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Sched is the number one platform for session registration and attendance management. Manage all the details for your complex multitrack event in one place. We have a vision of a world where events are experienced not endured.

Get more out of your event:

– Full Schedule
Conveniently browse the entire schedule for events on Sched. Get the key information of your event without ever having to crack open an event guide.

– Personalize your experience
If you’ve already created a schedule online, you can log in to view it on your phone and make on-the-go changes. If you need to sign up for a public event, create an attendee account to instantly save your favorite sessions to your personal schedule.

– Directory
View comprehensive professional profiles of speakers and exhibitors for the event.

– Offline Caching
Fully equipped with offline storage to make sure you always have your schedule, even if your connection drops.

Enjoy the app and have a great event!

To have your conference, convention, or festival powered by Sched or simply get up-to-date info, please follow us online:


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Our app now supports Android 13


40 comentarios en "Sched FULL"

  1. Trying to login for rOxnard event. Super complicated. Hard to login both on desktop and with app. For some reason, I can only see my schedule by using the link from the email that I was sent, but even that is intermittent at best. I ended up seeing the schedule on my phone right now, but there’s no way I can duplicate the process. Saying forgot password was not much help. No online help, no email, no chat, no phone number. And, no obvious way to sync with Google Calendar. Wow!

  2. I was really hoping this would work for me. When I load the app, all I see is the main screen with a search bar. I try searching for anything and there are no results. There is no log in option on this screen either. Unfortunately it seems the mobile website also has some issues… As well as the main site. I can’t seem to connect a LinkedIn account even though it says it’s successful. I change my profile picture and click save, but it always reverts back to an old one.

  3. The app was generally confusing, and I really dislike that I have no visuals for the event information. All it does it show you the schedule cut and dry, which is pretty boring and doesn’t make it stand out from its competitors. Honestly, this app was extremely inaccurate for the event that I went to, but it might just have been the poor planning. I don’t recommend using this for your scheduling needs; you’re better off writing it down on a piece of paper.

  4. We used this for a recent conference, and while I wasn’t on the scheduling side of that, I was told that it’s faster and with fewer frustrating steps than previous solutions. As a user, the separate colors we had for social, track, plenary and administrative events were good. The big issues I found and heard as a user were lack of a grid view on mobile, not seeing which room which talk was in (although that might’ve just been on iOS?) and lack of refresh. This lead me to miss a talk I was looking forward to, but was able to talk to the speaker later and catch our video of it. There IS a “Refresh All” button, but it’s below-the-fold on the about page, and I needed to be coached into finding it. It NEEDS to be either unnecessary because it handles refreshes better, or front-and-center for when it becomes clear that reality and Sched are out of alignment. Our attendees had some very vehement issues with it, mostly on the above issues, but I would definitely recommend it to conference organizers in the future.

  5. Simply unusable. When I first downloaded the app I had trouble getting it to buffer and load my event, then after closing it and searching for the event again it finally let me pull it up; however, when I tried to log in it simply would not move past the log in screen. I tried closing the app and reopening it and now the app won’t ever progress past a black screen. Do not waste your time with this app, just use the browser.

  6. I’ve been a Sched user for years, both as an attendee and an event organizer. I can log into the Sched website just fine, but the app doesn’t log me in. If I purposely enter the wrong password, it correctly says, “bad login”. If I enter the correct information, the login screen accepts the input but doesn’t advance. I can tap the Login button again, and the same thing happens. Useless! Pixel, Android Pie

  7. My only issue, is that by the end of the day, there’s a lot of scrolling to get to the current time. Fortunately that resets at midnight everyday, otherwise a 4-day conference would be unmanageable.

  8. Sign in doesn’t work. Forgot password doesn’t work. Sign up doesn’t work. The button just does nothing. No error messages or anything. This app used to work!

  9. Doesn’t let me install on Fire tablet, but works fine if side loaded. You asked. I have a Fire HD 8 that I’ve loaded Android 11 on. When I tried to search for the app, it didn’t show up. So I used a direct link and found it but it said I couldn’t install it because the device was incompatible with the version. So I side loaded and it worked fine.

  10. J Ecris dice:

    A little slow, and I wish it would remember my filter settings, but it’s way better than a paper schedule. Please add a filter option for hiding past events.

  11. Very buggy so far in my initial usage. I see the event and I click but it won’t go to it. Then had a link from email brings me to the install page instead of to the event.

  12. This is unusable. I’m going to a four day festival with hundreds of effects scheduled across about 200 categories. There is no way to filter by category. You can uncheck one category at a time that you don’t want to view. That’s useless. The search sites not search the full event information, so that’s not a workaround. I can filter by day, then scroll through a hundred items that don’t clearly indicate what they are without individually opening then.

  13. Things need improving – I’m at a 4 day event right now and every day I need to scroll all the way to the day, for this event tags and filtering don’t work properly and the login experience is horrible. I like the idea, but y’all need to sort yourself out since the events I go to keep using your app.

  14. The website works fine and I was able to add events there. But when I open the app and update which event I’m attending, nothing shows up.

  15. I can’t create an account. I fill in the details, hit sign up and nothing happens! Doesn’t tell me if there is a problem, it just reloads. ugh. need this app for an event!!!! UPDATE: I appreciate the developer responded 2 weeks after my post, unfortunately 3 days after my event was over, so not very helpful.

  16. it works, but some dark background colors for sessions make the text nearly impossible to read! It’s difficult to tell what day you are looking at when scrolling through the schedule and it’s not smart enough to automatically adjust the schedule to the current day of multi-day events.

  17. I really love this app and using it when I’m going to workshops. It makes everything so easy and the ability to change your schedule even after the conference is over is a plus, because sometimes you going to a different session than what you I put on you on schedule. This allows us to send feedback to the organizer on the sessions that we really went to. This app is wonderful

  18. The application is easy to use, and provides all the features I would expect to see on a scheduling app. However, I was hoping to find an option to download the schedule to my device, so that I could have access to it in locations without network connectivity, or when trying to save power or data.

  19. App won’t load my schedule. It worked the first day and I entered by schedule in the event. Now whenever I try to get the schedule, it says “Loading…” followed by the event name. The bar gets about a third the way loaded and then freezes. I have tried restarting the app. Twice I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled. No luck–only frozen screen.

  20. Sign up was simple. I was able to select the sessions I planned to attend. I received email notifications. However; the app did not have full functionality. On my Samsung J3 running Android 8.0.1I was unable to leave feedback on the various breakout sessions and I could not view the venue map (gave a 404 error).

  21. I was trying to sign up for a GSA confrence but, the app didn’t even load. The wifi was at full bars same as the service so it’s the app. It looks like it could be good but it hasnt worked out for me so far… Edit: Thank you for replying. I used Sched on google, and it worked perfectly (the website worked perfectly) So, its definitely the app. I’ll have to update then.

  22. This app was running smoothly on Android 9, but no data since A10 update, using Android One, it was needed to delete data and start over, now it’s all fine again Only it’s difficult to get oriented when too many events Update, I think the problem was with poor internet connection, the application wasn’t saving temporary data

  23. This is an appallingly bad app. doesn’t work, just spins in a pained attempt to find conferences. No integration with email (to actually go directly to a conference), no log in functionality. it’s better just to use the website.

  24. Wow, what a horrible app. First, when I launched it and typed in the first letters of “my event’, the app displayed some matches, and then just hung — endless beachball. I killed the app, and then restarted it hours later, and got past the “my event” screen — but then, as others have reported, was unable to log in. I know i was using the correct username and password, since I verified them by logging into their web site. But every time I logged in, the app would just sit on the login screen. After 5 attempts across several days, I have uninstalled this POS. If I could give zero stars I would.

  25. Constant crashing unable to sign in after several attempts. Extremely hard to find sessions on and add to your schedule. Had to uninstall and reinstall several times to get the app to finally load and even then it required manually deleting cache and data for the app.

  26. Really frustrating first 10 minutes trying to use this to get a simple schedule. I can’t even log in successfully and then the app keeps crashing. I have a pretty new Android phone too.

  27. I used this app for a convention and it gave me no issues! I was able to check into panels, view the speakers, etc. the color coding was nice and nothing was wrong or confusing! I don’t understand why the reviews aren’t good. I’m glad I had this app!

  28. Generally quite a nice app, but the schedule scrolling resets back to the top whenever switching from portrait to landscape mode. It’s driving me slightly crazy as I keep losing my place.

  29. Terrible app: not able to remember filters, current schedule is showing first one even the first one from 8:00 to 20:00 and there is hundreds small events during the day . If event has more than hundred sessions scrolling to current session animation took long time. Unable to manage 2 events at a time.

  30. app is terrible, it wouldnt let me log in, then after uninstalling and reinstalling it wont even load the events that i search for, its just buffering. web site works fine, i just created a shortcut to that instead.

  31. I can’t log in. I’ve used this app on previous phones and it’s been rather nice to use, especially for Nekocon. I’m attending this year, but on my current phone the app won’t let me log in. It isn’t a wrong password, it just loads for a minute and nothing else happens. I really want to try to use this app for the convention, is there any solution for this? I’m using a Stylo 4

  32. I wish it moved past items on your schedule to a different section. Scrolling through all of Friday’s events when it’s Saturday and you’re trying to make a panel is rough. Still love the app though and will 100% use it again.

  33. This app was the chosen vendor for a conference I recently attended. While I gave them feedback on their end, I registered my email through this app and was never able to log in. Said all emails I registered with were unavailable, yet I could not reset tue password. Vendors, if you are considering this company to use for your events, I HIGHLY advise against it. Awful app.

  34. Just downloaded the app, selected the conference and tried to login but nothing happens. Even went through the process of resetting my password which was pointless cause it wasnt incorrect.

  35. very helpful tool to help me navigate conference!

  36. useless. can’t log in UPDATE: They were very quick to email me with troubleshooting. Clearing the cache/data on my device after the most recent update allowed me to log in. Thanks!

  37. Normally a pretty good app, but currently it won’t log me in. A bad pwd results in an error, but the correct pwd doesn’t go beyond the login screen. Also has been crashing repeatedly. Using a Note 9 running Android Pie (v9).

  38. Pretty good app for arranging your schedule at an event where there’s lots going on. TO DO: make it smarter and quicker about jumping to the current time. At 3pm Sunday I don’t care what was on at 7pm Friday, and I get no thrill from watching the app scroll and scroll and scroll to the current time.

  39. I went for two months thinking that a convention I was going to only had a limited number of events scheduled, and an event I was running had only 2 attendees. Today I checked the event’s website, and there are many more events than the app shows, and my event is full. Uninstalled.

  40. The app will not open. I have installed and uninstalled several times. I get emails but cannot manipulate the app. Very frustrating.

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