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TalkingParents is the best co-parenting communication app for families no matter the situation. Parents who are divorced, separated, or were never legally married use the TalkingParents app to communicate regarding their children. Whether your co-parenting relationship is peaceful or high conflict, our co-parenting tools make joint custody easier to navigate, while keeping all communications unalterable.

TalkingParents is the most all-inclusive co-parenting solution on the market today. We are the only shared parenting app that offers messaging, recorded phone and video calls, a shared calendar, and payments in one complete service.

SECURE MESSAGING: co-parents can send timestamped, unalterable messages to each other, allowing them to see when each message was sent or viewed.

ACCOUNTABLE CALLING: co-parents can make recorded video or phone calls, all without disclosing their phone numbers to each other.

SHARED CALENDAR: co-parents can manage custody schedules and coordinate appointments, staying in sync and avoiding conflict.

ACCOUNTABLE PAYMENTS: co-parents can keep track of all shared parenting expenses, easily making payment requests and securely sending or receiving money.

TalkingParents offers the most accessible, straightforward, and user-friendly Records system to co-parents. With TalkingParents, co-parents do not have to contact support or dig for information about obtaining a certified copy of their records for court, as they do with many other co-parenting services.

UNALTERABLE RECORDS is a standalone feature that allows co-parents to request Electronically Certified PDF Records right from within the app or they can request Printed Records from the website. Our Records simplify legal proceedings for attorneys as well, making the evidence gathering process easy and streamlined.

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TalkingParents offers a Free, Standard, and Premium Plan, allowing parents of all financial standings to use our co-parenting service. Co-parents looking for affordable, cutting-edge shared parenting tools have come to the right place, as we have already helped over half a million families find support and peace-of-mind. Join the TalkingParents community today so we can help you focus on what matters most—raising your children.


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40 comentarios en "TalkingParents: Co-Parent App MODDED 2022"

  1. Given that we have to use it at this point, it’s not horrible. The UI seems so dated when compared to other messaging apps. It doesn’t use auto capitalization, it’s buggy when switching back and forth between apps when you’re in the middle of typing a message, and notifications can be hit or miss. I would love to see it become a better platform since it’s one of the main choices that can be made REQUIRED by the court. It’s not like they don’t have the revenue stream.

  2. Has a function and is useful when it WORKS. I have an older phone and am not sure about compatibility. I almost never have phone capability on this app nownow. Cannot call out or receive incoming calls MOST of the time, but not every time. I pay for 120 minutes per month, but they deduct 1 minute of time for every failed/crashed phone call. Am being charged for a product that doesn’t work. Find an alternative app if you are in the market.

  3. Oscar M dice:

    Far app but lack basis corrections and functions. In this date and age when sending a email or typing a text it auto capitalizes the first word of every sentence but this app doesn’t recognize that. I’m use to always capitalizing my first letter already and occasionally I may miss one and the app doesn’t corrected. Also I would like for the photos so show in the chat as well. That way in case in a hurry you can look back at the photos and the date or time it was send.

  4. Could be a really good app, but remains mediocre. No live support, frustrating wait times for interactions are way behind the times. No new sentence capitalization. No landscape screen setting.Whoever owns it is content doing the minimum for profit as opposed to creating an outstanding app for parents. Having attachments invisible after printing the recorded log deems the conversations 95% useless in a majority of cases. Would love to have a parenting app I could give 5 stars because I need one.

  5. The app is usually good especially when we first started using it in 2015. It does seem that all they want to do now is advertise for a monthly fee to get more for services that they offer as an extra benefit. It has been a continuous frustration to try to get on the program for several months. I’ve called customer service and they have been quite helpful but nothing ever seems to change. I mean when I go on the site I get upgrade stuff Pitch to me continuously I get so frustrated.

  6. The fact that you can’t even get the app without paying is ridiculous and exclusionary. I don’t mind only getting basic access, but having to get on chrome and go through the whole song and dance every time is uncalled for. Edit to reply: I don’t WANT/NEED more features. I just want a standalone app for a streamlined, user-friendly interface I can’t get on a mobile browser. I like the idea of Talking Parents, but it’s a NIGHTMARE, and always will be until free users can get the app.

  7. Conversations are organized by topic and having all messages chronologically would be very helpful. I dislike having advertisements in a court-ordered Ap. It would be nice to get PDF documents for a date range. The way they are produced requires reprinting it in it’s entirety, versus being able to provide updates. I have to print all 605 pages instead of the most recent 100 pages for current matters. Video transcripts had parties swapped on who said what. The video indexed to script is cool.

  8. This app requires that I frequently refresh the page to see new messages. Also, the calendar doesn’t allow you to set up recurring events. I also don’t care for the fact that you can’t revise Journal entries once they’re saved. Finally, the calendar in the app won’t sync with my phone calendar so I have to go into the TP app to see upcoming events. Seems like there are a lot of things with this app that could be improved.

  9. Some features don’t work, like uploading data. And there’s no way to simply delete days and weeks and months and years of messages so you can just look at what’s recent, that should be kept separate, not a jungle to comb through to read what’s new. It’s almost too basic and that’s an issue but it does serve it’s ultimate purpose yes.

  10. It’s unfortunate to need an app to co-parent, but in the first month of use I have seen a big improvement in communication. It’s amazing what people don’t say when they think it will be used in court. The calendar option is nice, but I can’t add reoccuring events like phone calls or soccer practice etc. Trips that last more than one day are also difficult to add. I decided to pay for the app usage although I can understand some of the complaints about paying for one more thing. $50 a year for this app gives peace of mind and nowhere compares to my legal fees. OUCH!

  11. There is a serious problem with this service. In the web version, messages are (permanently) sent without my clicking the “send” button. I can’t use the web version to compose a message because it will send my unfinished message which may contain inaccurate info or a harsher wording than I ultimately want to use. This is not OK and is a recent bug with their system, but they don’t provide an obvious way to report issues so it’s going here.

  12. The general idea of the app is great. The features that do not suit me is that you have to pay an extra $5.00 to turn on your notifications on the $19.99 plan. It, also, makes no sense to pay for the extra perks like video call or call button when only one parent has the plan, it’s useless. They have a free plan that you can only access via web and not through the app.

  13. The $5 a month which Is now 9.99 just scks. I didn’t find it any better than simply texting, oh sure it dated each message but wasn’t worth the pain of using the app. Also, if you change your phone and password, good luck trying to get a hold of someone to resolve the issue. You have to send them an email via support and just hope to get one back.

  14. Seems to work much better than other reviews say it does. Could be better. Right off the top, when ex puts an attachment, clicking says it is downloading, then does nothing. File does not open, unable to find said file looking in downloads or any other file area with 3rd party file app. I think the file request function is broken… Have to log into webpage version to download file..that sucks.. paying for this app. it should work!

  15. Kylee June dice:

    Billing issues, connection issues, missing messages. Good features not worth time time. We have constant issues with attachments. Double billing even though we can even use the service. They cancelled my subscription and raised the price without warning so i had no option except to resubscribe higher. Issues with calling connections. Issues with messages not being received even though they are sent on my end. Cool features but it’s not cheap and we are required to use it….. Seems shady.

  16. Developer suggestions: To set the record straight, I’m not giving a bad review because I’m divorcing. I’m leaving a bad review because there are features that are missing that if added, this would most definitely be a five-star app. Those are two features in particular: 1) after a period a new sentence needs to be capitalized. 2) messages need to save drafts. I typed way too long a message that was lost because I left the app and came back.

  17. Android App has a few rough edges. Standard Android behavior: Tapping on a conversation notification should close that, open the app, and begin a refresh, if the data hasn’t already arrived. It doesn’t. I have to manually refresh it. And yes, i tapped “register push notifications” recently. Conversely, being in the Conversations screen and doing a refresh should close any open conversation notifications, since their only purpose is to bring me to that screen. Text editor is 1 line tall!

  18. Worked OK for a while. Generally, this is not a well integrated app. Notifications don’t update across the whole system on your phone, so you have to constantly refresh the app and your notifications to determine if you have a new message or not. Recently, I stopped getting notifications at all. I am especially dissatisfied now, as this seems like an overpriced predatory app that does not work at that well.

  19. C G dice:

    It works well especially for parallel parenting. It’s missing other features like other apps, but at least it allows a parent to use for free, although it would still be better if it has solo mode and agreements list like coparenter. It has plenty of room for improvement, but overall it works well for basic needs.

  20. Mike Mayer dice:

    Wow, way to paywall people! I thought this would help my ex and I with the kids schedules. I was wrong! This is a poorly designed web app with an app you can only use if you pay and you have to pay to get your records out of it. Complete BS! I switched to a shared Google Calendar, free, easier to use and it does way more! Plus I don’t have to pay to print records and everything has an audit trail of who changed what and when. People are in enough stress with co-parenting without having to pay for records out of an app that has ads everywhere. Make up your mind, either charge people for the whole thing or use ad revenue, not both. Don’t let this company sucker you in and then charge you through the nose to get YOUR RECORDS. There are less expensive, much better solutions out there.

  21. I use this app to communicate with my coparent while I’m on deployment. I have the subscription so I can access pictures of my kids well after the expiration they give you. But the app freezes a lot and fails to post my message especially with a slow internet connection. Nothing can be done about the internet connection due to currently being in the middle of the ocean but the app certainly doesn’t help. Every time it fails to post, it erases my entire message which is extremely frustrating.

  22. After the latest update, I no longer receive app notifications. Thankfully, I get the alert via email still.. also wish the app had a way to see the messages sent without having to close the conversation and reopen it. Simple little bugs to fix but overall this app has brought me a peace of mind that I haven’t had in a long time. Worth the money spent.

  23. Why can’t you create multiday events in the calendar. If you’re out of town for work you have to create separate appointments for each day! Ridiculous. And paying for text messages after I’ve already paid for premium. This app is barely half-baked edit 2/19/2019 after adding multi-day events I’ll give 4 stars. still occasionally have problems adding non-photo attachments so I’ll reserve that last star.

  24. Don’t Waste Your Time! I have an account online but don’t always get the notifications right away through my email that it’s linked to. So I thought I would try and download the app thinking that the notifications would immediately pop up to help communication with my ex about our kids and exchanges. I think it’s pretty crappy that I have had an account online for many years now and in order to use the app you have no choice and have to pay a monthly fee. Do not waste your time downloading this.

  25. Kate T dice:

    Love the app! This has been a very useful tool when it comes to documenting information. One suggestion: I would personally rate this 5 stars if the titles of messages had a character limit. With my current situation, the other party uses the titles to force me to read negative and disparaging comments. These are long, exhausting titles and can trigger emotions without being able to prepare for it.

  26. Two reasons for the Rating. 1. I was required to use the app with knowledge that this is being monitored. 2. Was not informed we would have to purchase a subscription. I don’t mind because my children are more then worth the security the app gives. Finally the biggest reason for the 2 stars is the ability to rig the system by having free subscription. Either make it all free and charge more to extract data for use or remove the free subscription and make everyone pay.

  27. Most people use their phones for everything this app requires a monthly cost even just to see and get into old messages through your phone. I do everything on my phone like most parents and find the fact that they charge extra for the mobile version which should be included with the app not an additional cost! I do not have a computer so I must use the mobile app. This should be a thing you want to change not justify.

  28. It’s a good app. My only complaint is that both parties messages appear on the same side of the screen, so it is difficult to quickly determine who sent that particular message. If they were on opposite sides or maybe different colors it would be more user friendly. Also the notifications on the phone are lacking.

  29. A software app update was released September 19th 2022 and a bunch of messages were never sent/ received and are not present in the threads. Families lives and happiness are at stake here. It’s far too valuable to be losing information and communication. To top it off, talking parents has no phone number to contact them and you can only send them inquiry texts regarding a limited selection of topics.

  30. I upgraded to the 10 a month it states that it allows for video chatting. I tried to and it wanted me to upgrade to premium. So the advertising is false? Video calling and phone calls are terrible. It constantly cuts out.

  31. Canh Le dice:

    This app sucks. So I have pay for the text notifications as the “up grade” that you have to pay for??? Just go on the website and it’s free, just turn your email notifications on so you the communication close to real time? The system is flawed. Leave it to the government to milk you for more cash for an app you don’t really need.

  32. Horrible with notifications. Pointless app that needs alot of upgrades. Def not worth the $25 subscription price for audio and video calls

  33. I have had trouble with credentials and logging in and I haven’t gotten a response in order to correct it but even when I was logged in I requested my daughter’s father to message me and he nevet seems to have been been notified or he has chosen to ignore it isn’t clear and I miss my family.

  34. Evy dice:

    I have read several msgs about needing to pay to msg or be notify for messages. So what I have noticed is that when you get the email and says “click here to log in” is better to log in through the email and not directly through the app. If you do it this way, there is no need to purchase any subscription. Regarding the notification, you will receive an email everytime either parent sends a msg. So set up email notifications and done🙂yes the app is dumb but no other choice🤷‍♀️

  35. This application only aims to take money away from parents. I don’t see any difference between WhatsApp and Telegram with this Talking Parents app that you have to pay for and the others are free and better than this invention to take away my money.Other applications do the same and they are free, because it is necessary to send a file to put a comment, because if you do not do it that way it will not be sent, you have many restrictions and little transparency and leave the pretty words.

  36. App crashes on a regular basis.. and trying to have a conversation gets pretty hard even when you have good internet connection

  37. Alisha B dice:

    Just so it is clear, I am the one making my ex use this app. The video calls rarely will work, the transcripts are often not correct, and it puts person A’s word as person B. The minutes expire even though you pay money for them. Overall it needs a lot of work for the price you are paying for it.

  38. The user interface is adequate at best, both on the website and application. Minimal functionality for $25 a month. On top of this, they charge for transcripts of messages. Overall, its email with extra steps and a worse interface.

  39. I’m super glad for this app, the only problem I have is I can’t figure out how to downgrade my subscription. Works great for what I need it for 💙

  40. This app freezes up and doesn’t send attachments even when you have a great connection to wifi or mobile data. Just horrible! Sometimes you can’t even make phone calls and it still deducts from your paid time. The mobile app is the worst. The desktop top app is okay.

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