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Classic offline dice game Yatzee. No wifi and no banner ads.
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Best free offline game Yatzy by SNG is now available on Android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality. You can now download the yahtze dice game free. Yatzy Offline needs no wifi connection.

YATZY is a board game with its original rules. Five dices with six sides and 15 sections to be filled in 15 rounds. It is a Scandinavian public domain dice game very similar to Poker Dice, Yacht, Generala and Cheerio. Yatzy is also known as Yachty and Farkle in different countries. You can play Yazy with your virtual buddies with high level artificial intelligence. Do not hesitate to play Yatzee with your make-believe friends. They are virtual but this prevents wasting precious time for waiting for live opponents.

This is a dice game of strategy and luck. Try to get the highest points possible by completing fifteen different dice combinations. Those combinations are one pair, two pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, small straight, large straight, full house, and chance for the lower section and ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes for the upper section. And we have Yatzy, the mother of them all. You can play Yatzy solitaire or against an opponent. In single player, you choose your target points and try to score higher than that. Against an opponent, you just have to score higher than your rival.

– Real dice probabilities.
– Smooth graphics and game play.
– Play solitaire or against an opponent.
– No need for an internet connection.
– Totally free, even no in-app purchases.
– Two different game modes: American Yatzy and Standart Yatzy.
– No banner ads.
– No wifi games.

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Most common typos of our game can be listed as Yatzie, Yatsy, Yazy, Yatzee, Yatze, Yahztee, Yatzi, Yhatzee and Yatzee.

SNG Games publishes free offline games that don’t need wifi. Try our offline games: Hearts , Spades, Backgammon, Gin Rummy and Rummy totally free.

Yatzy offline is intended for adult audiences and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at our game does not imply future success at “real money gambling”. Enjoy this new game from SNG. Best of luck.


- Gameplay improved.
- Minor gameplay bugs fixed.


40 comentarios en "Yatzy – Offline Dice Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Denny s dice:

    I guess this game is more fun that playing slots. The problem is it isn’t realistic in the slightest way. In my first play I got max points in every catagory. It doesn’t give bonuses for multiple Yatsy’s.The one thing that keeps it, in my opinion at 4 stars is that it isn’t packed with ads and gliches like Yahtzee apps.

  2. Tracy Huff dice:

    Addictive. Competitive (with only 1 player) I have nothing but good things to say about this game. There are choices between easy, medium and hard and you can choose between American Yatzy or the other one. However, if you pay the almost $10 fee to get rid of ads, nothing changes at all. You still have to watch like a casillion ads, but it’s worth it. I’d like it better if the developer was honest and asked for donations for the app. At least that would be honest. Other than that 👍

  3. In my original review, I knocked off a star for the inability to pay to remove ads. That option has now been added, and now I have no complaints at all. Another additional note from that original review: AI difficulty seems to increase with the size of your bet/the player level. For the first 9 or so player levels, it’s easy to win as long as you don’t make obvious mistakes. Since hitting level 10/betting 1k, winning requires playing much more carefully. This is a good thing.

  4. Pros: Fun, attractive. Cons: too many “yatzys”. The bot does dumb things. It’ll roll a small straight on the first or second roll, then score the small straight without even trying for the large. It holds odd combos of dice that have a low probability of scoring well. Essentially, the game seems rigged in my favor. It would be more fun if it were more challenging. I don’t love the celebrity avatars. Lastly, the score card should use a different color for boxes already filled.

  5. Lots of fun until level 35, when the opponent suddenly develops unreasonable luck. Stopped playing it when it got to the point where the opponent was consistently getting 2 and 3 yahtzees per game, and filling all the high-scoring fields within the first 3 turns, whereas the player can barely get 3 of a kind on anything. Too bad, was fun for a while. Figure out some other way of increasing the challenge – this way doesn’t work.

  6. Heather dice:

    I had this app downloaded before and when I switched devices, I lost every hit of progress because the cloud save wasn’t available. I was up around or over level 100 and lost it all. I almost didn’t redownload it but I do enjoy the game a lot it’s simple, nice user interface. The ads are VERY intrusive though.

  7. It used to be a lot better. Last month an update greatly increased the odds of the computer getting a yazty. Over 80% of games the computer gets one now, often multiple. It has turned this game from a relaxing time waster to being annoyed at blatant statistical manipulation. Finally pushed to leave a review after most recent match had the computer roll a yazty on first two turns. And the second turn actually rolled it twice (for a total of 3 yatzy). 125 points in first two turns. Absurd.

  8. Great game, but far too many long force watch ads. I know thats how money for it is made, but they are far too long and too many. If I’m listening to a podcast in background, the ads shut it off. Otherwise, its good. update: in response to reply: No, they cannot be skipped, therefore it is not a choice to watch them, unless one chooses to delete the app. they should be made shorter at the very least. Bots and forced commercials.

  9. Why did the app request access to my files? it worked perfectly fine with that denied. The page brags about how the game doesn’t have banner ads, but I’d honestly prefer them over the long, unskippable videos we get instead. After the videos end, there’s even a timer until you can click the X, so you have to wait even longer. It’s a good app other than those things.

  10. Nice to be able to play this offline and also not get annoying prompts to play, even when your phone volume is turned off, like the last yatzhee game I played! However, I wish it was easier to see at a glance which categories you need to fill. This game autofills each blank on every roll and only differentiates the full vs. empty cells by a very slight boldness/light level change that I have a hard time making out.

  11. Kendra T dice:

    I love this game! It’s so much fun! I love that every few hours, you get a free spin and 2 scratch tickets to get coins. So, you can buy different dice styles at the store, or play in different rooms. I gave 4 stars, because you play robots. But, I win a lot. No cheating here! I don’t watch the ads. I close and go back in. Problem solved!

  12. Great game, but bug in scoring. After loosing a game the score goes down by the appropriate amount. No problem. Then winning the next game score goes up by the appropriate amount (including bonus). No problem. But then winning another game after that the score does not go up (but I think winning the 3rd game and on it does go up… I will have to double-check). Also, when returning to home screen the My Gold total reflects the last score WITHOUT the included bonus. So when you start the next table the score starts lower than where you really left off. In case this is an Int32 vs Int64 issue, I am currently around 36.9M. Update… I take part of my review back… It looks like the score only ever adds the bet amount and never the bonus amount, and I just never noticed until now since all the bets were smaller before. Also if it makes any difference I always play in Solo mode.

  13. I like their layout and presentation, the U.I is attractive and nicely done with great “eye appeal”. Only knock I have against it is that I wish ads were presented a little less often, not much less, I understand someone in the chain had to recoup initial investment + whatever is promised to them + cost in salaries for those involved in development & maintenance of the game, almost forgot server cost as the game itself must be hosted somewhere. All in all a fine app!

  14. I have been cheated out of bonuaes several times, I lost 38 levels alll of the sudden while playing, I doin”t like the not responding message quite frequently, but I do like the game. I had to delete my last game because I saved all my scores in the cloud to keep them safe. All of the sudden I couldn’t save any more scores and I couldn’t download any scores either. So I’m starting over from level 102. Really ticked me off! This game ripped me off for the last time! I’m deleting it!

  15. Game is good, but it automatically downloads commercials onto your device. Ads are fine with these games, but having them download to save on my device is unacceptable. Uninstalling the game even though I like it! Also, had to factory reset my phone to get those videos off it! Lost stuff I wanted to keep to get rid of the ads. So people be careful this game has some kind of a virus built into it!

  16. Fun, but silly application because the betting allows no input. You lose everything you built up and start over constantly, all with no control or options. The game is fun, but I don’t like having to bet, especially when the amount is out of my control.

  17. A very enjoyable game! The ads tarnish it quite a bit but I will never pay $9.99 to remove ads. That is far too much and I would rather put the game down for a while than spend money like that just because I am feeling impatient with something as silly as an ad. I’d still say I enjoy the game 80% even with ads. Enjoy!

  18. too many ads, keep getting kicked out of game by ads, ads freeze the game. I’ve been kicked out at least 30 times, losing my game points. I love the game but the ads are more numerous, aggravating, and costly regarding lost points. think I’m saying goodbye to this one. too saturated with ads. seems to have gotten worse

  19. Games actually pretty quick the graphics is pretty good they don’t really have any music in the background I wished it did . The game is a little challenging and there is some pressure. That just makes you want to play that much more people give it a try you’ll like this one the game is straight up I recommended you try it .

  20. It’s a great game, plays smooth, no glitches. The adversments can be a bit long. And I do wish we could comment with the partners we play against. I also wish the pictures we use, would change to other people once while in a while, but I do enjoy the ones that they have. Thank you for this game. Entertaining.

  21. Jen dice:

    This game is a basic yahtzy game with a couple of mini side games you can play. I haven’t figured out how to play solo yet, it keeps setting me up against a computer character. But HEY, Good News… I don’t get any ads, so I don’t know what people are complaining about. Of course I did turn off my wifi and data before I opened the app, but I have my wifi back on now and still no ads! Hmph, weird how that works, eh? If you get ads, turn off your internet connection, and POOF, no more ads! Enjoy!

  22. Yathtee has always been a good family fun night, it also is good for relieving stress, @ takes your mind off of things! It’s always one of the go to games of good @ exciting, for family @ friends, kinda of game that’s been around for a long time, and many more yrs of fun to go, you never get bored of a good classic that will always be one of the top 5 in my family and fun night of good entertainment. Thank you ,Yathtee

  23. The page that shows how you score is totally wrong to begin with, shows lines that aren’t even part of the game, and the amounts of some are wrong. And I’m sorry, but you don’t get to take a yatzy bonus if a) you’ve already taken a 0 there and get a yatzy later and b) get a second yatzy but choose to reroll some of the dice to get something else! Need to go find an app that’s true to the game

  24. This game is rigged. Y’all need to make changes. I’ll list them. 1. No yahtzee bonus after a 0 on yahtzee. 2. If the computer opponent doesn’t make the upper bonus, don’t purposely make it where I don’t make it either 3. The 4 of kind and large straight are the hardest to roll and the computer opponent rolls both every single game and I never roll both in all the games I’ve played.

  25. Just installed because it had a high rating and it specifically said Offline. I spend many hours with neither WiFi nor cellular data. I’ve played one game. I’m not interested in betting and I definitely don’t want to play against anyone, so that was unexpected and annoying, especially because I lost. Also not interested in the wheel of fortune or whatever those other options are. Just wanted a simple, solo, offline game. I’m sure this is a great game for many, just not for me. Sorry uninstalling

  26. Dice are rigged. This game is loaded..it’s so easy to see. When u only need 1 specific number. I’ve rolled 8 times in a row….and won’t pull it once. Every time.. And only let’s you do so well and then it will throw the game. Odds don’t lie…it’s impossible for dice to fall that way everytime on the very same type of play and only that play. Rip off..

  27. I like the game very much. Artistically put together. Cartoon characters cool. Talk back options also good. I would prefer no link to casino betting for gold coins as I consider this not healthy advertising to gambling which has negative social side effects and can entice people especially the young to try out gambling. One suggestion is to have a display up with sound whenever yatzy is achieved. Other apps do this and I think it would improve this game. A great game overall.

  28. Jodi Marsh dice:

    Great game! Ads are in between each game, so that’s not bad. My only complaint…per say….is not being able to change my selection before the next players turn. I’ve hit the wrong choice a few times which impacts my score.

  29. Missy Ray dice:

    I love to play yatzee. My cousin and I play as often as we can.. this game has been the best so far.. more oriented for adults and still fun! With scratch offs, spin the wheel, and even a chance game all added to increase coins to buy new dice. Some really cool.. some a lil harder to see the dots but overall it’s the only one I haven’t deleted.. plz keep it up, thanks

  30. Defies logic. I’m not trying to sound all sour grapes and all, but this app simply defies logic. First off, I know how to play this game and tactics. Played for years with my parents. However, losing 22 straight games should be impossible if game is on the up and up. Graphically and game play it’s a decent game. Free is good too. Being back at zero, not so good.

  31. Everything you would expect from the traditional Yatzy game with pleasant graphics (except for some of the opponents’ dice that are hard to see but these change). Great use offline without lag.

  32. I have been playing this game for a long time now and I still love it’s a great way to unwind. The only thing that I truly think should be different is how long you have to wait to buy different dice. 8 mean come on 10 levels and the levels take a long time in this game. I think as long as you’ve got the coins you should be able to buy new sets o f dice.

  33. I love this particular dice game…However, I absolutely hate that there’s no EXIT button… Having to RESTART clears out all the alternate apps like my radio app… You will get a 5⭐ when you include an EXIT door..😏

  34. Why did I lose all my dice that I purchased.I did really like this game but now I’m not sure.I use to love this game…But NOT anymore.. I have gotten 5 of the dices ( Crystal,,Ice,,Unicorn,,Porcelain and the Digital. I played this game every day and sometimes 3to4 times a day. well anyway I went to Play it and I don’t have any of them,. Grrrrr I’m done with this game..I will be deleting this game!!!!!WHY I’M I STILL LOSEING MY DICE THAT I BYE?????

  35. Ad removal is too expensive. Can you add more tables and levels please……. This is my favorite yatzy app, smooth graphics and very few adverts.

  36. Bull Moose dice:

    I just got this game and I like it pretty good. The only thing I really don’t like is the way the ads are done. They are kind of cheesey. The game has really good graphics. I love the way it looks and plays very well. Do something about the ads and y’all will have one hell of a game. Thanks for the fun.

  37. Two versions of the classic game. Works offline, but online features offer better chances to win. Good time eater.

  38. Fun game, plenty of prizes to keep playing. Ads are fast, and only between games with options to watch an ad for bonus rolls. Fun every time I’ve played

  39. Rain dice:

    Would be a good game if not for the ads. There are way too many of them. Put them between games instead of between every single round. Don’t make them so long. A lot of these games, I already have installed or have already tried and I’m forced to watch ads that don’t even truly represent the game. Sorry will have to uninstall. I’ve reached my ad limit and $10 to remove ads is too much.

  40. Debbie C dice:

    Good game..But I felt rushed & the worst part is I didnt get a chance to do my last roll…boom, board gone! What were the scores? Did I win? Lose ? What was the $500 for? Simple fix just add 20 seconds. Thanks

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