Norton Secure VPN: Wi-Fi Proxy MODDED 2022

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Keep prying eyes out of your mobile activity online with Norton Secure VPN for Android. Start your free 7-day VPN trial today*.

Protect your mobile online privacy when connected to Wi-Fi at home or while on-the-go. Norton Secure VPN helps ensure private, fast internet access wherever you are.

Simply put, Norton Secure VPN offers protection from hackers trying to steal information you send and receive on a shared network from your phone or tablet. Help take your mobile security to the next level with Norton Secure VPN.

Our global servers dynamically scale with the number of users, plus, our no-log VPN means we don’t track or store your online activities.

Bank-grade VPN encryption helps make your data unreadable when using a Wi-Fi network. Norton Secure VPN for Android helps maintain your privacy by preventing others on the network from eavesdropping on your internet activity.

Norton Secure VPN helps secure your browsing history, IP address, streaming location, and web activity by safeguarding the personal information you send and receive over Wi-Fi.

•Global Servers:
While at home or on-the-go, our global high-speed VPN servers let you change your virtual location or you can auto-select the best region. Our servers dynamically scale with the number of users to ensure the best performance.

•Split Tunnelling:
Choose to secure and anonymize sensitive data without losing access to local services. Route some of your device traffic through the encrypted VPN tunnel while allowing other apps or services to access the internet directly. Encrypt, secure and anonymize the traffic you choose, without compromising streaming sites that may block VPNs or being subjected to bandwidth throttling during gaming.

•Kill Switch:
If your VPN connection drops, you’ll be automatically disconnected from the Internet to help maintain your privacy. This helps ensure that your IP address, location or identity do not accidentally get exposed, or that the security, encryption and anonymity of your internet connection is compromised.

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•Ad-tracker Blocker:
Norton Secure VPN anonymizes your cookie data to help block online advertisers, cell phone companies and IP providers from tracking your browsing activities across the web.

•No-log VPN:
Unlike some other VPNs, we don’t track, log, or save your browsing activities.

•Compromised Network Detection:
Choose to automatically secure your connection if you connect to suspicious Wi-Fi networks.

•Bank-grade Encryption:
Stay anonymous online. Help protect your data through an encrypted tunnel that masks your activities and blocks hackers, mobile carriers, and ISPs from accessing your information while on Wi-Fi.

Even beyond encryption, Norton Secure VPN is built by NortonLifeLock–a trusted leader in consumer cybersecurity–and is loaded with features like Split Tunnelling, a Kill Switch, Compromised Network Detection, and more.

Subscription Details

* Free trial requires activation of annual subscription (see in-app product pricing)

✔ Cancel in app store account settings or within your Norton Secure VPN account before the end of the trial to avoid payment

✔ After a free trial, your subscription will start and renew automatically annually unless canceled

✔ You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal may be turned off by going to app store account settings or within your Norton Secure VPN account after purchase

✔ Free trial is valid for one-time use per app store account


Norton Secure VPN ranks #1 overall for network performance.††
††Based on a test of nine other leading VPN products in the VPN Products Performance Benchmarks report conducted by PassMark Software commissioned by NortonLifeLock, March 2021.

Our Norton Secure VPN is no longer available for use within India as a result of governmental regulations requiring the logging and saving of user data, but you can still use your subscription when traveling outside of India.


Thank you for supporting Norton products. This newest app version contains:

– Fixes to improve the app experience
– Bug removal

Enjoying Norton Secure VPN? Rate our app today. We love hearing from you and value your feedback. Visit for more information.


40 comentarios en "Norton Secure VPN: Wi-Fi Proxy MODDED 2022"

  1. Norton Secure VPN delivers excellent service. It moves the server around the Çountry periodically. This app does not interfere with most of my other apps. Seems there were a couple that I couldn’t get to work right. I believe they were games. It escapes me right now so I can’t be sure. I know it wasn’t anything really important like things I transact business on. I highly recommend this app!

  2. Works as described – as far as I know. I’ve never had a hack/security breach to my knowledge. However, the app states that it will automatically turn on whenever it senses an unprotected network. This has NOT been my experience. Whenever I enter a location that is unsecure, I find that I always have to manually turn on Norton’s vpn – even though my setting is set on automatic. 🙄

  3. Had been working until today. Spent 1+ hours on tech support since it used to work fine. I had to uninstall it while on my cruise, but trying to reinstall was nothing but problems. I even had to set up a new email address to reinstall, thought everything was fine until I tried logging in. No can do. Very frustrating as I’ve already paid for it. Although I have plenty of time to resolve this issue, it’s very tiring trying to get it to work. Will start looking at other options.

  4. Rudy D dice:

    Terrible, the vpn turns off all the time, at least 10 times a day. Night time, well asleep. Can’t check often, but in the morning it’s disconnected. Shows only one city, same city all the time. Not random like when I first bought it. After an update, it’s just one city and disconnects.

  5. This VPN, which I paid for, chokes my connection speed severly. At first it worked flawlessly. After time and I assume several “fixes” it has become useless. I am too busy to start the usual (and irritating), back and forth with Norton to search for a fix. Which from reading other reviews would have me reinstalling over and over. I now use Ookla free VPN and my speed is unaffected.

  6. The app is useless on my pixel 3a. It turns on, but stops working randomly between a few hours and a few days. It doesn’t alert me because the app is broken, and the only way to fix it is to log out of Norton and log back in. So my phone is only protected some small percent of the time… But I’m paying $100 dollars a year… It should be nearly flawless.

  7. I tried to call Norton about those pop ads. All over my two phones. Am tired of Norton. When I first paid for my Norton it was great. Now am not sure. Customer service doesn’t let you talk. They talk and cuts you off when you are talking to them or hung up on you. Am going somewhere else soon as I can find something that’s worth the cost.

  8. Brian dice:

    So far, I guess it’s doing what it purports to do. Only problem I have is one or two apps can’t get either output or input through it. They won’t connect to their homes. No great problem as when that happens I turn it off for a few seconds. Otherwise. It’s seemless and in the background for everything else.

  9. Dan Scott dice:

    Works as described. A few websites won’t connect when using a VPN and you have to turn it off in order to go there, but I usually find a different way of accessing the info I need while still using my VPN. That way I’m connected. Also, by using the auto function in Norton, the VPN is only turned on when you’re in an unsafe network. If your using your own home DSL with encryption and virus protection in place, the software can sense this and so the VPN isn’t activated.

  10. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling to get it to work. I’ve had the service through my Norton subscription for several years. I like the ability to use VPN at public venues, but every couple of weeks the app stops even attempting to connect to a VPN backend. Even when hitting the connect button, the app immediately responds that it can’t connect. I need to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work again.

  11. It works once in a while, but often forgets that i have a subscription and requires me to send my send my credentials over an unsecured channel. Then it just hangs on a white screen more often than not. So then I have to turn it off. I want a setting for a request to pop up every time I connect to a new or unsecured wifi. And I want it to work.

  12. Significantly improving transparent operations, functions becoming increasingly sophisticated, throughput performance is excellent. No noticeable delay. A few sites throw a blank screen with “..not available” but it’s easy to temporarily turn VPN off/on. With rapidly increasing security vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, you’d think sites would just accommodate VPN connections. After a rough start a few years ago, Norton Android security products now set the standard.

  13. Lost all functionality. When I turn it on it automatically turns off. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes that issue. Not a good app if you have to constantly reinstall to fix issues. Also there is no compatibility between this app and Norton 360. If you have Secure VPN on, Norton 360 will be stuck in a loop scanning Wifi Security which you can rectify if you turn Secure VPN on and off. This defeats the purpose of the VPN in the first place. Very buggy suite of apps. Will be stopping service

  14. This is an updated review based on the latest update. Overall, I like what is done with the app, it looks now better, more modern, and even feels faster than before. Connection wise I was satisfied with what the app used to offer and I still am. Unfortunately, the update completely disregarded some necessary app functionality that are now considered basic in other app rivals such as landscape mode and quick settings menu shortcut. It seems that the app will take some time to pick up.

  15. The app is hard to use. I originally got this on my pc, payed for subscription and everything, but I can’t even login on my phone cus the app won’t even let me get past the “I agree” button without glitching at least 10 times. The app itself is slow and hard to manage. After my 30th attempt I was able to log in but it didn’t even load because the slowness of the app. And yes, i got the bundle for multiple devices.

  16. Well after ongoing issues of having to reload the app multiple times, as recommended by Norton customer service, because of a bug in the programming I have to change my review. The bug is when VPN is activated it will eventually prevent connectivity to websites. Yep. So two stars because when it works it does do random locations but that is it. Do not recommend this product.

  17. This is my 1st experience with using VPN on a cell phone. At least they give you an app icon for the “desktop” area to indicate that you’re connected. The Windows 10 PC version doesn’t and it doesn’t automatically reconnect you when you restart your computer, either. I had to turn off the VPN to download an app from Google Play Store. Other than that it seems pretty good.

  18. It worked great for the first date of use. After its update on 6/12/2019, I no longer am able to use it. During some testing, I found out that I can receive inbound network traffic but no traffic outbound is able to go through. Hopefully there is a quick fix. I already restarted my phone, turned airplane mode on/off, verified not just me. Does the same when connected through a wifi connection as well

  19. The mobile devices work great! However after being on the desktop for more than 5 minutes, the internet connection freezes and I have to turn off the service then back on. I’ve had three techs tell me they can find nothing wrong even after 2 fresh installs. I’ve had to use another service to solve the issue. (The other service works great btw.) I needed a service to work all across my devices and platforms. It doesn’t. I won’t be renewing.

  20. Roy Judy dice:

    I run this constantly in the background, and there’s no noticeable decrease in speed or battery life. it’s also very easy to use and unobtrusive. Update: It sucks now. Takes minutes to connect, slows down my internet, and certain apps won’t work while its on. Not to mention the security breaches…I’m moving on when my subscription is up, maybe sooner.

  21. Have used other VPN sites but don’t really trust much their reputation. This does what it is supposed to and it is backed by Symantec/Norton’s reputation. Sticking to it. Some WiFi locations, like at Hospitals, have a splash screen. You have to bypass that first and connect to an OPEN WiFi for that short time before engaging the VPN. That’s the only caveat under those circumstances. I wish it would reconnect automatically as soon as the splash screen kicks off.

  22. The VPN service works very well. My only gripe with the program is the automatic connection. When you turn on wifi, the VPN automatically turns on, which is fantastic. But when I leave for work in the morning, I do not turn off the VPN. When I am out of range of my wifi, the program continues to try to find a wifi network and interferes with my mobile data. I have to manually force the program to stop since there is no such button in the app while it is in an active wifi search.

  23. Needs Improvement! I have been using this service well over a year. I never realized that this app is slowing down my download speed considerably. I did Speedtest with VPN on and without, with VPN on the speed went down by 80%. I don’t think it’s acceptable. I understand that the speed will go down, but not so much. I was expecting 25% drop, but 80% is just unacceptable. Furthermore the connection is not stable so you are not guaranteed protection all the time. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED!

  24. Belle L dice:

    Stopped working several days ago and no one from technical support will return my emails. I’ve been using it almost a year without any issues. Now I can’t get the app to work at all. Edited to add: it started working again, however, it constantly drops if I keep it on longer than 5 minutes (no Wifi for me I guess). I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Norton product, but this is not a reliable app. At almost $30, this thing should be much better.

  25. Dave dice:

    I was initially reluctant to try this app due to reports of it slowing things down and connecting automatically. I tried it anyway and found that in “settings” I can select to only connect when I want to with a simple click. I also found that if on occasion my connection speed is slowed, that by simply changing connection location resolves the problem. I don’t routinely use VPN when I am on my personal secure WiFi, but it is nice to have when on a public system.

  26. I just love Norton 360 security!!! I feel very safe after getting this. My router was hacked recently as I had a different security, which made me switch over to Norton. Love the VPN!!! What a diverse level of coverage. Well worth the money! My only complaint and certainly not enough to take away a star is that I enjoy using the fingerprint to sign into apps. Sometimes it doesnt work and I have to use a pattern instead. It does it when I get a call while driving. Im sure its a setting.😊

  27. I travel a lot in China. I added this service before my last trip. It seems like we have to make changes often to keep VPNs working. For the first week if my current trip the Norton Secure VPN has been easy to use and has worked flawlessly. There is not as many server options as some. And you don’t see any guidelines on possible server speeds before you choose them. But I found one that works and have not needed to make any changes. Every server I tried connected. Some slower.

  28. I seldom give 5’s bc nothing’s perfect, but I wish I could give a 4.5 or 4.6. A long time Norton Security user, so I started looking at it & testing soon after it came out & bought it for a trip 2 years ago before it was included as it is now in Norton 360. A few minor glitches when I first started use, but more recently it just works if you leave it running. I do shut it off when I am at home protected WiFi. I find you may have issues if you turn it on with apps already connected to WiFi.

  29. J. Taylor dice:

    Overall, it’s a pretty good app. But, I find after about 10-15 times, it disconnects on it’s own and the app asks you to sign back in even when you did not sign out. If we’re talking about an app that is meant to increase security, that isn’t very secure. You could be on your device thinking your VPN is connected and go into the app to check it, and discover you were disconnected the whole time. I strongly suggest Norton work on this issue!

  30. Does what it’s supposed to and does it well. Makes connections run a bit slower sometimes, but that’s to be expected, and it’s not a drastic slow down when it does occur. Only real issue I have had is losing connection to VPN without any warning on more than one occasion, so privacy and data was unprotected and I didn’t realize it until noticed “key” symbol missing from small top bar. I feel like there should be a warning message or sound notification when you lose connection.

  31. Probably the most trustworthy. Unfortunately however, it is not always the most functional. It seems you need a solid WiFi connection for it to connect. In most areas you’d find application for this program (Such as public WiFi) it chokes. I’ve even had it tell me there was no connection when there was over LTE.

  32. Had issue with it turning off. They added a kill switch and it makes me feel safer. I have used Norton since 2000 at least. Sometimes it gets a bug but I always trust it is correctable and always is quickly. Other issue is I can’t connect to business sites unless I turn it off. That totally defeats the purpose of having a VPN. Re-thinking renewal while I research options. Thanks for the kill switch idea.

  33. Update: I would recommend having a backup VPN. This product isn’t reliable. I have tried logging in several times but I keep getting the error 7 day trial. I ended up purchasing ExpressVPN and haven’t had any issues. 4-16-21 Doesn’t always auto connect even though I have it enabled. So please check the app. I’m installing IPVanish as a backup. It worked great with Android. But doesn’t work well with Apple Products

  34. Not only is it always too slow to connect There are also three major problems I have with this VPN: While you can choose a region to connect, you can’t choose where in that region you want it to connect (i.e. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles). The slow disconnect and connect while you’re on the go will often ruin any music you’re streaming while in the car. I can’t connect to YouTube TV at the gym if the VPN is running. This is probably one of the more annoying VPNs you can use. A mobile VPN shouldn’t be this annoying.

  35. I once rated this app 5 stars but now i have to change it. I used to love it, had absolutely no issues. I had the speed and protection which is what I paid for. I have been using Norton for years and never had this problem. It’s not just a little slow… it DRAGS loading a web page or buffers several times streaming a video. Never had this problem before so something has changed. Severely disappointed. I will uninstall and reinstall and change my review back to 5 stars if it gets better.

  36. Shaka Zulu dice:

    Update: since Norton’s Jun 10th, 2021 update, this app has been buggy and not at all pleasant to deal with. It keeps kicking me out at random times when I think I’m secured and other times it won’t let me sign back in. It goes in to some sort of loop logging in and then out without allowing me to use the product. It used to be an “Excellent option for a quick, affordable VPN/ Cyber-Security solution. Extremely satisfied with its simplicity and user interface.” These days seem to be gone!!!!!

  37. Kim Diez dice:

    There are some minor issues. It frequently disconnects without warning and doesn’t always alert you that it’s disconected. You kind of have to stumble onto that fact. In addition to that, it frequently requires that you log in to your Norton account to turn it back on. It seems that when it disconnects, it also forgets who you are. Finally, it totally blocks some links in emails that have been proven safe.

  38. There are two (2) problems I have seen with this app. 1. It shuts down without notice at times leaving the system unprotected. 2. Some sites refuse to allow a conection when VPN is operating. This is just a minor problem as you turn off VPN, connect to the site, then turn VPN back on. All in all it is easy to use and appears to be effective.

  39. Alan Stein dice:

    This app provides an easy, secure, simple, and fast way to connect to a reliable VPN internet connection. My one complaint is that it doesn’t automatically connect me to VPN. Instead, it requires me to opt for a VPN connection every time I reconnect to the internet. Being that I would choose a VPN connection every time I am online (and my hunch is that most people feel the same), why can’t the program simply assume that that’s my ongoing preference unless I specify otherwise?

  40. Gary Noble dice:

    If the application initiated the VPN automatically it would be 5 star. At this time I have to turn it on manually all the time. Every time I check, it’s off. Still a good app. Update: constant pop ups telling me your working in the background and advertising for lifelock is starting to get old! I don’t want to hear from you unless I have a security issue. VpN still won’t stay on. I have to manually turn it on when I remember. What a pain. Maybe time to switch.

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