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Popular Ludo game with voice chat
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Yalla Ludo, an app with voice chat, allows you to play Ludo or Domino with your friends online.

Real-time voice chat
Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!

Various game modes
Ludo includes two modes: 1 ON 1 mode, 4-Player mode. Each mode has four gameplays: Classic, Master, Quick and Magic.
Domino: Drew Game and All Five.

Play with friends easily
Private rooms and local rooms enable you to play with buddies either online or offline. Come and have fun in games together!

Group Voice Chat for Gamers
The chat room allows you to meet more gamers from all over the world and exchange ideas about games with each other. You can also invite friends or anyone else to play Ludo & Domino by this group chat. Let’s enjoy the happy time in Yalla Ludo!

We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.

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1.Optimized Royal Privilege - You can choose the room theme you like as the private chat theme;
2.Optimized Restart the Journey - More missions are waiting for you to explore;
3.Added Backpack System - You can obtain gifts and magic cards in the backpacks through activities and tasks.


40 comentarios en "Yalla Ludo – Ludo&Domino MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a good game but it still need some improvements. For example: 1. There is no option of Team up Mode in VIP Rooms. 2. During the game if you mute opponents then you won’t listen to them but they can still listen your conversation. 3. There is no private chat option in the game. 4. Numbers distribution in the game is not balance. Sometimes you get the same numbers repeatedly 3 to 5 times and very often you don’t get specific number in 20 to 25 turns. This is very strange. 5. To be continued.

  2. Nawaz Awan dice:

    Game is good but needs some improvements. 1. Undo should be finished. 2. In chat room, if someone is on mic and he is not seeing on screen or sometimes busy somewhere else, on mic indication should be provided that he is off screen. 3. Chat and message fonts are too small, it is harmful to eyes. Make the fonts large or provide option to select font size small, medium or large. 4. In ludo game play when dice is rolled, on star squares opponent’s token is invisible, make it visible please.

  3. Very annoying game. It should be fun but the programming of the game is very wrong. It favours one player as soon as the game starts. Every player should be given equal opportunity to win. From the beginning of the game you can tell if you are losing or not. Imagine being the first person to take all your games home with your opponent’s game still complete outside and you still lose the game, it very frustrating I almost smashed my phone one time. Please rectify this issue as soon as possible.

  4. This is the most annoying game I’ve ever come across, right from when I started playing this game I noticed that they favour the opponents alot. I would have one seed left and just need a number to win then my opponents with three seed would go round and still win the game. I noticed people complaining in the reviews but over looked it and now I know their feeling. I’m uninstall this game right this minute.

  5. Ali Raza dice:

    Worst game ever the worst programming all time last token sit on 1 and win game turn into lose pathetic programming always one sided game. Must have to program this on reality based but unfortunately it’s not unexpected number’s even when i played and dice gave unexpected numbers with kill i also shocked and disappointed why this thing happened to other player what about his way of safety. In these days the game is only about money gifting business nothing else never try to fix issues like 1.😡

  6. If possible i will give rating in minus ….This is the worst game i ever saw…in same the day you can win 1 million coins and on the same you can lose all coins…if you start losing you will lose continuesly…and i tried to delete the account it getting failed again and again …and customer help team also not replying after some time….i get just so so frustrated…but even now they are not deleting my account….this is totally waste of time and also you feel exhausted after some time

  7. Very very and very bad daily task reward because i want to play with some different dices but when i open reward box it give me same dices on which i am playing this is not first time since i am playing with it i mean from one year so please fix the issue in order to get some more dices which i want

  8. Basit Ali dice:

    Most fixed game I have ever played. Opponent get exact numbers to kill you and reach home. Totally fake and poor game, one sided al the time. Not recommended for fear play.

  9. gulty boy dice:

    good game! i download this game two year ago. it was work properly,but not these two new apdates ara tuff for us. now i have 3300diamond and coins are 1000,1700.if iplay the game i wil lose these coins. you now! two year of hardwork my id leval is 26. please solve this problem. if you not solve i will delete this app forever and download other brands ludo games😎.

  10. Everything is perfect… But Diamonds and coins and monthly subscriptions are Not Easy for our middle class people,,, too expensive,,, please reduce these things little bit,,, and i have a suggestion please add snakes and ladders in others games section… People will love it… Thanks

  11. I don’t like this app. It is expensive to recharge diomond. I will go to falla app. Me and my friends and mny people will go to Falla voice chat app. Now that is better than Yalla Ludo. There is few amount for recharge and given many free coins.So u should able to give more offers in recharege and rewards. Otherwise all peoples will be delete yalla Ludo. Because Falla chat is better than yalla Ludo. Bye

  12. Saeed Khan dice:

    Very Annoying game very disappointed game most of the time no matter how good your strategy is the game never lets you win you are never going to get the numbers that you need whereas your opponent get all the right things happening at the right time extremely one sided which is frustrating not sure if it’s a logic algorithm or bost planning on the other side. Thanks yall ludo download

  13. If U want to feel unluckyness, Play this game. Game developer had made it so stupiditly that every player seems unlucky. This is a favourable trick for developer to force players to in-app purchases. Personal Luck did not play any role in this game. Game decides at the beginning of every game which player will win. It is tested hundreds of time/games. It feels very bad when U want to kill boredom & play Yalla Ludo, it fcuks u & boosts ur boredom.

  14. Hello, I recommend improving the “Auto Playing” feature through “Bot”. If the first player isn’t responding or playing, the second player at the end have to exit and lose his credits because there are no limitations are for the Bot. Some players can also misuse this feature to grab the credits of the corresponding players. I think you must consider it, next it’s up to your development team 🙂 Regards

  15. I used to play this game years ago and recently started playing again and could not remember why I stopped, until now. Very annoying game. Your opponent will get 6s in every role, while you are playing with 1 and 2. Easily visible that the algorithm is partial towards the Knights and Barons. I have unfortunately spent some money on this stupid game. But once those diamonds are used up, I am done. Don’t play this game, it’s not worth your time.

  16. It’s is not a fear game. It’s predetermined by the application. And when you are winning the game, It will not working according to your wishes. It’s goes it’s self in auto mode to loose your game. Very bad behavior of the application, When you are going to High value game. Application disappear it self. A lot of people have this issues. The Application owner set it to earn money in cheating the application user.

  17. Aymen Ali dice:

    A game if you have money you will win and this is the worst thing, I wish to delete the feature of rolling the dice with 2 gems in order to play fair and reduce the things that everything you have to buy with money or subscribe! Really disgusting thing. The game is bad in terms of graphics, design and animation, where nothing is good. Try to develop the game more and more, as you receive a lot of money from Iraqis or Arabs in particular. & Thank you

  18. This game is truely disappointed. The rules of this game needs to be modified. The rule of rolling dice again is not good. If you have money you win. This game is uncomfertable. Microphone working issues,reloading issues are commom problems.

  19. ⚠️ “IMPORTANTS NEEDED” 1) Worst “Arrival Chest”, everytime give previous gifts that we already have. 2) Diamond play in ludo is totally unfair. 3) Need to change algorithm, if you win once then surely you will win other games and if you lose once then surely you will lose the games.

  20. I like this game very much but its rules should be modified as there should be a mode to play offline team up. Diamond and coins should be share with friends. In team up (online) token should not be killed by other friend.

  21. Hassan Ali dice:

    Ths is good ludo but there are two messings. One is that in night ludo only tokken is winning.But all four tokkens must be won in night ludoThe second one is tha lude take side of one player even he took wrong moves. Instead of this trick ludo must take side of all players and that player must be won who takes right move.Understand. there are just two reason which have described above because of which of which i give you one star

  22. This is a very interesting game. I am giving 3 stars because yalla ludo should introduce a data package as in other game(PUBG) because this is an very good game and millions of people play this. Overall it is a very amazing game. So yalla ludo should introduce an afourdable data package. Thank You.

  23. Very bad experienc.each and every time the oponent get the exact coin wich he need to kill my token n i get. 1 or 2 or triple 6.and at the end of game when i need one i cant…and loss the game

  24. I am facing a problem and that is, when I go to move my token unexpectedly the opponent’s token moves. Why is this happening? More if you play offline.

  25. The working of Ludo is very good, but these days it is getting hacked, due to which coins and diamonds are being stolen. So Please save the accounts from hacker’s or etc. And return our coins . Thank you 😊

  26. This app is wrost app off the world every game fixed you are one game win and next 3 game you are diffently lose so I request you all people please don’t install this wrost app and not west your time bad service and bad feature only your mobile deta hacked this app so I left this bad service app

  27. This is one of the worst gaming app….. Hopeless app…. Don’t install…While gaming it’s always reconnecting. There’s multiple net issue which is irritating. There’s a major issue with gifting too which is horrible… The developer deduct 70/80% of ur diamond wether u receive or send… Which is totally not fair!!!!!! When it comes to purchasing,, there’s always problem… Money from bank account will b deducted but mostly the diamond don’t get credited in game account. Hopeless app.

  28. Yousra dice:

    Find a solution for people who are playe very slowly. One game take from us 30 minutes or 1 hour… there are too many people who called them self auto slowly player … please fix it that is horrible.

  29. Hello yalla ludo minty standard team.i am the player from since last one year now I have apeal for transferring gold’s from my account to my friends account because I am not using my account further. Thanks

  30. N Lucky dice:

    amazing ; It’s been 10 years since I played this game and I still haven’t stopped purchasing or playing and playing like I do and partying and going to the room and hopefully this game and of course there are still levels to come. Growing up and having fun is the way I’m trying to get to level 30.32 Yala Lado is great for friends and family.💖 ❤️❤️ love it but Sometimes there are moments when I get puzzled. I hope Yella Ludo will continue to coach me through difficult segments like this. Thanks

  31. Poor experience. Partiality for players. From beginning of match only get small tokens and at the end 6 and 5 but it not have any use,

  32. Farhan ali dice:

    Yalla ludo is very good game but we can’t play coin game with our friend in it please add this feature so we can play coin game with our friend thank you

  33. Very poor & fake of thy world….!!!!👎👎👎👎👎….much more 3rd class game… because every time crush & again & again reconnect…..I think very very poor app…..! Cheap always

  34. لا آ dice:

    Good Game! Butt just 1 request please give me the option for del the room because the room create fr by mistake so, please give me option as soon as possible…otherwise I can’t stay…please

  35. What a disgrace! I think you’re so desperate to make people buy diamonds from you! Even the brightest and most intellegent people play this game, still they’ll lose, because you already pre-programmed and and determined who really the winner is before the game even start. Imagine making the 3 tokens entered the house and only 1 token left whilst the opponent have 1 or 2 tokens left and still and still didn’t get out from point of origin but end up winning the game. What a s2p!D game.

  36. Qadir Rai dice:

    App is really good.But since morning i am facing problem in creating a team or joining another team . Friends are also facing the same issue

  37. Hamu Gypsy dice:

    Most poor dice numbers algorithm…every time you will get unwanted numbers and if you won 1 game then obviously you are going to lose the next…most poorest game i have ever seen…my account got hacked after reaching legend with 42 stars and their customer support didn’t give a f.. Even i texted on facebook but nothing…I wasted my time on playing two accounts on this poor ludo game reaching them on legend league…uninstalling the game and advised all of my friends to quit it now…

  38. Anaya Khan dice:

    People sending me the request again and again 🙄 I am fad up now plz you must give an option to private your friend request option and public just like you give an option in privacy with room Or you can give an option to hide the notifications I am not satisfied with that open friend request

  39. I give less than one star if possible That game is a fixer game Only waist time When you collect more coin then you will be lose lose and lose after all coin will finish after it you will win and get more coin then same Only waist money for coin dimend That a fake game

  40. Haider Ali dice:

    I’m Haider Ali from Pakistan, I’ve enjoyed this game a lot. This app is featured so good that everyone enjoys a lot but there should be added one more feature by which our app will become more popular among people. Fot that please check your mail I’ve send suggestions and my contact details. Thanks for publishing this app for us to get engaged with people all around the world. No new update have come and the suggestion isn’t applied. That’s why 2 star I’ve given to this app.

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