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“Find Your Music”
Join Hatsune Miku in her latest mobile rhythm game and discover a rich cast of characters overcoming their struggles through the power of music.

Find your true feelings! A mysterious song named “Untitled” with no melody or lyrics is passed around amongst the youth in Shibuya, Tokyo. This song unlocks access to “SEKAI” a strange place that allows everyone to discover their true emotions and their own song.
Play with Hatsune Miku and her Virtual Friends, as well as an original cast of 20 characters overcoming their struggles through the power of music.

• Tap, hold, and flick to the rhythm!
• Discover a rich cast of characters with fully voiced Story Chapters.
• Easy to Master: 5 difficulty levels to choose from.
• Play on your own or create a room with up to 4 friends to share the fun.
• Collect character cards and customize your band and music videos. Level up and upgrade your characters to unlock more skills and reach higher scores.
• Enjoy Virtual Show, a virtual concert in the comfort of your own home, with players from all over the world! Customize your Avatar and Glow Sticks for the show.
• Dress your band members with a wide variety of costumes that you can craft!

ROKI (Lyrics: mikitoP, Music: mikitoP)
Tell Your World (Lyrics: kz, Music: kz)
BRING IT ON (Lyrics: Reol, Music: Giga)
Happy Synthesizer (Lyrics: EasyPop, Music: EasyPop)
Melt (Lyrics: ryo, Music: ryo)
Charles (Lyrics: balloon, Music: balloon)
and much more!

Enjoy online performances in real time of your favorite in-game band with players from all over the world!
Join virtual shows and chat with the community. Interact with the stage by displaying emotes and special effects to make the performamce even more stunning!



[Official Channels]
Twitter: @ColorfulStageEN
Facebook: ColorfulStageEN
Instagram: colorful_stage_en

[Official web site]

Android6.0 or above
Snapdragon 835 or above
OpenGL ES 3.0 or above
Minimum 2GB (RAM)


• Added new missions.
• Added "Cancel Subscription" option under the Support menu.
• Preparations for Events, Songs, Campaigns, etc.
• Correcting issues


40 comentarios en "HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! 2022"

  1. *EDIT* After playing for some time I felt this needed a rewrite. There are a lot of expert songs that are fun to play and a fair challenge to master. However, the difficulty is pretty inconsistent. As a heads up if you plan on playing past HARD I would recommend a tablet because most songs are not thumb friendly at higher levels. As stated before though, I love this game for its simplicity and overall quality of the soundtrack. It’s a fantastic way to discover great music and have fun doing so.

  2. Madison dice:

    This game is great! The charecter designs and songs are amazing. One thing that sets me off a bit is when a song gets significantly harder when moved up one difficulty level. I don’t know when the new songs are going to be released on English servers, but I’m excited for it! Overall I’d say that the worst part is the flick notes. They barely register on English servers, and I know that because everyone I know who plays PJSK english ver has the same problem.

  3. Absolutely amazing game. I have encountered 0 bugs so far and the game hasn’t frozen or even lagged a bit. Not to mention the songs are amazing, and the notes have such fluid and smooth tapping. Would recommend for rhythm game veterans and new players. Edit: The game is starting to get really laggy and notes aren’t hitting sometimes. But other than that 10/10.

  4. iikyrxa dice:

    I absolutely adore this game, after finding out about Vocaloid in late 2018/early 2019, I loved the music and recently (about last spring) bought two miku games on the ps4! When I found out about this game, I instantly downloaded it and fell in love with the game. I love all the new characters I never have seen before, and I love the new songs that I got to experience. I do believe that gameplay gets a bit boring at times, and the paid crystal/gems that are required for some banners is annoying.

  5. I love this game, it’s incredibly fun and the music selection is really good! My only issue is that it shuts down or lags super badly. Typically it happens if I use the gatcha, upgrade a character, go between the real world and the sekai world, or play too many songs. The game will start to lag pretty badly just on it’s own and that’s how I know it’s gonna close soon, as well as it has caused me to have to reset my phone a couple times because it wouldn’t let me close out of the game itself.

  6. Axel Wolf dice:

    I really like this game. The songs are great, the stories are good, and the play mechanics are also great. My problem is with the judgement line, or whatever you call the threshold where notes pass through. For comfortability, my hands are forced in such a way that would make seeing the whole screen, or say the judgement line, incredibly difficult for me. If this feature could be added or perhaps any information to help this regard, I could rate higher.

  7. This game has tons of potential and I love it! The only major factor that brings it down to 4 stars is the inconsistencies. Some expert songs like Into the Night, are pretty easy while others like KING, etc. Are more difficult. It’s hard to know if it is or not until you play it.

  8. C L dice:

    I have been playing the game for a while and the songs are great. But recently my taps are not registered often when I obviously clicked the notes but the system counted it as a miss. I tried playing different songs or restarting the game even my phone, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Kinda mad when that happens that often. I sincerely hope the devs could look into this issue and fix it cuz I saw a lot of people having the same issue.

  9. I love the game it’s so amazing and fun to play! There is one problem tho, whenever I go to play with other people, the game exits me out, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it does, so far it has kicked me out 4 times in a row now and it makes the game play less fun =[ another one is that whenever I do a 1 or 10 pull it kicks me out and doesn’t return the gems I used. please try and fix these bugs, thank you!

  10. If you like Vocaloid and it’s music, get this game. If you want a rhythm game that’ll challenge you and you’re a fan of getting all clears, throw that out the window. Expert/master levels have charting that goes from “that makes sense” to “what were they thinking” and flicks in this game is super inconsistent. Sometimes I flick as hard as possible in the direction it wants and it doesn’t pick up, sometimes I barely flick and it registers. Be wary of the input reader in this game.

  11. Wolfs Rain dice:

    This is a cute game with very nice visuals! I love all the catchy songs as well. The issues start with playing on phone though, as flick notes are barely registered by the game and causes you to lose your combo easily. It’s also difficult playing co-op since one motion of either checking your notifications or accidentally screenshotting causes you to immediately disconnect and disbands the entire room. At the very least, let the other players finish the song even if one disconnects.

  12. 【Doll】 dice:

    It’s an amazing game with a great selection of songs! It has a pretty solid interface although a bit crowded and it’s fun to play! Of course, I do have my reasons for a star missing. Recently, even with updating, it won’t register my taps and I end up missing 2-5 notes before it let’s me press again. It would also be great if it was more thumb player friendly, playing on a phone makes it hard to use my fingers and playing with thumbs on hard mode alone is near impossible. I might just suck tho

  13. This game is really fun, the stories are engaging and the gameplay is immaculate! The art and customization is top notch, and the events are rewarding. I love the community as well, artists and content creators are everywhere! Although I do love this game and the franchise I do have a few problems. Players leave matchmaking much too often, it would be nice if you gave out penalties for leaving during matches. Also, good notes really mess up my FCs, if it’s good why doesn’t it count? Thanks! :3

  14. Colorful Stage is my favorite game I have on my phone so far. It is incredibly addicting and although it might seem repetitive and boring, it’s not. I can play this game for hours and not get bored. if you keep trying new difficulties and get used to them, you’ll find urself playing songs on Master in no time. I love the concept of events, and after joining a virtual show you gain stamps and gems. The game itself is the smoothest rhythm game I’ve ever played. I have no regrets getting this game.

  15. The game is just good. It’s the most fun rhythm experience I’ve had in a while. It’s better than bang dream in every sense. I have a tablet so I’m biased, but the game play is immaculate. My only gripe is that the taps for this version as compared to the Japanese version are somehow different. It feels less clean in a way. I play on a galaxy tab s8 ultra. Please keep going, it is amazing. Definitely play it.

  16. It’s a lovely game! The stories and characters are amazing. The rhythm game is fun and easy to learn, though i have noticed that recently my notes are being off, sometimes they don’t count and make me lose health and on the hold notes they’ll always say “miss” when all i do is follow the note and hold down, this issue really makes the game not fun. Otherwise this game is pretty fun!

  17. I’ve been playing this for a bit and it’s been really fun, but whenever I comes to the parts where I need both of my fingers on the screen the game only processes one, causing me to lose health like crazy, and a song I’ve been trying to beat has a part with the green notes I have to hold one finger down and get more green notes on the side, guess what happened? It didnt process it and I lost a lot of health.

  18. I enjoy this game a lot. Sadly though when playing it takes a long time to load, I mean long. Also when I attempt to join a co-op experience I always end up getting kicked no matter how good my wifi is. (Edit) Also when I’m playing the game it’s hard to hit the notes due to lag.(edit again) When I attempt to join co-op but get kicked from “disconnected connection error” I try to go back into co-op and it says that It says that I did inappropriate conduct?

  19. It’s a fun game, I play it all the time and I think it’s a blast, but sometimes it exits me out for no reason and I have to restart the game. It glitches a lot and my flick notes hardly register. Sometimes it just changes all my settings back to 6.0 speed and it keeps changing my speed unless I completely shut my phone down. I would really like this to be fixed. It ruins the fun of the game.

  20. So, the game itself great! Almost everything is customizable (speed, background opacity, even note opacity) the calibration thingy is a little odd but it works (I think) but ofc never a rose without a few thorns. The game crashes, and if your trying to do co-op it punishes the player for it, if u crash in coop too often, “inappropriate” behavior will be detected and put you on cool down, there’s no chat options btw, just stickers that the devs make good game just, needs a little help

  21. Genuienly one of the most fun rhythm games I’ve played. I have this game on my phone and it’s one of the few rhythm games I haven’t gotten bored of within an hour or so, and even if you have little to no experience with rhyhtm games this one is surprisingly easy to learn, and I went from struggling on 18 difficulty levels to easily clearing 29’s. 10/10 would play again

  22. it’s a great game, I’ve had it for about 5 months now (give or take.) and the experience so far has been great, but one issue I always seem to have with games is their pity system. of course. I’d give this game a 5☆ rating if the pity system wasn’t so terrible, it truly does bother me. the amount of pulls you have to do to get a guaranteed 4☆ is ridiculous, and advanced players, such as me, hardly get enough gems to even reach that amount. overall, great experience! I would reccomend this game!

  23. I love this game, I play on both servers. But the lag and server stability for EN is horrible. And if it’s not the server that’s being funky it’s the people in coop who continue to leave matches and cause for endless wait times. Not just that, but some of the player names that slip through the filters are downright disgusting. I would wish for some tighter rules and punishment and overall more stability. Otherwise, very happy this game is available globally now.

  24. Sann dice:

    The stories within the game are super entertaining and somewhat realistic if you count the Sekai. Some of the stories are actually really emotional and have personality when the characters talk. Despite what most people say, the game doesn’t lag all too much for me—it only lags when someone sends me an image through SMS, but other than that I haven’t had any problems. 10/10 would recommend!

  25. My friend recently got me into rythym games, and I must say- I’m really enjoying this! I do, however have one complaint. I play on a Pixel 5a, and the app doesn’t render all the way fullscreen- it renders below the camera cutout area, and this causes the game to be off-center. If you could add an option to force the app to render using the whole screen (or maybe force it to center), that would be great!

  26. yuh dice:

    it’s fun to play i like the songs and the rhythm is good! But the only thing Is that it lags when I’m playing the game during a live show it lags when I’m trying to press the beats it freezes my screen and I miss some notes so I lose the live. And sometimes it takes long whenever the song loads to play. Of you would fix this I would be glad!

  27. This is a great game and I love everything about it. I have some problems with it though. 1. Whenever I do the gacha, my screen just turns all white and takes a long time to load. 2. It’s the same thing iwth the songs. it happens in soslo shows and co-op shows. 3. It’s a little laggy. When I do shows, it freezes for a quick second and causes me to miss a note. Please fix this!

  28. A freemium rhythm game that actually lets you play without waiting for energy. All I really care about is playing a rhythm game and a Project Diva game definitely delivers. At this point, you can actually get a full four star team very quickly without spending money. The progression ties to your score and from there the grade you get in songs, but just wanting to play and go for a full combo is more than enough and with consistent updates, I feel like I’m definitely getting a lot for no money.

  29. I love this game but. I keeps crashing EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO PLAY A SONG! It only happens when I select a song and start. And it’s been doing this ever since I started pulling for characters. It also crashed as soon as I finish the song. Not to mention the Lag it has a soon as you start please try to get this fixed fast because I just got this game hoping it would be good just for this to keep happening i would hate to to have to delete such a beautiful game like this

  30. Aspen Wahl dice:

    I would love to give this five stars, but occasionally when I play in co-op mode, I will get kicked out for no reason because of “inappropriate behavior towards others”, when I have done nothing wrong. It then gives me a countdown to when I can play again, which I find pretty annoying. I love the overall gameplay though, and that seems to be the only issue with my game. WONDAHOY!!!

  31. I love this game, the characters and gameplay are so much fun and I love everything about it. However, there is one big issue. There are certain times when my game has a huge probability to crash, for example loading a show, beginning a co-op/cheerful show and doing a gacha pull. This is especially a problem in co-op because the game registers this as suspicious activity and will restrict me from co-op play for something that’s out of my control. Really hope this gets fixed!!

  32. This is an amazing game. My issue lies with the co-op events. It’s very difficult to advance since almost every room times out or disconnects. I’ll finish a song, and not get rewards because it disconnects. It’s very frustrating since I’ll play for a long time to advance and not get the rewards. (Edit) I also keep getting timed out for inappropriate misconduct. I don’t add people, I only use the stickers and gift energy when needed.

  33. I’ve been a fan of rhythm games for a long time, and this is genuinely the best I’ve ever played. All of the music is fantastic, with an incredible story line to follow. The customizable difficulty and speed of the game itself is incredible and the harder difficultys are genuinely challenging. Can be a little slow to load but this is honestly the best rhythm game I’ve ever played.

  34. I would rate this a 5 if these were no problem for me. Basically first this game takes up a WHOLE lot of storage. In 2 days this already took up all of my space, I don’t know if it’s just I have a lot of other apps that take storage but this one made it go to max. I didn’t see many people talking about this but this is one of the main problems. 2nd, ( probably a problem for google app store but when the recent update came out I couldn’t download it. When it got to 100% it went down to 80%.

  35. Yoh dice:

    I love this game and have been playing for a while, but lately connection errors have gotten worse. I get disconnected from games all the time now despite being on a stable network, and I get warnings for it even though I never left the lobby on purpose. I’m also getting a timing issue where in the middle of a map, it will skip ahead by a second and ruin my game. At this rate I might get banned for no reason.

  36. I went into this game expecting just fun rhythm games and a story mode. Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a 3D area, virtual shows, co op, custom profiles, like five million story modes I think with good voice acting and imagine my surprise seeing it was all really high quality. This game could easily be 20 dollars but it’s free. It DOES promote the subscription a lot but I mean it’s free without ads. Also takes up a lot of space, but thats reasonable for what youre getting. 10/10 miku

  37. Amazing game! I do prefer playing on console with a controller much more, though. Especially without the microtransactions. Even when you run out of energy, you can play no problem but lose out on additional EXP and/or Event points. Considering I’ve always played rhythm games for the actual charts, I couldn’t really care less about EXP as long as I get my music and the struggle trying to perfect the Extreme charts then I’m happy… Kinda. Lol I am when I finally get it down.

  38. This is one of my favorite games ever but i keep running into a problem on certain charts where it won’t pick up me holding my finger down on the green hold notes. It only happens on a few levels, usually Melt and The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku, in the exact same spots every time. I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem but I hope it’s fixed at some point. Besides that the games super fun and I totally recommend it

  39. Before I say my problems with the game I just wanna say I still love the game. Ok so here what I think you should add/fix. #1 Add a recommended song select to solo play. I’m sure many people would like to play random and not play same songs over and over. #2 some songs are very glitchy like todemo-wonderz and ect. It kills my combo in a second it’s so annoying. Thank you for reading this. I still adore the game.

  40. yeetles dice:

    Got into it after my friend started playing it. It’s an amazing game and has really improved my rhythm game skills by a lot! Of course from time to time, it has its glitches but they’re rare. Some songs and events feel like chores just to do. But the gameplay is smooth and amazing. Overall, 9.5/10!

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