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Capital One Shopping helps you save money while you shop online.

Free for everyone – no Capital One account required

With Capital One Shopping:
– Find deals and savings from stores you love
– Earn Rewards and redeem for gift cards
– Easily find and apply available coupon codes

It does the work for you — it’s kinda genius.

In the last year alone, Capital One Shopping found over $160 million in savings.

Capital One Shopping is just another way Capital One is looking out for you and your money.


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Capital One Shopping FULL"

  1. Ivan dice:

    Capital One shopping is definitely worth it. It gives coupon codes, and rewards for things you buy online. The app though, is bad. Sometimes it doesn’t open, and the in app browser is slow and buggy and sometimes it doesn’t register purchases. It’s better to use the PC chrome extension.

  2. I’m torn on this app. I’ve located coupon codes that I couldn’t find otherwise and I’ve made a decent amount on cash back for gift cards. Having said that, he app is laggy, slow, and I’ve had to deal with the app not recording purchases. I’ve had to reach out to customer service several times regarding this issue. It may not seem like a big deal, but after going back and forth several times through email it makes it more trouble than it’s worth. Good concept but, the app needs to be fixed.

  3. Love capital one, but this app is a waste of time for me. It runs super slow on any of the offers I click. It also doesn’t give any big discounts. I pay just about the same as I do on the site or app without going through capital one and have faster performance and less lagging. There needs to be some major improvement to this before I would ever try it again.

  4. I tried shopping with the app and never had any luck. It certainly does not scan the internet for prices. Most of the time it can’t even find what I’m shopping for and I’m looking right at it so I know it’s on the internet, so start scanning! Advertising says it works in the background while you shop, searching for better prices; that’s never happened. Cannot believe Capital One wants their name on this.

  5. This app is a waste. It’s supposed to find the best deals and apply coupons the user wouldn’t otherwise find. It always recommends Amazon and compares Amazon price to eBay. The “coupon” it applies is literally the coupon you get by clicking the checkbox above the “add to cart” button. I pay the same price through the capital one app as I do the Amazon app, and half the time I find the item cheaper elsewhere by searching on my own. Don’t bother. Do your own research, you’ll be better off.

  6. Limiting, deceiving and a theif. There MANY exclusions and included products are limited. Also is confusing to understand what is included. pulls you in to make you think you are getting a good deal. I ordered through macy’s and didn’t receive any rewards. I guess what i ordered was excluded even though it wasn’t listed as an exclusion. If it was, it was NOT clearly defined. The only reason I bought it from Macys was for the 10% reward. Now I have to go through the trouble of canceling. It .

  7. On my phone, it doesn’t work as an add on to chrome, it’s just another platform to shop on and the supposed rewards are additional discounts for future shopping, not better prices. On my laptop, however, I do have the cap one add on and it does check prices and give coupon codes automatically. Just doesn’t work that way on the phone.

  8. P. D. dice:

    The app saved me $15 on my first shopping attempt. The sign-in process is too cumbersome though, too many steps and marketing “noise” before you can just get to what you want to do, which is look for discounts on what you want to put purchase. Also, when you finally get to a merchant’s website to purchase, program says it will automatically check available coupon codes for you at checkout. It didn’t. I had to try each one myself, though one finally did work.

  9. Name Name dice:

    Due to the massive ineptitude of the devs, you can’t link cards, because buttons to confirm are off screen and you can’t scroll to click. Or they show you a set of captcha images, but only the bottom 6 of the 9, and not the instructions at the top. Also any items you add to the watchlist are *only* watched on that one site, no others. You also don’t get notified if the price changes. Any ‘local’ deals are 99% Burger King “offers”. Completely Useless Garbage App.

  10. Decided to give this app the benefit of the doubt and installed it. Unlike many, I didn’t have any login issues, but…a search for “black angus ribeye steaks” (and even just simply “steaks”) turned up a huge list of results, which consisted of mostly smart watches and Bose headsets, among other electronics. Yup, it’s as bad as everyone said. Uninstalled.

  11. You guys gotta fix the app backing out of stores’ pages and clearing carts when switching apps. I had my cart full of a bunch of stuff, switched to my banking app to check my balance real quick, switched right back and the COS app was on the home screen. Cart cleared out. Not gonna take the time to fill it back up. Taking it as a sign from god.

  12. Prices are not accurate. This app supposedly compares prices against the Amazon price. For instance, say that your looking for an umbrella. This app lists the Amazon price and then compares that price to a half dozen other stores. I looked up 6 different items (art supplies) and this app listed each item on average about $20 more than the true Amazon price.

  13. Generally underwhelming. App loads very slowly if ever and is buggy when adding credit cards. I’ve been trying to use the app off and on for a few weeks, and I haven’t been able to get a single “deal” yet because of glitches and bad info. You’d think a company as big as this one could afford a functional app.

  14. Honestly, I don’t see the purpose of this app. I had searched for a turtle beach 700 xbox one gaming headset. It told me I could buy it from a site and save $9. I select to view other offers. This app displayed the wrong pricing for various websites like Amazon, and Walmart. This app is useless. You are simply better off checking the individual sites for proper information.

  15. Some of you made it further than I did. On the mobile app, I continued to get the “Passwords must match” error. After typing in the passwords both top line and bottom, still the same error. Unable to see what password was typed in, well, how does one know if it is their error or a buggy app? Checking the reviews, I’ll go with buggy app. I am sure that CapitalOne will get things repaired and working properly. The last update was, this morning. Oh well, if I get to log in and it works I hope to update this review, for now, a 2 as I do expect it will improve.

  16. I love savings, but I noticed the price on items is more on this sight. When you get the discounts the price drops down to the original discounted price. Not really sure, if there is ANY REAL SAVINGS! I will continue to use the application and re-rate the application later.✌

  17. I haven’t had any issues like other users getting my reward points. My issue is when you cash in your points for gift cards, the selection of stores is extremely limited, unless you shop at Macy’s or Bass Pro Shop. There’s only about 20 stores/restaurants you can get gifts cards for and every one is pretty useless. Get more stores on board with your reward redemption program and the app will be 10x’s better!

  18. I’m usually happy. UT there seems to be a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Had to update so that I could type in the search bar for home depot. Afterwards I wanted to search a specific product to compare prices abd it wouldn’t let me wipe the older search couldn’t even get my keyboard to pop up. Bummed please fix

  19. I have had a capital one account for 6 months. “Shopping” by capital one will not let me sign in or create an account. Everything in good standing with cap one, but the shopping app will not load. I’ve tried multiple times over the past few weeks. Had to reset passwords 3 times….still won’t let me in or let me create a new one. Samsung note 20

  20. Nothing at all like the desktop extension. I must not know how to use this app because it’s never found a deal for me. I use my tablet the same way I use my laptop and this app can’t even be used with a browser so it’s useless to me. Uninstalling until the developers get themselves together and make the experience or mobile seamless with desktop.

  21. App literally doesn’t even function. When signing in with my Capital One account, gives me an “input schema error” every time regardless of what I try. “Free for everyone to use” except, I suppose, if you use Pixel 6 and devs haven’t optimized the app.

  22. Great app. Able to use virtual card numbers for online shopping so your actual card number is not exposed. Looks for coupon codes and lower prices on other sites. Rewards accumulated when lower prices are found. Awesome so far!

  23. I love it The first time I used it and actually followed the suggestioned places to shop, I saved almost $300.00 AND because I shopped on line and shopped at the suggested stores, my things were on sale, I also got $134.00 cash back!!! No, i was not paid to promote Cap one shopping, nor do I work for Cap one or know any of their employees!

  24. Nancy Q dice:

    Would be great doing app but it takes too long to get paid for each shopping trip. This app has great rewards, usually higher amounts back than Rakuten but they take FOREVER to credit you the money earned.

  25. This app is awful to say the least. Didn’t want to give any stars, that’s how bad this is. Installed app and it never opened, kept trying and trying at least 5 times. I final uninstalled. No discount is worth the hassle or frustration.

  26. I prefer the online extension vs the app because I have to use the app where when one uses laptop/ desktop extension it just checks prices automatically and I’ve other extensions u can compare their discount or get cash back regardless of payment.

  27. Great tool to apply coupons and get cash back. Well worth downloading. Free and easy to use.

  28. Freaking Awesome! I appreciate that the app proactively finds codes for discounts to help me with my purchases. It has helped me save so much money. I freaking live this app! I have it downloaded on my phone and laptop.

  29. Save your device’s memory and skip this app. Have capital one account, have an amazon prime account. Wont let me past the zip code screen, with information that is entered correctly/accurately. UNFUNCTIONAL WASTE OF TIME 😡

  30. Very easy to use coupons and sometimes it even finds the best one in the background without the annoying screen refreshes!

  31. it’s kind of annoying and constantly butts into everything you do on the web trying to save you money and offer you deals, but it’s saved a few pennies in the hour I’ve been using it

  32. This is a joke. I used Paribus all the time and it was fantastic but ever since Capital One took it over, its called price protection now, its worse than useless. I’ve got orders stretching back over a year that this app claims are still on the way.

  33. Seriously, one of my favorite apps ever. I have the plug-in on my computer, and it saves me money all the time with coupon codes. It’s so easy and I don’t have to look anything up!

  34. Alisha dice:

    I’m able to log in on a web browser but it won’t let me log in on the app, so this app is useless. Keeps saying my password is incorrect but only in the app.

  35. m dice:

    does not work, support is clueless – still does not work 4/17 … log in with cap one login info & does nothing, opt to have email sent to me and receive error i’m not connected to the internet. what kind of UAT was done?!?

  36. This app is useless. If you use it and don’t read the fine print, they will reverse your rewards if you “modify” your order in any way. No point in using this app.

  37. Cannot sign into app. Continues continues to check that I am not a robot but it does not complete the application. Have tried several times.

  38. When you make a purchase from a store with a discount, it should show as a pending transaction in the app or something so you know you have money coming back and know it went through. As of now, I have made a few purchases, and I think they worked, but I have no idea because it just shows a zero balance, so I’m not sure if it worked or not.

  39. Fadi dice:

    This app is too smooth. The way it integrates with affiliated websites without breakage is a technical marvel. I applaud you, Capital One. You never cease to over-deliver on your products, all the while dispensing with the unnecessary fanfare..

  40. AWESOME APP !! Even if an unusual or high amount item is charged, they actually text and/or email you to vetify it was really made by you. Great privacy !! App gives good iteas how to raise you Cr. rating and keeps you aware of your credit score and what has affected it, good or bad. Suggests Good cards to apply for that WILL accept you. Any credit score changes, they notify you of even hard or soft inquires. VERY HELPFUL & INFORMATIVE APP 🙂 OVERALL RATING👍👍👍👍👍

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