Braveland Heroes MODDED 2022

A turn-based game inspired by old-school strategies with hexagonal battlefield.
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Old-school mobile turn-based RPG strategy!

The king’s scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was perfidiously stolen from the throne room. The kings have summoned the mightiest heroes of magic and offered a generous bounty to the person, who returns it. In high spirits, you set off on a dangerous quest in the search of the royal relic. Use tactics to lead legions of heroes, fight the bosses and conquer other players! As you play, your army will be joined by various kinds of allies – archers, monks, demons, beasts, knights, and many others. Your journey begins in an ancient forest; you will pass through the southern lands and over the high mountains, you will encounter orcs, ghosts and mysterious nomads. In the north you will fight with might and main in the age of Vikings wars, rush into the clash of thieves and assassins, and try to bear the palm in fights of fiends and pirates.

Key game features:
✔ Free PvE and PvP game modes
✔ Hand drawn HD game world
✔ Right from the start, you may choose between 3 heroes: a Barbarian, a Pirate, and a Sorceress.
✔ Creating and upgrading weapons and ammunition
✔ A full range of unique battles with unexpected twists
✔ An evolving Heroes Saga – lead more mighty Heroes into battle, than ever before!
✔ Dungeons with random-generated battles and worthy rewards
✔ An abundance of powerful artifacts
✔ Each hero adheres to a unique academy of pure battle magic which completely changes the course of the battle
✔ And, of course, the party’s headliners – the insidious bosses

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Join the adventures in Braveland, online game played by thousands of people every day! Create and level up your hero! Immerse yourself in a world of fierce real-time battles against other players. Enjoy vivid combat graphics and enchanting music. Use your magic skills to gain your edge in the world of Braveland Battles!

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1. Braveland Heroes game is completely free; however, to make the game process more interesting for yourself, you can purchase different items.
2. Fighting Duels on the Arena requires an internet connection. You can also go on a PvE adventure in the offline mode, if that is more convenient for you!
3. For a stable game play, Android 4.0 or higher is required.

Welcome to Magic Heroes! Install the game right now for free!


A new summer update is available, Bravelanders!

- New creature added: Ogre
- Spearmen now appear in common chests
- We’ve moved the game to a new version of Unity, making it easier to play
- Accounts can now be deleted — you’ll have a few days to think it over after submitting an application
- Other changes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Braveland Heroes MODDED 2022"

  1. A lot of fun, intuitive for veterans of these games. I picked it up fairly easy, but my only worry is for new players. There are quite a few places in the interface that could use more explanation. If I was a rookie, I might get frustrated and quit. Otherwise, fantastic game so far, with great cartoonish colors, and not broken with an over need to pay2play.

  2. Braveland Heroes has a lot of potential, but falls short in so many ways. I do like the old school, turn based hexagon gameplay, however. The auto play feature is lacking as it’s only available twice a day. There are a few replayable stages for material farming purposes, but they’re limited. The cost of new units (randomized via chests) goes up exponentially the more you progress & buy. Many things cost in game diamonds, which is fine, but there aren’t many opportunities to win/receive them.

  3. I have one quibble about this game, and one only. You cannot pick the angle of approach/attack like in most games of this genre. If not for that one little thing, I would rate it 5.5 stars if I could. Amazing reimagining of the tactical games of old, like the HMM franchise, with beautiful graphics, simple but tactically deep gameplay, and a TON of units to choose from.

  4. Cody dice:

    Fine game. Fun balance, and strategy really pays off once you understand it. However, it starts out a good strategy game that rewards good planning but slowly becomes a grindy and unsatisfying. Each level you get more troops which means longer games, but this also skews the game so it matter less and less how you play and more and more what you own. 5 minute games about positioning and strategy become 30 min slug fests, about premium items.

  5. CJ dice:

    Very pay to win and even largely pay to play, as it’s difficult to do much with the meager army you’re able to acquire if you don’t put real money into the game. There’s also no option to get rewards for watching ads or even a daily reward structure. In turn, unless you want to pay real money or spend months grinding, there are much better games available.

  6. Arkady K. dice:

    Really want to like this game but it’s just not good. The issue is with progression and the system. Looks innovative at first but soon you realize it’s just card collection in another form. The additional cards come in painfully slowly and to make matters worse they block progression on losses. Battles are clunky and so is the entire menu system. They try to micro transact to death and it’s straight up unappealing.

  7. Dan S dice:

    Pretty fun and not bad even if you’re playing for free. Except… like other games of this genre (i.e., Raid), they scale the game to get harder the better you get so you’ll pay more to stay relevant. Meaning – spells don’t work on the same fights they used to because they want you to pay for more. Enemies and quests get tougher for the same fights so you’ll pay more to beat them. It’s a great way to ruin the fun of a potentially great game.

  8. This has turned out to be my most favorite game on my phone…one of the best turned based game , competing with three gribblers game…two things I like is the fact that it’s a hard game and doesn’t take much data, especially when playing duels. As always there’s always room for improvement, there should be better daily rewards and I would like it if you can upgrade or increase any of your units at anytime…not just waiting for it to show up in army. Apart from those, the game is perfect.

  9. The game itself is pretty good, grinding gets pretty slow and painful fairly quick, my real issue is that there’s definitely some cheating going on in pvp. Those completely sap the fun out of the game.

  10. Jon W dice:

    While this game can be a lot of fun, it is MASSIVELY pay-to-win. You’re going to feel really successful for the first few battles but then you’ll slowly start noticing the paywall: You’ll wonder why you rarely get more than 1-2 rare troops, and even more rarely the ones in the army lineup you make, almost always at less than half the maximum troop size and often just start to do well before you level up and suddenly you’re way behind again. It could be great….but they went for a money grab.

  11. Can’t recommend it. Starts out really fun, then they rapidly Increase the difficulty, while showing you countless ways to spend real life moment to get stronger. They also start to ask for your email every time you play. There’s better out there

  12. Great concept… But a pay to play game. Not for about an hour of gameplay and quickly becomes you must pay to get good characters to move on. It’s a fun little game outside of having to pay to play.

  13. Fun game at first, but the pvp is just a way to force you into constant mirco transactions. Either you’re matched up against people way higher level than you and just get rofl stomped, or you’re matched up against the same or slightly lower level people, but 1/3 of your dudes get killed automatically before the first turn so you lose anyway. Unless you pay of course.

  14. Good concept, poor support. The lack of ability to register a player restricts access to much of the game and the novelty dies quickly.

  15. Frank dice:

    Fun game.. Great for passing time but then system issues again. Help needed. It is stuck on Loading screen and no place to click for support? Tried everything and give up. Support is poor. Uninstalling.

  16. After playing Braveland Heroes a couple of days it get really boring. It is more a clicker game instead of strategy. The only thing you are doing is send your troops to the next enemy and wait to get rewards. With the rewards you improve the army. Eventually you get more units which you can place on the battlefield. But there is not much potential for strategy. Pro: Great, fun graphics. The game runs fast. I didn’t experience any bugs.

  17. Graphical design is decent. Nothing mind-blowing, but adequate. Combat system is borrowed from the good old Heroes of Might and Magic. The problem with this game is that someone in development team decided to sell individual units in lockboxes 😀 This is one of those games that makes you hate leveling up. Around lvl 13 there is very slim chance of winning any encounter, unless you willing to pay. In conclusion, I can recommend this game to any one who enjoys buying lockboxes for real 💰

  18. Pretty good! Lots of different units to good around with, lots of replayability with different Heroes. Totally free and perfectly playable story mode, which I stuck with; microtransactions if you want more variety or to advance quickly online. My gripes… no tooltips in battle for spells, abilities, unit status, etc. A couple of counterintuitive concepts about replenishing units.

  19. Not very elaborate, but this game’s battle structure at least is similar to the original Heroes game. It lacks the building thrill, the adventure and some more elaborate tools from the battle scenes, but for a free game it stands it’s ground. And most importantly there’s no greed from the developers, and no intrusive ads! Keep it up like this and you’ll have more players logging on than other similar but greedy apps!

  20. Intriguing Game! I really love the gameplay although I think you could explain what all the symbols mean like when crafting as it is left to us to figure out and looks a little complex. I think it would be a great addition to the game if your choice of hero could be used as a troop that gets progressively stronger as you level up. I’m not super far into the adventures so I don’t know if you have dragon troops but they would be great. I would also like to see some troops that can fuse

  21. The game is very nice if you want pay a lot and I mean a lot of money!!! If you don’t want to spend any money you can progress very very slowly! Crystals are impossible to get and the coins as well and you can never build an army! Otherwise the idea of the game is original and is quite addictive but is all pay to win!

  22. Enjoy the turn play and leveling up. Still have not learned how to swap heroes yet. Keep updating the game.

  23. Fun little story dependant on character creation. Bought some cheap things to help the creator. Don’t know enough to suggest edits yet.

  24. Fun game. Easy combat mechanic and cool cartoonish graphics. Would be neat to see orcs, goblins, and trolls as playable

  25. Jigme dice:

    Played it for quite a while. Guys are harvesting on HOMM legacy. But after a while if you really want to stay competitive there you need to pay and pay and pay again. Oh, and game support team is absolutely terrible. Rude even, I can say. Resolving an issue with them totally killed the last bits of interest I had to keep playing it. Deleted and feeling much better after that

  26. It’s really fun to play at the first glance, but then I found that it’s a serious pay to win game which so frustrating and annoying. Unit purchase is unreasonable expensive and the “money battle” only give you a little bit. Most of the “money battle” even in the early chapters are impossible to win (NPC used the no. of units to beat you down while you have no money to fill your troops.) PVP is ridiculous because once you lose you lose everything back to 0 points. Matching system is flaw as well.

  27. This game has a lot of potential but it is wasted. There is no good way to earn gold and grow… the only way I have found is pvp battles, but the match making is terrible. Facing opponents twice my level and getting crushed, I would need to play 20 matches to gain a single additional unit. The gameplay itself reminds me of old shool might and magic which is fun, but not being able to grow kills the game

  28. Tondo PX dice:

    Pay2win title with simple battle mechanics, cute graphics and inoffesive music. It is ok as idle clicker, but dont get hung up on progressing in the main story line – finishing that takes zero skill but lots of cash. Prices of everything grow exponentially, so winning the game would cost some 500 – 1000$ in lootboxes by my estimate. Bonus points for nostalgia value for flashback to heroes of might and magic on pc.

  29. Ed Cabin dice:

    Interesting game. Well balanced so that you can play without paying and still enjoy.

  30. Pretty ok but.. It’s a cookie cutter game that’s been around for awhile. Fun for a bit. I finally uninstalled it because during battles I would randomly be stopped in mid motion for no reason or explanation and lose my player’s turn. Also lots of unexplained tasks like “use only northerners” without any explanation of what that means.

  31. Design and graphic is more than perfect in terms of saving battery power. An excellent job! Adventurous, challenging. Even that it is p2w in later stage of the game, every single mobile game is like that if you want to be competitive, so it is all cool. Keep up updating the game which is really nicely developed. 👍

  32. Decent game with what looks like a good balance so far. Just mildly disappointed in the pushing for spending money and rating the game. Additionally, the tutorial leaves a lot to be desired. While the help button is useful, I find my knowledge of game mechanics is still lacking after the tutorial.

  33. Jeff Boggs dice:

    Simple hex-based tactical fantasy game with a pay-to-win mechanic. Would be better if it were a single purchase price without pay-to-win elements, though the advantage for the frugal is that you can play for ca. 30 minutes and come back next day or later instead of being caught in the Sid Meyeresque spell of “Just One More Turn.”

  34. HoMM and Kings Bounty type. Slow progress which is fine with me, but there just isnt a whole lot to do. Been playing for a couole weeks now and spend 15/day. Hopefully campaign is long enough. I’m not into PvP so cannot speak to that. Worth checking out. Edit from 4 to 3 stars. After a while there is literally nothing interesting to do. You hit a wall and cannot progress much farther. More events erc needed to keep players coming back.

  35. This game is an obvious Kings Bounty wannabe. While mechanically it is similar , it shares same cons as original game. It is slow , too easy , and boring in long run. It takes lot of time to check skills, and you have to count enemy movement rage because game doesn’t have it inside. The multiplayer which is just to profit is forcing you to create account. Sure offline is f2p, but pushing premium options everywhere is annoying.

  36. So so. Feels like a Pay to Win game after few days of playing. Can’t reset the tasks (must use Gems). Difficult to get hold coins for units (per unit cost increase as you increase the numbers). Can’t get enough coins and gems, unless you buys them, even when you want and have time to play for long hours. The waiting to see the icon move from left to right and then back as you select the missions are annoying and can’t get longer as you open more missions.

  37. Best mimic of the combat in Heroes of Might and Magic that I’ve come across so far in Android games. Unfortunately, is not a clone of that series. This game features unique gameplay elements and follows a linear story. You get to choose from three heroes to start (I chose Pirate, it was fun). Time gates limit how much you can do per day. There is some basic pvp, too. I gave it 4 stars for being a solid unique game. The 5th star is reserved for whether or not a game has Google Play achievements.

  38. Touted as a HMM clone, it’s nothing like it. Starts absurdly linear, with just a handful of troops, against mighty opponents. New troops cost way more than possible to gain via gameplay. Might be a great game but it’s impossible to get to know it. 2 stars for the effort.

  39. This game will cost you a fortune !!! Too greedy developers. First 6-7 hours were great and super enjoying , and then the game stops and becomes impossible to play for free. No actual way to get gold , you cannot buy troops to match the battles and cannot progress at all. And actually buying chests doesn’t even fix this !!! You have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of chests to get a mid tier army LOL… dont waste your time , buy an actual game on steam. Nice idea , but a very bad product.

  40. So far so good. Cute graphics, simple interface. Does not allow to choose angle of attack, for best positioning and damage boosts like the old Might and Magic games, but it is a nice relaxing game.

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