DMV Practice Test Genie 2022 MODDED 2022


Breeze through your driver's permit exam. DMV practice test app for all states.
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600+ exam-like questions & unlimited Exam Simulators. Users agree our questions are nearly identical to the real exam.

Does the idea of getting your learner’s permit or driver’s license make your palms sweaty? Caps your enthusiasm? It should – because it’s one of the most important steps you’ll ever take.

Let us help you breeze through your driver’s knowledge exam for car, CDL, or motorcycle. You deserve independence. You deserve to live your dream. Don’t gamble with your future. And don’t go it alone.

DMV Genie is the only program recommended by DMVs, top driving schools, and independent instructors. It’s the highest-rated driver’s ed study tool on the market, and millions of drivers already know it. Check out the reviews to see what your fellow drivers have to say. They all agree our questions are nearly identical to the real exam.

You know you can’t sit around and do nothing. It’s your future, and you don’t have to put it at risk by relying on a boring DMV manual. Instead, prepare whenever and wherever you want. Do it at school, on the bus, or while waiting in line at the DMV. You can study whenever your schedule allows, so every minute counts. The program is broken down into short modules enabling you to take it one step at a time when you have a few minutes to study — no more carrying around a heavy study guide.

Do you have limited time to prepare? Your exam is coming up in a few days, and you need to study fast? Want to prepare on your own without having to attend a crowded driving school?

DMV Genie is for you if you’re:


• A teenager getting your first learner’s permit, and you need all the help you can get.
• An adult who’s moved (or planning to move) to a new state.
• A newcomer who’s just arrived in the United States.
• A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) applicant.
• A parent trying to help a teenager get ready for their exam.

We’ve got everything you need to know. And nothing you don’t. Learn from the people who know the most about driving. Every DMV Genie question is written by a team of professional drivers and curriculum experts. They know precisely what you do and don’t need to know to pass your driver’s knowledge exam. They know the kind of questions that will appear on the official exam, and they’ll help you learn it all. They even know which questions are most likely to appear on the test.

• Industry-leading 95.2% success rate
• 73% more effective than the driver’s manual alone, based on a nationwide survey.
• Unlimited DMV Exam Simulators
• Personalized Challenge Bank™: a test that’s automatically made up of your missed questions
• Detailed explanations
• Passing Probability
• Car and CDL prep: covers all driving license classes
• Driver’s manual included

We’ve helped over 4M drivers just like yourself get ready for their tests since 2010. Download it today and get behind the wheel in no time.

Note for CDL customers: The app does not qualify as an ELDT program. Get official training from an FMCSA-approved provider here:

With DMV Genie, you’ll walk out of the DMV, feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test. Take the first step towards a better life. Download DMV Genie today.


-Added section Performance and Accuracy
-Fixed bugs


40 comentarios en "DMV Practice Test Genie 2022 MODDED 2022"

  1. I got an error message several times when trying to purchase the subscription, the money was taken from my account and no subscription was activated. However, Google charged the money back to my account, so I was refunded and all is well. It’s a little expensive, but the test questions are solid.

  2. Excellent app. Well designed Great study tool for to get learners permit. Highly recommend. For whatever reason, you can’t clickout of advertisement (the one that shows up when you click more tests at the end). When you try to close it, it thinks it is a click and you are redirected to corresponding advertise product/service resulting in false clicks.

  3. Once great, now not so much. I’ve had the app for a little while now and it has certainly helped me out in some ways. However, with the new update it has made having it pointless since you can’t practice all the tests. At least with the previous update you could watch an ad to unlock any locked practice tests. You can practice some tests but not all without buying the premium package. Go back to allow those that want to watch ads to unlock tests would be much easier for everyone.

  4. Tyler Long dice:

    Great interface. Really helpful. Unfortunately, App is bugged. Final tests aren’t working for me. I can only do 1 out of 3 on finals. General knowledge, passenger, air brake, vehicle inspection are what I have selected. paid the $20 for a month’s use and can’t even finish all tests. Fun to look at. not useful if you don’t pay. if you can’t finish the tests though, not much of a point. I’d suggest something else.

  5. This app is perfect except for the ads. I keep getting this ad that forces you to play a mini game and when you finally finish, there is never an x. Never. I waited for like a minute on a still screen and the only button that showed up was the PLAY NOW button. This forces me to close and reopen the app. Please fix this.

  6. Dmv genie is a good way to practice. I like how it gives hints and tip. One big suggestion though if possible, is to give Visuals, like pictures, diagrams on the questions or even animated videos on the questions, I know it will be helpful because I try to visualize the Questions and answers to see how some of the scenarios would look like in real life, but its sometimes its hard to visualize them.

  7. Evan Eaton dice:

    I paid for the premium. And it was working great! Was definitely learning quickly and efficiently. But now its automatically closing out on me whenever I try to take the exams or the marathons. Very frustrating when the real exams are coming up soon. I’ve manually closed it and also have restarted my phone often to fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  8. Got me thru the test. I did a marathon study the day before the tests. When I got about 3/4 done, the app froze up. Opened and closed it. Would start working for a few questions and freeze again. I believe the app is using up all the resources and not releasing them. Perhaps they didn’t anticipate someone continually running it for 5 or 6 hours. Finally deleted all my results, rebooted my tablet, and reopened it. At that point I could select which tests I wanted to take.

  9. Andras dice:

    I was looking up and try several app and other options to learn and do testing and for me, this is the best and it’s even a lot more than I expected. It’s a very high quality app what works flawlessly and gives a very decent learning course. Only startup image should be removed or replaced. Thanks

  10. They need to fix the premium purchase process. Most people that are studying for driving tests are minors. I tried to purchase this using the family payment method and ended up wasting an afternoon with Google support trying to get the transaction backed out. Now I can’t re-purchase it from my son’s account because it still says I have a pending purchase. Very poorly thought out. I’ve not had problems with upgrading other apps to a paid version. If this gets resolved, I will revisit the review, but until then I cannot recommend.

  11. Edit: So I spoke with the developer. And they told me because Android and Apple are totally different platforms i have to repurchase the premium version. So watch out for that if you switch. I love the app overall but when I got a new phone (Android) “I switched over from apple”, and tried to log in its saying it doesn’t recognize the email and there is no way to contact anyone. I have the premium version and don’t want to have to pay another $15 and start all over.

  12. Used to be a pretty good app! I understand they need to make money, but I rather watch 2 or 3 ads per quiz then have to buy the app outright for a few more quizzes. Theres too much other options to warrant spending money on this app. If they went back to a free with ads format, they would be getting 5 stars.

  13. This app is really helpful, I passed my exam fairly eaaily thanks to this app, although there are some changes that could improve the quality of the app such as a way to repeat questions you’ve gotten wrong til you memorize it, like instead of having to answer the problem correctly once in the challenge bank, it’d would help much more if it instead asked it 3 times in a random order with other questions. Other than this, this app is truly wonderful!

  14. al cast dice:

    One of the few apps that covers state specific material, but most of the content is behind a paywall. Reasonable close to the real test (Texas in my case.) 5* if you are willing to pay for the extra content, if not look elsewhere for supplemental material.

  15. This app is perfect if your trying to renew your license or get a license for the first time. It starts you off easy with up to 15 questions then gets a little harder with 40, it shows you the score of how likely you are to pass. I’ve learned a lot using this app, definitely recommend.

  16. Kyle dice:

    Fantastic resource to study for your CDL test! Includes everything you need for any endorsement you want to add on. Pay for the full version it’s worth it! Passed it the first time.

  17. I would have liked if the developers would have least included another free sample test question for each section with different questions like the one that’s provided that would be helpful and provide a wide selection in random questions to study from as well

  18. JILL CHUBB dice:

    Excellent experience. It was a great teacher it was so informational and it helped me to get my CDL permit. I would recommend this to anybody that needs to learn how to drive anything.

  19. It is a quick and easy way to learn about driving. Though it does cost money it is well worth it. I didn’t study until 1 week before my permit test, and it’s because of this app that I passed.

  20. It really helps alot…I think anybody trying to get any kind of license should used this app it really works… I got my Cdl and my endorsements with flying colors.

  21. Its because they charged me without my permission the second time I only did one time transaction 21 dollars and now when I checked after several months I got charged another one so I don’t like anyone who takes my money without using it

  22. This app is really good if you dedicate some time to it. If you’re looking to get any type of drivers license, I highly recommend this app.

  23. It’s a terrible app. There is no way to contact them to stop paying for the app on the app. Trying to figure out how to cancel.

  24. sucks that the price is high and the app is bad when u have to go back to the main Menu not worth the money

  25. Great app, but it’s pretty expensive. In my opinion it should cost not more than 15 dollars.

  26. I highly recommend using this to pass for your cdl got it in 1 week and a half but you pay 20 dollars for a month but the last test is 45 questions for class c and you have to pay for that another 30 not cool money hungry good bliss America……

  27. I like it but you have to you have to pay for it I just wish there was more stuff to do for free. UI is great

  28. Jamie Zelm dice:

    Great study app. All the same questions were on the actual written test.

  29. Love this app. It taught me everything needed to know to be prepared for the written part of the driving test.

  30. Is the premium a monthly subscription or once you pay for it in full you get it forever?

  31. Lei Yance dice:

    I used to have premium but I can’t restore my purchase; wants me to pay the premium fee again.

  32. This app is great! Premium is definitely worth it. It’s really helping me with my cdl.

  33. was great! I screened the app for my son, to use for practice & it refresh my knowledge. Ive yet to see any test from any site prepare our kids for the trickery on the real exam =ask8ng the same thing 3 different times, in a complicated and confusing manor. Even if you know the correct response and can apply your skills when driving, this has never seemed relevant to me, but relevant or not expect to solve riddles 😉 kids. Overall = GREAT APP💯

  34. Downloaded and paid for the paid version. Works perfectly. If you take the exams just click on “Retake the Test” at the end and it will load the next of the 3 available. I know some people mentioned this on previous reviews. I just got my CDL learner permit by thoroughly reading the manual and using this app. You do those 2 things I’m confident you will pass.

  35. I love the fact that if I get an answer wrong the app not only lets me know but I got it wrong but it explains the correct answer and why. Then there’s the challenge Bank, a section of the app that stores questions that I have trouble getting correct and allows me the option of going into the challenge Bank and practicing those questions over again until I get them right. I’m much more confident that I can pass this test as long as I’m dedicated to studying and taking these practice tests.

  36. Has some free questions, but if you want the rest to help your kid pass it is 30 bucks.

  37. Lyn Martin dice:

    Didn’t see the whole thing, bacause I wasn’t able to pay almost $10 for the app. However, it’s a really cute, well designed, well thought out app from what I can see. If you’re able to afford the fee for the app, which is in line with what most of the other similar apps cost, you would likely be happy with this one. And, they let you see a pretty good sample of the app before you need to pay to go further in the testing, which many other apps of this type did not.

  38. I don’t need this app anymore, but my app doesn’t give me an option to cancel, I have been trying to cancel subscription since two months, but they keep charging me $21.64 every month. Need HELP! Not way to contact them!!!!

  39. Gogi Benny dice:

    I passed. My suggestion is to buy the premium and do all the practice test over and over again till you get them all right or already 1 wrong. The real test had some different questions. I recommend after studying here to download the audio version of the manual and buy a kindle version and just listen/highlight.

  40. Noel Ayala dice:

    This app is great. It’s cheap money, download it, do ALL tests in the app and you will pass the permit test NO PROBLEM…don’t bother reading the CDL manual..just do the tests in the app. Repeat the tests until you pass each one. If you are not 98/100 % sure on a question in the real permit test you can skip them and come back to them if you need to. I skipped a few and passed long before I needed to go back to the skipped questions. Don’t sweat it

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