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Are you ready to achieve better financial health? Looking for ways to make more money? You’ve come to the right place!

Employers have far too much power these days. By using technology to put the power back into the hands of the American worker, Steady is proud to support a community of millions putting more cash in their pocket, their way.

Install Steady for FREE today and join 4 million Steady Members taking action to Steady their income.

Cash rewards. Financial tracking. Income insights. More ways to earn, the Steady way.
Members have an average income increase of $5,500 per year after joining Steady.

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We know that making ends meet isn’t easy, but the team at Steady believes that there is strength in numbers.The Steady community is here to provide members with insights and information not available anywhere else, so you can explore the best personalized opportunities to generate more income.

Top Features:

Boost Your Income
Steady offers a ton of ways to get in on the earnings now. Make smart money moves with any one of our trusted partners and get on your way to earning more. Simply follow the steps and upon confirmed completion, Steady will send you cash rewards straight to your account. So far, we’ve paid out millions in Booster rewards, and more all the time!

Income Boosters, emergency cash grants, and income tools to help you set and reach your goals are just a few of the other ways Steady is working hard to encourage positive change for all our members.

Better Employer Insights
Easily view, compare, and organize all your income and earnings, or explore members’ earnings data on employers in your area.


This accurate, community-driven income info consists of real, take-home pay information on thousands of employers not available anywhere else but Steady.

With that kind of personalization, you can decide for yourself how much you want to make, how you want to make it, even when you want to get paid, and find the right income source(s) for your situation.

Income Passport
We’re here to help you get where you need to go next! Steady’s Income Passport makes it easier to quickly organize all of your income sources, expenses and information into one verified, shareable report.

Trusted Community Partner
At Steady, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our members and their families. We aren’t paid by employers; our only customer is you – the Steady community.

In cooperation with our non-profit partners, we’ve delivered millions in emergency cash grants to members who need it most.

We take your privacy extremely seriously, and we are focused on ensuring your information remains safe and secure. Steady uses the latest technology to keep your information protected.

Steady is a place for everybody to learn, earn, and in turn, maximize their incomes. The unique and personalized insights we provide our members enable them to make the best decisions for themselves to ensure they get more cash in their pockets quicker.

Complete your profile now to begin receiving additional personalized income recommendations and more ways to earn. It’s a no-brainer… Download the app wherever you are and Steady your income today!

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Reach out to our team anytime at [email protected] We want to know what you think, and would love to hear from you!


Bug fixes and improvements to the signup process so it's easier to get started and find opportunities to earn more!

We'd love to hear from you! Please send your suggestions and feedback to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Steady – Earn Money FULL"

  1. Dusti Rose dice:

    Decent app. I would give more stars if there was more of a variety of freelance jobs, not just delivery driver positions. The boosters are a nice idea, however, it would be nice to have more booster opportunities. All in all, it serves its purpose and is a nice tool for those needing help finding work and/or financial help.

  2. Great concept, had a few helpful tools to link and track accounts but the “steady” part was lacking. The booster options are limited and new options not available often. The plaid bank linking platform sucks so those tools ended up basically useless anyways, much like the rest of the app if you want any actual work in any way, shift, or freelance. A fully developed version would probably be great though!

  3. This app is a waste of time. The only beneficial thing I found was that is pointed me in the direction if a few money saving apps. They have loads of offers but all with some kind of catch or hoop to jump through. I joined at least three things initially, did what I was supposed to do and have yet to see any kind of money deposited into my account. This app could be improved with more transparency and more reward for the effort put in.

  4. I used to love this app and had only good things to say about it that is DEFINITELY NOT the case anymore. The income boosters were great because there were always so many offers available & new ones added regularly. The pay out for completed offers was EXTREMELY fast and always accurate. The last few months it’s a whole different story… pay outs for completed boosters, no pay outs for referrals, no response from customer service about ANYTHING. All you get now is Steady disappointment.

  5. this is a wonderful concept! it is great for those who have been teying to find work, but have had trouble. great quick solution for extra cash, and for those what would rather work from home on their own time! As it is a new app, there are a few hiccups. 1. you cannot change email address without deleting your profile/account, 2. my phone now has a ton of pop up ads. not sure why that happened, but otger than that, this is a great app, and i will continue to use it!

  6. Pretty decent. The boosters are a neat little bonus, of nothing else you have to jump through a few hoops but that’s fine. It’s frustrating that whenever you leave the window your application is on it closes the ENTIRE thing! But whatever. All in all; not the best thing ever, but most certainly not the worst. Pretty neat.

  7. Inaccurate income figures. I’ve got 3 of my accounts linked, and when I transfer money between the accounts from savings to checking it acts as income. Which throws off all of the numbers. For example, I transferred $30k from savings to checking to put towards my mortgage and it claims I earned $30k in that month. I would like to try the premium features but can’t trust an app that can’t account for something as simple as transferring funds. Especially between accounts that it has access to.

  8. I have tried setting up an account but the app stops at the password page. Even though I follow the guidelines for setting a password, nothing happens, no error is returned, just a red banner at the bottom of my screen. I’ve submitted an issue to your helpdesk, but have not received a response. Will just look at the companies listed on your app and sign up without using your app.

  9. I really wanted to give this a higher rating, but unfortunately I can’t. After adding PayPal only to find out you can’t use it, to then struggling for an hour to add my bank account since it kept saying “Something went wrong”. When I finally got my account linked its apparently not a valid for direct deposit which is frustrating. I sent an email to their support and never heard back from them. And just now my bank account which was linked has unlinked itself.

  10. I live in a rural area, so I wasn’t expecting a ton of postings near me. but there needs to be a way to apply to these listings from the app(steady) itself. Without that feature there is little reason to use the app insteady of more conventional job search techniques. I get that steady doesn’t want the security hassle of protecting user data, so one touch applications are out the window, indeed and I think linkdin do this. Keep up the hard work, make it better.

  11. kate hull dice:

    Overall the app is good but some areas need work, then it’ll be great! The income boosters sound great however the payout either takes way too long or not at all. I have downloaded a few and followed the instructions, but still waiting for the bonuses. Weird cuz some of them actually did pay the bonuses and they were downloaded most recent. But the ones that were downloaded in the beginning I have yet to see anything. So got excited for nothing.

  12. I wish I had discovered this app before, and not after I had signed up for a bunch of delivery apps that SAME day. I hadn’t even finished the onboarding process, or done any deliveries, but I didn’t do it through their link and I had already signed up. Would have been nice to get that bonus. I just did my first deliveries with Postmates today and it was a terrible experience. It seems a lot of the banking bonuses require direct deposit, which I can’t do.

  13. The app itself quite easy to use, can be a little slow and frustrating. Getting a hold of customer service I gave up and few issues with completed tasks I that I never got credit for. There are however some great things about this app that also make it stand out. Offering different types of help and unique programs. Showing you tools that can help, presenting good opportunities. Whether employed unemployed going to college or don’t know what you’re doing. This app can help a lot or little.

  14. After having problems signing up I uninstalled but I got an email response the next day and reinstalled and it worked. I got 5$ for completing a booster which is nice but only after I emailed them. Ive only had it a few days. I think they should have phone support or live chat. But so far it seems like the really do give basically free money. I like it.

  15. Glea tink dice:

    The idea seems ok but all the boosts are things you have to sign up for or pay for. If you are already signed up for those things you can do it obviously. Also tried to sign up for 2 of them and got credit for neither one. I was in the steady app when I did it. Sent them a message yesterday have not got a response back from them. I have unlinked my bank account and will most likely delete the app. I dont think I will really benefit from it. Most of the helpful free “boosters” I have.

  16. So far so good, could get a 5 but that would be disingenuous. The app and system is very earnest however the built in browser has some memory issues w my phone, for example. If I need to upload a video clip, it will not upload no matter how long I sit and wait, but html prompts are ok. It’s good but as does everything else; needs work in areas

  17. I was skeptical at first, the first couple of boosters I tried didn’t work but that was due to my own human error. After talking to support, I completed one and I needed the cash. It’s a pretty awesome app. Not only does it have gigs, but it also has benefits and other features that provide all types of assistance. Excellent download!! UPDATE: I got my reward in like a week instead of 30 days!! Awesome 😊!

  18. This app is a great motivator to earn extra money through income boosters. The app also has a really easy to use interface and Design. They also have a great amount of variety when it comes to job listings in the sense of the different types of jobs that they have listed. They have everything from cleaning jobs to work at home jobs to delivery job but they have so many listings. I really really genuinely enjoy this app!!!

  19. Just dropped from 5 to 1. It was great at first, got my first 3 boosters in a timely fashion and the app is set up to make it easy to understand…….in the beginning anyways. I’ve sent 2 very nice emails explaining my issue, which wasn’t even that bad. Now it’s just a big mass of confusion. Half the boosters are labeled in progress, even some I’ve completed through other apps. I’m not getting paid on anything new I start and there is really no actual way to see your progress

  20. This app is FANTASTIC! The income boosters is such an awesome part of the app experience! One of the many great things this app has to offer. Although the response time it takes to load and accept the completion of an income booster is rather slow and a bit behind, but as long as you have patience then it’s a minor issue. I wasn’t quite sure about the app at first but speaking from experience, it definitely delivers!

  21. I can’t scroll 90% of the time it shows the list of jobs. So basically the top two on the list are the only jobs I can apply for, which was not even worth the time it took to download. Also can’t change the settings it asks about interests when you first sign up. People change and not letting those settings change is dumb to say the least.

  22. The concept is great and the app very easy to open and navigate. But, the purpose of the app doesn’t seem to work. It claims there are boosters to earn extra income through Steady. However, I have downloaded numerous apps and open accounts with other companies as stated to do. But, I have never received any type of income or payment from Steady as they said I would get. Don’t understand the purpose of Steady.

  23. A waste of time if you’re interested in the boosters. Most of them require you to open a checking account and the few that don’t–it just stays “in progress” whether you have completed it or not. And don’t bother reaching out to Steady about it. They’ll shoot you a computer generated email thanking you for contacting them and then proceed to ignore you indefinitely. Just don’t bother. There are far better apps out there.

  24. Very misleading and while I was able to get a 50 dollar booster to do any others that I seen it had a bunch of requirements that basically make it just a sign up bonus for whatever app you have to deposit or purchase something for it to pay out. Mainly I give one star because I had signed up for free(or so it said at the time) and I then was charged for two monthly payments for 5 bucks (which would be fine if I was able to make anything). I feel completely lied to and stolen from.

  25. So I’m putting 4 stars because I just installed, looks great. Will return to let everyone know about how much better it got. — I’ve been doing this with Chase, for years. Lol. **Disclosure** it’s not “Free”, it does require something. Like deposit $200 in 2 months and get $50 (or whatever) it’s on us to set reminders and make sure we follow up. Maybe a comprehensive overview of possible fees there with the pre-recs would help folks, 🤔 just thinking about how it sucks 2 forget.

  26. Sarah Bush dice:

    I don’t do app reviews but I’m making an exception for Steady. I absolutely love the versatility that this one-stop-shop offers. The jobs are legitimate, the boosters actually pay out & they pay out well, & the income tracker can be super useful in a multitude of ways. I finally found a financing app that does what it claims to do & makes my life a bit easier. I would recommend Steady to anyone because it has so many features… There’s bound to be something for everyone!

  27. The app itself has worked pretty sufficiently. But Steady is an awesome concept. I have already received $50 in gift cards from “Income Boosters” and it has encouraged me to start doing food deliveries. I’d say the only downfall, though very small, is that they can change the amount you’re rewarded at anytime, even if you’re in the middle of completing a booster task. But other than that, I’ve had no problems with the app and they reward exactly as promised. Pretty large amounts might I add. 🙂

  28. Edit to add: it’s not any fault of mine that the app was not working. Your response was very condescending. Original: Need to fix layout. The “filter” pull down screen pops up time after time when scrolling for jobs, making it inconvenient and a waste of time.

  29. App is a buggy mess. My bank account unlinked within hours, and getting it linked in the first place was a nightmare. I forgot my password, and the app is doing an infinite loop where trying to change it just brings me to the login page. I get and appreciate what youre trying to do, but it is all but impossible for me to use. Id be better off on indeed.

  30. This is a great app! Not only is the concept a good one , it’s functionality works as well. It’s easy to navigate through all of the resources and offers that are available to help you be successful and pocket some money. I completed a booster and received my credit within 24 hours. The descriptions and.promotions are clearly defined, easy to understand and legitimate. It has alot of useful features for job seeking and managing your finances as well as earn money. I highly recommend this app!

  31. The customer support department is very quick to respond via email and the person who I dealt with was kind and professional. I enjoy the features of this app, and think that I would refer my friends to use it to find work and to link to other accounts for investments and banks. Keep in mind, the in app “contact us” section only sends messages and does not currently receive messages; if you sign up with an old/inactive email or phone number the only way to fix it is to contact the help team.

  32. The app itself works decently but it’s kind of misleading in the fact that to make any quick money you first have to spend it, which completely defeats the point. If you have $50 to spend you wouldn’t need to make $10. Also many of the boosters are opening new bank accounts and stock accounts to get a bonus…how many do you need, and how many different direct deposits do you get, because that’s needed for many boosters. Kind of pointless in my opinion.

  33. I’ve only just barely started getting into the functions & services offered in this app, but I’m already impressed, and totally satisfied. I mainly downloaded to assist my job search — I pretty much always disregard anything offering free money as being some sort of scam — but damn if I didn’t just earn $40 in between doing tasks at work! The thing is, it’s not really free money, but opportunities to earn, as well as ways to better manage and keep tabs on your finances. Highly recommended

  34. I’ve only had/used this app a very short time, but so far it’s been a peach. The listings for jobs and gigs are great, the boosters are simple and clear, and the overall interface is very user friendly. If I keep using it, I might post an update in the future to give a more in depth review after using it for some time.

  35. So far so good. I have noticed the app is a little glitchy. What I mean is that some booster apps I did everything asked for got my bonus no problem other boosters did what was required and asked for in fine print and then some and still don’t have bonus and others I’ve done don’t even show up as being worked on. So it’s hit and miss. They have been extremely helpful in finding a decent, part time job to work from home.

  36. Sam Iam dice:

    Great app and great people who actually seem to care! I have done a few income boosters and had no issue with payment, actually the one time that I did, I signed up for aspiration and I think it may have actually been my fault that I had the issue, somehow I got out of the app and the sign up process finished on chrome instead of within the app, so afterward I didn’t get paid, but I emailed some info and they corrected everything, paid me without a problem! Thanks for all that you do!

  37. I tried signing up for the aspirations account. I put in more than the minimum amount and never received the money you guys said would be given when signing up. Ok, not too big of an issue. However, everything that I’ve tried doing on top of that has not gone through and has just screwed me over. I reached out to 3 contacts, one being the aspirations team, one being the contact support they gave me, and one on steady. Only one has gotten back to me, and they can’t help cuz it’s not through them.

  38. I love Steady!! It has tons of awesome options from work from home at your own pace to full time work positions, gigs, and just plain FREE money!! I signed up for my Aspiration bank account through steady and they paid me $40!! And I also gained a new bank account that I really like so far!! Its a win-win all around. They make the applications for gigs or jobs easy, too. And they give awesome suggestions for insurance companies, credit helpers, etc. Steady is an all around stellar app. 👏👏

  39. This app seems pretty misleading. Most income boosters require you to pay before you get the bonus (sign up for a new bank account and deposit $50, sign up for new debit card and spend $25, trade $10 worth of crypto, etc). Also, none of the boosters that I’ve completed have been paid out. It says “completed” under the booster tab, but no money ever hit my account.

  40. Finding and applying to jobs is easy. Only thing is the searches aren’t altogether accurate. Whenever I look for remote jobs most of them wind up being in locations far from me that aren’t work from home at all. Their boosters are good though it takes a long time to go through.

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