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SeatGeek is the smart way to buy and resell tickets to thousands of sporting events (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS), concerts, festivals, and Broadway/theater shows. Tickets are backed by SeatGeek’s 100% buyer guarantee, and resellers may list tickets above or below face value.

◆ Interactive Seating Charts
Explore the best deals mapped on interactive seating charts with panoramic photographs from every section. Know what the view from your seat looks like before you buy tickets.

◆ Deal Score
Never worry about getting ripped off again, every deal on SeatGeek is color-coded from best to worst based on value.

◆ Mobile Tickets
Show your e-ticket in the SeatGeek app to gain access to venues, no printer necessary.

◆ Send Tickets
No more waiting outside the stadium for friends in the rain. Send extra tickets to your friends’ phones in a tap for free or for $$$ (US only).

◆ Sell Your Tickets
Can’t attend tomorrow night’s concert? Sell your tickets on SeatGeek’s Marketplace in one tap. SeatGeek will even recommend the best price to help you quickly sell your tickets.

◆ Discover Nearby Events
Easily browse tickets for any live event. Search by team, artist, venue, genre, or sport (baseball, basketball, hockey, football, Nascar, etc.) to see upcoming events near you.

◆ Buy Your Way
Conveniently pay via Google Pay or Credit Card.

◆ The Daily Tap
Enter up to once a day to win free tickets to live events nearby.

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Live events are back! We’re just as excited as you are.

We updated the look of our app to match the energy and excitement of live. So pull up a seat and let’s go!


40 comentarios en "SeatGeek – Tickets to Sports, 2022"

  1. There is no way to contact customer service to speak to or type to anyone. I got a credit on refunded tickets for $664 due to need to change plans. New tickets cost 429. There is no credit showing on my account with remaining credit and no way to verify that I will not be out of 230. The only “help” is the automated FAQ. Thought the app might have a way to communicate that the website didn’t but I was wrong.

  2. Dan Bierma dice:

    Horrible service, they approve returns and the tell you a credit is on the way a month later and no credit/promo added to the account. Might be good, but if you buy because of the return guarantee, don’t plan on the credit. I’ve sent in multiple emails and no response other than they are busy. I’m filling a fraud case with my credit card. Eventually they got back to me claiming I needed to follow the provided instructions to return the tickets. Sure, no problem, except they never sent the instru

  3. This app/site charges 30% “service/delivery” fee… WAY TO HIGH!!! Maybe you dont think much when a ticket costs $30 and you are out the door for $39. However when you want a playoff ticket and find a “deal” for $1k per ticket and you have to pay a $300 “service/delivery” fee per ticket… I know they need to make money, but there should be a reasonable cap both floor and ceiling on fees. Until they have that, stay away.

  4. Not very user friendly. The app sends you an email with a link that says, “click here to verify your account”. However, this link simply dumps you back into the app with no instructions on how to proceed further. Then a page says it is sending a five digit verification code to your phone and you are to enter the code on the page. Unfortunately, when you retrieve the code, the page to enter it on disappears. So you have to send it again. And again. I stumbled on the page and finally got verified.

  5. C dice:

    Every time I try to login it just says “Something went awry!” I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, force stop, clear cache, clear storage, changed password, magic link (SUPER broken), and revoked android connected app (thinking maybe it was still connected to my old phone). It needs a fix because I can’t access my tickets or anything without going to my computer and then what’s the point of having an app?

  6. Super easy to use and you get really good prices. The only issue I had that prevents me from giving it 5 stars is one time, I wasn’t able to access the tickets on the app, which resulted in me having to buy two more tickets at the door and not getting reimbursed by Seat Geek. Apparently the tickets were sent to my email which in a state of panic and stress, I couldn’t find in the moment. In all other times that I’ve bought through SeatGeek, the tickets have been accessible through the app.

  7. Terrible customer service. I bought tickets for an event & then used a link THEY sent me to order a parking pass for the event. After completing the payment, the parking pass shows up as a different day than the actual event. Spent 2 days talking to customer service, being told “all sales are final” & getting passed along to “we’ll email a resolution” twice & never getting this email. A waste of my time & money for something they screwed up & I just get ignored. I’m done with this app.

  8. Purchased tickets to the game, couldn’t make it so I sold my tickets, they said I would have a refund within 24hrs after the game and funds would be available within 5 business days. Why??!! It didn’t take 5 business days to take my money from my account. On top of that with all the fees $47(×2) turned into $142 and my refund is only $74! Then they charged me to resale them and I bought them from their website. NEVER AGAIN!

  9. I need help with my tickers and Ticketmaster, but they won’t respond to my question via email. They are very unhelpful and I’ll never trust the “buyer guarantee” again. PS) The developer said phone, chat, and email are available. I tried chatting, but received no response. I can’t find a phone number. If I go to “get help” in the app, I only see the self service option.

  10. simple process, easy to see how good a deal you’re getting. really like the pictures of your seat area, makes it super easy to tell where you’ll actually be. help/support agents are top notch! highly recommended.

  11. Andy Chang dice:

    Perhaps just doesn’t play well with my Moto G7+. Was able to install without any issues. When logging into the app with my password, I get a general error that says “something went awry” and when logging in with the “instant” option, I get a link sent to my email but upon clicking it, I’m taken back to the Seat Geek app with a message “could not authorize the magical link” or something similar. No issues just logging into the seatgeek website on my phone.

  12. Chris Gray dice:

    Get ready to pay 50% the ticket cost in fees. You wanna go? Get ready to pay 150%. The fees scale with the price of the ticket. Not easy to resell tickets. I initially had 2 stars but after writing this I’ve convinced myself to lower it to 1. Still one of the better options but I am actively looking for more.

  13. Same problem as everyone else, no credit applied and waited 3 years for the event to be finally canceled. They only cancel it when you tell them you can’t wait more years. Events are way over priced and credit won’t help whatsoever, if you do get it back… ya right. Filed a claim with my bank and instantly got my money back. For sure SeatGeek is a scam. I knew from the beginning and I’m glad I can tell all people looking at this review that you better keep your information far away from here!!

  14. Order tickets by mistake, then transferred them back and received an email notifications promo code credit was applied to my SeatGeek account. One week later I try to purchase tickets for the venue I originally wanted and now the app tells me that the tickets were never transferred and I’m unable to transfer them. Literally the most confusing obnoxious way to deal with concert tickets, never again. Now I’m out $75.

  15. Fees ruin the whole experience. You will see a good deal and then go to check out and the price has doubled due to made up fees. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because the prices tend to be lower here but after fees it’s the same price if not more expensive so does it matter anyway? Also they won’t deliver your tickets until 24 hours before the event and I’ve heard of people not getting their tickets.

  16. UI is horrible. Customer support nonexistent. It shouldn’t be this hard to remove an item from your platform. Edit: I wish I could give 0 stars.customer service went from unavailable to actually making the situation worse, if you can imagine.

  17. Andre Jean dice:

    SCAM, do not use. They state that you can return your tickets 72 hours before the event, which is true. They give you a voucher instead of cash, which is totally fair. Where the scam comes in is that the entire voucher value must be used all in one transaction. So you’re now forced to choose one of 3 terrible options. 1) find seats at another event of identical price, 2)choose more expensive seats or 3) choose less expensive seats and the price difference evaporates into thin air.

  18. WILL NEVER EVER USE IT AGAIN 1. Ridiculous resell policy. I can’t get the money until the next day of concert date. I bought and resell the ticket on seatgeek. But I still need to wait for 3 months to get my money. 2. Expensive service fee. The final total is 18% higher than the ticket price. And they will aslo charge 10% service fee when I resell it. At the same time they also charge sellee high service fee. If you are planner, please NOT use this platform for your fans.

  19. Paid for tickets and never got the email for the link to download tickets. The day of my game I sat on the phone for over an hour trying to get this issue resolved and the ppl on the phone were no help at all. They kept having me click on links that had nothing to do with my tickets, one even promised me a call back when she finds the tickets. No call back. One one even made me download an app for nothing. They only said that they contacted the seller to send the tickets again to resend them.

  20. I had the Seat Geek app a while ago and thought I’d try it again. Wrong! I attempted to sign in using my former user name and password. A message that there was already an account in that name , “duh”. I decided to to change my log in info. I finally bought tickets. The next day I went on the app to find my tickets, no luck signing in. Finally I gave up. I called customer support and was directed to go on line!! My suggestion: use another app.

  21. Doc Mump dice:

    How do I rate this app? Well, I attempted to make a purchase of a College Football Game ticket. While finding the game was easy, when it came down for payment the mobile application didn’t accept my payment via Google Pay. I logged into the full website and was able to complete my purchase. Please look into fixing the app around payments via Google Pay.

  22. Used this app for years. Suddenly new payment processor and cannot verify my information. Called helpdesk and they said they “re-sent” an email asking to verify my info. Double checked for the first email and never received it. Support agent (Jordan) was unapologetic and quick to hang up. Next call is to my season ticket managers to suggest looking elsewhere for a ticket management platform..

  23. Bait n switch, prof. scalpers, and ridiculous “convenience” fees. First time using this to buy tickets this last weekend for Rammstein. Before doors opened the Fuer tickets were $253 and couldn’t stomach buying two at that time. After doors opened i saw the same tickets for $163. I purchased two thinking it was a deal. Turns out they charged me $60 fee for each ticket plus taxes. I ended up paying almost $500 for what i thought was going to be $350. Screw these professional scalpers.

  24. Horrible…the app doesn’t work at all. I can’t even log in. Keeps saying the connection is “wonky” when I’m on wifi and literally everything else works. I just want to access my tickets for an event

  25. Diana K dice:

    Rip off site! I had horrible experience with this site! I purchased tickets thru this site and my concert were canceled then next day they decide postponed and move to new date in year and half. I requested them return my money back. Seatgeek started manipulates customers’ money in every possible way by creating different promo codes whiteout my permission. I never told them to do this, but they did by themself. Then in half year my future concert canceled but they declined return my money back.

  26. They charge you fees that are 1/3 the price of the tickets themselves and make you download the app just to receive them. There isn’t even any detail on what these fees are and they’re just leveraging the draw of the event to charge you whatever fee they want to.

  27. Eric S dice:

    36.5% fee per $170 ticket. Add taxes and two $170 tickets cost $500 with SeatGeek. I’m ashamed for trusting some of the positive info about SeatGeek and not spending more time comparing to other sites. I have yet to find any other ticket marketplace where fees come anywhere close to that high. The company line about fees varying based on XYZ and other non-specific explanations are BS. It’s VERY clear that the fee was absurdly high simply because SeatGeek capitalized on a high-demans concert.

  28. Bought a ticket for a concert that was yesterday and the seller never transfered me the ticket. There’s no way to get a hold of the sellers and no way to reach out to seat geek for help. Fortunately I was able to find a ticket elsewhere but now I’m out money because there seems to be no way to get my money back. It was my first time using seat geek after a friend who uses them regularly suggested it and I will never use it again.

  29. Process for creating a new account is very confusing. Verification code message kept getting sent even after I thought I’d entered it. Also requests profile update after I entered all pertinent information.

  30. Lied said tickets would show up 24 hours before my game. I was only buying a parking spot for a game where I do not live. With less then 12 hours I received the email saying that my parking pass was not secured. DO NOT USE THIS APP OR YOU WILL NOT GET TO GO TO YOUR EVENT.

  31. Very bad, will not use again, and I would recommend that no one else trying to get Ole Miss football tix not use you. The tab which I received on my Seat Geek app for the game tickets informed me that my tix would be sent to me directly from the venue per venue policy. The afternoon before the game to be play (against Troy on Sept. 3, 2022), I still had not received tix. I contacted Ole Miss Ticket Office (“the venue”), and the Ticket Office told me it had nothing to do with tix purchased throug

  32. If I could give no stars I would buyer do not buy any tickets from this app they took my money for tickets and have not refunded me my money back at all, I bought tickets from here for a concert went there and was turned away because they said my tickets never not sent to me the right way I got the email, confirmation and everything but no they told me to leave or buy more tickets. I tried calling them, emailing and even doing the stupid automatic message thing and nothing. They took my money 💰

  33. Clint run dice:

    Scam. Waited over 2 months for a show and never got my ticket. To make matters much worse they refuse to refund me and want to credit me for another event. Why would I believe I’d get a ticket for a future event if you can’t provide that service the first time? The only difference between this business and some guy outside a venue selling fake tickets, is this business includes taxes, a ton of fees, and has to get the fraud department of my credit card company involved.

  34. Tickets not delivered on the day of the concert. Would only recommend if you like constantly checking your email and trying to reach out to support for something they can’t provide you while you wonder if you really will be able to attend the event *edit* They canceled my tickets and now I’m going go have to fight them to get my refund…

  35. Cat E.S dice:

    Have been trying to log in in the app to transfer my tickets from Ticketmaster to SeatGeek since this company now have exclusive for Barclays Center. The app refuses to work, I can’t long in on the app yet I can log in on the website but somehow in the website you can’t transfer the tickets. This company sucks!

  36. Was the worst ticket buying experience I’ve ever been through. There was a problem with the link when they were sent to Ticketmaster and I could not access my tickets. I waited 2 years for this concert to happen (Rammstein) and Seat Geeks ruined the day of my concert. As of 4 PM the day of the concert they still hadn’t solved my problem and I had an hour and a half drive still to get there. Basically I ended up buying new tickets and now I have to fight this platform to get my money back. Bad!!!

  37. Did not get the specific $300 seats that I picked. I’ve been on the phone for 40 mins with what is supposed to be customer service. Still no answer. Go any other route. This show got postponed with not date set and I can’t get a refund. No customer service number, no one to email. Horrible company Horrible App

  38. Tess C dice:

    Horrible! All I want is to view my purchase transactions and tickets! And I get nothing and have to contact customer service! I will never use SeatGeek again unless I’m forced to use it.

  39. I had an issue with a parking pass purchased for a Yankees game. I ended up getting double charged as the garage made me pay cash to leave. SeatGeek made everything right. 👍

  40. (*Edit*) Been trying to log in for 50 minutes and it just tells me there is a problem or try again later * For some reason it had a lot of trouble on my Android. But works perfectly for my apple devices. I changed my review and rant for the android technically difficulty***

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