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Control of your SimpliSafe wireless security system from anywhere in the world!
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The SimpliSafe Home Security app lets you control your SimpliSafe security system from anywhere in the world.

Arm and disarm the system, set instant notifications and keep track of everything in an up to the minute timeline. You can even watch and capture live video if you have a SimpliSafe camera.

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Added support for themed app icons
Other minor bug fixes


40 comentarios en "SimpliSafe Home Security App MODDED 2022"

  1. S. S. dice:

    The instructions are excellent as well as the customer service and technical support. The 1st base station was faulty and my system would not connect to wifi or pair devices. They helped me troubleshoot the system and sent us out a new base station free of charge. It was a very enjoyable experience setting this up and accessing all the features with the app. I highly recommend SimpliSafe.

  2. Security system for doors, windows, etc. is fine. The cameras need a lot of work. Half the time they don’t catch motion even when I stand right in front of it. Motion range isnt good. Cameras lag a lot. Used to have Ring and am seriously thinking about switching back to the Ring cameras. Ring cameras have more range, don’t lag, take snap shots, and more features. Had Simplisafe for 6 months now and nothing has improved cameras so far. Something needs to be done.

  3. Easy ordering, on time delivery. Very simple install and setup. Camera’s have great clarity, love the 2 way communication on them. Great system and set up. Can’t say enough good things about this system, it’s great. Love that I can self monitor without having to pay for professional monitoring. App is wonderful and easy to use as well.

  4. It’s functional, but is missing a lot of the finesse you see in other apps. There’s constantly a loading indicator, requests that don’t retry, blocking UI, frequent refreshes and redundant network calls. It all makes for a sloppy experience. With enough patience you can eventually update your settings or look into an alert.

  5. Love the system and love the app. Great experience all the way around. I recommend simply safe to everyone. The only thing I wish would change is on the app I wish there was a delete all feature on the video recordings so I don’t have to delete them individually. That is the only complaint. System Great, customer service Great and a great experience overall.

  6. The cameras take forever to load from the app when I get a notification. 80% of the time I am unable to playback recordings because the videos won’t load because of some error that has occurred. The only thing that works as advertised is the ability to lock and unlock the door from the app. Not worth the $37 monthly fee unless they fix the issues.

  7. Solid, but with annoying flaws. It does work, but the app routinely shows outdated information. Like, two hours after I last opened a door and I open the app, it shows 1 entry sensor as open. Only when I click to see which entry sensor is open does it update. For an app that is supposed to be about real time status of a security system, this type of delay is a real drawback. The same happens with videos from its cameras. Oh, and the TOTAL lack of smart alerts.

  8. Bob Cronin dice:

    Fantastic app. The app, and the entire SimpliSafe system, is true to it’s name – simple. The equipment setup couldn’t have been easier, the app is easy to use and intuitive, and everything works beautifully. Going with SimpliSafe for our home security system was one of the best technology decisions we’ve ever made. Update 10/3/22: We’ve been using SimpliSafe for almost a year now and still love it. It all works flawlessly. Unless something changes we’ll be sticking with SimpliSafe permanently.

  9. App fails to open now. Big S. NO independent notification sound or settings. If your sound for notifications is subdued or low volume ding etc., you will never be able to tell an intrusion alarm is active. Had to buy an ext horn and put it in my bedroom at night. Sensor failures as well and battery depletion. You just won’t know, even away from home it could be a flood sensor screaming at low notification that sound like emails from “simple” notifications.

  10. Really bad user interface. Not intuitive or helpful in any way. You have to go to the help pages to figure out how to change settings. I’ve worked in the it field with Cisco routers and subnet masking is easier to navigate and figure out. Garbage app. The outdoor cameras suck too.

  11. Outstanding product, amazing customer Support. I have used their services in two different homes now (active duty). It is nice able to move the system. And anytime I called customer support, they have been super helpful and 100% committed to getting my questions answered. The app is very intuitive and easy to use too.

  12. Exceptional. Personal control from the mobile 24 / 7 for a great price and self installation, self expansion or reduction concepts. Help is as far as a phone call. Once in a while there is an internet blip, either 3rd party carrier or router and extenders not covering remote home cornets. But once fixed, I consider it exceptional when I compare my SimpliSafe system with past systems I had in previous homes. Thank you

  13. First couple of days, it worked GREAT. Then, and now, it won’t load to my phone, but tells me not to worry, my security is on and working. However, it tells me to open the App to install more sensors. My indoor camera was working well in “live mode”, but it fails to load. Before the App failed, I was told that the camera has no internet connection. Removed/installed several times, but to no avail.. Also, because other Apps and Videos are currently operating on this device.

  14. Camers record when nothing is there. One of my camers recorded 95x in a row every min. The App is laggy, can’t move a slider in the videos to see things, you can only use the 10sec skip. App is always crashing, and high battery usage. Drains the battery Camers are always disconnecting, sensors are not responding. For how much everything is I expected better quality. I think SS needs to take some notes from ring on how the app needs to work. Outdoor cameras just show a blk screen when going live.

  15. We worked through some challenges with good communication. The chat option for technical assistance was extremely helpful! The step by step directions provided and visuals help so much. I really appreciate the hard work you all do to help the consumer like me who might have ability to problem solve but definitely on a learning curve in this content area! Thanks so much!

  16. P Novak dice:

    App is pretty decent except for two things. First, it’s really intolerant of any kind of network interruption or slowdown. Go into a tunnel on the subway? The app won’t continue to show you data already loaded on screen. You get an error page. Dumb. Second, the timeline function. You can’t filter for specific events, and trying to go backward to review previous events has never worked correctly; it always shows the current week no matter which date you select.

  17. Convenient. Assuring. Helpful. Secure. I’ve had SimpliSafe for over 10 years now and it is a proven system. No issues. Great response from the service when an alarm triggers. I own it so it moves with me. Saves a lot of money compared to traditional alarm services. It offers water leak, glass breakage, fire unlike other similar services. IMO, the best there is!

  18. Jay Landis dice:

    The app has never functioned properly at all.. I have had to uninstall and reinstall this app multiple times. It will not operate as intended. If it will even let me view my system status, it will not let me set it in home or away mode remotely. No matter how many times I redownload or relogin or force close, the app straight-up does not work. This has been a problem for over 2 years and they don’t seem interested in fixing it.

  19. Really love the system. It’s our first and have seen a lot of systems with cameras having grainy photos. The clarity and sharpness of photos and videos are astounding and the sound is pin drop clear. Not to mention it is properly named. It is so simple to operate the system and understand it’s uses and directions. Easy setup also. I am over 60 and not computer savvy but it is as simple as making a call to use. Never thought it could be so high end at the price we paid. We recommend it highly.

  20. tim hodge dice:

    So far, so good. I had a motion sensor fall from it’s spot on the wall (an unrelated object fell and knocked it off), and the procedure worked well. I received a call, as well as my other contact number, from SimpliSafe to ensure everything was okay. I was able to check the camera in my office to see that things were fine so the alarm was disarmed and I went down to secure the motion sensor. It’s pretty great being able to access the camera and other features through the app so smoothly.

  21. I’ve enjoyed this security system for almost 10 years and feel very comfortable with the App. The only negative thing I would say, the cameras from Simplisafe are more costly than othe cameras on the market. Other than that, I really like all their features and the ease of installation. The motion sensors, the window and door sensors have a long battery life. Five years. The keypads and the alarm batteries need to be changed, approximately every year. All and all, it’s a great system!

  22. The app no longer allows me to sign in. One of the most significant features of my simplisafe account is the ability to monitor my system and turn it on/off through the app so….not great. I have already spoken with 2 customer service representatives, neither of which had any idea why this might be happening, and they were not able to resolve the issue.

  23. Genuinely disappointed in this system. We spent hundreds of dollars on equipment for the cameras to be unreliable at best. The doorbell camera goes off every 5 minutes when cars pass all night but doesn’t catch someone standing on my front porch taking a package. More than half the time it only records for a few seconds instead of the full minute then says the rest is unavailable due to internet issues. Funnily enough the internet works perfectly fine for every other device in our home.

  24. The SimpliSafe app is adequate, but not exceptional. It frequently has trouble waking up outside cameras even when the cameras and the phone have a strong wifi signal on the same network. The widget works well for turning the alarm on and off, but it’s not updated with the current armed status if the system is turned on or off by any other device.

  25. Awesome service and good app. It works as advertised. The monitoring service cost is very reasonable also. I highly recommend it. But thing that needs to be fixed is the ability to allow 2 users to be able to log into the Simplisafe app with their own credentials (phone number, etc.). Currently, my wife and I use my account tied to my phone. So, if she logs out of the account and she has to log in again and she is to receive a 2 factor authentication pin via text (my phone) she can’t get.

  26. Need to fix bugs. It will run good for a while but then will freeze and sometimes crash, as well as lose connection. It will also not record when it’s suppose to, and will say, can’t record due to loss of connection. What’s the point of paying a monthly bill if it won’t record when it’s suppose too.

  27. Update: phenomenal service. After leaving this review, got a call from Conrad on the simplisafe team. He synced the station on his system and made sure everything connected correctly. Original: Simplisafe base station keeps losing connection to app during setup. Won’t complete installation process even though my phone is literally touching the station while setting up

  28. Wi Fi dice:

    As of latest update can only view cams while connected to wifi. Attempting to view any cam over mobile carrier causes the app to immediately crash and close. Before this the app was muting my phone’s notifications, which could only be corrected by rebooting the phone. App is weakest link in the system, but at least they are trying to fix the many issues. Update: changed rating from 2 to 4 stars as they have fixed 2 major issues with the app, and it is working well now.

  29. Update: Upgrading to 5 stars because there is now an outdoor camera! I love the simplicity of this system! So easy to install, easy to use, and works great. I would give it five stars if there were outdoor cameras available. Not putting the indoor cameras outside with a skin on it. But cameras made to be outside that can withstand the elements.

  30. I used to have a different alarm system but switched over to this one because it seemed more professional, I have very much enjoyed it and the only issue I seem to have is my cameras seem to frequently reset. Almost everyday I can look over and see the camera status light flashing like it’s trying to connect. Not sure what that’s about but if it’s a glitch I’ll can fix it’ll be perfect

  31. It would be great to see separation of the “misc notifications” sound profile. Most sounds/alerts seem to fall into this bucket. When selecting this group to override do not disturb at night, I’d prefer not to have a notification of my ISP dropping out waking me up in the same manner that someone is at my front door. Splitting this up would also allow to assign different sounds to correlate severity of each alarm or profile.

  32. Red Miller dice:

    Does everything you need to do, arm and disarm the system, access the cameras, purchase new additions to the system, and access customer support. It is easy to use, intuitive, and simple, while protecting you in the process. I highly recommend the simplisafe system and the app.

  33. Needs to allow for longer recordings. 30 seconds is not enough. The outdoor cams need to be made to start recording faster. Most of the time the motion detected has started moving away by the time the recording starts, (if someone were to steal a package from my porch all i would get is a recording of them leaving facing away from the camera).Also an app for Roku smart tvs would be nice and a dasktop app with pop up videos would be awesome. But all in all it’s an okay system.

  34. Great app that, per their namesake, makes it easy to customize your security settings, turn on/off your system, and view your security camera feed. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the settings for adjusting the time period to enter/exit the home after turning on the system, or the time between triggering the alarm and deactivating it, are NOT clear at all. The wording is extremely vague and unclear. Otherwise, good app!

  35. I’ve been a customer for about two weeks. The system – base station, keypad, sensors, cameras, etc. were easier to setup than I expected. Sometimes as you go through the setup steps there is a time lag and the information in the App is usually not up-to-date – it’s best to refresh the App once you launch it to ensure you are looking at the latest information. Once setup the system and the sensors and cameras have performed very well. Some of the settings in the app are non-obvious, e.g., you can only permanently turn off the base station light when the system is in off mode, though the app will let you turn the setting off even otherwise, but then the light doesn’t actually turn off. I called their technical support team several times about issues such as these – in one case I had to pair a sensor again and the first time I setup the system it took a while because somehow my system was already partially setup. This required their technical support engineer to redo the setup from scratch. However, overall the system has been easy to setup and easy to use. I found their technical support to be excellent. Their engineers are patient and smart and stay on the phone with you as long as is needed. This company is not shy about sharing their contact phone numbers and having you speak to real people who know what they are doing. Ordinarily for their app I would give 4 stars but their excellent support is definitely 6 stars!

  36. The app works awesome when it is working. I love it best because a lot of times in forget to set the alarm on my way out. When I’m all set to go, baby strapped in the car. It awesome to press a button and set the alarmfrom my car. For more than a week, the app has been not working. It could not connect to the base. I did the troubleshooting and it had to be something with the app because nothing had changed at our home. It did eventually start working but what an annoyance that was.

  37. So far so good! I did have some trouble with my camera to begin with. It had problems connecting to the wifi. I also found out that the motion sensors even when thoroughly tweaked for cats were way too sensitive. I had to send the motion sensors back. but over all still a great system and I recommend it for a cheaper more simplistic option. gives me peace of mind when I leave home. ( I wish you could adjust the film times when you change modes ( off, home, and away) when it detects motion.

  38. I changed over from Frontpoint, I miss the ability to set home setting to no delay. So alarm will go off immediately when I’m sleeping. Called support and was told I would have to reset the time for this and then reset it back each time. Just seems like a basic feature that should be there, especially after being in the business so long. Just miss the ability of my alarm going off before someone gets to me in my bed.

  39. Much better than expected. Inexpensive to purchase, easy to install and monitoring is reasonable and easy to use. I am not handy, just the opposite. I installed the entire system, 24 entry sensors, 2 motion detectors, base unit, camera and keypad in under two hours. Even easier to use. Love the peace of mind. Support is responsive and very helpful.

  40. This is one of those hard things where the service is fantastic and I’d highly recommend it, but the app is “meh”. It’s pretty and provides the device management. But it can feel downright sluggish at times, enough that I find it faster to use HomeAssistant to arm/disarm. The cameras can only be viewed one at a time with a strong delay each time you switch, and not from the main page. No HomeAssisant support for camera feeds is a major bummer. Could use some more for power users

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