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Wodify’s NEWEST mobile app is ready for you!

Client at a Wodify-enabled business? This app is here to provide you with a seamless fitness facility experience.


· Class Scheduling: View, reserve, and sign into upcoming classes at your gym.

· Workout: Check out your class’ workout from anywhere and prepare to sweat.

· Performance Tracking: Measure your progress while working out in class and exercising on your own.

· Attendance Tracking: See all your past classes in one place.

· Leaderboard and Social: Connect with your fellow gym-goers by seeing how you stack up and celebrating your accomplishments together.

· Appointment Booking: Book private appointments with providers at your gym for a more personalized experience.

· Personal Calendar Syncing: Automatically add all of your classes and appointments to your personal Apple or Google Calendar.

· More features to come!

Reach out to [email protected] at any time with any issues or feedback.

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In this update, we've added the following features!
- Light & Dark Mode
- Media Attachments for Video Results
- Increased Buy Tab Functionality
- Workout and Leaderboard Screen Redesigns


40 comentarios en "Wodify MODDED 2022"

  1. Much slower, buggier, and clunky compared to the orginal Wodify app. Navigation has taken a huge step backwards. Navigation feels more like you stumble onto the page that you need because you are not really sure where to go for anything. The push notifications are extremely annoying. If I give someone a thumbs up for a workout, I don’t want to get notifications for every other person that also likes their wod results after I’ve liked it.

  2. I prefer the black and red versus the White and purple color scheme. When adding the results, a row labeled metcon is the only thing on the screen – wasted real estate. When there are two metcons, they’re labeled the same with no description or determining factor. Please include a dark mode. Same for leader board. Should default display as there is no reason for the extra selection when there is only one metcon available. Decent first attempt I suppose. Update: Unable to select RX+. app or WOD?

  3. Not “client” friendly. I receive errors all the time when loading. I cannot easily like my fellow athletes performance, like I could in the regular Wodify App. There should be a like button easily accessible on the leaderboard screen. I currently have to go into each persons performance to like their workout.

  4. Update: I can’t login at all anymore. The logo just scrapes across the screen. I don’t have one app that has the connection issues this app does. It, maybe, connects 1/3 of the time. The color of the font on the buttons are too close to the color of the button. You can’t tell what it says.

  5. Chris dice:

    This app is even more terrible than the last one they out out. Leaderboard takes forever to load, if it loads at all. I have to constantly close and reopen the app to switch between any section, especially viewing leaderboards. They need to take a look at BTWB and sugarwod apps as they are how a cross training app should function.

  6. Worked very nicely and was an improvement over the old one for a while but now seems to be buggy. Swipe function to like others’ scores on the leaderboard stops working after one or two swipes and then the scores bug out to a numerical ranking (instead of time, rounds, etc) after clicking on an athlete’s score to manually like it. Slow to load over a wifi connection. Wish the historical access to past scores was better organized (categorically seperatedlifts, benchmarks, CF HQ wods i.e. open)

  7. WodIFyWorked is the much needed rebrand. Luckily the gym I go to can manually sign people in. No good for reservations though. That said when it works (slowly of that) it does the job. It still isn’t the most user friendly and really has to think about it, but it does the job…

  8. Jean R dice:

    Sugarwod is leaps and bounds better than this. It is very laggy, unrefined and difficult to navigate. It forces you to look at stuff you dont care about. When i open the app i would just love to go straight into my gym’s workout yet it foces me to go through a page that shows other people’s upcoming birthdays, why? It is so bad that I accidentally uploaded a profile picture and there is no way to remove it either 🤦🏻.

  9. This app doesn’t work more than it does. But when it does work, it’s great! It always says there is a connection error, but my other apps are working perfectly fine.

  10. Don Harris dice:

    Worst Fitness Tracking App. I wish our gym would use beyond the whiteboard. This app has managed to progressily get worse through the years. Besides lacking many features other apps provide, half the time you can not even log into the app. I would delete the app off my phone but I need it to sign up for classes. Otherwise completely worthless.

  11. Ever since the last update, the app doesn’t work. Simply shows a white screen no matter how many times it is restarted

  12. Frustrating to use. Often have to close and reopen the app multiple times to get the workout to load. Half the time it won’t load past results for a movement. Would be more useful to keep a spreadsheet to track history and progress but because my gym is a CrossFit box my powerlifting coach loads the workouts here. Hoping it improves.

  13. Completely stopped working. Just shows a white screen. Its been like this for a week.

  14. This app is the bare minimum to run a box. It’s laggy, I can’t believe the devs put it out.

  15. I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app every day this week in order for it to work. Very frustrating when I’m trying to workout . The app isn’t that great when it does work either. When you have to pay for an app you expect it to work correctly every time.

  16. LLoyd Wipf dice:

    The new calendar update is horrible. I don’t need more emails. Please go back to the original method where it automatically syncs to my preferred calendar.

  17. Tiffany W dice:

    You guys seriously need to do something about the app. It’s been twice in one week that I am unable to log on. What is this Error message?! No explanation or nothing. I hope my gym switches to a different company soon!

  18. Doesn’t work after recent update. Just getting a plain white screen.

  19. Was nice when the calendar would sync with the phone now the latest update only sends notification to the connected email, isn’t convenient when that email isn’t associated with the phone.

  20. Always problems, cant tell how many times I receive an error message and needs to reload

  21. I like the new app. Better design than the old one and usability is better. I have just a problem with the leaderboard. I cannot find it anymore in the app. It was on the workout page and could be accessed on a second tab but I just don’t see it there anymore. It’s a little frustrating because I want to be able to like others performances without having to go to the web page.

  22. It’s better than it was but there wasn’t really any place to go but up. Even with a persistent connection, there are notifications that appear but don’t disappear. The calendar sync places my classes at 1:30pm when they are booked for 5am (have verified timezones in both this app and calendar are set correctly). I would not use this app if it wasn’t what my gym supported, and even they are looking elsewhere. I struggle to understand what if any competitive advantage this platform is aiming for.

  23. When trying to open the app there is nothing but a white screen. Been like this for days now. Attempted multiple reinstall with no fix. App is useless in this state.

  24. App is ok, but every update there’s always issues with the units of measurement. Currently it’s overriding kg with lbs after I input results in kg

  25. These apps let you sign up in a minute but they will never let you cancel your subscription without a personal phone call or email…

  26. Don’t usually write reviews but wanted to for other people in my position. Read a lot of bad reviews that made me hesitant to move to the new app, but I can honestly say the app works really well for me. Really intuitive, no loading issues, easy to book classes, find and keep workout records. Thumbs up from me.

  27. Go back to the old app. This one is way too slow. The design is not user friendly. The color pattern makes it difficult to read. The app looks like a 1st grader put it together. Sometimes you have to realize you made a bad app and go back to the old one. This is one of those times. Update: the app loads faster now. Still not as user friendly as the old one but it has improved.

  28. Ben Soanes dice:

    Almost useless! I’ve only had 2 occasions in the past month where I’m not receiving a message saying “The connection has timed out”. I get this same message on 4 different devices and have tested over different wifi networks too. There are clearly some major server issues that should be fixed before this can be usable.

  29. Sam T dice:

    Doesn’t work. I have to use the black version to log results. I suspect the waitlist notifications are delayed. When I view specific classes, I often get kicked back to the schedule screen or worse ill touch the screen and it will scroll left or right to another menu. I’ve now got 4 wodify apps on my phone.

  30. Would be great to be notified to remind me to sign-in to a class, I always forget unless I need to add a result. Oh, and notify when booking window opens too would be great

  31. Will not open on my Samsung Ultra 21. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Changed password, cleared cache..

  32. D Pepper dice:

    Hard to use. I can see my workouts and log my results but miss my “whiteboard” from the old app. I like to EASILY see my team’s results and like and comment on their workouts. That was one of the “selling points” when I first started my gym group. Now it is hidden and need to apply a filter and swipe each athlete on the new app. Not convenient at all. Guess I need to reconsider for 2022.

  33. John C dice:

    If it actually worked it would be a good app. But it crashed days ago and still hasn’t come back up

  34. Very user-unfriendly app. Navigation is not intuitive. Old version is much more aesthetically pleasing, and not just because I’m used to it- I’ve only had this version but my husband has the old one.

  35. David C dice:

    Posting a workout to my local CrossFit Leaderboard is broken. I clearly entered 3 workouts with notes, and I don’t exist on the leaderboards

  36. I wouldn’t choose this app if my gym didn’t require it. The website it often down. The WODs don’t on loading the app, need to move to the class scheduled tab and back to the WOD screen. Adding workout results often fails and requires force closing the app, add a result, force close again, add result. 0/10 would but recommend any gym use Wodify.

  37. Ian Seward dice:

    Won’t open after latest update.

  38. Oscar Chen dice:

    New update just gives error response all the time, even after reinstalling and clearing storage and caches

  39. Wow! This app is a huge leap beyond either of the previous Wodify apps I have used. Has a great UI with a smart and intuitive layout. The responsiveness of the app is also much better than previous versions I’ve used. Only been using it for a week, but so far I am sold. Keep up the great work!

  40. I’ve loved every version of this app. I posted a review regarding syncing my Google calendar, and Becky sent back a detailed instruction on how to do it. Now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s perfect.

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