Zoo Tile – Match Puzzle Game 2022


Solve 3 tiles zen match puzzle to build a happy animals zoo, be a zoo tycoon!
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Solve 3 Tiles Puzzle and Build a Zoo. Yes! Zoo Tiles is all about this and so much more.
Is this your first time here? Experience being a Zoo Tycoon and Tile Master never before!

Welcome to Zoo Tiles, where you can

Design without limits! Become a Zoo Tycoon!
Design the landscape of your pocket zoo, unblock animal decorations, build colourful facilities, pick the right decorations for your animal park, research new animals, and keep your guests happy.

Classic 3 Tiles Zen Match! Design for Tile Master!
Embark on a wild animal journey and experience the match 3 adventure! Zoo Tiles is a completely free Tiles Matching game. Just simply click 3 same tiles and solve puzzles match, collect coins to unlock new animals and buildings! After you finish main-line levels, there are always endless challenges await!

Take care of animals
Collect animal species! Elephants, pandas, flamingos, giraffes, red pandas, dolphins, sea turtles… Breed them, create and design a happy zoo for them. All pets need comfortable living conditions under your care! Experience the colourful Zoo Tycoon and designer sensation and run your own Zoo!

Participate in-game events
Diamond game: Collect more diamonds and improve your ranking among other players!
Dice game: Countless rewards lie ahead, every roll can be a lucky roll!
Adventure: We have present you with some of the most challenging 3 tiles puzzles matches.
There will be more events to add to the game!

As an animal game as well as a tile game, Zoo Tiles will show you a wonder zoo and lots of challenging 3 tiles puzzles.
Design your Zoo paradise, makeover a pocket San Diego Zoo for the cute animals, and solve challenging 3 Tiles Puzzles – all in one game!

For more information, please follow our page!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZooTiles


Welcome to Zoo Tiles, enjoy the tile puzzle and build your own zoo!


40 comentarios en "Zoo Tile – Match Puzzle Game 2022"

  1. I don’t want to pan this game, but it needs it. The underlying foundations are good, but the execution is not. The game cheats. There is a dice event where there is a reward you have to watch an ad to get. If it is possible to land on it, you *will*. The other event ‘players’ are fake. Who knows what else it cheats at. The levels after 100 seem to need luck or items. You can lose due a hidden move-limit timer on a covered tile. The graphics are sub par. Event rewards are insignificant.

  2. I love this app, and I think the levels are just the right amount of challenging. The zoo is adorable, and rearranging all the features is a nice way to change up your own design. My one suggestion is to be able to decide if you want to use the animal power when if fills up on each level, instead if using it automatically.

  3. Sam dice:

    It’s got potential, but there should be more coin rewards for harder quests. It doesn’t seem like there’s a point for the in-game cash since its only purpose is to play levels, which reward the same amount of cash anyway. Otherwise it’s a fun game, I just personally wish I could build more. I also wish the concessions gained currency rather than just sitting there and giving one time rating points.

  4. Would be great if watching ads for rewards worked all the time instead of just half. Sometimes I have to watch things 2 or 3 times for it to work. The music also likes to just turn itself back on no matter how many times I turn it off. Other than that, the game is fun. Can get challenging but not too hard that I get annoyed and lose interest.

  5. I really enjoy this game, it’s a great time killer and I love the level of control offered designing the zoo. However, after this last update, which I love the additions of & it’s obvious how much time the devs put into it, the app freezes and crashes constantly now. When I reboot the game, sometimes the money I spent for the level I was playing during the crash is gone.I’ve lost thousands. Often the last building/shop I bought is gone but so far the coins have been refunded so I can buy again.

  6. Very cute game! Ads are sporadic and let you pass after watching a few seconds. I love the fact you don’t have to use real money to enjoy the game. There are opportunities to spend real cash but you do not have to in order to play! Awesome job with developing! Only negative is that I wish the characters interacted more with the structures instead of just walking around. Still very cute though!

  7. I really like this game as it dosen’t require a monetary purchase to accomplish the goals, I like the animals, & ease of game play. Update, since the last update, the enjoyment of the game has went down, the music keeps going back on eventhough I have silenced it, a ad pops up without warning now, there is a annoying sound effect when a match is made. If you don’t have neurological sensitivities it might still be a fun game for you, but if you do, it can be overwhelming & frustrating.

  8. I love it! I just wish I could zoom out so l could see the whole zoo at once. I’m on level 26 and I don’t have any problems with passing any of the levels I don’t really have to use that many boosts if you see reviews that say that they can’t pass levels and their unwinnable it’s probably just because they’re bad at the game no offense, but I’ve only had the game for a week and I’m doing just fine!

  9. A dice:

    Pretty fun and rewarding to work towards adding things to the zoo and upgrading each habitat. Wish there was more to it, like having a visitor satisfaction meter tied to, say, how well organized your zoo is or having more that you can do with the cash earned per level instead of only using it for power-up tools. After a while, it becomes too easy to accumulate money since there’s so little on which to spend it. Also having the option to have friends and visit other players’ zoos would be so fun.

  10. A nice simple puzzle game without a lot of pressure to buy things in-game with real money. Some pop-up ads, but they’re the kind that are easy to close. The interface is a little off, you don’t really have an inventory when you get some items, you have to open the shop to find them there to place them. I could have sworn there was an option to upgrade to adfree for about $3.50 but I can’t find it now. These are all minor complaints, though, and I do really like the game and would recommend it.

  11. Sam Cogar dice:

    Really enjoyed the game but have been unable to play for several months due to reaching max level (22). Developers said this would be fixed on a previous review by another user. Game has updated at least once since then and still am unable to gain more exp because I have all of the objects that generate exp. Game itself is fun and relaxing but there is no desire to just beat the puzzle levels without being able to apply the points.

  12. So far, this is the BEST tile matching game I’ve played. I haven’t been QUITE able to confirm if the level design checks that a given arrangement actually has a solution, but I have yet to see a level that deliberately makes it near impossible without bonus items. They also are pretty free and generous with the bonuses.

  13. Adorable! But after playing for about a week, I remember why I uninstalled previously. It takes way too long to get enough coins to build! Need to earn more coins per level and maybe an option to watch an ad for coins. It is an adorable game, but I’m getting bored too quick with not being able to build up!

  14. Tash dice:

    I enjoy the game. I really wish there were easier ways to obtain coins, since EVERYTHING to build and upgrade cost coins. 40 coins per win a level doesn’t go very far when there is an entire zoo to build. I don’t understand why the dollars are there when there literally seems to be no reason for them. You can’t buy or build anything with them, yet the game overloads you with these dollars, but doesn’t give any opportunities for coins. It seems backwards.

  15. A rather boring and simple game. The graphics of the zoo itself left a lot to be desired. Could have been more entertaining had you been able to choose from different “looks” for each area/building you add. But having to spend “money” to play each level, for the level to be very easy and the upgrades or buildings bland and boring, makes this game not worth it. Too bad.

  16. Unfortunately I have to take my review from 5 stars down to 2. The only reason is because once you get to the aquarium park after finishing your upgrades, the levels become impossible without shuffle buffs. I had almost 170,000 cash and now I’m down to 3,000 in a few days having to watch constant ads if I want to play more than one round. The levels nos to take upwards of 7 tries at $3,000 each before you get a lucky shuffle. I’m a few minutes away from uninstall which would be an honest shame.

  17. It’s a fun different approach to the match 3 concept. There’s basically nothing exciting about the zoo decoration portion. They’ve made getting coins to do levels exponentially harder the further you go. I’m anticipating a point where I simply can’t make the coins back anymore. A not so great turn on the “5 lives” concept.

  18. The puzzles and theme are both fun however, instructions on competing in and completing competitions are poor. Tap on the ? and the instructions are very vague you have to hope to accidentally figure how to accomplish the goals. That absolutely takes away from having fun. No clear instructions = frustration. People play these games to relax or just pass time not for frustration. Too many senseless ads. If I just must watch the ads I should receive a perk otherwise it’s a waste of my time.

  19. Repetitive but cute, it starts off too easy but gets more difficult. I still think it is fun and relaxing. Cute graphics! I wish there were mini games that were fun. The mini games are more repetitive and kind of lame. Idk, still trying to decide what I think.

  20. The game can be fun. It sometimes freezes on me. It’s not too bad just a couple seconds but it can still get a little irritating. Also whenever you soon the wheel it reactivates the music if you shut it off. This part is the most annoying part because I don’t like the music and don’t want to play as much now that I know it’ll play it no matter if I go into settings and turn it off.

  21. It is fun, but it was too much of the same thing. Match tiles get 20 coins, then use the coins to only build one thing. It would be much better if you could pick what type of exhibit than the one provided. It would also be better if when you finished playing the tiles you could get more coins than just 20.

  22. Finally a game with minimal ads and no waiting to regain lives!!! This is what games are SUPPOSED to be. If you are tired of the games that make you watch a video every lvl or only gives you 3 lives and impossible challenges then this is what you wish those games were. FUN!! 2 thumbs up! The design is easy to use, game is fun. Beautifully done. Fun and relaxing. I’m so glad I found this game. Graphics are nice. Music is wonderful. A++++++ THANK YOU DEVELOPERS. YOU TOTALLY GET GAMING.

  23. I’m on level 329 and I can’t seem to level up. I have restarted the app several times and even re-installed it. There are 3 animal areas and a building that says I can upgrade but when I click on the button to upgrade it won’t do anything. It’s like it’s frozen. In turn this isn’t allowing me to level up. Please fix this!

  24. Beth Coy dice:

    Has potential, but got too difficult too quickly and the forced ads would freeze and progress would be lost on numerous occasions. 1k to play a level and only 100 if you win. Losing quickly takes all of your money. Could be a great game, but there needs to be a better balance.

  25. Great time passer. Not too many ads. Tiles are cute and change occasionally. Wish the rewards were better: gold, or moves instead of cash. Also would be more interesting if there were other ways to level up the zoo instead of buying exactly what is available and if the daily tasks were more creative but i love the diamond clash challenge.

  26. Sam M dice:

    wow. all the love for this game! first of all, the graphics are lovely! there’s no annoying ads that I’ve noticed, either popup or banner, and if they’re there then it’s so little I just haven’t noticed. the concept is great and easy. there’s no constant prompts to spend real life money either. edit: also, no unnecessarily long tutorial! most of it is shown and not written. love that!!!

  27. Really like the concept of the game, the zoo is fun and the gameplay is good. BUT: 1) (I’ve emailed the developers about this but no reply yet) I can’t get past level 8. I have no more options to add XP (all items are used/bought/placed) and so I can’t get the last bit of XP needed to reach level 9 and get new items and XP (and land!) 2) When you complete the daily tasks list, it would be nice to have an overall gift box or something for completing ALL the tasks that day

  28. Maggie B dice:

    Really enjoyed the game but I’m stopped at level 515, even after the update. I can’t do anything after I click to play, as all clickable icons disappear. Also, I was coming second in a leaderboard challenge and then I was stopped at level 515, unable to continue to compete and there for haven’t been able to continue to gain diamonds. That seems flawed. I will amend my rating when I am able to play again.

  29. JXP CHAN dice:

    The design is cute and it’s a unique twist to decorating games since it isn’t a match-3 type. I’ve reached max level (lvl 22) and I hope there will be an update that expands the zoo soon. The only thing I would fix is a bug where I’ve turned the music off in the settings but it turns back on again after playing an ad.

  30. _ dice:

    I love that this game doesn’t force ads and has a simple concept, but I WISH this game had better music. The background music reminds me of old baby lullaby songs, it makes the game incredibly boring and repetitive. I also wish you had the option to continue playing the tile games instead of having to go back and forth to the zoo and the tiles game

  31. I’m luke warm on the game. The tile layouts start off good but at about level 50 onwards there is no solving unless you use a power up. The zoo building aspect could also use improving, there is just too much content on the field, too busy. Definitely try it out as it might appeal to you more than it does me.

  32. Rin dice:

    Dropping from 5 stars to 1 star. I really liked this game because it didn’t make use of an energy bar, but it appears you have added one. Being able to play however many times I wanted without having to wait for energy to replenish was what had set this game apart from others, but now it’s right there with the rest of them.

  33. I really love this game. Its keeps the steady flow going without it making me get stuck at certain levels (like some games do where you can only progress, if you spend real money). My only complaint is, I have all the music & sound off, but randomly the music comes back on.

  34. I love it love, wish there was more like it! No problems to speak of. Love the dice game, too. Thanks for a breath of fresh air on a cool hybrid game.

  35. After coming back to this app after months, I’m incredibly disappointed. I stopped playing due to progress-haulting glitches, which /might/ have been fixed, but now there’s whole other problems… The gimmicks. They only exist to infuriate you and give the game a sense of false difficulty. You really don’t need random tiles or bombs in a game like this. Uninstalling.

  36. I don’t like that it says if you watch a video it’ll double your rewards but it only doubles the money to play and not the coins. That’s false advertising. I really don’t like that you only get a small amount of coins but the price of everything you have to build takes like 3 games to make. This game could be really good but the money makes it tedious and makes me not want to play.

  37. Staci Enw dice:

    People who complain about having to play rounds to get coins to complete tasks are missing the point of the game. It’s a cute, easier version of majong, and you get to see some progression as you do more levels. Decent rewards for ads, and no forced ads that I’ve seen.

  38. This game would be fun if you didnt have to watch an ad every second just to double your money are to win a prize. In other words this game is really about ads on top of ads. If i have to keep watching ads just to play a game then its not worth keep playing. I tried to hang in there but its to much. Im watch more ads then playing this game. This game is really boring.

  39. The only complaint I have with the game is trying to redecorate the zoo. I wish you could clear everything away with a button. Letting you zoom out to see the entire park would be nice too, it’s annoying when you try and move something to another spot and it goes away because you touch the wrong spot on the screen by accident.

  40. Honk Honk dice:

    Game is fun, found it through Mistplay. On level 93, but the last few levels have been buggy it seems. The tiles on the first few rows are impossible to clear without boosters. I would love to give five stars, but until those bugs are fixed, four stars.

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