Toca Life: After School MODDED 2022


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Welcome to Toca Life: After School, where how you spend your time is up to you! Explore your favorite hobbies — or discover a new one! Skate, create art, dance, make music, play sports or just chill! Meet 27 characters, explore four locations and have as much fun as you can before it’s time to head home!


SKATE PARK: Choose from the colorful skateboards and scooters, and feel the rush as you skate down the quarter pipe! Then grab an after-school snack and chill in the lounge!

ART WORKSHOP: Get as creative as you like! Enjoy painting? Create a mess or a masterpiece with nine colors in the paint buckets! Choose your favorite tool — paint brush, roller or air brush. When you’ve finished, make a print, choose a frame and hang it in the gallery space!

DANCE STUDIO: Build your DJ skills as you mix beats in the dance studio. Play around with different instruments and genres to give the dancers something to move and groove to!

SPORTS COURT: Head to the rooftop sports court to pick your teams, choose their colors and mascots, and play! You’ll find equipment to play basketball, football, field hockey and more. The rooftop is also the spot to express your artistic flair on the graffiti wall, play a board game or kick back with a good book.

Role-play in four locations: skate park, art workshop, dance studio and sports court
Meet 27 characters
Create and print art
Spray on the graffiti wall
Choose a skateboard and skate down the quarter pipe
Make music to dance to on the music machine
Freshen up after your dance — towels now work like outfits, so throw one on
Play sports on the sports court
Find hidden characters, skateboards and graffiti pets

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At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids’ perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 200 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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40 comentarios en "Toca Life: After School MODDED 2022"

  1. All the other ones I got in the app store and they connected to the original one worked out but not this one it would not connect I want my money back so do not get this game it’s the worst game

  2. J Searles dice:

    So i bought this game, tried opening it, showed a white screen, then closed, like, im 9 and i was so excited to use this game, never opens, like, i so bummed right now.

  3. By far the best purchase I’ve made when it comes to tour games. I’m 11 and had so much fun using my creativity. There are so many things too do and it’s a great time killer. Absolutely would recommend if you’re looking for a way to experiment with your imagination!

  4. my child has been having some errors with this game but if i didnt have the bugs it is a good game

  5. Amazing game, Toca Boca! So glad! I don’t even think that there should be more levels because in most of the levels, there are four rooms! If you were to add in another level in a future update, maybe you could add in a clinic for injured students, empty classrooms, etc. Thank you 🙃

  6. Emma dice:

    Its meh. Honestly, this app seems cool at first but it gets boring. You had lots of potential to add other buildings but you just added one. But its okay ig cuz there is 4 levels on the one building available.

  7. Well every toca app I have won’t let me add the other apps into it like bruhhh is this a joke sorry but it’s true 2/5

  8. Wow, amazing. Absolutely great game. Intriguing for kids of all ages. Lovely things to do like make music, score a goal, paint a picture, eat a salad, do a skateboard trick, play a arcade game and so much more. One of the best games yet. Can’t wait to play toca life neighbourhood.

  9. oh my God I love it so much it’s the best thing you could ever do like there’s an amazing things you could actually make your own art plus I think Toca Boca is like really amazing because I played all the series so does my friend and I just love it me and my friend wish we could probably join each other and like just play I mean it’s just the best thing ever keep up the good work!

  10. I love this game its so fun and you can play with different people and there’s so much cool items and cool houses and rooms in the houses another thing that I really like to do is the painting one the painting one is where you can use spray paint or just paint normally and use different colors and when your done your painting you can make it come out in a frame and you can chose what type of frame design and what type of frame color I love this game so much and I have all of your other games ❤😊

  11. This game is so good because it’s just like a doll house and it’s a very nice game u can put your home like u want and u can even make it like a story with the character’s and stuff. and btw if ur screen is white or the game doesnt work its not really the creator’s fault because for others its working and it’s a really good GAME!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  12. I love this game and have many locations, but when I started playing on my new Ipad. I thought I would have to start new but all my original locations were there including the after school activities house. The other day when I went to make an artwork for my new house the activities house was gone. I was updating toca to buy the new self care pack when I saw this add on. It says I have purchased this item and I find in strange how I don’t have the add on in game any more, as I says bought.

  13. awesome game . I love it . the only reason why I did not give it five stars is because it won’t come up on my toca life world .😭 all of my other games have AKA neighbourhood school hospital pets and office. please can you fix this issue Toca Boca . also I don’t think it is fair that this is for ages 6 to 8 . I am ten and adore these games .

  14. Well–you did it again, Toca Boca. But, what’s there not to like about this game?The characters are fun, new, crazy and cool. Chill out in your apartment if you like–but there’s lot to do! Mix beats– or dance instead! Well–if that’s not your type, you can play sports! Still no? You can go skating. Not that? No need to go far, you can paint here too! Well… if you’ve rejected all those you can get a snack… Or maybe you should stay in your apartment and chill.

  15. The only reson I would say this is boring is because, I’d rather play the free Toca Life…. This app isn’t worth $5.99 for entertainment but the scenery is very adorable.

  16. I absolutely love it and I’m 9 years old and I just figured out if you buy Toca life games adds to Toca life world which I think is awesome only down part is that it’s $4 per person and I have to pay my parents $4

  17. I love this app and I reccomend anyone who has it to get toca world (it’s free) to add it to their world! You also basically get toca city for free anyway.

  18. im not sure it should be 0-5 because 0 year olds don’t evan go to school!!!! plus im 10! and the money was worth it and i mean worth it! maby add like a weeked one i just notected it is the weekend!!lol anyway, like it should have a house and a campsight and a hidden room!

  19. This is the best game ever I don’t care about the price it’s 100% 3 inside it so amazing I can go on my skateboard and do some food and go to bed now after school

  20. I love this app so so so much i play it everywhere and every day and time of the year or weekend or week’s it’s the best game in the history of games it’s mind blow🤯🤯😀

  21. this game is so fun to play I totally recommend!! it’s an awesome game to play it’s fun to make characters and more I hope you enjoy if you have played it ^,^ Byeeeeee

  22. I thought it was really good but i wish yhat they had like more outfits and can you make a toca boca walking dead like you have to cure people like that

  23. I rlly like the game but, I dont rlly like how its £4 and there is only 1 building, but then again there is a lot to do so yeah 🙂

  24. I downloaded it on my chromebook and everytime i opon it it doesnt work and i spent money on this app so im pretty upset.

  25. Its fun and cute and you can do anything on it there is a secret mouse hidden and its just cute.😜

  26. This game is fun when I go to the Toca Boca normal when I go there I just wait and the Toca after school come and build it so it’s so much fun

  27. I am this user’s kid. make a toca life construction please. I love your games but toca life neighborhood is not that good. but I do like it .😸

  28. When I got on I realized there was only one building (disappointing). When I deleted it, it didnt give me a refund. Really disappointing

  29. I love this app I think it is very good game for children and adults 👍 It’s a really good game and it does not have any adds either

  30. I love this game so much I gave five stars because the graphics are crazy my mom can afford everything I was so surprised my world is almost ready

  31. The one and only scetcha artist get more games and more gacha life i love this game. And the whole toca boca game family. 1 thig: IM 7.

  32. I can’t believe I bought this app, it’s a waste of money. Don’t buy the app bc my child will just say ☆I love this app but make it skin black it horble☆ I got mad so I maid this now, if you have a kid, don’t let them play this❌

  33. This game is SUPER funnnnn its like real life it would be nice if you made a toca life superhero!!!! plz and thank you

  34. This Is my my favorite Toca game other than Toca life world it’s so fun it’s so fun being able to paint and dance and basketball and soccer

  35. Great game I’m in high school and it’s really really good game I got this game was for two year olds but I was wrong for 18 year olds as well

  36. Its an amazing game but you should make expressions like in toca life world it would make it better

  37. I love this game and I bought the whole thing and it’s the best. Five stars off me! ~from a 11 year old on mum’s phone

  38. Great time killer and adorable! I bought all of the toca Boca life games!

  39. I am 13 and still play this. Love it

  40. Great app but its too expensive and takes up too much storage

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