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Collect & trade Topps® baseball cards and play against fans around the world!
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Topps® BUNT® MLB Card Trader is the officially licensed digital collectibles app of Major League Baseball and MLB Players, Inc! Join a passionate community of baseball fans from around the world that enjoy collecting & trading baseball cards and bringing their collections to life with fun, interactive in-app features! Set lineups using cards in your collection that score in real-time!

Discover a NEW world of collecting!
• NEW baseball cards available every day!
• Claim FREE daily bonus coins and cards!
• Trade with fans around the world – anytime, anywhere!
• Complete in-app events to unlock special content
• Connect with and follow other collectors!

Bring your collection to life!
• Complete Missions to unlock unique content!
• Play cards in free Contests to win prizes!
• Create card Wish Lists & Trade Lists
• Combine cards into rarer collectibles!
• Track and complete sets to earn collectable awards!
• Spin the Wheel to win cards, coins, and more!

Customize your profile!
• Showcase your favorite Topps baseball cards!
• Choose & earn new profile avatars!

*For the best experience, we recommend devices be updated to Android 8.0 (Oreo) or later.*

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- New Inspect mode to view cards in extra detail
- Bug Fixes


40 comentarios en "Topps® BUNT® MLB Card Trader MOD"

  1. Fun way to engage in collecting baseball cards and current events. It’s easy to get autographs and relic cards without paying real money. I’ve been a casual player for about a year. I like to join the contests and collect specific players and sets. Trading is easy. Whenever a special event happens or bugs mess up the app, you get coins. It’s pretty easy to get coins and the odds are fair.

  2. The app is fun and brings all of that nostalgic act of opening packs and wondering what you get. I like the system of taking dups and building them up to the next card. Overall it’s fun. My only gripe is they could have done more with the cards. This is a mobile app, not a real bb card collection. Why not have cards with looping video, or dimensional stuff that you can rotate. The back of the cards could be more. Maybe more info or facts about the players or events (like the flashback series).

  3. josh smith dice:

    Fun game for sure. Definitely can be a bit laggy, especially when trying to trade. The crafting could use a little buff. Add more player specific cards you can upgrade weekly instead of just one. Also Would be nice to have a way to earn more coins instead of adds or buying them, like maybe some kind of mini game. Fun game though all in all. Always a struggle deciding which pack to open.

  4. This game is fun…I love being able to collect cards of my favorite players and trade with people around the world…It’s COOL! I have been having n issue with the game freezing when i am in the trade area selecting cards for an offer…I press the done button and nothing happens…I have to power off the game every time it happens(it’s very frustrating)…I think if you address this problem the game will be really solid….Thanks for taking my feedback

  5. Jim Treese dice:

    When I first got the app I enjoyed it. I stopped using it after finding some of the tasks were made impossible by other collectors hoarding. I started back and ignored certain things but now it’s changed. I really dislike the card layout across the bottom in all of the apps I have, especially when it highlights the special card that is in the pack, ruining the thrill of finding out as you “flip” through. Could you please make an option for the old way? Thanks!

  6. A lot is great. However, the UI, ux could definitely use less clutter and better navigation. Card sorting, and trading is virtually horrendous. Initiating a trade would be much easier if you saw what people needed as an option. Navigation away from the spinning roulette is awkward. There’s no need for more than just the regular back button on the phone. I’ve tried some of the other apps and crafting is missing. Please, do not remove crafting! It keeps me going back to the app over and over.

  7. Always enjoyed the app but for some reason it has been super slow recently. I’ve cleaned the cache but it doesn’t make any difference. Unfortunate because I think that the people at Topps are nice but with my high blood pressure I don’t want to risk a stroke while waiting for the site to load. I’ve placed the app on a couple of different phones, no difference. Will still use Bunt but not as enjoyable. Hope they find a way to increase the speed because the cards are first rate all the way.

  8. Great game, but I think the only thing that should be a thing (that isn’t) Is a better way to get more coins. Like maybe at the end of opening packs you get 1-2K coins at the end, because just the wheel and the free coins aren’t enough. And no, I’m not downloading other apps and play them to get coins. It takes a long time, and isn’t that worth it, also the watching the ad part, yeah no. 500 coins for a 30 second ad? Not worth your time. Overall great game though.

  9. Downloaded the most recent version and I am CONSTANTLY stuck on the loading screen. I haven’t been able to open anything. I’ve uninstalled, cleared cache and data, and tried using both good quality wifi and data. The result is the same. I love card collecting so I’m sure this is a good app but there is nothing I can say because there is nothing to review except for the stupid loading screen.

  10. Ben Ghast dice:

    Incredibly fun game to pass time. Cards and coins are easy to come by, even with no money spent. Limited releases make it really fun trying to balance my budget. The nice part has been how willing people are to trade cards. I do wish the trade section was slightly easier to navigate, but it’s been fine as is. I have a friend who plays too, and it makes for great contests on pack pull. Above all, the quality of the art is outstanding. Fantastic work by the team all around, keep it up!

  11. Fun app whether you’re into baseball or just collecting cards. Having a digital collection at your fingertips makes it much easier to share with others your collection. Great art, great holographic effects, excellent user interface. My only wish is that the “select a trade parter” would refresh with different users. Multiple cards could have a global count in the 1000s but the same 25 users show up as trade partners for every card. And perhaps the user profile can have a little “bio” entry box.

  12. Dan D dice:

    It would be a great app if it worked. I always get kicked out and it takes forever to load, I can’t send a trade most of the time and especially I can’t type in for what I am looking for the bar always stays at the bottom and the keyboard doesn’t show up. I have the latest update. It was working ok when I first download the app at the beginning of this year but now after all the updates I have so much trouble navigating . I know it’s not my WiFi all other apps work perfect.

  13. super laggy and overall trash, i had this game downloaded 5ish years ago and the app was amazing! super easy to use, fun, had weekly scavenger hunts for a single word for free coins, when you watched videos you actually got the 250 coins for watching. game didn’t lag at all or take longer than a few seconds to do anything. now i just downloaded the game and i freeze on just about every screen. what the hell did you guys do to this amazing app! i can’t even find the page to play 9 cards

  14. This game is way overdeveloped. They have made the game way too flashy to be useful. For example it’s almost impossible to simply hit a button anymore using a Galaxy 8, a pretty common phone. Picking cards for a contest is a nightmare. And what happened to the card fusion? It was a great alternative to trying to trade with self-rightous players.

  15. Junk after fixing previous versions. A few years ago, the app barely worked, and was very unreliable. It took years to make it work smoothly. This latest version looks great, but is completely full of bugs, and works sparingly. Active paying user since 04-07-2014, and I’m probably done now.

  16. Joe C dice:

    Love Bunt but the new changes are a major drawback…I’ve been with Bunt for the last 7 years and I’m considering stepping away because of the new pack opening experience alone. The thrill of sifting through a deck is gone – almost feels “automated” if that makes sense; essentially removes the mystery of opening a pack. Cmon Bunt, go back to the classic experience!

  17. Regarding my earlier review, the issue was resolved. Back to full enjoyment of the app, and pleased with the quick response to get the issue fixed. This app has been great for me as physical cards are a rarity in my small city area. Keeps me updated to date in my favourite players and teams, and learn about new ones. Great designs, artwork.

  18. SuazCards dice:

    A super interesting take on card collecting. Sure, the cards aren’t exactly real, but they have a certain charm and still hit the nerves right when you get a hit. Only thing is the lag/freezing this app has. Let that slide a lot because of the amount of content within it. Super solid.

  19. Eddy Porto dice:

    Very fun and addictive but unfortunately have to constantly close the app, close all of my windows then re-open the app. It’s the only one I need to do this for. Topps will say to contact their support but it’s just a computer automated system that is worthless to help. Lots of fun though

  20. Sue TG dice:

    Love the ability to collect digital baseball cards, reminds me of being a kid. Bunt is mostly a great app. Please bring back the ability for Android users to vote for fan’s choice. I don’t understand why that was taken away? Never had the problem in the past with the poll always popping up on my screen when it was time to vote.

  21. Update: If you happen to make in app purchases, be ready for a fun ride with the support team. They request screen captures of the emailed receipt, requiring that you share unnecessary personal information with them. I’m still on my 7th attempt at getting the product I paid for, unsuccessfully.. with a receipt. Starts off strong, but the app is clearly aimed at getting you to pay for decent cards. I used the ad for coins option 14 times.. 11 of the 14 it did not provide the coins after the ad.

  22. Not a bad experience, I have enjoyed playing this. Will say the backs of the cards leave something to be desired. Also feel like some way to redeem for paid products. As a long time collector, I feel like the opportunity for a physical copy of the rarer cards would make paid products more appealing.

  23. This is awesome, takes me back to when I was a kid, there’s a few glitches at times I get error messages, no internet errors I know you can’t fix everything, basically it’s a minor thing, the new pink cards are in hiding having a hard time finding them in packs, glad they’re on the wheel.

  24. It keeps freezing. And yes, I have cleared the cache, data, etc. Same issue. Just keeps freezing whenever I select something.

  25. I enjoy the app for the most part I spent a lot of money on a previous account and was off for a little while and when I came back and tried to log in my account was gone and they refused to give my account back and I spent a lot of money and I had a lot of older cards which were rare and lot of low serial number cards and they still refuse to give it back that’s a shame cause I enjoyed it and I still am on here for the most part it’s just not as enjoyable if I can’t get my account back

  26. Amazing experience. Baseball fans love it. Never slow. Have 300+ sets. Top 100 awesome. Nothing wrong about this game. Everything’s awesome.

  27. G K dice:

    MAJOR & IMPERATIVE FIX/UPDATE NEEDED!!!! Since yesterday, the app has ceased to show us how many of each card we have/own. So, being able to Craft, nevermind Trading, is NOT feasible one iota & has made the collecting aspect less than appealing, as the # of Cards Owned is a mandatory aspect of this app & ability to use it, in its totality. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!! Thanks, in advance.

  28. Not bad wish it was a bit different with a little more action to win coins and diamonds. But amazing concept. So addictive I tried looking for something similar and nothing comes close. Panini use to be awesome.

  29. KH Lee dice:

    Played almost every day for 2 yrs. If u collected as a kid u will love. Don’t have to spend $. I’ve built up solid collection only spent $15 in that time. My advice: don’t “chase” Weekly sets, odds r ridiculous & u will go broke. NEVER expect to pull a Legendary card. “Super-Collectors” w scores over 1Million scoop these cards up and SOLD OUT w/in hour. Trade w collectors w similar score as u or under 100,000, more willing to trade. I’d rate a 5 if they put a stop to the Supers hoarding cards.

  30. Alan Hardy dice:

    Great app! Kids love it, and it gives a chance to collect hard to find cards digitally.

  31. Jay Aus dice:

    Amazing and addicting… More physical card redemption missions and crafting and contests awards.. please… Just one per week. Would control or 1 every month…

  32. Would rate 0 stars if I could. The game keeps messing itself up. It updates the game and makes it worse; now when I try to trade on the new trading screen the game freezes. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, the game used to be so fun and now I don’t even want to play anymore.

  33. Paul Moose dice:

    Excellent app, lot of fun to play, and fair in reference to not having to spend money to collect cards (love that the fantasy challenge levels the playing field, but would be nice if “some” diamonds were given to top 100) . I do wonder why The latest update restricts me from opening opening the app in split screen mode on my zfold3. That ability was very useful.

  34. I tremendously enjoy collecting my favorite team and players. Would like to see some longer term craft able like Topps StarWars has. Crafting buffering could use some help. The motion cards are amazing!

  35. Topps Apps in general are falling out of touch with what Users want anymore, however Bunt has become one of the worst. Some sets they don’t even bother to offer a coin pack, making you have to spend money. Choosing that route has made me spend less money and not care about those sets. They mismanage free events with horrible ideas(Hit the Cycle) Customer service is a joke. They literally haven’t done a thing in 2 years. Whoever is in charge is late on their Mortgage or owes the Mob money.

  36. Sometimes the app doesn’t show duplicate cards in my collection but if the cache is cleared and the app is deleted and reinstalled that fixes it. Thanks Topps for helping me with this issue!

  37. Joe Sexton dice:

    Horrible customer support. Do Not Download this scam of a game. The odds per pack are not what the say they are. Imagine spending money for diamonds and buying thw amount of packs and not pulling the legendarys or the 1/1s that they state at $49.99 per pack for super packs. Which is the only way to pull a 1/1 & after opening 400 packs and only getting iconics it has to be rigged. I have contacted customer support and they don’t care,they just keep ending the conversation. I want a full refund.

  38. James F dice:

    If you’re using the app for free, I think it is decent. Spending money is a colossal waste considering the other options available as there is no marketplace. Any investment is ultimately worthless. Also, the recurring tech issues are starting to limit the experience. Currently, it seems impossible to search/filter while trying to trade, making it impossible.

  39. great way to collect baseball cards. the best part is I can’t loose them

  40. This is the best game I ben collecting Topps card since I was a little kid bur I just love it and pls make it easier to get better cards pls without buying diamonds

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