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myAudi offers users services and Audi connect services for Audi drivers
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The myAudi app (1) helps connect your Audi with your daily routine and can bring more driving comfort into your life through innovative functions and services.

With an active Audi connect (2) trial or subscription on eligible vehicles, you can access your vehicle’s real-time information, and help keep abreast of your vehicle’s status (3), fuel level, estimated driving range, and lots more. Use your app to conveniently plan trips and send routes and destinations directly to your vehicle. Even climate control, as well as locking and unlocking your vehicle doors, can be operated via the app. (Depending on the model and the equipment packages of your Audi, availability of features and services may vary.)


Audi connect (2) services include features such as:
• Access to important vehicle data such as fuel level, estimated driving range, or oil level — directly on your mobile device
• Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely (4)
• Explore other features like speed alerts, geofencing, and valet alerts (5)
• Give your family, friends, or colleagues access to your Audi
• Send destinations and routes from your compatible mobile device to your vehicle
• Plan your routes, including walking route, to your vehicle
• Access contacts, addresses, and your calendar from your vehicle
• Schedule a service appointment with your preferred dealer and keep an eye on maintenance needs (6)
• Access your digital owner’s manual via the app
• Keep track of your trips in the mileage tracker

You must register on myAudi to use the Audi connect services. Certain services require the completion of a key user contract for full access. The availability of services may vary, depending on the model and equipment of your Audi. The myAudi app is provided by the importer for the applicable market. See the app legal notice for details about the importer.
Some functions depend on third-party providers and may not be available without restrictions at all times or in every country. We recommend a flat-rate high-speed data package to use our services – the applicable costs depend on your contract with the network operator. If you do not have a fast enough data connection, you may not get the full benefit of the features. Please also note any data volume restrictions imposed by your mobile service provider.

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Running GPS continuously in the background can reduce the battery life.

Please note:
(1) Message and data rates apply.
(2) Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Audi connect should only be used when it is safe and appropriate. Audi connect services and features are optional, provided with the support of authorized affiliated and third party service providers, and may require additional subscriptions with separate terms and conditions. Available on select models. Certain services collect location information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable and for other details. Google Earth features will not be available after December 2020 for Model Year 2018 & prior vehicles. Google Earth is a trademark of Google Inc. Connect services are subject to technologies remaining commercially available, such services are not guaranteed, and may not be available after 2021 for equipped MY17-20 vehicles.
(3) Refer to your vehicle’s warning and indicator lights for the most current diagnostic information. Always consult owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines.
(4) Remote Lock/Unlock not available on vehicles with a removable SIM card and Audi A3 models.
(5) Message and data rates apply. Only view alerts when it is safe and appropriate. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted.
(6) Always consult owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines.


- Faster access to the service section. Have you noticed the new navigation bar in the myAudi app? It now also includes the service section. This offers even faster access to service appointments, help in the event of an accident or breakdown, or information on your warranty.
- Bug fixes


40 comentarios en "myAudi MODDED 2022"

  1. It makes no sense for a car to cost this much and its connected services app to be this bad. The incredibly limited set of features aside (there’s no remote unlock for the q4? Why?), it’s just poorly designed. For example, I tried to set a timer for preheating, but there’s no way to confirm the time selection because the box isn’t big enough and cuts off the option. The occasional success in remote climate control (the only remote feature the app has for my car) is why it has two stars.

  2. The app got the functionality cut about two years ago and is showing less information ever since. The fact that car stopped syncing data completely unexpected and needed removing from myAudi and adding from scratch to be able to lock/unlock or check status is another “bonus”. Sending locations to MMI used to be instant, now it takes even couple of days to get the location to the map on MMI. Barely an added value.

  3. Honestly, this app is the only thing wrong about my new e-tron. It sours the experience of buying and interacting with a $70k car. It gives errors for the most basic things 80% of the time. When it does finally work, it takes forever to load. The layout is also very poor and takes too many presses to do basic things. This app needs a complete redo. Get it together, Audi. Very disappointing.

  4. It doesn’t work. For 2021, and newer, model years you must purchase audi connect subscriptions through the app. You cannot do it through the website or over the phone. My audi connect subscription mysteriously stopped/was canceled even though I have monthly auto-renew set up. Problem is the app doesnt recognize this and won’t let me sign up again. No one at the audi help desk can figure it out either. The audi connect services are great, when they work, but the app is terrible.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only having Audi Connect issues. Frustrating is all I can say. Audi is a great car, but I don’t have the patience for all this drama with this Audi Connect. Mine was supposed to Auto Renew it did not, you would think something as simplistic as that you could on the app and it would not be a problem. Yeah wrong. The app does not offer a next button to renew and provide payment. I don’t why they have the subscription icon, the app doesn’t access it. Who set this up a 12yr old

  6. When it works, it’s OK. But the backend services that support it are nearly always overloaded or broken. (Edit: the backend servers seem to be fixed). A key missing feature is that you cannot see charging history. I need to see a graph showing how much energy the charger has been consuming over time. I’m on a time of use energy plan, so having this info could save a lot of money.

  7. The thought behind the app is awesome but it’s not happening! The app doesn’t communicate with Audi Connect as it should, crashes often, doesn’t work most of the time, disrupts my phone functions and drains the battery constantly since it keeps running in the background. It has become better since last year but still needs a lot of improvements.

  8. I wish this app worked. All the features and functions on the app would be awesome additions to the Audi experience. Unfortunately, it does not connect to the car about 90% of the time. I have installed and uninstalled it multiple times. I’ve logged out and back in multiple times. It still doesn’t work. It would be nice to set charging days and times, or lock/unlock the door, or set the heat to be what you want (heat or AC) for when you get in the car. Or check on Valet, or speed, etc. If they fix the app it will be wonderful. Until then, I do not recommend the app because it justs doesn’t work, a major disappointment.

  9. John H dice:

    Review Edit: Issues seem to have been fixed, the functionality has been working recently. Keep it up Audi! The improvement is much appreciated! Hoping for it to continue. Leaving my original comments below. Horrible connectivity issues, app simply doesn’t work. Not to mention the pain and cost to set it up. Basically paid $75 for a new 10 digit user code to get next to nothing in functionality.

  10. Great to know. i always get real time information when i left my car for a friend for over a month. At a minimum, I could tell if the car was being mishandled, left with doors open, etc. My ability to set speed limit remotely enabled me to control how fast i wanted the car to be driven. This app has a lot of cool features. I’m not giving 5 star, because the subscription is expensive. after trial period. Also, i wish i never have to go through just ATT, rather use any service provider.

  11. This app looks promising – it needs a bit more of work and adds features. One thing that I am desperate to see in near future is to have the ability to send/share location to the app from Google directly. When I share the Google location (on the web and Google map) to myAudi, an error message pops up saying: ‘Sharing failed. The address cannot be added’. So as of now, I can either have to copy the address and paste it into myAudi or search it again through the app which is not efficient. I hope that someone reads this comment and the software engineer team creates a task for this.

  12. The app is incredibly slow to refresh, confusing, and simply not on par with the quality of the vehicles. For example, who cares about seeing ten stock pictures of their own car before getting to actual useful menus? Why do you have to scroll pages to get to your driving data? A/C timer function does not work. Very poor user experience. Please Audi, give this app some care with a modern look, good performance, and useful information and functions.

  13. App consistently fails to connect or send commands. Even when it does work, it lacks options necessary for charging vehicles. We need the ability to define charging time windows — charge start and stop times. The current method of only setting when the car needs to be ready is awful. It’s ridiculous to think that I’ll always know ahead of time when I need the car to be charged-up. Let me define the charging window. Start charging the car as soon as the window opens, then stop charging when the window closes. Simple. Every single other manufacturer supports charging windows, for a good reason.

  14. While the app worked reasonably fine when first released, for the last two months it has not worked at all. When attempting to update, it just times out and says that it is unable to connect to the servers. I’m able to connect to the website through a browser, but it does not have all the functionality that the app supposedly does. Interestingly, I never had this problem with the earlier now discontinued app.

  15. The app does what I need it to for the most part. Locking, unlocking, status of windows and doors, location of the car, etc… The user experience is not so great though. The interface is rather clunky and slow. I’m sure there’s a lot of calls being made behind the scenes relating to security, but it still is really difficult for me to want to try and do anything useful with the app, other than check the charge.

  16. Update: Audi called me again and told me to get a new phone!!!! Update: Audi called me and told me it’s a problem with my phone…even though the reviews clearly show it’s a problem with the app. I still say; Absolutely sucks. MMI Connect worked great for me, Amazon music, web radio, the app itself. This app won’t even stay on, constantly connects and disconnects. I can no longer listen to any music except whatever I have in the car. Even customer service couldn’t help me. This sucks, will be dropping my Audi Connect subscription because of this!!!

  17. The only time I can connect to the vehicle to check the status is when my Galaxy S10 is connected to the vehicle WiFi. When my phone is connected to my home, or another WiFi network, I get a message that says “vehicle status could not be retrieved-retrieval not possible.” The same thing happens when I try to use the remote lock/unlock function in the App. This defeats the purpose of having the App, if you can’t use it away from the vehicle. I talked to Audi technical support last week and they really weren’t much help. I asked if they’ve received other inquiries about this problem with the App. They said no, but based on several other comments here, I find that hard to believe. The App seemed to have worked fine in the 10 months I had been using it (sporadic issues here and there), until this most recent update in early July. I love my A7 but this version of the App leaves something to be desired, especially for a luxury auto like an Audi. It’s very frustrating. Maybe the next update will get rid of the bugs and get the App working the way it should be!!

  18. Better than the ratings imply. I was skeptical about the app after reading a bunch of reviews but it works very well for me. I especially like the remote door lock and car finder. The oil level reading is flaky but that’s not the apps fault. An old fashioned dip stick fixed that problem. Also like the VIN at my fingertips along with a list of all my cars options and features. Bottom line… works great using my 3-yr old Samsung Galaxy S7.

  19. Josh Bloom dice:

    As the other reviewers say, it’s ok. Sometimes it’ll lock the door. Sometimes it’ll hang while updating the car’s status. Consistently tells me alert status, which is good, and I appreciate that I can always locate the car through the app/GPS. Not great that sending addresses to MMI requires an Audi connect plan upgrade, but I can’t say that’s shocking. 2020 S4 with latest infotainment.

  20. Paul Nash dice:

    Two years since first review and it’s still horrid. Latest versions now notices in untranslated German (and English duplicates). Still terribly unreliable in contacting the vehicle to adjust anything or get status. Why is this so hard… it’s connected by cell and sitting 50 feet from me most of the time (and phones work). Oh, also, trip history seems completely broken now. It thinks all my trips were for the total mileage of the car and a duration of a few minutes.

  21. I use the app primarily to check the car’s status and send destinations to the navigation system. Works well. Really wish the oil gauge was not removed. I found it very useful given there is no dipstick. Update, Feb 2, 2022. I can no longer edit destinations (to change names). Did this get broken in the latest release?

  22. Tracy V dice:

    2.9.22 update – still broken and cannot see anything about my car in the app other than a picture of it. I’ve tried working with customer service and the dealership. It shouldn’t be this hard. Previous post: About a month ago, the app and my car stopped communicating properly. I’ve been going in circles with customer service. And now I can’t even see any details about my car in the app after they had me do some trouble shooting steps. It makes managing charging frustrating.

  23. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews for this app and wanted to provide my experience. Does this app connect to my car, do what I expected it to do and provide valuable insights on my car? Yes, 100% of the time. With an e-tron, it has given me the ability to check all vitals of my car, remotely lock it when the dealer forgot to when at the shop, change my charge capacity and give me mileage up front. It functions as intended and isn’t the flashiest app out there but it works very well!!

  24. This app replaced mmi connect app with which I was able to access music on my phone and play in HD quality over WiFi in the car. Old app connection was iffy but atleast used to not crash 1 out of 2 times. I was waiting for a fix on the old app but never expected to lose it altogether!! This new app is all about marketing..removed the app. I wish I wouldn’t have updated the mmi app.

  25. Slow to update vehicle status, but works as expected. Sending address to car from phone/PC is a convenient option, that I use often. But after starting the car, it takes quite a while to bring up audi connect contacts. That really tests my patience. It would have been nice to have a automatic trip counter, where you just push start/stop counter and save the trip with a name. And, get stats for the trip like driving time, fuel economy, start/stop location etc

  26. Conflicting vehicle info; one place in the app say the fuel tank size is 19.3 another 15.3., the latter is correct. Mistakes like that makes the info unreliable and means leaving the app to double check and/or confirm, which defeats the purpose of some features. Other than that checking the vehicle and locking and unlocking is great. Sometimes false data shows a window down or car unlocked. The Audi side server can’t be reached occasionally. German engineers are the best. The app has some flaws.

  27. The app is dull and unexciting. Navigating through the the various aspects is tedious. Take for instance the climate control feature…sometimes it comes up as a slider which by the way could be in color blue fo cold red for heat… st other times it just allows you to activate the system on or off. Selecting the seats to heat or cool is a joke. It is so hard to see if they are turned on or off. Some color differentiation would m as ke a huge difference.

  28. This app is a terrible replacement for the previous well though out, useful, easy to navigate page style app. So many useful features have been removed. Audi redesign this app to be more user friendly and useful, loose the stark white layout the previous dark layout was much better. Between this and the Google Earth bait and switch they are making my next new car choice very easy indeed.

  29. You spend a whole lot of money on an Audi and the app is about as worthless as a cassette tape player. I don’t know why Audi won’t invest more resources into putting together a much better and useful app. And without having to pay for Audi Connect. The free features of the app don’t work very well especially the sending destination icon. I click on it and the app keeps on closing. I am not sure if it’s the app or something having to do with my phone. Update May 2021…The app is still garbage.

  30. I have a 2021 A4 and have worked with this app for better part of a year and am mostly unimpressed. At the moment it says it is not linked with the vehicle but yet it gets information from the A4 and sends destination information to the A4. So I don’t really know what this means and have been unable to rectify it. I even deleted the key user and reentered it but that didn’t fix things. Whether a destination entered in the app makes it to the car is a real crapshoot. Sometimes it does make it but I can never count on when that happens. The sad part is my wife owns a VW Tiguan with a nav system probably not as fancy as Audi’s but yet it works far more reliably. I may contact Audi about this issues but for the moment I’m just sitting back and hope they magically fix themselves.

  31. BP dice:

    The new design is slightly better but takes too long to update/sync. I find it faster to walk to my car to check. Maybe only sync critical information at first (lock, unlock, windows open..then restt). Would like to see an option to close moonroof and windows (for when it rains). Another cool feature would be where it opens moonroof or windows just enough to vent car. Most importantly though, needs to connect faster.

  32. The app don’t connect to the MMI, although it connects to the vehicle’s WiFi and bluetooth. Only useful to enter an address, very disappointed. Audi Connect was a whole lot better, but it’s gone and none of it’s features are available in this app. Sorry Audi, cars are awesome, your mobile access technology mediocre. Do better.

  33. They seem to have fixed the issues with climate control timer. But the quick start function for climate control is still very buggy. Most of the time it simply gives me an error message and won’t work. I love my etron but it’s very frustrating to get into a 70,000 dollar car that’s freezing in the winter.

  34. I cannot believe how bad and worthless this app is. They completely messed up all the functionality and the google integration is the worst implementation I’ve ever seen on an app. Slow, unresponsive, it often finds trouble while sending addresses to the Audi server so you cannot sync up new addresses to your car. Address sharing used to work great with other apps like Google maps and now it doesn’t work at all. I wonder how come Audi has come up with such a mediocre app.

  35. Horrible experience. The app is slow, it takes forever to fetch data from the vehicle. And each action takes minutes to complete. And it always fails to fetch vehicle data. Can’t believe this is audi product. I saw kia services and was amazed, it blows audi out of the water. It makes audi app look like dark ages. It has features of live car update on Maps. It gives better driving history with more details. Audi needs to step up.

  36. Minor quality of life improvements overall. One major problem for e-tron owners is that the stationary climate control is supposed to cool/heat up the car while it is still plugged in for 30 minutes. However the onboard computer does not pick up enough of a drop in charge until it has ran for 20-30 minutes, by then you will have to wait another 20 minutes for it to charge back to full. App should force the e-tron to start charging as soon as the stationary climate control is activated.

  37. Doug Borg dice:

    Please bring back the oil level meter. The B9 RS5 has no physical dipstick, so replacing the remote virtual dipstick with a remote idiot light (sufficient/insufficient) is, well, insufficient. Also, please place all cards vertically, so one only has to swipe on one axis, not potentially two. Finally, the initial view of the vehicle is fixed to the head-on view; previously it was “sticky”. The app may be visually more modern, but functionally it has taken three steps backwards.

  38. Duck Fan dice:

    Overpriced. Basic functions. Doesnt provide much for the high price. Im coming from a Camry v6 and it included remote start and notifications if I forgot to lock the car. This app doesnt notify you for anything. Its just a status indicator for your vehicle that shows basic info. I will not be renewing because all it can do is remotely lock/unlock doors. Needs more functions to ask for the premium pricing. I hope Audi can add remote start somehow.

  39. When it works it’s ok. App crashes when trying to search for directions to send to my Audi navigation so I don’t have to try and hand write the whole thing. When listening to Amazon through wifi it will crash I assume and stop playing music. Car tells me to open the app but it was open and I didn’t touch my phone just stop playing. You would think trying to use an app on a $90k car they could maybe develop an app that works on top of paying $600 every 18 months for the connected service.

  40. Major connection issues with our new Etron, no matter where the car (or our phone) is located relative to good cell coverage. Sometimes works, sometimes doesnt, no rhyme or reason. We tried connecting in a “full cellular bars” spot, standing next to the car. No dice. So, this app and the remotely set-able features on this $85k car are worthless as a result. Audi tech support told me the problem is common. Unless this gets fixed well before our lease is up, it’ll be a Tesla for us next time.

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