers, most note apps don’t, but they’re very specific & I wish there were more.

  31. I would love to keep the app and use it at any given time but here’s a few things you need to improve: 1. Less ads, the ads are what made me delete it. 2. Add password, make an option to add a lock optional. I needed it to write down stuff i don’t what people to see. 3. Dark mode. I didn’t have the app long enough to know for sure because of the ads. But dark mode is something I always look for in an app. One of my selling points.

  32. I do like the app a lot. The only problem I’m having is that Im currently using a laptop (Asus Chromebook) to use this app. For some reason it doesn’t show me all of the fonts. For example It shows me the first row of Bold, Italic, Underline, etc… and the highlighting section. The second row is cut off and I can barely see the top of the word font styles. It wont let me scroll or drag and scroll either. Can you fix this please? Thank you.

  33. Ryan Boyd dice:

    Unskippable pop up ads in a notes app!? No thanks. Deleted. Edit: +1 for responding. A couple options I would rather see than the current setup. If you could make the ads skippable (or wait 3 seconds to skip if necessary). If the ads were banner ads on the top or bottom. Even if they had to be up constantly I would personally rather have that than unskippable pop up ads with crazy videos. I don’t know how these would affect ad revenue but I think it would help users get over this issue.

  34. The title of the notes, and any photo stays stationary at top of the page, while the area below where I text smoothly keeping my texting at the top at all times. It’s a very clean convenient way of taking down notes. There is a new photo retrieval function, and it was a calendar function as well the looked very Snappy. Well more to come as I discover it. <- end

  35. Where do I even start? Either there is an unspoken free trial or or an update was released that removed several free perks. Both is an incredibly scummy thing. Be more transparent with your userbase. Ads are fine, but it’s how it’s implemented. The app will freeze and force you to stop what you’re doing to watch an ad. I can’t tell you how many times this has caused me to either lose my train of thought or erase the list I’m working on.

  36. When I first got the app it was very useful. I’d get an advertisement that didn’t last long. All of a sudden I started getting these ads every time I used the app. If I accidently jumped to another place on my phone and ad would start and I’d have to wait for the ad to finish. They continued so much that I find myself waiting 30-45 seconds even though I didn’t mean to shift my phone which caused the app to start an ad. When I’m in a rush I don’t have time to wait for ads to finish. Not good.

  37. This app is garbage. It takes way too long to load, and then gives me a full screen ad that takes forever to close. If i need to make a quick note it makes it into something that takes way longer and is way more complicated. And I have to pay 40 dollars if I want no ads and to change fonts/colors?? It’s ridiculous. If the ads were just banner ads it would be better, but since they block my whole screen it defeats the whole purpose of the app.

  38. E B dice:

    When you’re using an app designed to increase productivity and 75% of your time is watching or trying to exit ads… are you really being productive? I’m rarely bothered by ads in apps. A few seconds every now and then, no biggie. But not only are they long, half don’t have an exit button when finished and I end up having to completely close/reopen the app to go back to what I was doing. So they aren’t just annoying, they interfere with the purpose. Frustrating because I love the app otherwise!

  39. Steve dice:

    I needed an adjunct to Color Notes… and this may be it. Color Notes has been my primary note-taking app for year – easy to understand, automatic backups, etc. BUT it can’t only be used to save plain text notes. This app might completely replace Color Notes but for one lacking feature – the ability to view notes as long list of titles. This is very important as it helps to quickly scroll through titles looking for a particular item. It looks like this only views notes as a small “Post-it”.

  40. Julie VW dice:

    When I open or close a note…a video ad may play. You have to watch for a while before you can close it. If it was an ad, but not a long video, it wouldn’t be so bad. I believe I have to close an individual note for it to save, but then I have to watch a video ad. It is too time consuming when I want to quickly get back in! Otherwise, it functions pretty well. Well, I also wish I could use the bullets/ task lists for part of a note only. Due to the ads, I’m going to look for another app.

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