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The EVENTIM.App gives you access to more than 200,000 events every year.
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The EVENTIM.App gives you access to more than 200,000 events every year. Book tickets, discover artists, and find out about the details and benefits relating to your next event.

Seating plan booking. Choose your exact seat or seats, and specify how many tickets you require.

List of events. See when and where an event you wish to attend is taking place, and save it to your personal calendar with just one click on the calendar page.

Personal start page. Keep tabs on all your favorite artists and never miss an event.

Favorite artists. Favorite your top artists by clicking on the heart, or sync them from your local music library or from Facebook.

Favorite event venues. Bookmark your favorite venues. This way you’ll be automatically informed about upcoming events and will be sent service info such as route maps and parking details.

News widget. Hot news from the music scene sent directly to your device. Simply set up the widget in your notification settings. Our tip: Activate the push notifications to always be kept up to date about when tickets go on sale.

Event inspiration. With our thematic worlds and fan reports you can discover great events you might otherwise have missed. You also have the chance here to write reviews.

Secure account management. Your EVENTIM or Facebook login gives you access to your mobile tickets, your placed orders and your ticket alarms. All in line with the highest security, standards of course.
EVENTIM.CheckIn. Submit your visitor contact data safe and easy with the app at events that support EVENTIM.CheckIn.


Please send any feedback or questions to [email protected]

With the EVENTIM-App for Android, Europe’s market leaders offers you access to more than 200,000 events every year, in addition to a unique range of services and features: Buy original tickets for the original price on your mobile device, discover new artists, and benefit from lots of information and advantages relating to your next event visit in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Leipzig, Bremen, Dresden, Hanover, Nuremberg, Duisburg, and many other towns and cities. With the EVENTIM.App you are always just a few clicks away from the next event highlight!

Manage your favorite artists across all musical genres from other events simply and conveniently. Be it rock, pop, techno, classical, hip-hop, rap or indie. Whether it’s a major festival or a tiny club concert: The EVENTIM.App is always the most straightforward way to book tickets. Even if you’re looking for comedy, musical or dinner events, you’ll be sure to find what you want with the EVENTIM.App.

The EVENTIM.App also provides you with all key information you need to know when buying tickets. Whether it be about the start of sales, the announcement of a new tour, or additional concert dates.


Improved display of festival events
Improved overview of your orders with additional features
Improvements for performance, stability and bugfixing


40 comentarios en "EVENTIM DE: Tickets for Events MOD 2022"

  1. Very disappointed with the whole Eventim experience. I won’t be able to attend Ed Sheeran’s concert and it’s been a month that I’ve been trying to sell my ticket through the app (not possible to sell them through the fansale website) and the app is crashing right after I select “sell your tickets on fansale”. The customer service of Eventim is also terrible the telephone line drops before you get to talk to a rep. The email service is very slow and they don’t answer all your questions. Not cool

  2. Senna dice:

    The time of the events are incorrect in the Eventim app and do not match eventim website. Discount options also do not show up fully in the app. Overall, the app is not reliable so I would rather use the website.

  3. One of the worst ticketing platforms and apps I’ve used. Cannot properly download tickets on the app. Bad customer service and inability to provide tickets on time from the app despite purchase and multiple emails to the company.

  4. Worst ticketing app. Keep trying and can’t log me in in the app and I can’t get my ticket!!! Error says “You can not be logged in. Please make sure that the time settings of your device are correct (automatic setting).”

  5. Very unintuitive, cumbersome, strange App.

  6. Even though the app and website is available in English, those on the customer service hotline do not (or will not) speak English. I’ve called multiple times to get assistance with a ticket issue and multiple times had German speakers hang up when I request English. This is absolutely appalling customer service as I have yet to solve the issue or get an appropriate response. I recommend all those looking for tickets to use another service so you do not get caught in the same situation.

  7. The tickets are not refundable although a “Ticketversicherung” contract was closed and paid during the buying process. I think the text stating that the extra insurance and refund is only for “extreme” cases should be more clear during the buying process.

  8. Mr Holle dice:

    App launch not possible due to security reasons. Please ensure, that your device’s time settings are correct (automatic syncronisation) and that your device is not modified (jailbreak). Nur ist mein Handy nicht rooted, jailbreaked o.ä. Und Zeit stimmt auch. Schlecht programmiert…

  9. I constantly get the info cookie not found. There is no help here and no-one can be contacted. Yes, I checked my browser, several times. Yes, I chose a different browser. Yes, I shut down my phone and restarted it. This is most dissatisfactory.

  10. I can’t add the ticket to Google wallet.

  11. Omar Essam dice:

    I bought a ticketdirect and it got rescheduled after six months and I can’t attend and I am eligible for a refund and they even sent me the link for refund via email but when I enter my barcode it tells me something is wrong and i should contact the customer service and when i call them it tells me that the call can’t be completed, that is fraud and annoying.

  12. K dice:

    Pretty good to use. A suggestion to allow checkboxes instead of radio buttons while selecting subcategory of concerts (or other types of events) while filtering.

  13. The app is neither good nor bad. However, Eventim itself is a company, I no longer do business with for certainly understandable reasons. As they managed to end up on my personal blacklist, I also removed the app.

  14. I will never use eventim services again! After 3 months I did not got my money back for one cancelled show, I lost almost 200 euro. I try to call support, nobody answers. I filled formular on help site, no answer! Do not use their services!

  15. Functionalities work really nicely; booking process is easy and the “my orders” section is just lovely, very convenient for printout tickets.

  16. I want to like the app, but I only want to get notifications for my favorites. There are disruptive promotions and notifications about artists I’m not interested in.

  17. Very bad app. I cannot get my tickets. Robbers!!!

  18. Cncellation and help page not working

  19. Getting a refund when the event is cancelled is a huge hassle, and they do not refund the various fees added to the ticket price.

  20. Tom H. dice:

    Just send me my ticket via mail …

  21. Ineta M dice:

    Verification doesn’t work, cheap app with a lot of errors.

  22. Constantly kicks out from login. Does not import dates into google calender. Very backward.

  23. An event app and tickets still need physical delivery? Come on. That is useless.

  24. CJ dice:


  25. Perttu dice:

    Nothing good about it

  26. Nuno dice:

    Terrible. Avoid them. Cancel events and don’t give money back

  27. One of the worst designed apps I’ve ever used. infuriating

  28. Leon dice:

    Concert canceled months ago… Still no money back

  29. It doesn’t make seans

  30. Ich versuche seit Tagen, meine Telefonnummer zu validieren, aber die App sendet mir einfach keine TAN-Nummer. Ich habe versucht, mein Telefon neu zu starten, die App neu installiert und es hilft nicht. Ich habe eine E-Mail an den Kundenservice geschickt – keine Antwort. Auch am Telefon keine Antwort. Das Konzert ist in 3 Tagen und ich kann ohne das nicht teilnehmen. So schlechter Kundenservice und Erfahrung.

  31. Ich hoffe ihr geht insolvent

  32. die app kann nix ausser werbung

  33. Was für ein unglaublich schlecht, user unfriendly app. Man kann Berlinale gar nicht finden – hab versucht verschiedene Searches mit Berlinale, Name des Films, Event location, manual search..

  34. App funktioniert gut. Seit dem ich sie habe, kaufte ich mehr Tickets als jemals zuvor, also Vorsicht 🙂

  35. Liz Nguyen dice:

    Ich kann mich nicht mal in mein Kundenkonto einloggen, trotz richtigem Passwort.. ich bekomme immer wieder die Login/Register angezeigt, obwohl ich bereits eingeloggt sein sollte.

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