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AirDroid Parental Control App is an app to keep your kids safe in the physical world and online, and help them build healthy digital habits. It boasts of incredible features, such as remotely monitoring your kid’s device surroundings, screencasting, screen time control, games & apps blocking, Sync notifications & SMS, location tracking, instant alerts, and much more.

◆ Remotely Monitor Your Kid’s Device Surroundings
– Keep your kids safe without following them anywhere and anytime
– See the background with the cameras of your kids’ device
– Listen to the environment through the microphones of your kids’ device

◆ Screen Mirroring
Cast your kid’s device screen to your phone, so that you can remotely monitor their online activities in real-time
Ensure your child’s digital activities are risk-free

◆ Screen Time Control
– Instant Lock: Lock all apps on kids’ device with one click.
– Schedule Screen Time: Have a schedule for the time your children can access their devices to help them build healthy digital habits.
– Screen Time Limited: Set exactly how much screen time they get every day.

◆ App/Game blocker and Schedule
– Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps and new apps
– Set a schedule for the time your children can access certain apps. You can also set exactly how much screen time they use on certain apps every day.
– Send an instant alert when your children try to open blocked apps or games

◆ Sync App Notifications
Monitor social media apps’ notifications, such as WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger, to stop cyberbullying and online fraud timely

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◆ Location Tracker & GPS Tracker
– Find your kids’ current location
– Track your kids’ location history by timeline

◆ Geofence
Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the geo-fenced zones you set

◆ Various Instant Alerts
– Know whether your kids’ device have enough battery
– Get notifications if there’s no data update for a long time

◆ Apps Details and Activities
– Check apps installed on your kids’ device
– Check whether the apps are safe for kids

◆ Activity Report
– View your kids’ device daily activities
– Learn which apps have been used and the length of time
– Know whether your kids are addicted to some apps
– Check if your kids’ devices are invaded by malware


Please make sure you have read the following before you use AirDroid Parental Control.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:
Payment Terms:


Contact Us:

If you have any problems or queries, please contact us: [email protected]

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AirDroid Parental Control lets you enjoy a free trial for up to 14 days.


2022/10/27 v1.0.1.3

1. Optimized the smoothness of Today's Event and Usage Limits functions.
2. Fixed the issue of remote operation crash on some devices.
3. Other bugs fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "AirDroid Parental Control 2022"

  1. Can anyone contact me? I’m having issues with the app. It keeps stop working. First stopped after one day. I had to uninstall and reinstall. Then second time phone died and when powered on it stopped working again.. I have all permissions granted but it keeps doing it and I really want to get premium but not if this keeps happening.. it’s on a Samsung device. A note 20 ultra..

  2. This is the best app I’ve found so far, it has everything I need and has features that even allow me to remote into the camera and microphone of the devices I control. It helps ensure safety from all angles.

  3. John P dice:

    Has potential. Sadly, info says you can connect up to 10 devices with paid subscription. Yet, support says you can only connect one phone to one other phone. Also, upon installation, you get a 3-day trial. Before that ends, you are given option of subscribing monthly or annually, which will give you a 14 day trial. Think they need to be more upfront about its limits and that it is not a free app. We have 2 parents and 2 kids.

  4. Wow! Great achievement. So simple and easy to use. Fully functional to track kid’s social media activities. It also provide me the access to the messages on my kid’s phone that helps me knowing his activities. Being in office I have no worry about kids. I can track their location anytime I want. Best App for parents I have ever used.

  5. Waste…i bought paid feature but it is not worth One day back it was good screen mirroring was working but with your new update..this is not working the device which is i am doing supervise is far away….now how to manage. When I am starting screen mirroring there the notification appearing on target device and he is not giving permission.

  6. Janos Biro dice:

    Almost perfect solution when you need full control over your kids phone. Almost, because sometimes it cannot connect, and quite pricey, still, very powerful. Never thought I would need it, but I do.

  7. I am the adult. All the kid needed to do is go through to his settings and change the privacy settings to get around this app. Anyone who is not a boomer knows how to get to the privacy settings in a phone. I was not given the ability with this app to prevent that from happening. I was not given the child’s side of conversations. It let a lot of messages slip through – including one from an adult hitting on the kid. Save your money and go with a different app.

  8. A F dice:

    I could use some help, myself. It seems someone has been accessing my phone remotely so I asked Google what apps were necessary to prevent but this app only seems to allow. Seems my unknown party has been doing it without my knowledge for about 8months now. Love the app, but I’m not one to enjoy invading someone else’s privacy, which is happening to my wife and I. We could use some expertise, please. We are in our 30s. It has been an invasion of privacy and several fraud claims. Please help.

  9. Rey Trejo dice:

    This app is great as far as being able to monitor all the things your kid is doing. The reason I gave this a 1 star is because only 1 parent is able to monitor and link to the child’s phone. We have 2 parents in the house and this app would be perfect if we could both monitor our teenager’s phone. I would give this app 5 stars if you give me an option to add a second parent similar to how Google family link and bark do. I will likely be deleting this app and unsubscribing after my 14 day trial.

  10. i have paid monthly subscription for my other account but neither subscription activate on that account nor my account from which payment is made .and i have submited the issue on your portal contact us many time i have not received any reposnse yet is it scam that you guys are doing with customer …one more thing there is no option to cancel subscription means you will charge customer for free without activate the customer service …please allign someone on my query

  11. You only get a few days of free trial. Then have to pay a stupid price each month that honestly isn’t worth it when you can do the same with apps that are actually completely free.

  12. I keep having a location permission issue from my kid phone everyday. But when i check the phone all permissions are allow. And it will start working then the next following day it will prompt my phone again telling mw there is location issues and permission not allowed and its beem happening everyday. May i ask how can i stop this issue? My kid phone is always powered on and never been off. And becaause of this issue i cant track my kid whereabout and thats the most important to me

  13. I love this app but is not working as I want I don’t use to see all notification again like before. They don’t notify me about call, WhatsApp,message and more please fixes it for me

  14. The app keeps crashing and my children found out and removed the app from apps settings. I was so close to buy this app service.

  15. Malz HJ dice:

    Apps useful, will rated 5 start if I subscribe at least one of plan, not too bad except need good connection because no connection, cant track em

  16. The experience was outstanding. With AirDroid Parental Control app, I can easily monitor my child’s activity no matter wherever I am. Very flexible with easy GUI and advanced tracking options. To put it simply, I love AirDroid Parental Control

  17. Adel Ch dice:

    An excellent app to take care of your kids. You get to know about their whereabouts, their online activity, and much more. Furthermore, you can even control their internet time, block inappropriate content, and guide them into a better way of life. Finally, in my opinion this app was much needed and I thank the developers for bringing this valuable tool at our disposal.

  18. Can’t connect when I got to go into with a browser toput in the open link nothing connects wthmake it easier to connect geez I’m uninstall this app geez

  19. Anil Pani dice:

    when i want to hear my recording the application is crashed please fix it

  20. Well it only works when it wants to. It rarely will connect to screen mirror or audio monitoring. You actually see the text messages, you can only see incoming messages not outgoing ones which is a bummer. The app has potential if it actually worked when it was suppose to.

  21. Very useful full ,this is best app,but subscription price is too high😞😔😭,it’s verry costly 😭,and where is offline mode,if my child device deta switch is off,that app not helping,pls include sms commands for enable data, location or recording,

  22. It’s a great app. Helps me to control my naughty toddlers. Great work! Moreover the interface is user friendly

  23. It only works when it wants to. Screen mirror is a hit or miss. Usually a miss. Once it does work it’s pretty cool. I like rhat I can disable all apps. I do not that I can only see one side of text messages. Could definitely use some improvements but it’s okay.

  24. I wanted to live this app but it didn’t work. Keeps telling me it can’t connect. Lame

  25. Wow I am genuinely impressed that AirDroid parental app works really great. Gps work amazing and a great app for children security. I recommend all of you guyz to use this app and check all of the provided features.

  26. Works exactly as described and is very satisfying for the security and peace of mind that a parent requires in this day and age and after the trial there’s a subscription and it’s totally reasonable and there’s three teirs

  27. Scott King dice:

    I tried to subscribe, but instead they too my money and said transaction failed. I have photo proof of this.

  28. Kashif Ali dice:

    Permissions gettings off . can’t monitor real time screen/camera/audio.. any help from developer?

  29. After last update it become hang and not open

  30. Great app can control my TV and radio

  31. mahmoud kh dice:

    just installed and binded now. based on my experiences on AirDroid apps, this one should be perfect too.

  32. Free to download, but not free to use! You get a few days “free trial”, but if you don’t subscribe, you can’t do anything and your account gets “frozen”. There are much better apps out there that don’t charge for the same features.

  33. This Vkk device name is of my kid. When I tried to click on camera to watch my kid secretly to watch that all ok ? at that time my kid phone have tinny green dot on notification panel shown and my kid grabbed it that something happening to her phone. Why there are no hiding provision for kid’s device ? by that dot parents are able to watch kid’s routine but kid must not know that we are secretly watching them. Now my kid gone there by notification and clicked on don’t allow in permission. Now I

  34. Why I m not able to get subscription through upi or my account NetBanking for last 1 week plz tell me how can i pay the subscription amount …plz help

  35. Great Application. I find it useful in many ways. Highly recommend AirDroid parental control to parents..

  36. I removed it from my child phone very easily without any password…. Lame

  37. It Is very nice app. but sad to know that, this is a Chinese app! I have to format my phone due to this Chinese app.. please uninstall and format your phone for your safety and security. If going to install then don’t install before searching! search about Sam Studio on the internet. it is a Chinese company Who developed this apps

  38. Screen Mirroring does not connect. Even tried so many times.

  39. Easy to use works very well

  40. Not working with IOS devices for monitoring

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