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Secure IP location changer. Get Fast Internet Connection With a Safe VPN
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Enjoy absolute freedom & privacy online with the best VPN for Android: CyberGhost VPN! 👻
Let us hide your IP address, encrypt your internet connection with a secure proxy server, and keep you safe online.

Get the best internet security on Android with CyberGhost VPN – a private IP address location changer.

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Have a secure internet connection! We have a proven track record of keeping no logs, and our users worldwide trust us to protect their digital privacy. Get instant data protection when using our secure VPN: no logs – no trace.

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One tap is all you need to get instant internet protection with CyberGhost super secure VPN service! And everything about the Android VPN app is intuitive and user-friendly.

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Get secure access from all over the world. Our extensive virtual private network has over 7,000 of the fastest VPN servers located in 90 countries. Have total internet privacy & freedom!

🔒 Secure Connection
We’re always keeping you safe and secure online, even when you use public WiFi networks you can browse anonymously! Our secure fast VPN routes your traffic through our encrypted VPN tunnel that makes any Wi-Fi access into a secure Wifi.

🌐 IP address location changer
Keep your activity private with the best VPN for IP Protection.

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Get maximum online privacy with state-of-the-art protocols like WireGuard®, and enjoy all the advanced features in the CyberGhost VPN app!

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Discover CyberGhost’s VPN app with unmatched flexibility and use it for IP protection.


💌 If you need us, we’re right here. Cyberghost VPN offers 24/7 customer support services in English, German, French, and Romanian.

Experts ❤️ CyberGhost VPN Service – no logs, no trace & a secure internet connection!

“For a long time I wondered, how do I hide my IP address? With this fast, simple VPN app for android I finally can! Thanks Cyberghost!” – CJ The Tech Guy

“Overall, I can honestly say CyberGhost is the best VPN provider I have used to date. […] Most VPN providers just offer a layer of anonymity and tell you to go along and use the service.
But CyberGhost actually cares. With their amazing server locations, amazing server setup, crypto, and much more, CyberGhost is the best VPN I have ever used.” – Brandon Stosh, Freedom Hackers. ️

“Even first-time VPN users will quickly understand how to use CyberGhost and what it can offer its customers. Users can choose to connect to whatever server they like, in any location they want, with unlimited data.” – THEVPNLAB.

“A slick fully featured VPN with an interface simple enough for the beginner, yet with options that will also keep the serious privacy enthusiast happy.” – TechAdvisor.

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40 comentarios en "CyberGhost VPN: Secure WiFi MODDED 2022"

  1. Seems to be a good VPN. Not the best I’ve ever used, but certainly a good value for the money. I’ve only had one issue with it: No matter how many times I adjusted the settings, it had a hard time learning when to automatically connect to unsecured public WiFi (had to keep manually doing so, sometimes only after being unknowingly unsecured for a time) but then would automatically connect to my secured home WiFi when I didn’t need it. Puzzled me greatly, but seems to finally work correctly.

  2. 3 stars for two major flaws: 1. Cyberghost API is blocked by some ISPs (esp. in Iran) so it’s not possible to get the list of servers without having another VPN. 2. There’s no local cache for server list, so everytime I open it, I have to turn on another VPN. Please add caching to server list, and let us refresh it manually. It’s incredibly annoying.

  3. Bad server matching. I wasn’t able to retrieve my paid for license (3years)! Just make it work and make it fast and leave it alone. I was finally required to update to the newest app version as of November 2018 and the new interface is okay, at least we have a notification that we got disconnected from Cyberghost servers but there’s still no AUDIBLE NOTIFICATION like there used to be, which should be included!!! I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR THE RETURN OF THIS FOR 3 YEARS NOW. Now we can make favorites for servers, that’s nice. My problem I’m having is that it’s automatically connecting me to the closest server which has a high ping and a very low transfer rate. I’m talking like 300 ms ping and like 5 mbs per second transfer rate…if that. It shouldn’t just be connecting us to the closest server, but it should be testing ping first and how many people are on the server, cuz the servers it sending me to are more than three-quarters full. So basically I’m having to connect and reconnect 5 to 10 times to find a decent server if on auto. Its really annoying that each server has a number that you can look at and connect to (Dallas S4 i1) but when you’re connected to it it doesn’t show that shows an IP address, but the server list doesn’t have IP addresses so there’s no way to say, Oh hey I was just on that server it was a good connection, I’m going to connect to it again or hey I remember that number I’m going to go back to that one….you can’t. There’s nothing that correlates them. So using auto-connect you’ll never figure out how to get back there to the server that you used and may or may not have liked. So my biggest problem is the lack of connecting to the fastest server, not just the closest cuz I used to use Dallas and New York all the time and I’m all the way on the west coast so you know just cuz they added West Coast servers in Seattle, doesn’t mean they’re going to be good enough, because of the loads that are on them. I will say with the new update the app is very fast to connect and the interface is fast. I’m pretty happy with that the interface, it’s okay I think it’s as good as the last one maybe a tiny bit better. At least this one’s responsive and doesn’t just sit there and spin or lock up.

  4. it does what it says. easy to use. occasional lagging and disconnection though. but it could just be my modem too. read other reviews and blogs about it. its decent. however alot of sources say it tracks even though they claim to not track. I wouldn’t know any better, but I found several screenshots of my connections within the folder in my internal storage. it took snapshots before, during, and after connection without my knowledge, so I dunno what’s up with that.

  5. Works great, is easy to use, and does what you want and expect it to do. I have noticed that it does consume quite a bit of battery. I’d estimate roughly 25% of my daily usage. Though I’ve noticed that this does seem to change from one access point to another. I do wish there was a way to turn it completely off when not in use. Instead it goes to a “disconnected” mode and still uses battery and resources. I want to be able to turn it off completely without having to Force Quit the application. This is mostly because I rarely connect to Wifi access points outside of trusted areas, so I’d want to totally turn off the application until I want to use it again – roughly once or twice per week at most. Short of that, I thoroughly enjoy the app.

  6. TOP SHELF at a bargain price! The app is easy to use, more than enough high quality servers in all the countries that matter (thousands?). I see very little reduction in the speed tests I’ve conducted (reviews that show big drops are simply wrong) and the service has all the key elements and features I would use and then some. If I paid the equivalent of Nord VPN or Express VPN I’d still be happy. The fact I paid a fraction of their prices (paying for their TV adds ;‐)) makes me ECSTATIC? #1

  7. The app worked great for a while. Now it’s almost unusable. I have a galaxy s9+, and when I tap to connect the VPN it get stuck when configuring. Even if I wait several minutes, it does nothing. Then if I relaod the app and I tap the connect button, the slider moves but will not connect. There’s no fix even after reinstalling or clearing my cache. It is very hit and miss about when it will connect. The desktop app is much better, but still has its bugs.

  8. I love the service. I was able to easily install and create a vpn on my devices. It is also very easy to understand. However, the program caused my browsers to malfunction. Specifically microsoft Edge and google Chrome both began to crash a few seconds after loading, making my internet experience impossible. Otherwise, I would recommend this app to anyone.

  9. Works when it works, but the Chromebook app often has issues. It will say an active internet connection is required, but there is one already and it still won’t connect. If I move the on/off slider manually it will appear like it’s trying to connect but then won’t. After a while it will connect on it’s own, the notifaction on my laptop says VPN is activated, but when opening the app it gives the connection error and i can’t switch servers or counties. Yes I’m running the latest Chrome OS.

  10. Jamal moe dice:

    Takes forever today and half the time it doesn’t even load. It tells me load error disconnect and exit. Worst thing I ever did was buy this junk for a year subscription. I can’t wait for the year to be up so i can go back to nord. Only reason for the switch because they had more streaming servers but Netflix doesn’t load on some. So what’s the point

  11. Cyberghost needs bigger teams or something. Because I’ve found issues all around. It works good when it does work. But I’ve had issues when using the web browser extension because it just keeps on getting detected, the phone app doesn’t work with Amazon video, and there’s issues with the Linux version to the point to where it just disconnecs you from the internet. And all that customer support can do is tell you that these issues are being worked on with no real release date on the fixes.

  12. Their VPN service is pretty good, but this app is not. It has a persistent notification icon, even when not in use, with no way to turn it off which is very annoying. You can tell it to connect to VPN automatically on specific WiFi networks, but it won’t DISCONNECT reliably when you’re no longer on those networks which has caused issues for me with completely breaking my data connection in some cases. It also doesn’t seem to register its network capabilities properly, so some apps I have think they’re on a metered connection because the VPN is connected, even though the underlying network connection is marked as unmetered.

  13. Been using this app, along with the desktop version, for years and I have never had a significant problem. There’s an issue where switching between WiFi networks will cause the VPN to freeze and not allow for internet access. But, turning the VPN on and off a few times solves this. Outside of this, it’s a solid VPN service

  14. The app is fantastic. Occasionally stops working when on mobile data but works fine most of the time. My only concern tho, for a paid subscription, it has very few servers for streaming Netflix and other VOD services. Only Japan, US, Canada, Germany, France and UK. It would be a great service to add more Netflix servers for more countries. Thank you.

  15. Tony Riske dice:

    Was told this was one of the premier VPNs on the market by online reviews, and i couldn’t be more disappointed, especially with the mobile app. It will constantly crash or randomly turn itself off without my instruction. Or, it will say it’s connecting but never does, and I have to restart my phone entirely to get the app to work again. I’m on an S10, so it has nothing to do with an old phone. The only reason this isn’t a one star review is because the desktop app is fine and their prices are ok

  16. Jeremy dice:

    A little disappointed. First, I get packet loss on multiple servers, almost every test of about 6-8 closest servers. Also, and this is a big deal, May cancel, it doesn’t provide tunneling for the firestick app to work while firestick is on vpn. Very little control over the server you join or location of server. Speeds are good for the most part if you over look the packet loss, don’t think that’s a good trade off.

  17. Beware! Awful customer service. I can’t access my account anymore and the reset password does not work. They are awful. Edit: after more than 3 months of back and forth with customer service, the situation has not been resolved. I am deleting and doing everything I can to make sure they do not charge me for another year. I was also dissatisfied with the vpn blocking email, apps, and taking forever to load web pages.

  18. I love that I can turn on/off anti tracking, data compression, malicious website protection, ad-blocker, Wi-fi protection, and use random port, all extremely useful features for myself. But most importantly is the servers are very reliable and fast. No joke, almost all the android VPN’s I’ve tried so far have had extremely inconsistent server’s, great one day, literally unusable the next. Sometimes it’s even month by month. Only one has held for me, I hope Ghost will be the second.

  19. Suddenly stopped working for me on 7/6/2019. I’ve probably used it for hundreds of hours up until then. Edit: Tried deleting cache, data, uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. It suddenly started working two days later without any update. The problem was unique to the app as I’d connected successfully on my pc.

  20. Don’t get me wrong, this VPN works great, and does what it says. However, the battery drain it causes to my phone is ridiculous. Even leaving my phone alone, this will drain 10% per hour! Until this is fixed, I can’t use this. It also doesn’t block ads as well as other apps, which is what I mainly wanted it for. Update: I get how VPN’s work. This is the only one I’ve tried that runs the battery into the ground.

  21. To be clear, I have now used Cyberghost VPN for nearly 3 years. Security is spot on. It appears that there is no leaks on any server I use. And the attempts I have made to trace some of my data has been thwarted. I would rate this a whole lot higher, but the speeds are horrible. I am on a fiber network. Speeds are typically over 500 MBPS… on the VPN service 38 MBPS. I have bounced through several servers. No change. On the market to find something else.

  22. Often the VPN won’t connect, regardless of the device. When it does connect, it randomly disconnects or reconnects. Many streaming services go SO SLOW when the VPN is connected. Many websites, including Google, won’t load when connected to the VPN, regardless of location. The app force closes a lot on different devices. I will definitely be looking into another company after my subscription expires.

  23. Cons- 1. Latest update removes the option to pick a specific server. This was the only way to connect to a decent server for fast speed. 2. Any change to protocol requires a restart of android to work, and to prevent app freezing. 3. Change server or settings will make the app freeze. 4. MANY Sites including Google don’t work at all. I have to disable app to access Google…really? 5. Email won’t work. 6. WORST EXPERIENCE OF ANY VPN SERVICE. I should of never left Express VPN. It’s flawless.

  24. Jay bee dice:

    I’ve never had problems until this last week. None of my apps update, I get no notifications of messages, I get disconnected from my wifi constantly. How ever the problem isn’t the wifi. When I turn off the VPN everything works fine. Immediately I get all my notifications at once. Missed calls, texts, Facebook, insta, etc etc.

  25. Overall I’m very pleased with Cyber Ghost VPN. I’ve been using this product for almost 4 years. I’d give it 5 stars except for the fact that their App for both Apple & Android has intermittent glitches, and disconnects occasionally. Also, there are times that I cannot connect to their US servers. When this happens, I connect to an international server, then manually disconnect & am usually then able to reconnect to a US server. Hopefully, recent updates have resolved these issues.

  26. The new update absolutely sucks! Why does it happen that whenever something is at it’s best, the developers have to be so excited and curious they change the entire system to bring it to the worst. Not only that, but the connection is absolutely slow. The servers are useless. Moving on to another VPN services, probably never coming back to this one. Disappointed!

  27. Elijah B dice:

    Idk why I subscribed for a 2nd year. 🤦‍♂️ After a good bit of research I selected Cyberghost bc it supposedly was the best for speed. Or rather, not affecting your speeds much/at all. Wrong. Throughout my 1st year I had endless problems with speed & even constant loss of internet while using the VPN. I will say the support team is prompt, polite & well intentioned. But we never got anywhere. We always went in circles. If they could fix this issue, they’d be 5 stars easy. Great app otherwise.

  28. The Cyberghost VPN service is overall a reliable, secure option. It works absolutely great on my Google Pixel 2XL, my wife’s Pixel 2, and on my Windows 10 laptop. They lose a star however for their lack of consistent connectivity on my Chromebook. It uses the phone app client and I would say it only connects about 20% of the time, meaning 80% of the time I cannot use Cyberghost on my Chromebook. I haven’t been able to pinpoint why this is. Hopefully they address this in time.

  29. I have been using cyberghost VPN for about 4 years. On the computer I haven’t experienced and lagtime like other vpn’s. This VPN is on all my devices, paid version (as with most everything everywhere) is fantastic. UI is easy to navigate, if you have no experience with a VPN you can still use this one quite easily. They have dozens and dozens of servers in lots of different countries, so sitting in Utah watching Australia’s version of Netflix is not an issue. The customer service is awesome.

  30. Works pretty well if you’re browsing or torrenting, but almost completely useless if you want to use it for streaming. I haven’t found a single server that works with any streaming service that I’ve tried, not even the ones that claim to be optimized for streaming. This is pretty disappointing. I even have to disable the VPN before the Play store will let me update any of my apps. *update: Subtracting a star because it’s clear that they didn’t even read my full review before responding to it.

  31. I currently have the 3 year subscription. I have been using it for over a year now with no problems. For the past week now this VPN really sucks. Everytime i connect it blocks all my internet. No emails come in or out. No notifications, nothing. I have tried different settings with no luck. The second i disconnect from the VPN all my notifications from all my apps and email start to come flooding in. When i try to go to google with the VPN turned on it says internet connection blocked. HELP!!!!

  32. The service at the core is great. It is fast and reliable. However the app it self needs some work. It eats your battery. When you are disconnected, it still has the notification letting you know it is disconnected. Even when the app shouldn’t be doing anything it’s still using my battery. Otherwise CyberGhost is a great service.

  33. If you’re OK paying for vpn use, but do NOT have a critical need for vpn (e.g. spying govt, bad actors on local wifi,) this is a great option, works really well when it’s on. But they have yet to work out details like reliably reconnecting, so you’re definitely not getting airtight privacy protection here, just very good while you’ve manually connected through an already established not-private network connection.

  34. Ghost VPN Works but it is so labor intensive during the Installation process that it is worth going with a more mainstream Private VPN Provider that has less buggy Software. I downloaded the WIndows platform software and was unable to activate it off of the paid subscription. I had to reach out to the Support service and they were able to resolve it through an ftp site download and reinstall. I then made the mistake of trying to install it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 . I downloaded it from the Play store and proceeded to use my subscription Information to attach the new installation to my account. The results were similar to my windows installation except that they were unable to resolve it within the same two to three emails that it took to resolve the windows. As of right now, I am on the 7th email from them and the software still prompts for Email instead of Username for login Credentials. It will allow me to log into using my email but does not recognize that i have a subscription. It rejects the login when I log in with my username. I am so over it. I honestly don’t care if it is resolved at this point.

  35. I liked the CyberGhost app but since it has been installed I’ve had problems with my phone such as freezing up.I will be into a different app (clean no bugs) and the screen goes blank/black. I am unable to get into anything at all till I turn phone off for about 1min turn it back on then it’s ok for about 10 min. Then it does the same thing. I hope the problems with the app can be remedied because otherwise I think it would be an excellent app. Thank you, Donna Ross

  36. I like the graphic interface and options the app provides. The speed while connected to US servers is amazing, a lot better than competitors. Unfortunately I need it to connect to Colombia and the speed when connected to those server is dissapointing, quite slower than the competition (specifically ExpressVPN).

  37. Matt dice:

    Aside from the shady charges (more below), it’s pretty slow and both the Windows (especially) and the Android app feel v clunky. It feels like the UI was made to be ‘user friendly’ to the point it’s difficult to configure. I do not recommend this app. The first year I used this product I was charged $63, then a year later they tried to charge me $127, then tried to convince me I always paid $127.

  38. Absolute favorite VPN. I’ve tried several others before but this one tops them all. No issues viewing my security camera or using other apps with it on, unlike some other VPNs I’ve used before. CyberGhost is totally worth the monthly, especially with all the locations available. Only thing, I can’t move the app to run from my SD card, it must be kept in internal storage.

  39. Best, easy to use, set it and forget it VPN for mobile. Does not affect my performance or browsing speed even when gaming. Pricing is a quality deal. I would definitely recommend this especially when traveling to different locations regularly. VPN even removes some browsing restriction or ads, which is always a plus. Epicly awesome!!

  40. It’s inconsistent. It works for a little bit and then it stops. We use it for Hulu (it has yet to work for Amazon Prime, we get a message to unblock our VPN in order to continue.) I know that Hulu and other websites are constantly blocking and deterring, it does get a little frustrating paying for a service that may or may not work. *Update: I did reach out to customer service and they were prompt and helpful, however the problem is still unresolved.*

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