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Weather Forecast & Storm Radar: local rain tracker, weather maps & alerts
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The Weather Channel is the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster**. Prepare for the severe weather and winter ahead. Our storm alerts and severe weather warnings can help prepare you for winter storms, rain, snow and more. Live radar updates, hourly rain tracker, storm radar news, and local weather forecast on the go.

Live Doppler radar maps, severe weather widgets, and accurate weather updates can warn you ahead of time of heavy rain, winter storms, or an incoming blizzard. Receive your forecast updates and rest assured with our weather warnings. Extreme weather is increasing across the nation – our severe weather alerts have you covered. Local weather reports can prepare you for what’s ahead: storm season, heavy rain, snow, and more.

Stay informed with our daily forecast tracking page that shows you live precipitation by the hour. Winter is almost here. Plan up to 15 days in advance with forecasts from the world’s most accurate weather forecaster and plan ahead with confidence**. Our storm radar widget will alert you to changes and can provide local radar updates on your home screen. Be alerted when a storm is coming and get the latest forecast. Weather maps enabled with GPS, live radar readings, storm radar alerts, and weather warnings help you face whatever the clouds may bring.

The Weather Channel Features:

Weather Tracker & Storm Radar:
– Hourly snow and rain tracker
– 24-hour future radar
– Rain Tracker & storm tracker keep you informed
– Local radar: Plan outdoor & winter activities with ease
– ‘Feels Like’ feature lets you plan what to wear before stepping out of the house
– Forecast updates hourly & daily; plan ahead with confidence

Severe Weather Widget:
– Radar feature & rain tracker lets you follow weather patterns
– Snow radar makes tracking storms throughout snow & blizzard season easy
– Local radar updates, severe weather alerts in your area, & forecast readings for the next 3 hours – all on your home screen

Additional Features:
– Widget & features are compatible with dark mode: – turn your Android device to dark mode for a great viewing experience
– Forecasts include detailed information on sunset times, allergies, & pollen forecasts
– Get the latest weather news
– Live alerts for additional coverage on severe weather events, snowfall & hurricanes.

Get The Weather Channel Premium for our most comprehensive, dynamic, and precise weather experience for exclusive access to:
– Ad-free weather
– 15-minute forecast details
– Advanced radar
– & more!

Privacy & Feedback
– Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here:
– Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:
– If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch at [email protected]

**The Weather Channel is the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster. ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2020,, commissioned by IBM. The Weather Channel’s global percent of top rankings averaged over all forecast lead days (1-9) during 2020 was at least 3.5 times higher than any other weather provider studied. Derived by IBM using data from the study.

*The World’s Leading Weather Provider: According to Comscore, The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel, is the largest provider of weather forecasts worldwide based on total monthly unique visitors in 2020. Comscore Media Metrix®, Worldwide Rollup Media Trend, News/Information – Weather category incl. [P] Weather Company, The and [M] Weather Channel, The, Jan-Dec. 2020 avg.

App Annie: The Weather Channel app combined had over 55 million monthly active users worldwide each month from January through December 2020, over 4M total 5 star ratings from 9/2016 to present and was downloaded 255 million times worldwide from 2012 through 2020.

The Weather Channel® is a registered trademark of TWC Product and Technology, LLC, an IBM Company.


Thanks for using The Weather Channel app! We are constantly working to add new features and improve your app experience. In this release:
- NEW Widgets: Discover all your local weather info directly on your homescreen, with a 3-hour forecast, live radar, and daily temperatures in your area.
We value your feedback! Email us at [email protected] with any questions or suggestions.
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64 comentarios en "The Weather Channel – Radar MODDED 2022"

  1. Andrew Manning dice:

    Every few months another change comes along that makes the app worse and worse, every. Single. Time. I haven’t seen a single change in the last 4 years that made me say, “wow, that is so much better than it was before.” Add all of that to what seems to be a fairly constant degradation in precipitation reliability over the past several years and what we’re left with is an app barely deserving of 2 stars. I typically got better from newspaper forecasts in the 90s. Isn’t weather tech improving?

  2. DH PSU-2016 dice:

    Lost a star. Since 4/1/22 it struggles to open, it can’t find the server! I’m connected to WiFi and have 4 bars but it just spins, saying connecting to server or asking me if I’m online. It’s not my service because all other apps open. I did notice the issue of the ads interfering with the weather content is fixed, thank you. The ads are annoying but you still have work to do to convince me that this worth paying for. Deliver a reliable product and I’ll pay to eliminate all the ads.

  3. Carol Dressic dice:

    I put up with ads that last forever that you have to sit through before each video and I put up with how slow it is to load and change screens. but now I think I’ve had enough of the Weather Channel app. They changed the weather radar map and it’s hard to navigate and not easy to read. So I’m deleting this app that I’ve had for 5 years because you changed it for the worse.

  4. Ben Asmann dice:

    An immediate install on every phone for years. A staple, if you will. That’s what TWC used to be. Now it’s just another shameless ad, begging for your money with every screen touch, like every other app now. Thanks for holding the forecast hostage. I even paid for Premium for several months, and when I turned off auto-renewal, everything immediately became an ad to return to premium, WHEN I WAS STILL PAID UP THROUGH THE MONTH. Cant wait to give a one-time $10 or $15 to a real weather app.

  5. Michael T dice:

    If you’re looking for weather with an extensive pallet of highly configurable features and notification options, the pro version of TWC is highly recommended. After experimenting with competing apps from several developers over the last few weeks, I feel that TWC sets the standard for providing the most features in a user-friendly UI. But again, I’m referring to the paid version as I didn’t spend much time evaluating the free one.

  6. Brad W dice:

    I have been using TWC app since like day 1 when they first made an app for Android. It was great until this awful new update. The radar is garbage now. They literally made the functionality WORSE. Unless I’m missing something, the tiny little scroll bar for the “past” radar is like 1/4 of the time frame and 3/4 of the time frame is the future! I don’t care about the future radar because it’s notoriously wrong! There are other changed features that are annoying too. Make it simple like it was!!

  7. Kim Hill dice:

    I’ve had a “Small Craft Advisory” on my phone since August and now I’ve got a “Gale Warning” that will not go away. No matter what the weather is they are the only alerts I can see. When we have actual bad weather, I cannot open or access the new, current alerts. This is especially annoying now that winter is here. Have contacted customer service multiple times re issue with no reply. Experiencing it across multiple devices. This is a safety issue, as well as irritating.

  8. I deleted this app a year ago because the lightning and real time rain alerts would randomly turn off. I decided to give it another chance, but it’s still doing the same thing. I’ll randomly look at the alerts and all the alerts will be turned off, even though I turned them on. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been addressed yet. It’s not phone specific either because I’ve used this app on separate phones and it still does the same thing.

  9. Overall the paid version is a good experience with no ads, but I would like to see the wind speed/direction information included in the top current information card so users don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find wind data. Either that or let users create their own current information and relist, reorganize, and prioritize their own weather cards.

  10. I have used this app for many years now and it used to be great. I have stopped getting alerts when my area has any kind of watch or warning despite having all the settings on my phone and app set to receive them and my phone all the way up. Also, noticed that the radar is no longer giving the option to see watches and warnings on the radar.

  11. This is my go-to weather app. It works well most of the time. My one complaint is that the ads on the free version have gotten more frequent and bigger. It is still a pretty clean interface though. Very good accuracy for my area, sometimes less for others when I’ve traveled elsewhere.

  12. Been bothered about this for a while but, never said anything. Before they created the 100% subscription model, they had an purchase option to get rid of ads permanently. I believe it was $1.99 or $2.99. Whatever it was, I was supposed to have no ads forever. Weather channel gets bought out, they change the model and say screw the people who’d already purchased the ad free option. I think that’s really foul. Anyone who purchased the ad free version previously should’ve been grandfathered in.

  13. Joe Jones dice:

    Don’t bother paying for more features. The free features don’t even work properly. I’m supposed to get real-time rain and lightning (within 10 miles) alerts. Just had a hurricane and didn’t get a single alert from this app, not eventhe government alerts. But, my local news station app gave me notifications. I like the radar because I can pause it, but that’s really the only thing that work properly.

  14. c j dice:

    I’ve used this app on every phone I’ve ever had. It has it has had its ups and downs over the years. The last few years they have leaned hard into trying to convince me to sign up for a subscription while allowing the app to get continually more glitchy. Interesting move. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to try to correct a week long lag issue. It’s better but mot fully resolved. I’ve started exploring other apps.

  15. Jake dice:

    I have been using The Weather Channel app as my primary weather app for many years. With this latest update, the app performs horribly. It’s like watching a PowerPoint presentation and it takes forever to load after each screen. All of my other apps perform perfectly fine. They need to optimize this app in a new uodate or I won’t be using it again.

  16. I’ve had this application installed for years on quite a variety of phones. No matter how popular the phone or how strong the Internet connection, this app never fails to disappoint. It crashes and becomes unresponsive like no other app I’ve owned. When I am able to get a forecast it’s usually wildly inaccurate. Forget forecasts, this app can’t tell me the weather outside my window. Do yourself a favor and find an alternative.

  17. It’s a great app when it’s working right. However, within the last month it has been freezing up, closing out, glitching, not switching between tabs/page links, & not always showing the entire page. I have to close the app out entirely several times & go back in again just to get all the weather info. Not sure what is going on, but please fix this. It’s not just on my phone either. It’s my phone, my husband’s, & a my parents who have different phones & a different service provider.

  18. I’ve used this app for 10+ years on every phone I’ve owned and never had issues. I’m not sure what the deal is with the last update (within the last 2 weeks) but this app has turned glitchy and unresponsive for 5-10 seconds at a time. It makes it hard to want to continue using. I’m really hoping there is an additional update for this coming soon. Currently using a Samsung A51 5G.

  19. LO LO dice:

    This app has to do one thing, open and show me whether in my neighborhood. Well, it doesn’t. It opens and shows me weather in another neighborhood that often has completely different weather. The difference between Los Angeles and over by the beaches is vast. We are a part of LA but the weather is much different than elsewhere. This is highly annoying. I shouldn’t have to hit search and navigate to my neighborhood each time. And yes I tried messing with this in settings.

  20. Used to work decently and even with the ads, it was fine. However, with the latest update it has become incredibly slow and unusable. I don’t know if it is a bad patch or if the increase in the amount of ads is just requiring too many resources. If the slowness is addressed and fixed, I would continue to use it but otherwise I will be looking for a much better alternative.

  21. Thomas S dice:

    I’ve used this app on two phones and the first one I used this app on works perfectly fine. The phone im currently using, the second one, I can’t get past the app’s start screen it just keeps on saying “Connecting to Server” and I’ve waited for almost 2 hours at one point and it still doesn’t load. Ive also tried uninstall & installing. I trust in getting the right weather too and if this app doesn’t fix the slow loading screen and make the weather Semi accurate, I’ll find another weather app.

  22. Apparently after that update at the end of July, the app freezes up every time I open it.. and during severe weather the other day I immediately went on the weather channel app on my phone and it took 5 minutes before I could see where the severe weather was. This is what I rely on when I do have bad weather in my area. Whatever update you did it didn’t do anything worthwhile, it just created more problems for me and I probably will change over to a different weather app if it continues.

  23. This app works fine when it comes to weather forecasts but the ads get in the way of seeing the forecasts. I also get notifications for news stories that have little, if at all, to do with the weather and the news notifications cannot be turned off (I tried). I uninstalled and looking for a new weather app.

  24. Not really sure when but in the last month, two months, the weather reports have been completely wrong. It will say the wrong temperature entirely, the weekly outlooks will be nothing like what actually occurs. My final straw was the app saying it was cloudy out, to open my door and find it pouring rain that was not reported. I’m not sure where it’s pulling data, but it isn’t accurate in the slightest anymore. The news feature is nice, but i can do that on the website.

  25. Anthony dice:

    TWC has always excelled when it comes to their forecasts and the app is no different. My biggest complaint is the future radar though. It’s terrible. It’s not accurate and you’re stuck with it interfering with your radar experience. I think there used to be a option to turn the future radar off a while back, but that’s long gone now. I only have the radar/clouds layer to turn to and it loops less than two hours. Sigh… the radar really isn’t the greatest.

  26. I love how accurate the weather information is. What I hate about the app is you cannot personalize it to your needs; in reference to moving whole sections around. For example “Hurricane information” I never use it, I don’t live in a Hurricane zone, so I would love to be able to move the section to the bottom of the app, or choose to not display it. Allergies & UV info is much more important for me, so I would move those sections to the maybe the middle of the app display.

  27. K Larson dice:

    App has become extremely slow in at the very least the one of the last two updates. Scrolling is stuttered/choppy, as if it needs more time to load every time you scroll up or down a page. The Rader takes full minute(s) at time to load each frame of of the radar. Phone is running on 5G of 5G wifi at all times and all other apps on this phone run quickly and efficiently with the internet. This problem makes it frustrating to use the app quickly and easily as one use to be able to do. Needs fixing

  28. Used to be that I had 2 widgets, one for home and one for the location I was in. Since updating phone, now the location tracking widget no longer works, and just stays locked and whatever the last location I was at was. Have tried removing and replacing widget but no success. Highly irritating, as trivial as it may sound. Was nice for a quick glance at what conditions are in 2 places at once. EDIT: 1 Star now. App won’t even switch to another city when I search for it.

  29. I regularly get notifications from this app, and clicking the notification never takes me to anything related to the notification. Instead it takes me to the same sensationalist “news” story. Clicking back then gives me an ad. Good luck actually trying to find anything in the app either; the interface is unintuitive for should other than local weather.

  30. Only works half the time on my Samsung phone. When it’s able to pull up the information for my location, it works very well. However it only works half the time. I don’t live out in the boonies. No other apps have this issue on my phone. If it was consistent I would use it as the only weather app, but instead I have to always have one next to it that will work every time even though it is slightly inferior. For the past year it fails to load and says there’s an issue.

  31. Been using this app for close to a decade. When the ads started up, I dealt with it but still worked the same. Latest update and now the app is nearly unusable. The app hangs constantly. Takes 5 seconds oh hanging before touch input is recognized, 2 seconds later it hangs again for 5 seconds, rinse repeat. Tried clearing data and cache, tried Uninstaller and reinstalling. Neither helped. Please fix.

  32. Love the options for daily and hourly forecast. Their are hardly any ads even with the unpaid version! Which is AWESOME!! The ads that are there seem like they are part of the weather channel app as well. They are not intrusive like alot of other apps. I would pay for the opportunity to have the hourly forecast extend beyond the current length. I can’t wait to check out the widgets! Great job!

  33. Kat Muir dice:

    Not sure who screwed it up, the weather is never accurate. I get rain starting soon while it’s already raining, you also can’t clear the notification with a swipe. You have to bring down the weather app menu and click on the specific notification to clear. The temp at the top keeps defaulting to 82, then when I open the app it updates however the app says 70 degrees but the widget at the top says 68

  34. The app has recently had glitches that prevent it from opening properly. After opening the app says data not available at this time. At other times the data is not refreshed and will show information from hours before. This is not acceptable. The adds are very inappropriate and intrusive. Pop-ups for McDonald’s app downloaded without my permission.

  35. The amount of ads that keep getting in the way of me checking the weather during severe storms is disgusting. I’m in the Midwest where a lot of dangerous weather takes place. I need access to the radar and hourly updates, but everytime I switch between the two I get ads that won’t let me close until 30 seconds (sometimes more) have passed. You guys make plenty of money, who don’t need all these advertisements getting in the way of people’s lives!

  36. I used to absolutely love this app and I’ve been using it for years on all of my phones but I am unfortunately uninstalling today due to WAY too many ads! I just want to look at the weather and every few clicks I get an ad. And why would ANYONE sign up for a premium membership on a WEATHER APP. If you like wasting money and staring at ads instead of the weather then this is the perfect app for you!

  37. Highly disappointed, as of late. I’ve had this app about 10 years and just within the last month, the app freezes up constantly and I even missed a severe weather warning yesterday afternoon/early evening. I’ve decided that was the last straw. What if it had been a tornado? Thank goodness I was already prepared but a missed severe weather warning? Pathetic and completely unnecessary. Save yourself the waste of a download and go for a different app!

  38. While it is great with weather and the weather related stories, the app itself is glitchy. It doesn’t refresh itself so I’m constantly seeing weather on my home screen from 12-24 hours prior. If I want it to be current, I have to open the app then close it and open again for the weather to be shown as current weather. It’s really getting frustrating. If it’s not fixed I’m dumping the app for weather bug.

  39. I have no idea what happened but now this app freezes all the time. I have to keep deleting it & reinstalling it to see the weather. It won’t scroll & when it finally does, it flying pass what I wanted to see. This app has become completely awful!!!! I’m so disappointed!!! The worse part is they’re reviews written about this issue & it’s just not being fixed. Obviously, they just don’t care anymore. Just a huge disappointment!!!

  40. For an app about weather, there are a huge number of ads. Also, some problems: 1) I have it set to Fahrenheit and if I open the app, that’s fine; HOWEVER, every forecast for the next day is in Celsius. Why? 2) Temperature is pinned to my notification bar, but the past week or 2, it does not update and REVERTS maybe the first temp of the day? Significantly off, like 20 degrees. Then I open the app, current temp resets for a couple hours, then back to last night’s temp. All. Day. Samsng N10+

  41. so far I like this app, not really problems with freezing up or anything, I like the hourly and weekly out looks. Rader is nice also shows you how it’s suppose to play out. it’s fairly accurate but it’s off from time to time but all weather reports are off from time to time, so that’s not really a surprise, as a Farmer I’d say it’s one of the best I’ve used so far, current wind, rain and temperature seem accurate which is important to me.

  42. Despite having current location enabled, I get severe alerts for the wrong county. My town is in two counties and I get alerts for the wrong one. Sometimes these are for weather situations 70 miles away. Sent detailed email to support; got no response. Ultimately I uninstalled the app. AccuWeather, Weather Bug, and others don’t have this issue.

  43. I can’t get it to change from one of my favorites to my current location. The widget always shows the wrong location. If I change it to current location & close the app it goes back to one of the favorites instead of current location. I wasted a yearly subscription on this app. Don’t waste your money too. I would prefer if I could customize it to be more transparent and change the colors, also extend it to be 4 x 1 instead of 3 x 1 to look better on my home screen.

  44. Josh dice:

    Edit : 5*s. Works perfectly now. Canceled Subscription 🙁 I really like this app. Works great. As a long haul truck driver I use it 2-3 times daily. Especially during the winter months. Unlocks several benefits when doing so, such as the 24hr radar and extended forecast. Issue is, since I subbed in July 2021 on two separate occasions the app seems to think that I do not have a paid sub. It will last for days that way and remember that I have paid.

  45. This app can give your phone some sort of virus. It used to be great. Now the pop up adds and adds in general have become unbearable. My phone started wigging out the last few months, and would just automatically start clicking all kinds of things on my screen and would always open the weather app. I deleted the app, didn’t have an issue any more. Either way, be prepared to get barraged with adds and pop ups if you choose to download. And potentially a virus.

  46. The line graph for daily temperatures was very useful and for some reason they just got rid of it, along with doubling the number of ads and adding pop-up ads. I tried out the free trial of the “premium” service, which is supposed to have no ads, but I still have to scroll past some irrelevant clickbait (e.g. “Is Chicken-Free Chicken Sandwich More Sustainable?” at the moment) to see key info like wind speed and humidity. “Premium” should get rid of those or at least move them to a separate tab

  47. Sarah B dice:

    Update, the ads are even worse now and have sound. Decent weather app that is swarming with full page advertisements that are misleading, meaning exiting out of them is purposefully difficult in an attempt to get clicks regardless if they’re accidental. Switching from one page to another guarantees you have to sit through another full page ad, or close and restart the app.

  48. All the ads are easy to invasive. It’s gotten to the point where when you’re trying to urgently look up info for your area only to get a pop-up taking up the whole screen. I can see this causing issues for someone who’s anxiously needing info for their local area. Yes, you can, of course, pay for no ads if you don’t mind another subscription service.

  49. It started working after I posted this review. Now I’m back to the same glitches with notifications going crazy. None of my other apps do this!! I’m paying for a lot of frustration and poor product. No longer capable of getting the ongoing temperature notification on screen. All the notifications are screwed up and have been for quite some time. Nothing works despite my efforts. I’m paying for this! Very disappointed.

  50. This is the most accurate weather app for my area, but the app is bloated with ads to the point of it being hard to find the actual weather. Premium to remove ads is a monthly subscription that is unreasonably expensive. I also keep getting notifications for irrelevant news stories despite turning these off multiple times. I tried turning off all notifications too.

  51. Sky H dice:

    The constant full page video(with audio) ads are the last straw. I don’t mind a banner ad or the occasional pop up but this is just unusable. It’s all ads! Ads disguised as articles, ads that move and force you to click them because there’s so many ads that the actual weather content can’t load! And now the ads include audio so I can’t check the freaking weather in bed next to my sleeping husband. I will be looking for a different app.

  52. Rita dice:

    I purchased the app before they went all subscription, and all of a sudden, it stopped working. However, I can subscribe monthly but can’t even use the widget. Just doesn’t go to the screen. Too bad, because I love the weather channel but I shouldn’t be expected to subscribe to something I purchased in 2015 that was supposed to he permanent

  53. I really enjoyed the app and forecasting for several years until all of the pop-up ads started in the last 6 months or so. I don’t mind advertising. I understand that’s part of the game unfortunately, but it’s way out of control now. Particularly on the full version of their website. Switching to weather underground until they get that mess sorted out.

  54. A reasonably accurate app much of the time, but not MOST of the time, and certainly not as accurate as expected in the (near) year 2023. For example, just yesterday, at 11:00 am, their app showed clear, uneventful skies for our town, for that day and 5-days to follow, yet six short hours later, we had heavy snow flurries, with 3″ of total snowfall. That’s ridiculously unacceptable, amateurish and WAY off-the-mark, given the advanced technology readily available to the Weather Channel. Not good!

  55. I’m rating one star after having this app on my phone for years for 1 reason that has plagued it the whole time: every time I got one of their stupid “current news,” notifications, which are vaguely related to weather at the very most but I digress, it would slow my phone to the point of almost breaking it. I would tap it to wake it up and suddenly my screen wouldn’t turn on for roughly 10 seconds each time. I’m sick of it.

  56. Robert dice:

    This app is dumb. No weather banner on the status bar and it kept sending me notifications about irrelevant topics, and giving me ads. I tried to turn them off, but I had to figure out that there were 3 different sub menus to get it to shut up. When I look for the weather, I have to click through multiple menus before I see weather, and it’s preemptively in an exploded view that I have to close before I can read. It is my belief that this was made with ads in mind, not detailing the weather.

  57. This app used to be fantastic but now it has gotten so bad I uninstalled it. When first opened it takes forever to load and then when I tap on the notice for a winter storm alert all I get is the infinitely loading symbol, very helpful! Also, the radar function used to work but now it doesn’t. I bike to work and rely on a good weather app to tell me when rain, snow, or other weather events are expected. The Weather Channel app doesn’t help me with any of that. I will not be going back.

  58. Used to love, but now I can barely find the weather because of all the ads! I just uninstalled this morning after having to ex out of several full screen ads within seconds of eachother. This is in addition to all other ads that you have to scroll through to see the weather report. I understand ads and I don’t mind them usually but this is way too much. No thanks.

  59. Ads with sound on. There’s enough ads throughout the app, I don’t need a weather app that randomly (after years of never having ads that hijack the app) makes me watch an ad with sound turned on by default and that I have to hunt find a mute button. The app has been slow for years and constantly updated to add more unnecessary features and change locations of features counterintuitive to the previous version. I’m happy to say it’s now uninstalled.

  60. The app is super slow and glitchy. I have to literally wait two to three minutes before I can even do anything on it or I get a notification saying the app stopped working do I want to wait or close the app. The advertisements that are posted throughout it are mostly false information and are more like clickbait. In order to see more options I have to sign up and pay for them. It’s supposed to be a weather station not for profit.

  61. I have had this app for well over a decade and I have come to hate it. It used to be a great app to tell me the weather. Now all it does is force notifications to get premium and clutter my notifications with useless videos about topics that are not weather related. The ads are also horrendous. Want to use the radar. Ad at the bottom. Looking for the forecast, ad between each day. My notification panel. 6 useless and infuriating ads a day that are not weather related. This application is awful.

  62. My app isn’t working properly! And I depend on and use it alot! Something keeps forcing the app closed. 15 Nov. ’22 Can you please fix layers button and the other. Why would you put them right in the middle of screen, or directly over the map. Place it somewhere else on the screen. And get rid of those freaking ads. Smh…

  63. The ads are ridiculous. Try to scroll down to look at future forecasts and it drags me back to the top every time an ad pops up. The ads also cut the daily forecasts in half. Try to go from daily to hourly and an ad covers your entire screen. Constantly advertising the premium package. Used to love it. Now it’s a 1 star. Edit: it’s even worse. They removed play buttons on their videos so you HAVE to watch the ads in order to watch the video. If you try to go back on a video, another ad.

  64. I used to love this app but every update has made it increasingly annoying to use. Having ads in an app is one thing. But a lot of the ads are clickbait or otherwise uninteresting. Worse still, the app was programmed to deliberately move app icons around to fit the ads, which causes users like me to unintentionally tap the ad instead of, say, an expanded weather chart. I uninstalled after it tricked me into an ad for the last time! This advertising practice needs to be banned!

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