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Cool custom keyboard fonts! Symbols and font style changer for Instagram!
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Want to try fonts that will turn every message into a work of art? You can do that and more in Fonts Art. It’s a keyboard that will help you create eye-catching text with 300+ fonts.

Choose from a variety of cute keyboard fonts and make your texts unique with this fonts app. Spice up your social media profiles and posts to get more likes and comments!

Easy-to-use fonts app, text editor, symbol keyboard, font changer—all in one app. Turn your own ideas, as well as sayings and quotes you want to share with your friends, into banging font designs that will leave no one indifferent. Use these fonts for Instagram posts and story templates to stand out from the crowd!

Make the most of the cool fonts collection to create eye-catching bios, captions, layouts, and highlights for your Instagram account. With our keyboard you’ll definitely grab your friends’ attention and attract new followers!


✔ Stylish and creative fonts
✔ Great variety of symbols
✔ Story Maker for Instagram
✔ Instagram Highlight Covers
✔ Hashtags
✔ Emoji and kaomoji
✔ Stickers and GIFs
✔ Custom icons

Italic, cursive, and gothic fonts, typeface, retro and bubble fonts—you’ll adore every single one of them! These cool fonts work with all social media and texting apps: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, and more. Automatic capitalization, double tapping on space for a period, Caps Lock feature—it’s not just typing anymore, it’s a pure joy! Create stylish texts with our free keyboard fonts in a jiffy!
One symbol sometimes is worth a thousand words, right? And we have dozens of different-themed symbols for you to add to your messages, texts or Instagram posts. Animals, weather, stars, geometry, ethnica—there’s no context we don’t have a symbol for. See for yourself!
Create stories for your Instagram with just one tap. Use our pre-made templates to make your story shine bright like a diamond! This awesome story editor adds perfectly styled texts to your Instagram stories. Share cool stories about your friends, travels, food, or new outfits—there are templates for each moment of your life. Amaze your followers with a stunning Instagram story right now!
Add a pinch of chic to your Instagram profile and design your highlights in one, distinctive style. With our highlight covers collection, your profile will definitely get a glow-up! Highlight cover maker will help you create your own stylish covers using sets of backgrounds and icons of all sorts.
Bored of bog-standard icons for Android? Now you can add a creative twist to your Home Screen by using custom icons! We have dozens of icon packs in store for you. Dive into an array of icon designs and find a perfect match for your desired aesthetics.
Add a personal touch to every text you type. This brilliant tool allows you to design a one-of-a-kind font by drawing each letter in your handwriting. Amaze your friends and followers with handwritten text messages, posts, bios, and stories.
Why settle for a standard keyboard? Brighten up your typing experience with our library of keyboard themes and pick the one that suits your style to a T. Colorful, minimalistic, pastel—there are themes to match any aesthetic!

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We’d love to know your opinion about Fonts Art! Hurry up to try out our custom keyboard with these amazing fonts for free and share your feedback in a review!

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You know the drill, it’s update time!
In this version, we’ve added new keyboard languages—German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish!

If you enjoy the app, please rate us. And don’t forget to leave your reviews!


40 comentarios en "Fonts Art: Keyboard Font Maker MOD 2022"

  1. This is by far the best app I’ve found, it’s the only one who doesn’t put an annoying watermark next to custom icons. HOWEVER, it only applies to certain apps. I can only change the icons on maybe 40% of my apps, the others don’t even show up as an option to link. And I can’t put any of the icons down on the bottom row of stationary apps. Overall, pretty disappointed.

  2. Ok so first thing I noticed. SO MANY ADS. To get highlight covers, app icons, filters, fonts etc. You needed to watch an ad. Second of all, it’s very laggy. Third of all, this is not worth $4.99. If you want fonts for free, you have to watch ads. Which sucks because most of the good fonts need ads.

  3. The apps is amazing, all the fonts are incredible but first, I hope there will be options to change the height of the keyboard as for now the height is fixed and it troubles people with a large fingers. I suggests to create more preferences such as number row, suggestion bar option, auto capitalize, and more. Last, I dont know if it only happens to me but whenever I’m trying to chat someone on Whatsapp, the last row will suddenly cut-off and I have to close the keyboard to have it normal again.

  4. Dr Anger dice:

    This app would be perfect if like I have seen in the afro mentioned comments it did not keep deleting when you delete something. As if this was not frustrating enough it keeps deleting even after you have exited out of your messenger and then you go back into message it will literally not even type because it is constantly deleting itself. If you expect this app to work and be successful this is a major glaring flaw.

  5. This app is amazing it helps you alot and has a lot of themes as well. it’s very easy to apply and there are no watermarks for icons. The fonts are really helpful. , there are a lot of free aesthetic themes that you can use! they have some ads but they are worth it. The only thing I don’t like is that there should be more aesthetic themes that are not premium. Overall this app is freaking good

  6. Would be a great, even possibly amazing app if the keyboards actually functioned properly. I dont mind not being able to use the customizable font without paying, but the fact that whenever i try to write a text and i make a mistake, go to delete it, but for some reason the keyboard decides to continue deleting and delete the entire text? Im deleting this app as it is an inconveniece in a whole and i dont recommend.

  7. It works! Plus it is very simple to activate. All you have to do is type in words then it puts it in fonts of your choice and guess what, once you click it it’s saved to your clipboard and you have this thing you typed for as long as you want (until you delete it). “𝕋𝔸𝔻𝔸”. 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕡𝕣𝕠𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕚𝕥 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕤.

  8. bhatt jay dice:

    This app is the worst app.. they advertise 3days trial and literally its debits my account for one year subscription before even the trial period is over, when u contact the support team no response… I think this guys are scammers by giving false information…. Never download this app… I have not been refunded.. infact Google should keep track of such developers and blacklist them… zero stars👎

  9. I really enjoy it so far except for how it takes awhile for things to load and it gives you a add every teo sevonds it feels like also when you switch your keyboard over it makes all the keys really small and you key board shinks as well causing it to be really hard to type𓃰

  10. No good. Constant glitchibg of app closing out of no where. You can’t adjust the size of custom keyboard, the themes don’t download as pictured it only gives you the icons to download and position them yourself.

  11. Sucks doesn’t do what it advertised. I paid the 6.99 for a year. I’m want a refund. This app is just plan awful. Wish Google had a no stars rating this app is no longer on my phone. Can’t even use the damn keyboard with out it freezing up my phone

  12. I bought this for social media postings and content. I love its features but I’m disappointed at how slow it is to load and I keep getting issues that “content is loading”. I thought it was my phone/internet that was the problem but other apps work perfectly fine. Hopefully this issue is fixed. #disappointed

  13. Gemini dice:

    i love the app but i hate the new update because i have to watch ads to use the symbols and before i didnt have to do that and their only unlocked for 4 hours. I love this app i had it for about a yeat now but i just dont like the new updates i like the normal one better. if i had the choice i wouldnt have updated it i think that if you wanted to make money off of the app id say make kamojis and use those and leave the symbols alone,but that is just my thought

  14. Nick dice:

    Their keyboard is extremly laggy, I had to change it so I can write this review. You can’t do nothing in the app without premium, and you can’t use the fonts you create. By far the worst font app I’ve ever used. You should be ashamed.

  15. I purchased the premium and couldnt figure out how to use one of the fonts. when I choose a font it doesnt appky it to tge keyboard. The custom font can only be used to copy into something. Wish I could get my money back.

  16. Alr so…I thought this app would be good and I could actually ‘give my device a makeover’ but I have to BUY WITH REAL MONEY to atleast get a font and get a theme, I specially installed this for the themes, however, still like the pic of the App and still everything looks pretty

  17. its the best font app ever u can also create ur own font but actually i wanna improve my handwriting with it it also have wallpapers,icons and keyboreds too! i also never saw an ad on this app and that made me happier and im very happy with this app i hope it be successful in the future!

  18. Immy Atcho dice:

    my experience has been really good and i think that all the people that want to have this app but dont want to pay for premium there is still lots of options. it has giben me exactly what i was looking for

  19. The only reason I purchased this was bc I thought I had to purchase it to use my custom font, but it is only available as a gif. I can’t use it as intended. As well as I can’t swipe with this app. Wish I could get a refund on it bc it doesn’t work how intended.

  20. Well I imagined it to be better like I wanted cool backgrounds but it gave me a picture what I don’t need that so I recommend a better app NOT THIS ONE it is aöways like sending texts to my phone and it is pretty anojing You can basically only buy things and well I just don’t like it so go find a better app I honestly just don’t see anything in this app so I had it for about 4 weeks and never really did any thing with it This app is just not like and like I said I suggest to find a better app.

  21. AR Minds dice:

    Do not download this app the keyboard does not even work! It also takes long time to function . So download other apps like magic widgets etc and which actually work!☆☆☆☆☆

  22. I only been on 5 mins so I can’t rate it yet but so far so good. I found that there is not many themes. But the fonts are good easy to use……

  23. PH dice:

    I would rate it 4 star if there were not that much ads. The icons, stickers, are nice, but the ads get on my nerves.

  24. I just bought it but I want to cancel and get a refund. When I use the app, it can keep and save what I told even my passwords??? DON’T THINK SO!! I NEED A REFUND ASAP, PLS

  25. Mia Brack dice:

    This app is amazing all of the fonts work and the text and keyboards works aswell it also has a different vierietty of stuff to choose from

  26. Love the look of the keyboard but it’s damn slow in typing and it’s makes it no fun 🙄 The font to be paid for? Can’t they make another way of getting the font other than paying for it? Please work on the keyboard cos I can’t have it if i can’t use it…thank you!

  27. It has good fonts to use in texture in as far as doing both art and typing for those who love chatting which is good and important because people enjoy good letter handwriting when messaging with their friends and anyone else who use smart phones that helps them share their matters and issues which are important forexample beautiful symbols of people car , sports,flags stickers , clothes animals, heart symbols, and many others which stimulate the way people feel with in thier hearts.the closure

  28. Motorola G Stylus 5G (2022) user here (specifying cause my experience could be different from others). I don’t normally write app reviews but this one needs one. | I spent $7 USD for Premium | PROS: • Cute Fonts • Cute Themes & Icons • Amazing Instagram Highlights Icons | CONS: • (Keyboard) Backspace seems to break and deletes everything you wrote or just doesn’t backspace at all • (Home Screen) I can’t change the icons for my lower bar • (Keyboard) It freezes up real bad • (Icons) Limited Apps

  29. So i gave 3 stars just because..Ok firstly there r no aesthetic themes for keyboard but there are aesthetic themes ..We have to Arrange those dude it kills very much time ..But still its goOd.

  30. I freaking hate this app. It plays a new ad every minute and loads so slow. It doesn’t even let me change icons when I choose a theme because the icons aren’t even appearing! Fact, the app keeps crashing when I pick an app to change icons. The themes are good but literally more than half are for premium. Wouldn’t recommend 😒👎

  31. Jay dice:

    So, I don’t like it when it gives you an option to like give you a free trial and then it just says you have to pay for it like why? Can you please like make it free instead of like lying about it a little bit? It was just kind of annoying that’s all that it wasn’t free even though it said that you could make it free

  32. I’ve just downloaded it and it immediately took me to a subscription for other features and i didn’t want to pay any money but it wouldn’t let me skip or exit the subscription unless I payed money. Even though I saw a little skip button I still couldn’t exit it no matter how many times I’ve pressed the skip button. Very disappointed 😔

  33. this app is good but,using the keyboard themes are so laggy and i wouldn’t recommend the keyboard themes other then the normal ones (im using the white/normal one as example) but the other stuff is good but i would recommend this if you have a brand new phone. ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙

  34. Taylor dice:

    Boring. If you don’t want to buy premium, you get 10-ish themes and like 20 fonts. Not even a minute into the app, I got an ad. Boring.

  35. IDK macha dice:

    it is trash, without premium plan u can do nothing🙄🙄 for the icons, i cant even choose an icon for whatsapp, not bc there is no whatsapp icon, but bc it doesn’t let u choose the particular app, like srsly!? THIS IS JUST STUPID! uninstalling RIGHT NOW

  36. At first I was so excited but when I install the app I can’t use the app nicely. It automatically shut down and also cannot use the free themes. Sorry I’ll uninstall this.

  37. When you are waiting to download the app all these good reviews are FAKE you have to pay or subscribe and they can see you credit cards or passwords as soon as I saw this 3 day trial was the best they could do I UNINSTALLED THIS APP WORST APP EVER

  38. Works some of the time. Majority of the time it just starts deleting and won’t stop. That or it won’t type anything at all. Wasted money even if it was a couple of bucks

  39. I bought this keyboard for the.lifetime offer. The problem is i can’t type and there is no settings for the keyboard like sound. Please fix this

  40. I would not recommend all of the good fonts you have to pay for at first glance I loved it but then I downloaded it waited and didn’t enjoy the app. I loved everything about it but I hate the fact that you have to pay because you can’t enjoy all of the fonts without paying. It also said no ads while in the middle of making my own font an ad popped up. I would not recommend surely I will uninstall

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