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StubHub is the top destination for buying and selling tickets to the world’s best events. Ticket prices may be higher or lower than face value.

MLB, NBA, NHL, and concert tickets at your favorite venue and more – StubHub has your tickets for amazing experiences! Over 10 million upcoming live sports events, concerts, theater shows, gigs and tours are available.

StubHub recently ranked #1 in Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service in 2019. Tickets orders are 100% guaranteed, with customer service all the way to your seat. Get a coupon worth 120% of your original order if an event is cancelled.

Get tickets for your favorite MLB, NBA, NHL team, theater show or music concert from the day they go on sale to the day of the event. See the venue and find out which artists are performing from your phone.

Buy event tickets using the largest ticket selection with StubHub! Concerts, MLB, NBA, NHL tickets, local shows and more.

Sell tickets easily right from the StubHub app if you have a change of plans.

• Event Recommendations: Let the fun find you with event recommendations based on your Spotify account, downloaded music, and favorite artists and teams
• Friends: Find out what your friends are into and which events they’re going to
• Interactive venue maps: See the view before you buy on selected maps
• Virtual venue View: Get an immersive, 3-D view from your section for selected venues
• Google Pay: Speed through checkout with Google Pay (US events only)
• Mobile tickets: Get in with your phone – no need to print!*
• Venue and artist info: Check on upcoming events and discover similar artists
• My tickets: Track your orders, view your mobile tickets and get ready for your next event
• Sell tickets: List tickets, manage your listings and view your sales
• Event categories: View events by category to discover events based on your interests or mood. Concerts, NBA games, comedy shows and more.
• Barcode scanning: Attract more buyers and keep tickets you’re selling listed for longer by scanning ticket barcodes*

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Buy and resell tickets for local events with StubHub. Download now!

*Available for selected teams and venues


UI refresh and bug fixes


40 comentarios en "StubHub – Live Event Tickets MOD 2022"

  1. The new update is just awful. There is no more Favorites tab so you can’t easily find your favorite sports teams or highlighted concerts anymore. Also, when looking for seats they don’t highlight very clearly so it’s hard to actually see where your seats are located. This used to be a much better app but has downgraded significantly, it’s terrible now.

  2. Paul C dice:

    The new web-based UI doesn’t work. Last year, I could sell tickets perfectly fine, including entering barcodes either manually or by image. Today, I can’t enter barcodes – the page doesn’t allow me to continue after entering all valid barcodes, the Upload button never populates and I can’t get past the screen. This is clearly not designed for easy selling.

  3. The newest version of the app has a lot of bugs and a very poor user interface. In some use cases, I am unable to enter data into text fields, or the appropriate field is missing. In other cases, I am unable to click the CTAs. The keyboard popup also covers up certain data fields which makes entering text extremely frustrating. StubHub also has very poor customer support, so if you run into issues you cannot count on any help. When I called for support, they told me to sell somewhere else.

  4. Ed Hogan dice:

    The June 2022 update that apparently changed the app to a web based experience is not good. It is slower, and the interface is not as usable or intuitive. You can’t see the info as easily nor can you sort as you want. I also no longer get notifications when I sell tickets. It is also very buggy and appears not much testing was done before the update. Really wish you would make it more like the previous experience.

  5. Matt Selle dice:

    The latest version they put out is so bad. Everything is slow and selecting anything to filter just takes so much time between each click. The search doesn’t start to populate like it did before. They removed the number of tickets available when searching. It should be more user friendly and not worse. Switch back until you work out the kinks.

  6. The latest “upgrade” is a complete DISASTER as far as functionality and usability are concerned. For reasons that are impossible to fathom, StubHub decided to roll back the technology 10 years – and in doing so, they took an app that was working great and easy to use and stripped out all of the useful UI features, leaving a clumsy, poorly executed, web-based cluster cuss in its place. Absolutely INSANE! I’m uninstalling the app and switching to a different ticket provider.

  7. Robin M dice:

    I can’t believe how much they ruined this app. It was just fine before the update. Now it’s so much more difficult to search by sections and compare multiple sections. You only know what row tickets are in, not the actual seats. Things you’ve previously searched for aren’t saved or suggested. And it’s very slow and cumbersome. Will find a new place to buy tix until they fix these problems.

  8. G Nas dice:

    I have used this app for years and always enjoyed it. But this newest version took away most of the features I like to use. I used to be able to see immediately on a list of games for example, how many tickets were available and what the average price was. You could quickly scroll through different dates for a games throughout the week and see which games might offer the best value. Once you picked a game, you used to be able to sort by Zone as well. Maybe you still can but I couldn’t find it.

  9. Horrible recent update. It doesn’t show ticket values like it used to. I mostly search for baseball tickets and as you scroll it highlights on the map… or it used to… not anymore! So. Much. Slower. It takes forever to scroll because things are constantly buffering. Ridiculous changes that ruined the user experience. Ice used stubhub for every concert, game, and show I’ve been to in the past 7 or so years. Seriously may not anymore with how horrible the changes to the app are.

  10. App has never been this bad until the June ’22 update. It used to be fast (remembered searches and events for easy checking, would help set filters from the jump, search results were adaptive, select sections, etc.), but now it’s just DUMB. I shouldn’t even say that search results were ‘adaptive;’ you search ‘Yankees vs Cardinals’ and it would only pull up that series or game, not the rest of the schedule for both teams… This is terrible, like a grandparent designed this update.

  11. Randy Hale dice:

    Horrific user experience with the latest upgrade. My internet provider’s access point is 3 states away, STOP defaulting my location to there! I’m traveling in 2 weeks and looking for tickets in that city…. Every single time I open the app I have to retype that city. The prior version just left that until I changed it which was a far better experience. Please undo your misguided UX ‘improvements’. Ugh.

  12. This new app is awful. It’s like they tried to cut costs by getting rid of all app functionality and just displaying the website from within the app. The interface is terrible… it’s not intuitive, there’s no view from the seat anymore, you can’t easily select multiple sections anymore… whoever authorized this massive overhaul of the app should be fired.

  13. Anthony J dice:

    The app needs to go back to before the update. This update has taken away all what made it great. It is slower than before when you look for tickets in an area it doesnt load or takes 10 minutes. No more ticket values or a view you would have with the seats you buy was always helpful. I guess not anymore. Pleased change it back to before the update!

  14. Fab Chick dice:

    The update is absolute trash! My AOL dial-up Internet service from 2000 ran FASTER than this app runs now. It is BEYOND slow, it is SLOTH! No longer can you see venue maps, individual seat views or 360 degree. Filtering to specific sections/aisles/seats is a nightmare (I’ve witnessed paint dry faster). It seems that more and more, technology companies are taking shortcuts, hiring inexperienced kids to do the work and this useless excuse for an app is the end result.

  15. The new user interface is complete junk. This used to be a good app and site. I don’t care about seats that sold 8 hours ago or that tickets are selling fast. I’d like to sort tickets by rows and price. And what happened to the view from a section? Thanks stubhub. You fixed something that wasn’t broken and now it’s completely useless.

  16. Caleb P. dice:

    Newest version (updated 6/8 for me) is such an absolute downgrade. Virtually useless due to the painfully slow load times and lag. I click on a section and it takes 30 seconds to view the available tickets. The older version was a million times better. Probably switch to another ticket service after I use the tickets I’ve already bought.

  17. New web interface is very slow and hard to select seats. Worse I just purchased some tickets but right after checkout was given an error message that the seats were no longer available and to try again. After purchasing a second time and receiving the same error, I checked my email and low and behold i now have two completed orders and an extra sets of tickets I now have to get rid off. Grrrr.

  18. Recent update has made it very difficult to resale tickets and to view similar ticket prices. Prior to the update, it was very user friendly to check on ticket prices for the event venue using the map. This is no longer an option specifically for parking pass maps. Update 6/28/22: Can we get the option to sort complete sales from most recent? Instead of having to scroll through the whole year’s worth of sales to get to the most recent??

  19. GB Wags dice:

    The new update took away some really helpful features… like now they don’t list the number of tickets available. Was very helpful in making purchasing and selling decisions. And this is more minor but the prior all saves searches so the teams/events i searched for previously would appear when I went to search another time. Now they don’t. Please return these features.

  20. Bought tickets on stubhub app. $300 worth. It’s time for me to leave for my event and I still haven’t received the tickets. Only customer service is waiting on hold on the phone. After 20 minutes, the system drops your call. I used to use stubhub exclusively, but their seat maps don’t work, their sorting and filtering doesn’t work, their “show prices with fees” are deliberately misleading, and the app is very slow overall. With all those issues and now them scamming me, I will never use again.

  21. Zhong Ying dice:

    Straight trash You can buy tickets easy enough, although I don’t know why you would download this app. Also their fees are more expensive than other secondary market seller fees. The absolute WORST part is selling. It’s so convoluted that after playing with the app forever you finally figure it out. Then it says you have to enter your credit card info. Ok fine, good luck with that. I even followed the directions in the help section and it didn’t work. This app is useless. On a Samsung note20

  22. Tried to sell some concert tickets sort of last minute. The first ones sold and shipped just fine. But the last one apparently never registered that I shipped it, despite printing off the label at the UPS store and watching them take it back where it needed to go. So now I’m being charged a fee for either StubHub’s app not working properly, or UPS’s mistake. I know for a fact I got that last ticket shipped on time. I will not be using StubHub again. Or buying paper tickets, for that matter.

  23. I’ve been buying tickets off Stubhub for the past 3 years and never had any problems and always enjoyed how simple the app is… But just like many others, this newest update is straight trash. It’s barely functional, there is so many fewer ticket choices, clicking on certain sections doesn’t even work half the time. I’ll be moving on to other ticket apps unless they reverse the most recent update

  24. Convenient, visually-appealing interface with lots of buyers and sellers. The downside is the insanely high service charges, which are taken from both the buyer and seller. For example, the ticket charge for a $380 festival was $110, and that’s just off the buyer side. Third-party sites like this are only good on rare occasion, such as when an event is sold out. Stubhub support very difficult to contact.

  25. Susan dice:

    It is easy to filter and sort choices. There is a significant ease to purchase. I appreciate the various “reminder” options, as well as the policies for resale and deferment. As always, however, the additional fees at checkout are an unpleasant aspect of ANY ticket outlet. I could do without that. Just give it to me straight. Sigh.

  26. Horrible service fees charged to both buyer and seller. I enjoy the insurance but at this point I’ve only paid for two bunk tickets over the years outside of insured services (total losses of maybe $100-$200) but have paid close to a 1-2k in service fees for stubhub. The app works well (although it has some difficulty with navigation at times and the notifications are quite annoying).

  27. one of the worst apps I’ve ever installed. it asks for a 6 digit confirmation code sent with my confirmation email to download my tickets. There is no 6 digit code. When trying to pay with my PayPal account, I can’t use my PayPal balance, I have to use my credit card. When saving the tickets to my phone, I can only save it to Dropbox, which i don’t have a Dropbox account. Very user unfriendly, unless you jump through their hoops and not ones you already have. I’ll be uninstalling this app.

  28. Alan Kruck dice:

    Don’t know how they did it, but the app is actually worse after the pandemic. You think with all that time on their hands they could have actually made it easier to use. Tried to manually enter the barcode number, it kept telling me that doesn’t seem correct even though I entered it correctly. Then I tried to scan the barcode. nope, that doesn’t work either. What a piece of junk and unfortunately because of monopolies I’m forced to struggle through. U suck StubHub.

  29. Simple enough to buy tickets and never had an issue with delivery. The only problems I encounter are adding promo codes. Most of the time I get an error saying there was a problem and to try later. I do double check the entry for spelling. Try later means a possibility of losing my tickets. So instead I look for a way to read the terms and conditions of the promo, but cannot find these terms anwywhere on the app. Maybe I just need to buy them through a PC?

  30. StubHub used to be the best way to buy tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc. With the new service fees the pricing goes way up and I’ve found it to actually cost more to use StubHub then direct through the venue or ticketmaster. The steep fees are also applied both ways to the seller and buyer. Seems like a lose lose. Way better options out there these days.

  31. 1st, they have tickets to every event. Which is amazing. 2nd, the prices seem great until you are ready to check out. They hike up the prices with “fees” over 60$ for ONE TICKET!!! Ticketmaster doesn’t do that when buying 2! And they use to have rewards points/dollars and now it’s seems to be gone. Just bought tickets and i’m pretty sure I had over 10$ I could have used towards my purchase.

  32. I found the app confusing but it’s worked so far. I have yet to receive payment, but they say it takes 5+ days. A major confusion concerns the payment details. The payment for my first ticket to sell is supposed to go my savings account. Later, when I entered more tickets to sell, the app didn’t have my savings account info and required me to use PayPal. I didn’t think I had a PayPal account, but my email address worked, defaulting PayPal to a credit card account of mine.

  33. This isn’t even an app! Just a desktop version. They took away everything that was functionally great about the previous iteration and replaced it with someone’s desktop minimalist wet dream. Man, I don’t typically advocate for someone getting laid off but the person who hatched this disastrous revamp has to at least be put in time out.

  34. App works good, but they have very tricky/(deceptive) clickbait adds at the end of your transaction. They make it look like you are continuing through your purchase normally, but really you are signing up for a 30 day trial on a number of products. Amazing how they choose the colors of buttons and word this to mislead you.. VERY VERY DECEPTIVE I am sure they are making a mint , especially when they have the sign up information and credit card to start billing people after the 30 days is up!

  35. Bought tickets to White Sox game. The app doesn’t display icons at the top of the screen. To retrieve your ticket info I had to keep looking until I found the icons way at the bottom. The instructions are contradictory. It says don’t print out your tickets as they will only accept the ticket on a phone. Once you download the tickets you’re told to save them to phone and print the tickets as well. This app is poorly laid out, designed and could not have possibly been tested by a customer.

  36. The fees are insane! Received a stubhub gift card from work (which i appreciate very much), so i went to find tickets, which were already more expensive than i could get from MLB, but the fees were > $8 per ticket, which were $28 each. $113 for tickets, $35 in fees + tax. That’s 30%! Usery level of fees. To add insult to injury, after purchasing the tickets, i had 4 additional screens of ads to click through! Not sure how this app has such a high rating.

  37. I like the virtual view from each seat and the comparative value rating for each ticket. I had trouble signing in, and needed to create a new account with an alternative email address. Otherwise, I would have given a higher rating. Overall, a successful experience, nonetheless.

  38. Horrendous! Tried selling my Heels tickets, figured the app would be better than the website. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! Scanned barcodes, show not valid, manually entered the bar codes, same results. You’d think with the fees you charge to buy and sell you would create a user-friendly interface. I suppose because you are the #2 ticket exchange you take your users for granted. I guess second is good enough! Uninstalled.

  39. app is terrible! got a new credit card cause the expiration date had expired. had the same card number and the system would not add my new credit card because of that. couldn’t find how to delete the old one either.lost a ticket because of it. terrible functionality and customer experience. get it together and test before launching an app.

  40. WASTE OF TIME!! Everytime single time I picked seats to check out I got an error saying they were no longer available. I know these things can happen once or twice, maybe 3 when an even is hot… It’s not even a hot event though! At least 6-7 times within a minute or 2? What a waste of time!

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