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StretchIt is a direct method for improving flexibility through goal-oriented video classes. World-class flexibility instruction, beautiful videos with descriptive voice cues, flexibility challenges, personalized training recommendations, progress tracking, and more!


Stretching and flexibility video classes with thousands of exercises, flows, and easy to follow instructions. StretchIt classes combine yoga, gymnastics, bodyweight training, pilates, and dance stretching techniques to accelerate your flexibility progress.


No matter your age, skill level, or fitness background, your flexibility progress is what StretchIt is all about. Personalized training recommendations, flexibility challenges, goal-oriented classes, progress tracking, and more!


StretchIt will recommend a class or a personal program based on your goals and training history. We’ll ask your feedback after each class and guide you to the next one to help you safely push your flexibility thresholds.


Challenges are curated training programs to accelerate your progress. You’ll take ‘before and after’ pictures along the way, so you’ll be able to see your achievements.


Our users range from those who never stretched before to cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, surfers, bodybuilders, trick riders, cyclists, aerialists, personal trainers, moms, athletes, desk sitters, and yogis. All agree: if you want to get more flexible, StretchIt works.


Each StretchIt session focuses on a goal—whether it’s to get your front splits, achieve middle splits, increase your back flexibility, or build full-body strength and flexibility. Classes are 15, 30, and 45 minutes long.


Allison Wardwell is a flexibility trainer, dance and fitness educator, and innovator. A classically-trained ballerina, Allison received her B.F.A. in Dance from The University of Texas and her M.A. in Dance Education from New York University.


An experienced instructor with over 20 years of movement study, Allison combines a deep knowledge of the body with extensive expertise and a passion for bringing her students the best training methods available. Her flexibility classes are a fusion of various disciplines and technique – from yoga to dance to contortion to fitness.


StretchIt is free to download. Subscription starts with a 7-day free trial. We offer the following auto-renewing subscription options:

US$ 19.99 monthly
US$ 159.99 yearly

(prices for non-United States customers will vary)

Subscription cost will be charged to your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase or after FREE 7-day trial period, where applicable. Subscription automatically renews. You can cancel your subscription anytime by going to the Subscriptions section in your Google Play account after purchase.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:


Email: [email protected]

Training tips, daily inspiration, and Q&A live streams:
Instagram – @stretchitapp @stretchit_family
Facebook – StretchIt

Hashtag #stretchitapp. We’d be happy to see your progress and feature you.


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40 comentarios en "STRETCHIT: Stretching Mobility MODDED 2022"

  1. Hi hiiiii 💜 I LOOOOVE StretchIt, have been using it for years, and recommend it to everyone! I am a competitive pole dancer and we are always looking for new programs for stretching. I LOVE the variety and how organized it all is into levels, length, and specific skills/body parts. I also have loved watching the content grow over the years! Thank you for an amazing program!

  2. Has potential to be a great app but there are some bugs that need to be fixed. I love the variety of videos, but the app takes FOREVER to load. By the time a video pops up I’m already disinterested and busy doing something else. I timed some of the videos and some took 7 minutes to load, 1 time it took 10 min. Not sure if its just Andriods or my phone, but I’m not satisfied with the wait time. Especially when I’m trying to stretch post workout and have limited time in the gym.

  3. I love this app! There are a variety of different programs and classes you can take. I’ve already finished two challenges, and the progress I’ve made with both splits and back bends has been amazing! I also typically have to go to the chiropractor every few weeks for back pain, and I haven’t had to go at all in the past two months that I’ve started doing this. That has been a wonderful bonus! Definitely worth the $20 a month for me.

  4. Paid for this subscription for a few months. Only when I end subscription was I non resistant to using it. Also while using it sometimes the teachers don’t allow for the stretch to be held long enough, the calander schedule can be confusing. I didn’t find enough motivation to do this every day so I canceled subscription twice. The app has some good stretches though I’m not sure it’s the best possible choice.

  5. Nina D dice:

    This app is helping me to stretch in ways that I’ve never stretched before. Not only do I see improvement in my flexibility, but I’ve also been gaining strength in my stretches. I love the variety of exercises available. I have split goals that I hope to reach with this app. I already feel closer. (Customer service is great. Everytime that I’ve reach out with an app question, someone has responded quickly and helped.)

  6. Stretch it was my gateway drug to working out. Each challenge is a perfect mix of strength and streching. This app is perfect for beginners, very easy to follow and it sets up the schedules for you without over working your muscles. You will see progress when you commit. Perfect for pole dancers like me, this app is the only reason I can do splits today! Perfect for mental health. Recommended to all of my friends.

  7. I enjoy every exercise that’s on this app even her live feeds. It keeps me focused and helps with my back pains especially my back injury I have. This app shows an easier way to get back into the flexible life you had before. I love this app, now my daughter doing it with me!

  8. This app has been great! I have tried other stretch apps which struggle with variations, where this one does not! I loooove the newer classes and programs as well – I am currently 60 days through a 90 day challenge and I really look forward to my daily stretches 🙂

  9. first time using this app, I’m doing the Everything Split challenge, I just completed the Day 1 stretching and I feel amazing. I do weight training 5x a week, and I’m getting into Olympic lifting. I’m using this app to work on my flexibility, I also would love to be able to do the splits again lol.

  10. J DelMonte dice:

    Personalised views take AGES to load (e.g. challenge progress chart). Once challenge starts, it auto-continues even if you miss a day, and you cannot look up previous day’s workout -makes it very hard to follow a challenge

  11. This is real stretching, not just pre-workout stretching. I absolutely love it, the instructions are clear and they have several routines to choose from. If you’re serious about your flexibility, this is the app. You can tell they have broad knowledge about the body and how to achieve different flexibility goals in a correct and healthy manner. It’s a great complement for dancers, and a good practice for anyone who wants to exercise their bodies. No matter your level, you can always stretch more. It is simple and clean, and you can purchase different packages, but I find each one of them to contain a complete workout for my body, even if it focuses more on one goal. Also, if you follow them on Instagram or have a look at the desktop site, they have different challenges to keep you motivated. I’ve neverhad a problem with the app (iOS or Android), and I’ve been using it for quite a while.

  12. Anna M dice:

    Review edited. Great customer service, very responsive and helpful. One of the best CS experiences in years. I have already commented on the workouts in my previous review, but after few more days of stretching I have to say it again: it’s really great and challenging. Probably not the right choice for someone looking for more yoga style relaxing stretching, but if you are looking for a serious flexibility course – it is definitely for you!

  13. Good classes and my flexibility feels like it’s progressing, overall liking the app so far. I’m in the middle of a 90-day challenge and it would be good if you could choose your ability level based on the area of focus – for example, I’m more intermediate for my front splits but very beginner for my middle splits. I’m stuck choosing either beginner or intermediate, making it either too difficult or too easy.

  14. I’ve been using the app for a year now.. I like it a lot.. However I never managed to complete any of the challenges or any of the scheduled 30 days training. I couldn’t commit as I found 6/7 days of stretching a bit much. Also I have noticed that if I pause the video for any reason and then go back, the voice is going forward.

  15. Dimi K dice:

    I’ve just started the free trial and I think the app is easy to use. There are a variety of exercises and different training units, which help you stay motivated. Just one thing: the explanations and the switch from one exercise to the next are a bit too fast. I do the beginner videos and as I am not very flexible and need some time to get into position and do the exercises, I feel like I have to rush through the exercises to keep up. And I cant always press pause while I’m in the middle of it.

  16. It asked for weight in lbs and I can’t figure out how to switch to kg. The exercises are very advanced. I would not recommend the app for a beginner or anyone who isn’t already very flexible. I mean, if I can do all these poses I wouldn’t have needed this app. The app should include suggestions for beginners such as alternative poses or how to incorporate blocks and straps if we can’t do the full pose. At this rate, it’s not worth the subscription.

  17. Raelene dice:

    Love this app. I stay consistent throughout the week. I can schedule shorter or longer classes depending on the day. A feature I would like is to delete a scheduled class as sometimes I double schedule and I’m unable to move it to the next day/delete it. Something I also noticed is that the voice to movement is a bit off. Sometimes I’m unable to look at the screen (ex. downward dog) which makes it hard to keep up even as a more advanced student. Otherwise I’m really enjoying it!!

  18. Eve Smith dice:

    I’m on day 3 and I can actually feel my hips gaining more mobility already. This is like yoga without all the ying yang and while I do love yoga, THIS is what I needed as a beginner.

  19. After reading the reviews, I have to admit I’m disappointed. The stretches are categorized according to body part/pose and you have to pay for each category. Each category only contains 12-18 basic videos with horrendous time allocations – I found myself having to pause the vid or scramble to the next move after only having completed half the number of reps. I deleted the app midway through my first class and didn’t finish my trial – I wouldn’t use this app even if it was free.

  20. so relaxing definitely recommend I got beyond what I expected I will definitely be using this app regularly would be better without the premium bs but I get why they included it overall this is a recommended experience

  21. Love the videos, the classes are very fun and there are options for beginners to more advanced people. I always loved to stretch but I don’t always know what to do, so it is very nice to just pick which kind of stretch you want to focus on and just follow along, like hips, splits or back.

  22. Trying to buy the membership for 159.99 plus tax and it’s telling me total is 254.24 that’s almost 100 in tax and doesn’t make sence and the monthly they want 34 canadian a month for it. Those prices are nuts I use to love your prices and will not re commit as that is an insane price.

  23. mombrra dice:

    Lagging and slow will be deleting. The app is put together nicely but whatever bugs you have in app need to be worked out.

  24. After experiencing a back injury two years ago. I’ve suffered with stiffness in my legs and hips. I used to go to pilates but with a toddler and a partner on shift work it became impossible. I find these stretches are more suited to my problem areas and always leave me feeling a lot more flexible afterwards. Would definitely recommend.

  25. Started my free 7 day trial last night and really enjoyed this. only thing that was very annoying was the videos would constantly stop throughout the viewing, kept having to come out of moves to reach my phone to press play again, not sure why it was happening, will try again tonight.

  26. J B dice:

    Videos are amazing, very easy to follow and very informative. I love the way the videos and challenges work. BUT, sadly, the app needs some work. I was on day 12 of a 14 day challenge, opened app and my challenge was gone, couldn’t get it back and had to start a new challenge. 3 days into the new challenge and I go to do some stretching and it only offers me day 6 of the previous challenge that I done 12 days of. I cancelled my subscription as the functionality I wanted sadly doesn’t work.

  27. I’ve only been using StretchIt for 4 days. So I can’t attest to the progress I’ve made. What I like, is the variety I get in exercises. I’m not bored. I signed up for the 30 day splits challenge online, and have been following the schedule I was given. What I didn’t like was figuring out challenges are only available for Android if you register online, and you can’t set a start date. The challenge programs seem to be the way to go if you want classes nearly every day. The regular classes will only occur every few days, otherwise.

  28. Fantastic app to get your splits. There are also routines for backbends. You can follow challenges for splits, backbends, for improving your flexibility. I subscribed for a year and it’s all worth it because I can train as often as I want.

  29. I’ve never felt so engaged with my stretching journey. Between the scheduled challenges and the live classes I’ve really seen a difference in my attitude to stretching progress. The step by step instructions, variations for different levels is such a help and keeps the motivation high. I can finally say I enjoy stretching. Thank you StretchIt Team 💙

  30. I love this app. It is so easy to use and very useful for extending flexibility and range of motion in joints. I would recommend it to both complete beginners and very flexible people. It has been particularly helpful to me in releasing muscle stiffness and increasing mobility.

  31. The app could definitely use some experience changes – the calendar doesn’t reload when I change the date on a class, and the statistics page has been taking ages to load. This is the best flexibility app out there! I’m almost at my splits!

  32. I like organization of the app. 7 days free trial! You could easy find the type of stretching you are interesting today. Different levels and you can choose time 15-30-45 minutes. It cost about $20 per month, which cost one class in the studio.

  33. I love this app I learn so much about my body and there are always stretches I’ve never seen before. I also love the free live Instagram classes. The instructors are amazing and also if you ever need anything they always are so helpful and get back to you really quickly. Thank you! X

  34. As an inflexible pole dancer, just my first few sessions with this app have made me feel like my splits are attainable! I’ve tried stretching routines at home countless times, but the way this app pushes you into the stretches is something new for me and very much appreciated!

  35. The classes are challenging but doable. I like how they switch the exercises up during the challenges. It’s very user friendly but the best part is the customer service that comes along with it. It’s very responsive, helpful and motivating.

  36. Won’t open for more than a few seconds before crashing. Was eager to start. Deleting I am adding this edit to my review because the customer service is amazing. They are very prompt with responding and trying to resolve the problem. I am really big on customer service. This just makes me want to use the app even more. They even gave me a free 7day trial on yhe website. Hopefully we can get it going, but if not, I’ll use the website. I can’t give 5 stars for the app, but 10 for cust. service.

  37. App didn’t work paid for subscription unable to do any workouts as they are required to be downloaded which take ages then get stuck so it never worked for me. Very annoyed as paid for and couldn’t use. Should be an option to get my money back. Waste of money and should be able to stream workouts not download them.

  38. Keeps me motivated to stretch. Beginner exercises are perfect for my front splits, and intetmediate gives me room to grow. I got a lot out of the trial, so spending ~$5/month to keep working on my splits was a no brainer. thanks for the great app, support, and encouragement!

  39. I like the app so that I decided to subscribe after the week of trial. But I’m a bit disappointed after seeing that the subscription is only valid for one type of class. So if I want to try split and back bending I need to subscribe and pay for each of them.

  40. I’ve been using stretch it for a few yrs. I enjoy the different classes & the challenges. The dynamic nature of the classes helps to show quick changes in flexibility as well as strength.

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