Catalyst Black MODDED 2022

0.23.0 (146810)

Epic Team Combat and Strategy
4.2/5 Votos: 18,833
0.23.0 (146810)
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Embark on an epic adventure filled with powerful guns, customizable abilities, and mystical primals from another realm. Choose your loadout and drop-in to any game mode. Battle teams of other players and design strategy in real-time multiplayer action. Unite, fight, and ascend to the top!

Be the hero of the game—fast. Harness the power of a primal, capable of decimating the entire enemy team. Make every second count before transforming back!

Collect, upgrade, and customize your loadout to create the best combination for your battles. Hunt kills as a long-range sniper, duel other players as a sneaky assassin, or counter the enemy as a primal hunter.

Battle players and bosses alike in Hydra, defeat enemies for points toward victory in Slayer, vie for control of an ancient fortress in an Eventide adventure—and so much more. The choice is yours!

Party up! Drop-in to games instantly with your friends. Discover new allies, prepare your strategy, and claim total battle victory together.

Ascend to the skies as you adventure on an expedition to acquire rich caches of power discoverable across the exotic Welkin Islands. Floating high above Kyria, the Welkins offers near limitless access to this mystical resource, but also hold within them the great mysteries of Catalyst Black itself!


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- Graceful archer here to keep the other primals in check
- Snipe enemies from afar with her skillshot bow and arrow
- Primary Weapon unleashing two powerful blasts at once
- Rocket Launcher with Primal Hunter banner for long-range combat
- Save up to three different loadouts in your inventory
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40 comentarios en "Catalyst Black MODDED 2022"

  1. J P dice:

    I love this game. However, there are issues… I don’t believe this game has Skill-Based Matchmaking which is okay, but the item level doesn’t feel right at times. Another is the constant crashing of the the app whenever items are infused. It’s been over a month that this has been happening. No updates done yet for the crashes..

  2. Ben dice:

    Love the game, but there’s been a handful of times where I don’t receive rank points after winning Eventide. Please address this 🙏 I can’t always spend a few hours grinding, so it’s frustrating when the matches I do play end in no gain, or a net loss – and it’s especially frustrating when I did very well in the match. It just happened three times in a row 🙁 Counter: 10

  3. Rob Malon dice:

    Occasionally game will crash when you infuse an item and youll lose the duplicates and not get a star. Same thing if you buy an item and go into your loadout. An animation plays to auto upgrade a star and if you cancel out of that animation you dont get the infusion upgrade (but item is gone). Very frustrating experience. Very epensive P2W options.

  4. It’s upsetting to see this game start to become even more money hungry. The newest update switched the item shop to show the most expensive packs first rather than showing packs that can be bought with the ingame currency quint. Though I have no intention of spending real money on the game, it still goes to show that it’s no longer about the player experience but more or less about how much money the company can generate off of it.

  5. D simmons dice:

    This game has very great potential for sure. Interesting builds and such for a shooter. But majorly lacks in areas where it shouldn’t for a pvp game. The server lags are a problem. Constantly get thrown out of matches and lags while your playing. There is no messaging tool in this multiplayer game which makes it feel very lonely to play and extremely hard to communicate unless your in a party and willing to voice. And last there are no events, ever. It’s just the same modes and quest daily.

  6. I’ve been playing for about a month now. I really love the game play and how you can really customize your characters load out. The matches are highly competitive. The daily/weekly quests give nice rewards and don’t take too long to complete. One thing I have noticed recently is the amount of bots. There can be quite a lot of bots at times, but I’m sure this will dissipate as the game gains more popularity. Without a doubt this still remains a 5/5 in my eyes. Playing everyday!

  7. ben dezso dice:

    The game is good. There is no sense of balance at all. Higher levels will decimate you with guns that shoot faster and further than you while also running faster than you. Feelsbadman. The monster transformation mechanic is kind of extra but done pretty well. I think there should be a cap per team on the transforms varying per game mode. Like 2-3 max at a time. Getting swarmed by 4 of them just AOEing you down isn’t fun. Take “high range” off the Tetrad it’s range is less than the starter rifle.

  8. What an amazing game! Fun and addictive! Smooth game play & graphics. Control mapping is easy-to-understand. Leveling up your character and equipment gives it an action RPG vibe. Matches earns you coins & materials. Coins are used in the store to purchase new equipment & materials help lvl equipment. Lots of equipment & weapons to discover, with different types of maps and matches keep the game fresh. The coolest feature was evolving on the battlefield into a big Avatar/monster. Well done!

  9. It’s fine if you ask for a rating once but when someone doesn’t want to rate don’t bug them a lot to give the game a rating. Also lots of connection issues like being in a party but not being able to play together because of “game server is full” or just getting stuck on the loading screen

  10. vndea4 dice:

    I played for a while, and actually enjoyed the gameplay and the incremental upgrades. The whales though, completely ruin the game once you realize that the upgrades you receive are already 10x lower than that of their builds. This makes unranked unbearable bc anything without shotgun and speed boosts are not viable. It’s so pay to win that the negatives start outweighing the positives. I’m still confused on why they went this route instead of solving the problems with vainglory.

  11. FoxMan dice:

    It’s fine for what it is- a neat little twin stick shooter with solid gunplay and a “battle pass” of sorts- the main problem I had with it was I couldn’t get through a multiplayer match without getting suddenly kicked out of the match seemingly for no reason and with no explanation- but always right when I would start doing really well. I wouldn’t let that dissuade people from giving it a go, though.

  12. Great game and highly addictive. It is still lagging especially when using the sniper. Movements keep repeating or become intermittent. Also, each time I start eventide, the game restarts on its own. For the new update, infusing us buggy. It is not infusing on its own. When I try to infuse, the game restart. And the it tells me cannot infuse or unknown error. Other than that the game is awesome.

  13. The latest update has a bunch of bugs, random crashes and poor frame rate. For instance when opening a chest the rustling of the chest’s sound carries on throughout gameplay, when upgrading gear the frame rate slows down drastically and when entering matches with friends you can see they still wait almost 30 sec longer than you before they actually enter the match. Can we expect a patch of some sorts?

  14. Well everything is good but what this game really misses is the seriousness in matches. There is no mode which needs people to play strategically or they’ll lose. In most of the modes you can get away with killing everything you see. Would really love to have some kind of chat or communication system so that planning with online teammates is possible. Used to love vainglory and would love to see this game reach the same level of interesting.

  15. the game lacks more ambients, supports, and players. Game is decent but it doesn’t mean it there’s no room for further improvements. character customization unique battle spells or whatever you want to put it just to make the game for interesting and enjoyabl, because overall there’s really nothing special about it except shooting ur opponent in general.

  16. this game has BIG potential, sadly its not advertised enough to get a big audience, and the game is just not polished. a small change on the fonts or graphics can be game breaking. :D, anyways i would love to see this game grow big and have tournaments. one last thing, i think itll be better if the game is more slow-paced, with characters that has its own unique powers. anyways! i love this game!!. 😀

  17. It does not deserve more than 1 star and the reason for this is the match making system. Always unbalanced teams. Either my team is too strong or the enemy team is too strong. Add to this, some weapons are OP, especially rocket launchers (When a spammer is using them). Otherwise, the game has great potentials and I hope you do not trash this feedback (as you used to do with VG) and take what is written into consideration .

  18. After the last update very upgrade just disappears. The insane amount of time it took me to get 2 astral chest for the game to give me nothing. Now the has given me nothing since the update. I leveled countless items for it to never show. I have spent over $500 in game and you won’t even attempt to respond. Super Evil has become a careless corporat.

  19. Good game but the auto aim can really mess you up and turning it off or all the way up doesn’t seem to do much of anything. If you could actually control your direction better and aim at who you actually wanna shoot at this game would be alot better.

  20. Doug Lewis dice:

    Adjusting my score. Was a better game, but since the update and with more players, the netcode has been awful at keeping up. The lag spikes make the game borderline unplayable, and the monetization has only gotten more atrocious, it seems.

  21. I love the game but there are multiple ways to improve the game experience and make users stays longer like Destroy Machine or Alpha and convert it to quint or dust for upgrade, Set up multiple Presets like banners, weapons,Alpha for different gameplay, No FPS & Ping counters, Server location. Thank you SEMC. #update: Game crash when I trie to infuse, upgrade.

  22. Great game that does not require $$$ to progress. Matchmaking is good enough not to put you against higher level players. It happens at low levels but rarely. Even when fighting higher geared players, skill, is still a big factor as maxed weapons are not godly superior to their unleveled versions. Overall its a great game but it needs more player communication, hence my 4 stars. The ability to PM another player would be a great start.

  23. Vainglory >>>. That said, still need to have cooldown timer to play the game properly. Idk about you but I do not enjoy games that do not provide essential details about game play during game play. Also: item Northern Warmth has range 12.5 with +8% upgrade or 13.5 max range. Yet when I vs someone using a flamethrower, Brighton… range 10 they somehow can go head to head with me. I enjoy your implementation of math where 13.5 == 10. Please address and fix your bugs. Ty.

  24. 1. This game needs a stats page. Number of games played. Wins and loses. Kills per game. Average kills per game. Maximum kills per game. Same with assists and deaths. Average position in team by score/k/d/a. Time played. Weapons used. Etc. 2. Better explanation of scoring. 14 kills and 7 assists can have lower score than 4 kills and 5 assists and in less time played? How? 3. Waiting times for a game are long (for a phone game, 30sec to over a minute) only to be greeted by a server full message.

  25. David Z dice:

    A critical part of the game is PvP and yet the match making rarely feels good. Matches tend to be lopsided with OP players wiping the other team. If you see a huge score differential, that probably means the match was not that even. So many times I find myself defending key positions or going to objectives by myself against several high rank players. This ruins my experience.

  26. Leon Wong dice:

    It is a fun game for a while until there is a level system that can be daunting. I do suggest playing for a while until you get a grasp on the main game. My only complaint is I do feel bother by the art style they are going for. The color is meshed together with other color that completely clashes with other color. Basically it’s not easy on the eye that caught my attention since most equip look the same. I do hope they fix that since I can’t tell which weapon is different from what I have.

  27. Tee G dice:

    Great pvp arena shooter with variety. Different modes all pvp arena and one pve mode. For different modes and maps some weapons and abilities work better. Teamwork is crucial. Maps are beautiful and game play is very nice. * people don’t know they have to be in Play menu in order for captain to be able to start a match

  28. Mad Max dice:

    Great find!! Simple and fun! Needs more stuff to do but all in all, A+. Hopefully they keep with the updates and keep the game going! Edit: After a week/ LVL 40, the grind kicks in. Game needs more to do, i.e battle pass, more rewards (dailys and weeklies)

  29. been a fan since vainglory, happy to be able go play another semc game. Edit, 4 to 5 stars. I’ve been playing this game off and on for months since it came out. No game is perfect, but this game brings a unique twist to the genre on a starved platform. A feat the developers have performed twice now. Look forward to all the great work coming from this developer.

  30. i have a suggestion : how about an option in settings that allows me to see my ping(ms) in the corner. i have a very unstable internet and i like to see my ping during fighting to get back safe and generaly for better gaming experience.

  31. I like it but there were times where you would want to probably make a new account to get a chance of getting different weapons and then have the option to combine the accounts but that is kind of common for a games where they have chests to get loot and weapons but I don’t like how you can get abilities for masks that u don’t have yet they can steal spots from getting weapons and steal upgrades because you can’t use them unless you have the mask but you don’t so it’s useless otherwise great

  32. The game is nice and i have so much fun been playing for 3hrs straight and theres some that i got dissapointed a little 1. It has no Button Lock, the game should have button lock, like FIXED MOVEMENT and FIXED attack button aswell 2. The game is not OPTIMIZE to all phones yet, im experiencing lag evrytime 3. If we can move the view why we couldnt move the view when clicking the map? 4. Theres No customize layout 5. Theres No world chat where we can see messages of other people when ingame screen

  33. Matt dice:

    Wow, what a great game! It had me hooked straight away. The controls are very easy to pick up, loadout customisation is varied and gameplay is super smooth. I like the fast paced battles. Things I would like to see in future updates, more game modes, solo free for all would be cool. More loadout options. The ability to stay in current party/lobby after the battle.

  34. I’m enjoying it. However there are 2 areas to note. 1) The character skin should also be attached to a load out. 2) The asention banner covers the x on special offers forcing us to look at it a few seconds longer.

  35. Been a supporter for SEMC since Vainglory day. Had high hopes from this game, other than just a money grabber. And in the end this game is just a throw money and win games types of game. Disappointed, i have decided to delete this game. New update changes the shop into showing expensive stuff first, showing more intention of money grabbing. All in all, disappointing experience and not worth it. I gave 2 stars just for my respect for Vainglory, for this game which focuses on money, 1 stars!!!

  36. Eli Brown dice:

    Having problems with maps. Colosseum says “coming soon” and I’m not able to select it or anything. All that’s available is Slayer, eventide and Hydra. Both capture the flag and colosseum are blacked out.

  37. The quality, the fluidity and the idea itself are good, and now the matchmaking And now the matchmaking I think has improved a lot, it’s very entertaining and it doesn’t have ads, so it’s understandable that the prices are high. I like the graphics, although more characters or an option to characterize them are missing, however, it is the least important

  38. Abdo Tarek dice:

    I love the game its fun and competitive, you have something good on your hands, it just needs the online experience from clans to better social networking so the community inside of it grows even more and even more game modes helps Cut down on the pay to win aspect please as it would make no sense why anyone would play with impossible opponents, there’s literally no point investing time in it if you’re gonna hit a wall sooner or later, I really want this game to succeed and play with friends

  39. I’m level 61and have only 7 guns out of 20. So what’s the point. Do I need to play how long to unlock all of the weapons? Unplayable. Plus dps is too big. And lots of bugs. Drop in is good but also bad coz if u see that ur are in hard match u can just leave the match. Unlock all of the weapons lower DPS and adjust gears attributes.

  40. Euphytose dice:

    Had to stop playing just to write this. So far so good. Runs very well on my Samsung Galaxy A10. Lots of different playstyles possible, and great visuals. Very good game, recommended. Edit: The drop-in function doesn’t seem to work. I click “join party” but nothing happens. Would be nice if it were fixed as that seems like a good feature. Edit 2: The issue is now fixed!

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