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Ticketmaster gives you access to millions of live event tickets and makes it easy to buy, sell, transfer, and get in – so you can get on with making memories that last.

We are the Official Ticketing Partner of the NFL, NBA, NHL, and USTA. Add in our exclusive partnerships with thousands of venues, artists, bands, theater tours, and broadway shows and shopping with Ticketmaster gives you unparalleled access to the most memorable live events worldwide.

Ticket management at your fingertips. You’re always just a few clicks away from securing the perfect seats to the live events and shows you love.

– Search millions of events and get real-time updates as new listings go live.
– Use interactive 3-D venue maps and see your seat view before you buy.

– List your tickets on our trusted resale marketplace and sell to other fans.
– Transfer your seats to friends and family for free.

– Avoid forgeries “similar location” seats with Verified Tickets. The seats you buy the seats you’ll sit in and backed by our 100% guarantee.

– Scan into your events with the app or upload your seats to Apple Wallet (mobile-entry events only).
– See all your event info in one convenient place.

– Get alerts about your favorite events, artists, bands, and venues.

Download the Ticketmaster app and go live.

Website: www.ticketmaster.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ticketmaster
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ticketmaster
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ticketmaster

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We update our app often in order to make it easier than ever to bring you unforgettable moments. Live only happens once! Get the latest version to access all the available Ticketmaster features to buy, sell, and manage your tickets. This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes. Thank you for using Ticketmaster!


40 comentarios en "Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets MODDED"

  1. S White dice:

    Extra fees are obscene as always, but as far as the app goes…I’m going to be deleting it. More times than I can count this year it has displayed events or concerts right up to the date before the ones in my city and won’t show anymore. They will be on literally every single other website and app, but for some reason Ticketmaster will not load it. The dates just stop completely in the middle of a tour so I have to use a different platform for ordering. Makes this one completely pointless.

  2. Jim Huiner dice:

    In terms of buying tickets on your phone easily, that part is fine. But there are problems with this app. I have LiveNation coupons that don’t work on this app for LiveNation Venues. There are lots of problems with loading. There have been a few times where I have so many issues with this app that I have to uninstall and reinstall it again. And recently, even though there is a Remember Me box you can check when you log in, it doesn’t remember you at all and asks you to log in again constantly.

  3. Jason L dice:

    Almost ruined the entire concert experience! Hours before leaving the house, I got the app and made sure that all four tickets were there. When we got to the venue, I opened the app to display the tickets, and it had already logged me out and wouldn’t load. My password was random so it was impossible to remember. The reception was bad there and it was almost impossible to reset the password. The whole experience was extremely stressful. Why would it do that? What a piece of garbage!

  4. Difficult to select seats from the little map dots. Menus with required inputs show up behind other windows and aren’t obvious so the checkout button doesn’t work. Frustrating when you are trying to get tickets. Every adventure with Ticketmaster gets more and more frustrating and they are the only way to get tickets usually. Login restrictions, the app covers what I’m typing when I try to add a new card, having the tickets you want stuck in la-la land and having to wait for them to show back up.

  5. The app never works. Every time I open it, it takes forever to load, gives me error messages, and kicks me out of the app. I keep it up to date on all updates, I’m connected to wifi, and it still doesn’t work. Multiple times now I’ve tried pulling up my tickets while in line at a concert and they won’t pull up and it’s not like I can screen-shot the tickets because of the anti-theft bars and constantly changing bar code.

  6. Horrible. App constantly crashes or errors occur. So if you are a busy person like myself and don’t have 24 hours to fiddle around with trying to get it to work right, good luck trying to navigate through anything after a purchase. Oh, and if you request assistance, it says they may take from 24 to 48 hours to get back to you. Seems like a well run app…. NOT

  7. My information isn’t secure. I’ve changed my pw multiple times and still get logins from strange locations. The only concert I’ve tried to attend, I showed up to the event and my tickets had been transferred. I wish they could implement 2 step verification or even just an email notice when a transfer happens. It’s so terrible! I wish I had never signed up with Ticketmaster! :'(

  8. App made me lose my chance on my ticket. I had the tickets in hand so that they were claimed by me while I paid. It was processing my payment, then gave me an error. Then—my favorite part—it automatically took me back to ticket selection and released my ticket, which was promptly snatched up. Not only does the app have the exact same UI as the mobile browser, it’s actually inferior for purchasing. This is the second time it’s done this to me, while paying in browser works fine.

  9. This app is super unreliable. It always logs me out of my account, doesn’t process my tickets in a prompt fashion, and i constantly see the message that they’re unable to connect. It’s frustrating especially when you can’t screenshot your tickets beforehand if they’re the moving tickets. I almost always have to buy my tickets on the website and i lose the seats i want.

  10. The app is ok. Makes it easier to purchase tickets. The functioning could use a bit of work. For example, when purchasing tickets, the total purchase page is locked as the top page so it blocks the page for putting in payment information. Also, the PayPal option wasn’t working. It was not processing the payments & remained stuck trying to load.

  11. GoogUser dice:

    Not sure if this is an app or just a link to their website. Once logged in on android – version 9 – keeps spinning. Get ” Retry ” message quite a bit ( excellent network, etc. ), this is not an attempt to view when at a stadium with 30k people on a network. Surprisingly buggy in a number of features. Not comfortable with functionality if I was trying to use it for my tickets at a stadium.

  12. Ed dice:

    The app didn’t work at the venue. The latest version was installed before I left. I logged in and had the tickets up. They would not scan. They had me restart the app then my tickets wouldn’t come up. Had to go back out to the box office to get a paper ticket. And then wait in line again. Missed most of the opening act. Never again. Not worth the frustration for anything. Ruined my evening.

  13. Very poor app. No option to contact support for issues. All you get is a rather unhelpful faq page with a contact us box at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the contact us gets you a web page with the same info and blue button. Clicking that button gets you the same faq page. There is no phone number to contact support anywhere. They really have no desire to assist anyone. All they want is your money.

  14. Really challenging app to use. First, I got blocked from purchasing tickets several times because the app detected me as a bot. (No idea why.) Second, I had to reset my password, but the app doesn’t permit you to use ANY of your previous passwords. (A bit ridiculous given how many passwords we’re asked to remember and how infrequently most of us log into Ticketmaster.) Third, when I switched to seating map view, the screen remained in portrait orientation despite the map being landscape.

  15. Very poor in finding an artist that has various locations. This app showed only 1 location and wouldn’t let me search for other locations. App only would display 1 location even though I know there were other locations- the locations were displayed on his Instagram,Facebook, and Twitter accounts. I tried searching dates thru scrolling ( didn’t show any), also state, and anything I could think of – NOTHING!!!! I WENT TO A DIFFERENT APP – FOUND IT EASILY!!!!

  16. Adam Chibe dice:

    The fact that the tickets are only viewable through this horrible app and not the website i purchased them through, nor the email which gave me receipt copies of the purchase is atrocious. Its just boosting the user-install count for this app. Not only that, but the app is horrible, with an inconsistent UI that is buggy, laggy, and doesnt work. Some drop down menus are hyperlinks to external, another just opens a chat bot when i try to view my events. I will be uninstalling and never using again

  17. Ellen H dice:

    It would be helpful if I can actually see what I’m typing when I’m in the final stage of checkout. Unfortunately the “order summary” grid, even when minimized, still takes up half of your mobile screen, and your phone keyboard takes up the other half. Really annoying to have to toggle the keyboard on and off to make sure you typed your own name and credit card correctly.

  18. Jamest dice:

    The app works sometimes and not others. This makes it very hard for you to produce your ticket on your phone and caused undo stress at crowed events. Even though they charge a processing fee and a large service fee on every ticket; force you to use e-tickets, then they spend all their development time and money focused on marketing additional events; instead of producing an easy to use, reliable app.

  19. Buying tickets on the app is frustrating with pop up notifications blocking most of the screen that you can’t close. Then on the receipt screen it acts like the purchase didn’t go through even though the tickets were added to the wallet. Finally the screen after that softlocks the app into either looking at the ticket wallet or buying the tickets you just bought again. Either this was never tested at all or they are trying to scam you into buying more tickets than intended. Now it won’t log in.

  20. Worst experience ever. I was very excited to use this app to buy tickets for a concert I REALLY wanted to see. Got an error code twice when trying to purchase tickets. On the third attempt, the app just froze when supposedly it was my turn to purchase tickets from the queue. Concert sold out and I’m s.o.l. on getting to go. Thanks for nothing, Ticket monster.

  21. Inadequate, which is pretty upsetting considering how much money we throw at Ticketmaster every time we buy tickets. Searching for tickets is ok but the app errors or freezes or just doesn’t work when you attempt to purchase tickets. Today it froze and I actually had to uninstall and re-install to get it semi-fuctional again. Fortunately, I was able to pull out the laptop and complete my transaction…but why should that even be necessary. This app needs some upgrades.

  22. Phil Carbo dice:

    TM sucks — this app sucks. Full stop. I can’t even login to view my tix. Been getting the same message for weeks: “Unable to connect. Please wait a few minutes and try again.” What does that even mean? I guess the excs at Ticketmaster are too busy counting their money to fix it. Would be great if they used some of their exorbitant extortion fees to hire someone who knows how to program an app that works.

  23. M D dice:

    Slow and resets the page when I am trying to add a payment card. I scroll to my country and when I do that it refreshes the page and I have to start over. The main issue I have is that Ticketmaster sells tickets to the bots and corps and doesn’t care as long as they sell the ticket. That’s why most concerts have tons of empty seats and yet the concert is “sold out”.

  24. Probably so many downloads because you constantly have to delete and re-download because it’s so glitchy. But you have to have it for events for the mobile tickets to load so there is no other option. I use it once for an event then it logs me out and I can’t get back in so delete and start over. I’ll buy tickets then day of try to get in for the tickets and again, not signed in, not working, delete and try again. Even when you’re in the app it’s so slow. But of course there are no other options

  25. Jeff S dice:

    Log in just may be the dumbest thing ever for an app. You can’t log into the app, it takes you to your browser. Log in the browser and it does not always transfer back to the app login. What the hell is the point of the app if you have to continue to use a browser. For all the damn crazy fees you charge, you’d think someone would be able to make this work consistently.

  26. Jenny Chan dice:

    Service fees and “platinum” tickets aside, the app is alright. Although I keep having to sign in when I try to pull up my tickets from my events every single time when though I’m already signed in. I still prefer to use the website on my computer since I find it’s easier to browse seats and all that. I do like having the option to tickets to your wallet instead of having to open the app every time.

  27. Decent app. Have to sign in everytime I open the app which is slightly inconvenient especially because I can see I’m signed in for a split second when it starts up, brings me out of the app briefly to the website to log into my account even though I have selected “remember me on this device”. Two stars because as of right now, I think the app itself almost feels pointless if I’ll be redirected to the website anyway

  28. Same as all the other reviews. Buying the tickets was easy because they want your money. However, trying log in to see your tickets is a total nightmare. It made me reset my password countless times. Still no luck on mobile app. Laptop logs in immediately but they wont let you print tickets. Clearly they want everyone to use mobile but IT infrastructure is inadequate to handle the users. Horrible App!!!!

  29. pretty user friendly until you get to the payment screen. The terms and conditions box overlaps a large portion of the screen along with the keyboard. Making it very difficult to fill in the boxes. also when I’d select paypal it would reset and I’d have to choose my ticket again. I used an android device.

  30. Cannot purchase tickets with app, it just gives errors. Login doesn’t work and just sits on password screen. If I reopen the app, then I’m logged in. I need to login every time I open the app. Too many fees, too many exclusive tickets (making it hard to get the seats I want). Non-existent customer support, having an account on Twitter doesn’t count. I’d give this app zero stars if I could, it just doesn’t work well and each update changes seemingly nothing.

  31. Very buggy. Very difficult to buy tickets. I was trying to purchase with PayPal and it kept resetting the session not allowing me to complete the purchase, while keeping the tickets on hold. And since there is no cart you can’t go back to your tickets. And to top it off, the app won’t let you buy tickets if you are using WiFi.

  32. The app is super buggy. I’m selling tickets, but the Sell page has nothing on it. It does not sync with my account, so i have to access everything from my computer. You can’t check or verify information on the app, like credit cards, your current password, etc.

  33. Surprisingly awful For all the fees they collect you’d think they could afford to build a functional app. It crashes all the time or simply redirects to the home page when I click an event. Managed to buy tickets for a show only to get an email saying I can’t use the tickets in the app, I need to use the tickets on the website. Of course going to the website says how great my experience would be if I would just use the app. The site didn’t even work at the venue. Had to go to will call.

  34. Samsung Galaxy S9+. Trying to fill out the payment information is the most annoying thing I’ve ever tried to do. I can’t see the field in typing in. I’m waiting for tickets to be transferred for 3 events and the app is giving me a server error for 2, and the other one just seems to have disappeared. 2022 update – Can’t log in to the app and haven’t been able to for months. Apparently a lot is people have this problem based on searching For fixes. And THEY DON’T HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Zero stars.

  35. Garbage app from a garbage company. Since ticketmaster has a monopoly on events, I’m forced to use their horrible service. And this app just adds to the frustration. It doesn’t work. For two whole years I couldn’t pull up my tickets in the app and had to go to the browser, and now they’ve finally fixed it. But lately I can’t even use the app. I open it, the logo shows, and then it’s just a black screen that never changes. You’d think they could afford to have a functional app, but no.

  36. Jim Jacobs dice:

    Unable to log into app. Literally one fail after another. Current issue is that screen goes completely blank when I click “Sign On.” I’m using the web browser version as a backup, and that’s fine, but frustrating to be logged out of an app, and then not provide a text box to sign back in. FYI, Resolution was uninstalling and reinstalling the app, since closing out, force stop, and restarting didn’t fix the issue.

  37. Michael S dice:

    The fees will cost as much as the tickets. The interface constantly resets itself. I have to login everytime. When scrolling through a long list of shows it kick you back to the top just for viewing one. Promo codes never work. When buying a ticket the “confirm purchase” tab & total take up a third of the screen. When you try to enter your payment info it leaves you with a 10th of your screen to see your info. I hate companies like this, I’d rather pay the venue or artist directly.

  38. When are you going to work out the bugs?! The app is absolutely unusable. Whenever I go to sign in to check My Events, and even to purchase tickets, the screen goes blank. I re-download the app to no avail. I’m also aware it’s not just my phone, OS, or even phone model, as I personally know other users with the same issues. I would us this to tell Android users not to download, but TM has a monopoly, so irrelevant. Please fix! Tired of using the web browser version.

  39. Liz Garcia dice:

    Tried to book tickets on it, but it kept kicking me to the back of the line when I tried to pick tickets it said were available, then told me I took too many tries. I ended up not getting good tickets. Also, when trying to sell, I have been attempting for actual months to list items and keep getting error after error. To date, unable to list items. App is only good for presenting tix at door of venue, everything is terrible.

  40. A nightmare to use! Everytime I went to checkout I got an error on their end, there was a number to call but they were closed. The show was almost sold out, and I only got a ticket because I was near enough to go to the venue. Definitely wouldn’t have made it if I had to rely on this app. The browser didn’t work either! So thanks for nothing ticketmaster, you are useless!

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