The Arcade Rabbit MODDED 2022


Roguelike beat 'em up
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Beat’em up Roguelike!

Explore the randomized dungeon, and get different crazy item builds!

Try to get as far as possible in a dungeon with randomized items, weapons, and encounters. Your hero is upgraded along the way (both visually and gameplay-wise) as you find better weapons, items, magic powers and fight harder and harder monsters.

• Randomly-generated dungeon world with new experience every time.
• 200+ items waiting for you to explore.
• 3 different weapon types based on their preferred play-style.
– Sword: fast attack speed, can launch special skills during critical attacking.
– Great Sword: can cause massive damage, provide players with shielding capabilities.
– Staff: larger attack range, can use damage-immune shield.
• 7 unique heroes with unique abilities.

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Bug fixes and improvements.

60 (1.2.0)


25 comentarios en "The Arcade Rabbit MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is addictive with nice graphics. I feel little difficulty in blocking and dodging attacks. Overall nice work.

  2. Great game, resembles arcade, with upgrades and different scenarios. Never know what to expect is a awesome ingredient!

  3. I personally love the game. It seems like an interesting mix of the games the Binding of Isaac and Soul Knight. keep up the great work!

  4. It’s a good game I recommend it and maybe a few updates like more game money and more characters and guns and more maps like a city and Atlantis and harbor maybe that 🙂 🙂

  5. A complete rip-off of Lost Castle. Welp, scratches my Lost Castle itch on the go. Change the music. Doesn’t match the game.

  6. Butt Face dice:

    Good game. Doesn’t really work with my xbox one controller though.

  7. It would be better if the controls were more customisable.

  8. Its a good game but it need to be fixed it getting crush when im playing it longer

  9. i don’t know how I feel about this one. It looks cool but I’m not having fun…

  10. powermind dice:

    For some reson the adds wont show.

  11. probably the closest thing to Binding of Isaac in Google Play

  12. The trailer looks awesome

  13. Hero In dice:

    Excellent rpg game.

  14. I hate everybody except for you. Thankyou.

  15. Pay for coins didn’t receive them 🤬🤬🤬😡


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