Filto: Video Filter Editor MODDED 2022


Cool video maker with aesthetic filters, VHS effects, stickers, music and fonts.
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Best photo/video editor with customized aesthetic sparkle filters & VHS effects which updated weekly. The coolest video & photo editor with multi-style content for creators! It’s the easiest to use on IG and Facebook!

In Filto, there is a large number of vintage filters, aesthetic sparkle effects,dynamic stickers and other advanced functions. You can trim your video as you need, you are the definition for your creatives! By the way, you can adjust the ratio of your works to match all social media like Instagram, Tik Tok and other social medias, can’t wait to see your post attracting numerous likes!

🌈[Aesthetic FILTERS]
GlITCH: Distort your photos and videos in creative ways
VHS: Full of the fashion with vintage vibe, let’s have party in the 80s~
BLING: Sparkle effects make you shine like a superstar
FILM: Bring you a fantasy visual feast with retro film
LIGHT & SHADOW: Colorful your style and be more attractive
FILTERS FOR FESTIVAL: From Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween to Christmas, We always give you new ideas about your holiday!

FISHEYE: Small lens to accompany you to see the big world.
VINTIQUE:Ready for the romantic and sweet vibe? Come ’n Try!
TWINKLE:Fairy Lights on winter nights.
GLITCH: The most popular glitches, distortions, and punk effects show your fashion attitude.
VAPOR WAVE: Strive for creating the coolest vapor tide, feel spellbound in vapor wave.
MIRROR & SPLIT: Wanna make your creatives eye-catching? You deserve to try this!
WAVE: Best decoration for your highlight moment.

DYNAMIC EMOJI: Express your mood and attitude with fun.
POP ART: Breaking out of mediocrity, enhance your personality in your works.
NEON SIGN: Lightning and fancy your ideals.
VAPORWAVE: Create aesthetic & special Lo-Fi effects.
WREATH: The halo of butterflies and the flower crowns highlight your fancy beauty.

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💎[EDITING features]
TRIM VIDEO: You can trim your video and select the video clip you like best.
SIZE CROPPING: Adjust the ratio to any size to share your creatives in Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Douyin, etc.
HD EXPORT: Exporting HD creatives and no watermark!
CUSTOMIZATION: All the filters can be customized, you can adjust each variables to make your shots extraordinary.
SCROLLBAR:Find the photos you need in the album more easily.
ZOOM BY GESTURES: Adjust the video &photo ratio on canvas as you like, you are the definition for your works.
COMPARISON: More obvious effect and more visible change.

COLOR PALETTE: Provides nearly 50 popular colors for you to choose, which can perfectly match the tones of your edits.
BLUR: Make your creating scene structure more harmonious.
LAYOUT & SIZE: Adjust the position and crop the video to any ratio you want.

HD EXPORT: Professional photo & video editor help you export HD creatives which is clear and undamaged.
NO WATERMARK: There is no watermark throughout your editing process, enjoy the free editing here!
EASY TO SHARE: Share to all social apps Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, etc. Show your wonderful idea to the world!

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

Contact us:
Mail: [email protected]
We believe that each of your feedback and opinions will make Filto better!

Best regards,
Filto Team


40 comentarios en "Filto: Video Filter Editor MODDED 2022"

  1. T E dice:

    This app installs adware or a virus! I downloaded it and started having random ads and articles pop-up in both the pre-installed browsers that came on my phone. It was so annoying. It would do it everytime I tried using any of the system functions like the texts, calls, ect even when the app wasn’t up or running. Every action on my phone would be interrupted by a popup. I ran an anti virus program and it still couldn’t fix it. It finally stopped when I uninstalled the app.

  2. Absolutely Horrible! I had this app installed last week. Even when I am not using the app I have random ads pop up on my phone. Not only that, when I am on YouTube or social media random websites pop up on my web browser, forcing me to waste my time closing a bunch of tabs. If I didn’t press the middle button on my phone during the random pop up ad I would’ve never known which app was causing these problems. DO NOT INSTALL!

  3. “‍‌I’ve been using Filto for about 3 years and it’s amazing. It’s about as good as you can get without making the jump to editing on a PC, my only wishes are that they’d add a feature so you can animate things frame by frame (like making a text box move across the screen) and having a way to make a video fade to black, also did transitions get removed? I can’t find them. Also having a feature where you can overlay images or videos onto other images or videos would be an extremely useful feature.

  4. It’s really good, like really good! I love it and use it constantly. The transitions are easier to use than ANY other editing app which is literally amazing. What I really would like though is if maybe there were more transitions? Like Instagram transitions with the boxes and the bounce effect and stuff like that, but other than that…totally perfect!This editing app has completely changed my life…InShot is an amazing app to use to edit, and it’s very handy as well! It makes my videos WAY MOR

  5. OMGOMGOMG!!! I’ve been searching for a mobile video editor FOREVER, and I finally found one! I absolutely love this app. I highly recommend it. There’s SO much you can do it’s incredible. Even with just the free features you can still create a creative video. I like to make my own mini movies. I also tried about 10 other apps and this is the ONLY one that fully works for me and my videos. I really love the speed option because in my videos. It gets really boring to watch the character take o

  6. Fals advertising. The add shows changing pictures to cartoon images but there is no filter that does that. Got notification to watch adds to get new filters but didn’t get any. I also noticed (after downloading) that thwre are more 1 star ratings than any thing else and there is not ONE responce about improving the app… DELETED THIS ONE!!!

  7. Matt Boyle dice:

    This app is well dressed garbage. The filters are useless. It advertised that it could rhendor anime filters, but not even one on the menu. What “filters” it does offer are just very subtle changes in color or resolution. All useless.

  8. Not working. I was excited to use this app, I opened it, it takes a long time to load photos so I was like okay let’s see what else is up, the filters and effects and stickers won’t even show up. I can’t even edit the photos but crop them. Disappointed.

  9. Terrible doesn’t even load anything besides the ads. Makes you watch long ads for filters, and effects then doesn’t load any of them. Says I have no wifi connection but has no problem at all loading and playing ads. Removed after maybe 2 minutes of downloading it. Seems like it just wanted access to my pictures.

  10. Just downloaded, so far it does not work. Takes almost 1 min for photos to load up to even select one. Then the filter and effects don’t show up, it just keeps loading and nothing happens.

  11. -BEWARE-Nothing but Ads! It gave my phone a bug where it randomly starts opening up browsers on my phone constantly. It’s really not a great filter. There are other ones that are better. I’m deleting this app.

  12. This app is HORRIBLE. I haven’t even opened the app yet after installing and it is constantly interrupting my phone usage to open up ads in my phone internet browser. I will be deleting this app without even ever opening it! COMPLETE GARBAGE!

  13. Faye Mass dice:

    Followed an add to this app claiming it could put your face on vintage photos but after I downloaded it itbwas just filters. No moving your face to old photos. So useless. I have tons of apps that just add filters.

  14. This app is RIDICULOUS! Even free version I’m unable to do ANYTHING with this app, cannot add filters or effects even after watching ads to unlock! Total waste of time, uninstalling

  15. FIRST GOOGLE PLAY NEEDS TO REMOVE THE OBVIOUS FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS ALL LEFT BACK TO BACK OVER A TWO DAY PEOPLE. DOZENS BEFORE AND AFTER GAVE IT CORRECT RATING OF 1 STAR….. Garbage app doesn’t work. When you click on filters it just cycles like it’s loading but never moves beyond that. Waste of time. Uninstalling it.

  16. R MG dice:

    Very few filters. It makes you watch ads to remove watermark, and saving doesn’t work a lot of the time.

  17. Cant watch ad to remove watermark. Tried several times. So I dont know how well the app is yet. Until you fix it to watch ad to remove watermark.

  18. This app has been a nightmare with the pop-up ads I swear it’s malware it’s been awful! Uninstalled forgotten and washed my hands of.

  19. Waste of time. Anything good is locked unless u pay. Doesn’t do anything the ad claims. I’ll stick to toolwiz photos, toonme, mokoroom, and cameringo. They are the best! Nothing like this app!!

  20. Theres a bunch of false advertising wit this app, I get ads for it all the time on ig and it always says it can do something that it canr! Just anoter average pic editor. Nothing special

  21. False advertising! If I could give NO ⭐ I would! It advertised face swap to look vintage, yet it doesn’t do that AT ALL! NOT WORTH THE TIME!!

  22. Judi Cook dice:

    Wish I could give this trash 0 stars. False advertising saying you can take a photo and go clear back to baby age. It doesn’t even have that option. The filters suck. Don’t waste your time..

  23. I only downloaded this waste of space so I can give it a 1 star😜, Google play bouta get this waste of space false advertising stuff outta here. Like fr u need bots to give u good rates… that’s how you know ur one click away from them spamming ads

  24. In the ad, it showed that a messed up pic can be restored with Filto. I cant figure out how to do it.

  25. I put 4 stars because there fauls advertising this is a great app but when they advertised it they showed being able to show what your baby also would look like soni downloaded it I think it was to draw more people in but good app otherwhise

  26. Installed from ad, it said it takes your pic and with a slider it will show you what you looked like as a child. Obviously a false ad. I give it a zero

  27. First of this app is trash, false avertising i thought this would be good. I tought their would be good editing stickers face editing i recommend not getting this app.

  28. I downloaded the app because of the advertisement on another game, it’s no where on the app. False advertisement!!! Uninstalling….

  29. Miya Xiao dice:

    This is quite useful😄. It really has many styles of filters, which can be uesd in both salty and sweet styles😘.

  30. Just a horrible useless app…it’s just a waste of time…..I can’t do any edits as quick I do in other apps . Such a disappointment

  31. I followed a link ad on another app that claimed this app does hairdo trying on, but there is no hair on this app at all… just basic photo editing that every other app has…

  32. Going to uninstall!! This app does absolutely NOTHING! Some people are friends of the app maker because any stars after 1 is way too much…so is 1!

  33. Click bait.App is very slow and does not do what it’s advertised to do.Doea not turn your pictures into a cartoon.

  34. David R. dice:

    Ads are mad cap it does not make me look like I’m on a gta cover it’s basically the same as any social media filter with just the lighting changing that’s it no crazy effects and yall suck and eat poop 🖕

  35. Thank the lord I only paid for the week. The video quality is awful. I would have been so upset if I’d paid for the year. I’m going to immediately cancel my subscription. Once the filter goes on a video and you save it the playback is severely pixelated and the quality drops dramatically. There doesn’t seem to be a way to modify the quality when you decide to save, it just automatically exports and the end result is terrible quality. Not worth the money.

  36. Good!!! Suggestions (@developers): >> A feature to make a video out of photos could be added instead of only editing either a pic or a video separately. >> Batch editing mode could be added >> Templates and animated effects could be added so that we are able to create animated stories. Overall, it’s a nice app! But due to a lack of features to create animated stories(which is an emerging trend) , I won’t be using it right now.

  37. Not as you see in the ad! Just simple frames and stickers!

  38. Okay, new update! I dropped my rating right down to three stars because this app just became so annoying. Once you unlock some filters by watching an ad, THEY DISAPPEAR! So you can’t even use them! It’s honestly so annoying because those filters won’t be back on the app for WEEKS at a time and you can’t even use the app. Please fix this issue! I tried reinstalling and it did nothing. Also, once you save and export to gallery, the quality really drops which is just the worse. Pls fix this.

  39. Detroit Q dice:

    Trash app. Never worked after downloading. Wish y’all would stop with these unprepared apps.

  40. It doesn’t work okay well it sort of works but if you’re fat it doesn’t it makes you look insanely fatter and if you go with skinny as it can do with them five money option it makes you look skinny as a like a stick and I only like di nvm.

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