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Get stuff done with Yahoo Mail. Works with Gmail & Outlook email accounts.
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It’s time to get stuff done with the Yahoo Mail app. Just add your Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo Mail to get going. We automatically organize all the things life throws at you, like receipts and attachments, so you can find what you need fast. Plus, we’ve got your back with other convenient features like one-tap unsubscribe, free trial expiration alerts and package tracking.

Favorite features:

• One-tap unsubscribe from pushy promos
Skip the tiny unsubscribe links at the end of long emails. We organize all your mailing lists in one spot, so it’s easy to unsubscribe from noisy newsletters and promos with a quick tap.

• Organize and navigate your inbox with ease
Find what you need fast with inbox filters that sort your emails by attachments, starred, unread, and more. Stay organized and clear out the junk by deleting or moving up to 10,000 emails at once from a particular sender or category.

• Quickly spot receipts & package delivery updates
See all your receipts organized in one place so you can easily find the one you’re looking for. Plus, see the status of all your upcoming deliveries at a glance. Top-of-inbox package tracking alerts means you’ll never miss a delivery.

• Pull up the best deals from your inbox
No more searching through countless promotional emails to find those savings. This view organizes your inbox around your favorite stores and the categories you shop. Now, find all your favorite deals—without the clutter.

• Keep tabs on your free trials
Get reminders before free trials expire—so you can update your subscription plan or cancel before the subscription trial ends.

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• Customize your notifications
Choose which notifications you really need and say bye-bye to the ones you don’t. You can turn on alerts for emails from people, bills & receipts, deals, travel, reminders or general messages.

• Connect your other accounts
Bring your Gmail, AOL, or Microsoft accounts and take advantage of extra features. Set your own swipe actions, change up the sounds or swap in your favorite color. (We like purple)

• Accessibility
Making sure our products are accessible is a priority. Yahoo Mail has high contrast themes, dynamic text resizing and VoiceOver screen reader compatibility. Plus, folders at the bottom of the inbox allow assistive technology users to navigate with less effort.

• 1,000GB free storage
That’s 985 more than some other inboxes, just sayin. 😉 Download the app and enjoy a more spacious inbox.

• Yahoo Mail Plus
Get ad-free mail, extra organization and privacy features, plus 24/7 tech support across your iOS mobile devices.

+ Available as an in-app purchase at $1.99/month charged to your iTunes account
+ Subscription will auto-renew each month within 24 hours of your renewal date
+ Manage or cancel your subscription via Account Settings

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:


Bug fixes and performance enhancements.


52 comentarios en "Yahoo Mail – Organized Email MODDED 2022"

  1. This is the best email app so far, I would only ask for a few more customization options especially for paid members. A recent update made the account name hard to read because of the addition of the buttons on top which I was fine with having what I needed on the bottom which now cannot be edited. I use the dedicated email system (separate email addy’s for shopping, banking, travel, personal, etc.), so the buttons I am stuck with have no value other than to take up precious real estate.

  2. Vince :::: dice:

    Got tired of messing with this app. I just set up my other email app to Yahoo settings. I have found that many times you will not see all new messages until you open some of the others. But the main and most annoying issue is I don’t always want to use the app. If I want to add filters or say adjust auto responses basically any settings I need the desktop site. The problem is even if you log into Yahoo in the browser you get forced into the app to read the mail, no option to open in browser.

  3. It’s a good browser, don’t get me wrong though there could be some changes. There’s this error that I get whenever I try and create a Yahoo account where it says “An Error Occured; please try again later” or something. It really gets me frustrated because I’ll have to restart completely. Everything’s a bit scattered as well. It is a good browser though.. you can use Yahoo to sign up for almost everything and you can make emails regularly. I hope the developers fix this email service.

  4. This app really sucks. No one has fixed pinch zoom yet?? PLEASE FIX PINCH ZOOM!!! As you zoom in, the email will not stay centered. Also, scrolling through an email usually switches to the previous or next email. Please give us the option to disable swiping between emails. Or just disable it all together. I can’t scroll up and down through an email without it swiping to the previous/next email. Not all emails show up in inbox unless you search for them.

  5. 2 huge issues: 1. For over a year (at least), I have to double check that my sent emails do, in fact, SEND. They often get stuck in Outbox and I get an error message with a red “!”. I understand if it’s a message with big attachments, but it can be a 1 or 2 sentence message with no attachments. So random. 2. For about a week now, no images are showing up in received messages. They’re all blank with a little icon. I thought I’d accidentally changed some settings. Triple checked. Nope. Please fix!

  6. Bob H dice:

    As soon as I read an email and close it, it goes to trash, I don’t have the option to keep it. Most incoming email goes directly to trash or spam, only a few end up in the inbox. Archive is the same as trash, anything put into archive disappears and cannot be retrieved. These emails show up on my PC, this app seems to be the issue. It used to work, now it doesn’t. Tried uninstalling, rebooting phone and installing… a couple times, still not working.

  7. This app used to be great and now I am so disappointed. I have used this app for over10 years with no problems at all. I had to uninstall the app because, all of the sudden, all my outgoing emails, no matter where I sent them from or who I sent them too, were not being sent. On top of that, the obnoxious daily Yahoo Mail+ ad that you have to close to read your email that you can’t turn off is really annoying!

  8. Daniel dice:

    This app is complete trash, bloated and slow, thanks to being chock full of ads. Also, as of the last week, it is nearly impossible to display/load new emails. You can see that you have unread messages, but they won’t appear to select and read. It usually involves closing and re-opening the app several times.

  9. THIS APP IS THE WORST!! Your updates make things worse, not better!! When typing a folder name to save an email the folder name box drops to the bottom of the page while in the middle of typing so you have to retype it then it drops again and doesn’t recognize all the letters typed; it’s as if you’re in a race against the app to see if you can actually move your emails. I don’t expect you guys to be concerned with anything I’ve typed or give any type of response since you haven’t been before.

  10. R Ryz dice:

    Was forced on this after my samsung email could not open them anymore. Instead of fixing glitches, they force you to change. It’s so cluttered and when I try to open a voicemail from ooma, it downloads it into my sound files and i have to go find it to listen to it. I am so unhappy with this I am looking at other apps. If I hadn’t had this email for over 20 years I would change in a second.

  11. N B dice:

    Yes, I realize I sound old but the app was great several updates ago. Now it is just annoying. Not everyone wants the latest, greatest most fabulous functions. Do like Facebook and have a “lite” version for those that don’t want the bells and whistles. I’ve had my email quite a while and don’t want to change but I hate the app. I have always used Yahoo since my very first email account. I guess this is what happens with Verizon in charge. I’m sure I could pay to subscribe and get what I want.

  12. ERI GON dice:

    All of a sudden, the pictures are no longer loading in my emails. My settings didn’t change, I was checking my emails and clicked from one to the other, and the pictures just stopped loading. It’s in all my inboxes and has been like this for a few days now. I cleared the cache and checked gor updates and nothing fixes it. Pretty frustrating!!!

  13. I have my original email and another account that is linked to it and for some reason the original inbox appears twice and gets duplicated notifications that I can’t figure out how turn off. Not sure what causes that and how to fix it. Has been an ongoing issue. When I got my new phone it acted properly without duplicates, but recently the app decided to log out of my accounts and it was duplicated again after logging back in. Frustrating.

  14. The app takes forever to load sometimes and you have to close and reopen the app multiple times just to get the new emails to show up. Emails will not always load when you open them. Messages OFTEN fail to send, even in areas with great reception. I wish there was an updated app because I’m considering leaving Yahoo for all the trouble it has had recently.

  15. This app was good but whatever update they did made it terrible. No content downloads. All images in the email body are just blank boxes. It sucks. I even tried to uninstall and reinstall and still nothing. I tried on different connections too. Literally all my emails have some type of picture and I can’t view anything. Get this fixed ASAP. I’ve had my yahoo email for over 15 years.

  16. Way too many ads and I hate that they are at the top of my screen AND you have to pay to be rid of them. I don’t like this update and wish I could switch back to older version. I’m going to slowly migrate everything to another email system. My screen just looks so cluttered whereas before it was a much cleaner version.

  17. I have been extremely frustrated after this last update (or whatever happened) and I just read several reviews stating the same problem. I can not see any graphics in my emails! I just get the tiny little puzzle piece to click on if I want to attempt to see the email, but all those do is take me to websites : the senders & advertisers on the email!! I never get to actually read the email! Fix this issue or give us a way to fix it please! Sometimes progress isn’t.

  18. Love how you can have multiple inboxes. Problem is that for one of my emails, it won’t load. I added this email bc the device that has it is old and slow. Wasn’t much of an upgrade, seeing as it has been loading my inbox for months. I have no clue what the issue is, since it’s Updated and everything. The loading screen says: “Your mailbox is syncing. Please check back soon” I can’t find another app that will let me use this email so I hope I will get a response. Thanks

  19. Not a fan of this last update. Any emails that come with images can’t show the images, including logos. Its impossible to read flyers from stores because all I get to see is a bunch of outlined boxes where images are supposed to be. I used to have a button to select if I thought it was safe to view images. What happened to that?

  20. The archive empties after a short time. Nothing can be kept. Ads are invasive. Cannot create new contacts after two. Addendum: Transferring to a new phone caused Google to fail to accept the Yahoo app in its security policy. Must be a bug. As not true for other phone. Not true prior to transfer. Cannot access Yahoo mail from both methods provided, despite the verification codes, passwords.

  21. I’m generally ok with this app. It lets me handle my email on my phone. But lately it’s really annoying that the package tracking cards keep popping up even though I’ve turned them off multiple times. I’ve checked in settings and it’s definitely set to OFF, yet they continue to show up, taking up screen space.

  22. Malik Cole dice:

    I don’t know what happened with this app, it worked great for years. Then all of a sudden, after the last update it’s very unresponsive. Freezes when I try to write an email or unexpectedly quits. Very annoying, maybe roll back your update until a working fix is made.

  23. stwawbewwy dice:

    Is anyone else having this issue where when you unsubscribe from email lists through the app (instead of through an individual email) the subscription immediately comes back, and I mean within only a second or two? So far I’ve had this happen with two different emailing lists and while lt hasn’t been a problem per se, it’s been kinda annoying. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen

  24. I love this app for my yahoo mail but struggling with package updates, I’ve removed or chosen not to see them up top but they keep showing up, I’ve changed in settings multiple times but it will not save. Also, toggling between my email accounts I have to close or clear the app before I can see the next, newer emails. It’s incredibly frustrating.

  25. AT&T and Yahoo email sucks. I am constantly getting error messages that I’ve had too many wrong password attempts, when I’m absolutely using the correct password. I have to assume someone is trying to hack constantly. The agent I talked to today said this was a known issue. That they get a lot of attacks on their system. I get a TON of spam. It’s like there are no spam filters at all. And when you call their “solution” is to tell you to just delete all the spam. RIDICULOUS.

  26. First, if your email is important to you, it’s probably best to not use Yahoo! Mail – whether it’s the app OR web version. If you are set on using Yahoo!, here is where the app falls short. No formatting possible in the app version. If you work on a draft in the web version, when you later open the app, you find that the app has blown away the latest updates you made to your draft. Most messages are not able to be moved to a folder. Notifications work fine. Use for simple short emails only, imo.

  27. This app is awful. I really only have it because I’ve had a yahoo email for so long and dont want to switch providers at the moment. While it is convenient than going to the web browser, it is not user friendly. Im constantly missing emails or have to do an extensive search to find them. I’ve deleted emails and then it appears that everything is deleted and whn i close the app and go back in, they appear again. It seems to be alot of glitches that need to be fixed. just use the web browser vers.

  28. I was having difficulty with slowness, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I am getting advertisements. One account is duplicated and I can’t delete one of them. For one I get the message that the account is inactive and I need to sign in again, but it does the same thing everytime I try to do something with it. I pay a yearly fee to have excellent email and I am certainly no getting it. Very frustrating!+AWS

  29. Daniel S dice:

    Where this app falls short is in the general manipulation/management of messages. When you try to open, read, move, or delete an email, you can’t be certain exactly what result you’re gonna get. Tapping one email may open another, refreshing your inbox may not load all emails, deleted emails may unexpectedly reappear, etc., etc. It’s why I no longer use Yahoo Mail for anything truly important. The Gmail app has less features, but it’s more predictable, and that matters most to me.

  30. There is a huge delay on email being sent from this app. Many times it doesn’t even go through. Using Wi-Fi or direct data. If I use Android’s internal email it works fine every time. Yahoo email seems to fail sending the most simplest attachments like photos. I get returned unable to send with no explanation 80% of the time. I’ve owned over 25 different cell phones from Apple to Samsung to all the lower level phones. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Yahoo mail app. It is a disaster.

  31. Cindy MS. dice:

    This past week, each time I open my Yahoo mail app, a white screen appears asking me to sign in to add an account. I close the app and then open it back up and one of my 2 email accounts appears, but I have them color coded and it shows up in the color of the missing account. I close it for a third time and then they both magically appear just like normal. I’m really over with yahoo mail. I really am. The cards also reappeared even though I’ve turned them off a few times this week.

  32. 4 stars only because although this app is excellent there is one problem which I find annoying and unforgivable. When you receive an email the app conceals the email address from which it was sent. They tell you it was from “Amazon” or “Joe Smith” so you only know the name the sender is calling themselves, but not the sender’s address. I find this very inconvenient & makes it harder to decide if the email is legit. You have the extra step of opening a reply before the actual address is revealed.

  33. Yahoo is the best email experience out there for personal use. It’s not as complicated as gmail and you can select all mails with one click option to delete. You can create as many personal folders as you like. It is very similar to Outlook in business. Very user friendly. You can change themes to adjust your personal taste. Yahoo mail is limitless.

  34. J White dice:

    Was a great app but I am having trouble accessing my emails. My new emails don’t appear after awhile. I have to turn phone off and on. Then the emails will show up. Then about a day later my emails will stop again. Very frustrating. I am afraid I will not get a timely emails since no red flag comes up saying I am not receiving emails. My desk top and laptop have no problem. My phone stops receiving emails at home or away. Please help. Thanks

  35. I have tried my best to stay a yahoo user but the constant issues with the app are dangerous. I have missed so many important emails over it. I cannot mass delete anything because I will be deleting the wrong things. Yahoo shows an email from one sender but the contents are from someone else. Now I can’t send emails in a current convo because it freezes up. I have to start a new email thread. Often emails from my second account show up in my other one. So glitchy & freezes. The worst!

  36. I have upgraded and I keep getting emails telling me to upgrade. Very annoying 😒Everything has changed and I don’t know how to make it go back to the way it was. My home screen is totally screwed up. The home screen app says it’s not downloaded so I can’t Uninstaller it. This app I have un installed and I have spent 2 1/2 hours farting around and I’m totally pissed. Never again will I try something new with my Yahoo emails that’s if I can fix it. Totally not happy.

  37. I don’t like it but it’s free and had for 20 years. Everyone already knows my email address for a long time. Have to contact everyone to change it. Too much normal mail goes to spam and what should go to spam doesn’t. More advertising too now, why is “shopping” in my email bottom tabs since the upgrade? Keep getting alerts for it too. The more it changes, the less I like it. Just need basic email. Yahoo has had tons of security breaches over 20 years. It’s just becoming frustrating.

  38. I don’t mind an add here or there in a free app, but they make them appear as an email. So I’m going through clicking on spam getting ready to mass delete, accidentally click on an add, then lose all my progress, and have to do it all over again. Making people aggravated isn’t a good way to get them to like your app or pay for an upgrade. I’m going to look for an alternative! And, I just read a reply to another review, and apparently I’m not supposed to be seeing ads, since I have a yahoo acct.

  39. For months, I’ve been signed out of one of my emails. I’ve received many alerts to sign in and have attempted SEVERAL times. I even changed my password and still, after more than 30 attempts (after every update, every couple of weeks, whenever I get an alert, etc.), it will open Yahoo in my browser, allow me to sign in successfully there, but still refuse to let me check my inbox and the app continues to say I’m not logged in. Seriously, this is absolutely unacceptable. Fix this immediately.

  40. I can’t even send an email right now. Everytime I try I get a failed message and it gives me the option to delete the email or edit it. There is nothing to edit it’s written how I want it, the recipient is someone I email daily and it will not send. I’ve uninstalled the app and restarted my phone and it still will not send. This app keeps getting worse with every update. I just may try a different app I’m getting fed up. The only time it worked properly is if I subscribe to a monthly fee.

  41. The most recent update is trash and the layout is not user-friendly at all. I don’t like having to choose mail categories (inbox, attachments, starred, unread) from the top of the screen. Before this update, I liked these buttons being on the bottom and it was much easier to click. The lower tabs of shopping, receipts, and subscriptions are useless. The app developers should have sent out a survey of who would like to use it this way and I would have said no! Bring back the tab customize option

  42. Kara McD dice:

    Update added an extra click. (I’m trying to explain). After choosing emails to move to a folder/delete, they’re check-marked and then I move them. NOW the page remains in “check” mode until clicking the ‘x’ (top right). It’s an unnecessary step imo. Please change it back to going back to the inbox after the action. Thank you. (Also, why are emails hidden at times? Refresh might show all, but mainly going in & out of the app several times is the only way to see all emails.)

  43. I can not understand why, on an email app, they would bury the reply button in a menu. Replying is probably the second most common action, after archiving. they’re should be a reply button right there at the bottom or top of the email. also, the swiping to next email is way too sensitive. if you’re reading an email and need to scroll, you need to make sure your scrolling perfectly up and down. ANY left/right drift will navigate to the next email.

  44. GE Jones dice:

    I’ve had a Yahoo email since it was cool to have a Yahoo email. The app makes some odd choices, like it’s easier to forward than reply to an email. The biggest issue is, what appears to be near non-existent Spam filtering. No email service I use puts as many, obvious, phishing emails into my inbox. If you can deal with that, it is fine.

  45. Karole Gi dice:

    All I need is an email service, not a bunch of bells and whistles, so Yahoo mail works well for me. I like the star ⭐ that I use for important emails as a reminder to do whatever I need to do with an email such as review it when I have time, print it, save it to a file, or respond. I have limited data and I use email to share/communicate data heavy messages, such as pictures and videos. Extra features are available if you want them.

  46. For some reason my spam folder has disappeared and there doesn’t seem to be a way to replace it. The folder exists in the web client still. Search doesn’t search through the trash folder so if you’re searching for something that may be in an email you’ve deleted, the app search won’t find it – again, works in the web client. I keep getting this message when I try to open emails in my trash folder; “Error loading your message. Please try again.” Expect better from Yahoo.

  47. Ken Karn dice:

    Glitchy and inconsistent, especially in the last few months. I’ve had app for a few years and it’s starting to get weird. Update 10-26-22 Very slow to load messages. After receiving a notification of a new email it can take 5-15 minutes for the message to appear in the inbox and be readable. Yes, I’ve checked my internet connection but it happens all the time.

  48. Yahoo is still garbage email. Update looks pretty but the app doesnt always open. Just closes when it feels like it. Also, what is the deal not being able to re-read prior inbox emails? Once you read the emails in your inbox itll say your inbox is empty. So dumb. Wish my work didn’t use this email. Also I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall 18 times to make it work. I’m updating my review every time I have to uninstall/reinstall.

  49. Most recent update renderd this app completely useless. Will not open emails, which is kinda the point of the app. UPDATE: Received a response from developer suggesting I reinstall the app. If I hadn’t thought of that myself earlier, then I wouldn’t have been able to open the email the developer sent to me about fixing the initial flaw with the update.

  50. Diana M dice:

    Edit: now I can only receive emails, all sent ones fail. Fun update: Now my school folder isn’t receiving emails DURING FINALS. Been using Yahoo since 1999. This terrible update is the last straw! Constantly having to restart app, it freezes, the settings don’t work, the badge doesn’t work. Thinking of switching over to Gmail even though I hate their app.

  51. This was my favorite mail app until a recent update put the toolbar buttons I use on the top then added toolbar buttons I do not use and cannot edit at the bottom reducing the space for emails. Also, now I have to use a microscope to read the mailbox name. The app was a prefect 5 starts before. But it still one of the few mail apps you can add mailboxes on your computer and have those same mailboxes on the phone app, that is wonderful!

  52. Your free version royally sucks! Since the last update, the navigation bar just disappears at times. Also cuts off half of many of my emails, can’t read the content! ( Changed font size also, didn’t help). My biggest gripe? There is no longer an address book to keep email addresses!! Where did it go???????

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