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Do you like travelling to odd places? 🗺 Fancy renovating abandoned spots? ⚒️ Or maybe you just want to take a break and play a relaxing mini-game? 👾

Klondike has it all! Join in for so much fun:

🍿 FOLLOW THE STORY of Paul and Kate going through quite a life! This is going to feel like your favorite TV show, we promise!

💫 EXPLORE numerous locations set in various landscapes and having their own distinct content. This game has it all! 🤩

🏘 BUILD a flourishing city with factories & farms, mine for resources and craft everything you need for travels, quests, new buildings and orders from the locals dropping by your town.

🐏 FARM simulation in the wild! Raise animals & harvest crops, make food for yourself and to trade.

🏆 COMPETE with neighboring farm owners & take as many craft and farm orders as you can during the timed events held among all the players of the simulation game!

✅ UNLOCK challenging quests! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve mysteries and build up ancient ruins in every town or village they travel to.

🎯 PLAY fun mini-games at your farm and at other locations!

🏔 ENJOY the breathtaking scenery & landscapes of various locations! Every corner of your small northern town is packed with wonders of nature and history!

👨‍🌾 MEET outstanding game characters and hear their compelling stories during your journeys from one town to another!

🌄 The wild lands hide many thrilling adventures. Enjoy the best Klondike simulator! 🎒

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Unexplained mysteries and incredible adventures in our big update:
- Ghosts are after sweets again! Can you stop them?
- Ricardo challenges the sea monster and his own fears.
- Celebrate Halloween with real vampires!
- Paul gives lessons on good behavior in the continuation of Chapter 14.
- Face nature and test yourself with Lorelei!


40 comentarios en "Klondike Adventures 2022"

  1. Very weird, uncohesive game. Once through the tutorial phase, you can maybe do 3 things (such as chopping down a tree) before your energy runs out and you have to wait hours for it to refill. Crafting times on items take 5+ minutes for just beginner items. And the “dreams” are just.. bizarre. Small, badly animated flash games that serve no purpose and I have zero idea why they were put in the game. It’s very jarring.

  2. Ruth P dice:

    I’ve given this game 5 stars for several years. So disappointed that the bonus level required so much energy. And even more disappointed that the videos were changed to outside advertising. Most of the videos don’t even load. If I wasn’t a loyal player for a few years I’d leave one star. But hopefully there’s potential to go back to the way it was….so 2 stars.

  3. At first I had this at 2 stars. Oddly the game is harder at the beginning and then starts getting easier as you collect more ways to generate energy. Energy is still an issue as is just how much it costs to get anything done in game but this last event did give a good amount of energy via plants so I was pretty happy with that. I moved it back to 3 because of the massive amount of notifications (57 in one day).

  4. Rebecca dice:

    Don’t bother with this game unless you have good wifi or plan on using a LOT of data. It’s always wanting to download something. And the mini-games are stupid. It’s an ok game but the energy is difficult to get and takes too long to refill. The original version of this game was better, but it still required a good wifi connection or used a lot of data. I WISH the developers would create a game like this that would NOT require data or wifi. Some of us can’t afford such things.

  5. Game is fun but a few problems are really making things bad. The videos you need to watch to get resources almost never load, even after multiple attempts. Frequently when you are able to watch them, it goes back to the game but doesn’t give the resources still. Also the game is constantly crashing. Within a 5 minute span, it will crash at least once. Also any time you go from one area to another. It’s very frustrating!

  6. Mindy C. dice:

    The game is cute….but it’s so frustrating the amount of energy it takes to clear bushes vs amount of energy you get (50). It’s only enough for you to remove MAYBE 5-8 bushes And the amount of bushes in the way in order to move ahead is also frustrating. I clear the bushes and I can clearly see the path in front, but you need to specifically that ONE bush in order to move on. Wasting so much energy.

  7. Klondike events are the best part, but you absolutely have to spend real money to make it even halfway through. To their credit the developers have added lots of different ways to earn free energy, but when it’s +10 energy and a single bush costs 26 energy- that’s not sustainable for any real length of play. I’ve been playing for a while but it gets frustrating to not be able to play very much without spending $$$ so I intend on taking a break.

  8. This is one of two games I play daily. Most months, I’ve played for free, with an occasional small game purchase. Watching ads has been an option to increase rewards, not a requirement to play. You cannot play for long periods without breaks, as you run out of energy. Energy recovers with time, even if your device is off. You must have a connection to their server to play, so you cannot play offline. New areas to explore that are available for a few days appear frequently.

  9. This game starts out pretty good, but they don’t give you enough ways to get your energy up fast enough, then they throw quests that you every week and don’t give you time to stock back up on energy. Yes you don’t have to do all the side quests, but other than that the game is boring if you don’t. I’ve been playing it since the beginning, I go in every once in awhile and fiddle around with it, but it has lost my interest. Give us ways to build up energy like in Atlantis Odyssey!

  10. I like the game. I also don’t mind spending a little cash on games like these. HOWEVER the amount of energy it takes to complete a task is insane. The halloween quest is ridiculous with energy. 30 points for a tree but I need to chop 15! 14 points to get apples that will net 6 more points. 14 points for lilies but I need 9. With this logic, I’d log in and play for 30 seconds at a time. Give more energy up front and grow it slower or reduce the energy costs overall.

  11. Have to reload game constantly; it crashes, screen locks and turns green; flutters and stalls every time I click to get to other lands. I don’t click balloon man anymore because trying to view the video locks the screen and I have to reload–again. Crashes every time when I try to view videos– I’m disapointed because I really like Klondike, it’s an interesting game, but frustrating having to constantly reload it. I wish it performed better.

  12. Ayla dice:

    It’s ok but not anything like the pictures. Game is playable up until it goes all independent and then after 5 or so minutes of playing it just isn’t fun anymore, because energy runs out so fast. Without paying real money for purchases you can’t really do much in this game. Still, the intro part is fun and lasts a while.

  13. Mickie F dice:

    You can not fully play this game without spending money no matter what the devs say. There is just not enough free energy or enough time in the day to produce it with the given methods. Having said that, the graphics are beautiful. The stories are fun. There is much to do (if you have the energy). A recent change (for the worse) to the Trade Co. machines in the TC shop will make me take off another star since it hurts the player. So if you don’t mind spending $, it’s great.Otherwise it’s just ok

  14. Game is not as advertized. They show you images of one game, but that is only about 5% of the game. The main game involves building a community and making money. Not what I was looking for. But they do give out bonus gifts every time there is a game update and on anniversaries, etc., Which is very nice. The game is large and therefore slow to load and change screens from one venue to another.

  15. I love the game. The only drawback is it uses a lot of energy or emeralds to make progress, especially in special events. And it costs money to purchase them. If you are competitive than it might be a factor to consider. Good luck.update 8/2/22 The developers heard the need for more ways to access energy and have been doing great with that. Thank you!

  16. Klondike has competitions and regular game play running concurrently all the time, so your game play can be as relaxing or exciting as you prefer. The graphics are beautiful and detailed and there are story lines. Free play while watching short ads will allow you to win many competitions if you put in the time. Otherwise, a small purchase once in a while will help. There are so many game advancing freebies it often feels like a holiday gift giving! Thank you Vizor for a really enjoyable game!

  17. Cute game at first, but I very quickly reached a point where the amount of energy I was given didnt last more than 2 minutes with the quests i was given. Makes play boring when you can barely do anything each login. I also got to a point where I couldn’t finish a building until i completed an order on the board(needed a hammer), but for me to complete that order i needed something from the building that I needed the hammer to finish.

  18. Ari 1 dice:

    Hello all, this game is so engaging and fun! I love it. The only things I’d like is way more space in Gabriella park because I have so many items in storage to place there. Also being able to see other’s towns would be great. As well as being able to trade items and maybe have teams that can reach mutual goals for extra prizes like Township. Please think about it. Thanks for all the fun.😄 I’d like to add that I could really use more space at the home station. Is that possible?

  19. I’ve been playing for a while and the further you get in the game, the more energy points it takes to move forward. The rewards stop being energy and you just get coins (not super useful in this game) and stars. Still, lots of fun for the first 15 levels or so if you are willing to pay a few bucks for extra energy

  20. Too difficult to rebuild energy and only auto refills to 50. Sometimes 50 energy cannot even clear 1 tree/rock. Though not every obstacle needs cleared, the game is too slow progressing to keep me interested. I think the design is to rope you in to getting back on every hour or two because that how much time it takes to refill energy to 50. Sorry, I have responsibilities and cannot play games all day long. There should not be a cap on auto refill energy.

  21. I do enjoy this game, but the energy portion of it is very frustrating. To clear areas you have to use all of your energy at times and can’t do anything else. Just wish there was more energy or it took less. You say it’s a strategy game-but it literally forces you to use more energy to clear the path to advance. So there is no way around it 99% of the time.

  22. The game keeps lagging since yesterday. When I clear any object, the object still remains there but my energy is gone. Its a waste of my energy because now I have to keep reloading the game and clear the same objects again over and over but I don’t get my energy back. The game also keeps showing error messages about being unable to connect the server and I have to keep restarting it over and over. 😒

  23. As always Klondike gives a great game experience. Graphics are great and rewards plentiful. It keeps you coming back for more. Each new challenge offers opportunities to gain rewards, usually with a fun story line included. The designers are always comeing up with new events and changes to the enviroment that keep the game fresh.

  24. Mary Clark dice:

    I have played this for 3 years. Still enjoy the game. The added chests that give extra energy for a short commercial are great.Still wish you had the ability to create more than 60 energy points. It should go higher for each time you level up…still want to be able to go higher than 60 point level strength.

  25. D Ebonair dice:

    I really like the artwork and the game, however, I never received credit for a double purchase on a special sale, lost energy when clicking an item but the item wasn’t removed, spent much $$$ and had to remove other apps due to forced GooglePlay revisions. Yes I really like the game, yes I’d like to keep going, but may not be able to do so if this new forced upgrade fills up my device. If full. I’m not able to play at all.

  26. Donna CF dice:

    Fun, beautiful, and very, very expensive. Two years later…. came back to the game after a long hiatus. Many excellent changes have made it easier to acquire energy. The trade company and upgrades it provides are terrific, removing the tedious constant production of basics like water and cream. Would like a “collect all” upgrade button. Thanks for the improvements!

  27. JJ dice:

    #1. Why is the game frozen right now? It is stuck on trying to connect to the server. If the devs are doing updates, they need to say so. Dont tell me to go to settings > help, can’t do that. #2. I like the game, but it requires TOO MUCH energy to clear even the smallest areas. Some things even require 90+ energy and that is insane! Especially when you don’t even have that as a baseline, or even when adding more with the stove, fire pit, etc. It will take entirely too long to progress.

  28. Amie Shell dice:

    The game won’t load anymore, it’s been stuck on reload since yesterday (7-20-22). I do like the game but can you add a skip option when new side challenges come up? It walks you through how to collect whatever it is you’re collecting, how to click on the question mark if you’re not sure where to find it, etc. And once you’ve done it once, it’s pretty self explanatory. Otherwise it’s a fun enough game to pass the time here and there, some of the storylines are cute/interesting.

  29. I really enjoy this game, but i wish there was a way to get more energy, cuz it really limits the time i can play, and doesnt allow me to play the extra events. I cant finish them, so now i dont even play them. Cool graphics and story line though, lots of fun. Update- Thanks for giving more options to obtain energy, but now there is more to clear on each event, and most things take way more energy to harvest, so now I am back to square one, i do get to play a little longer, still less progress.

  30. I like the game and the graphics BUT after level 8 it gets very hard to get the resources. The maps require a lot of energy and it’s often unclear what you need to clear to move on. The more you move further in the game, the buildings and tasks get harder to fulfill and require resourcesbyou can only acquire with items FROM that unfinished building. Some orders are crazy hard to fulfill. Fix your ads – half of them don’t load at all

  31. J Spencer dice:

    Too many loading issues and poor energy levels. It takes entirely too long to obtain more energy to complete tasks and to earn moneyenergy to purchase buildings, livestock, etc. I would give Klondike a higher rating if these areas are improved for longivity. Thank you. In response to the Balloon Guy, etc… I most often get kicked out of the game whenever I make those selections to earn addional engergy. Those features start working then it goes into freeze mode and POOPH, I’m out of the game.

  32. Been playing a few months. Still a good game where you don’t have to dump money into it to really get anywhere. BUT it’s not a good game for those with anxiety. There is ALWAYS something going on and just way too much happening constantly to actually be able to play and enjoy the game. Way too many events constantly that they force you into, there’s no point to the park, or for the trading company. Went from great to garbage.

  33. Game is fun, but limited energy during a session makes progress difficult. Energy refill is relatively quick, but the wait between sessions sometimes stifles satisfactory game play. Also, there has been a recurring problem with rewards ad viewing that prevents the completion of the ad and the receipt of the promised award. Reported multiple times, but never stays fixed.

  34. Love the game but not enuff power to play but for a few minutes at a time..very frustrating!! I know it’s a strategic game and requires planning and executing but i thought the whole idea was to have the player so engrossed in the game they don’t look up or leave the game for hours!! At this point i can spend ten minutes at a time a couple times a day and have collected all the power and assets i can possibly aquire in that time frame. i have hours i can spend finding another good game to play!

  35. Thus far, this has been a game app that I’ve enjoyed playing. Has great Graphic Designs, and Colors(though there is to many yellow colors). It’s relaxing to play, but takes a long time to wait for some item’s as you go. This IS a Game that You Have to Make PURCHASES, which is Unfortunate, because if you continuously play, well, you must pay. Still good game though.

  36. Starts off super fun, but very quickly becomes pay to play. The game limits you to basically doing like 3 things every hour unless you buy more energy. This game could be so much fun if it wasn’t for the insane limits placed on play. In order to really progress the developers have made it so you have to spend money. Don’t waste your time.

  37. Steve Salo dice:

    Like so many games now you need to spend lots of real money to get anywhere and then you still encounter numerous ads to earn any “extras”. And, a few years later, it has gotten worse. In order to “earn” points you have to sit through repetitive screens and simulated dialogue to the point of ad nauseam.

  38. After you reach a certain level the game crashes so much its almost impossible to play. I reached out to CS and they were no help and kept asking me the same questions over and over. I finally listed all the steps I’d followed to resolve the problem then they went silent. Finally they came back and said I wasn’t allowing them to help me. They asked me to screen record the crash but I don’t know when it’s going to crash and after it does the game just goes back to the loading screen.

  39. Lisa B dice:

    Update ALL BETTER!!! With Android update it is locked on beginning of garden game and I can’t do *anything* not click on the highlighted tree or go to settings. I hot an error may not work right on this display size but I am on the lowest one!! I play this game several times a day and in the past been a paying player from time to time. Please fix this!

  40. It’s interesting and engrossing but the energy usage is too high and the time for plants to grow is long so you either have to come back to it every hour to progress or spend real money to advance, this gets very expensive. Without that it’s quite boring. Space in “home” is small so you have to clear it to fit everything in. Otherwise storyline is cool, graphics and gameplay is great.

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