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Get all your deals, coupons and rewards in one easy place with up to $300 in weekly discounts. One app for all your shopping needs from planning your next store run, to ordering Drive Up and Go or letting us deliver for you.

• Get all your deals, coupons, and rewards in one place.
• Easily find items carried in your store.
• Build your shopping list so you won’t forget anything.
• Quick access to your online and in-store purchase history.
• Use Drive Up and Go or Delivery to get your groceries in a snap.



Bug fixes and minor improvements


40 comentarios en "Safeway Deals & Delivery FULL"

  1. I really like this app: it’s easy to use and navigate. But the option to specify substitutions doesn’t work right. It doesn’t show many choices, and I can’t see the full names of the ones it does show, so I can’t be sure what I’m picking. I miss the option to leave notes for the picker, and the simple options of “same brand, different size” and “same size, different brand.” Also, in shopping mode, the view is full of “out of stock” items. I just wanna see what’s in stock. Fix those, get 5 stars

  2. it’s decent and works as intended 99% of the time. I wish they hadn’t changed the “no substitution” location, it was convenient having it at the top of the page and now it takes several taps to get to which has lead to me forgetting to set it. having allergies made it impossible for me to have the substitutions but calling the store settled the issues it caused with my order. 3 generations of my family have shopped here so we aren’t stopping over a little button!

  3. The shopping cart in this app never works correctly. The amount of each item randomly changes when you return to the cart. When you try to correct the amounts from the cart there is a major lag–and it often either fixes the price but not the amount or vice versa. There is no option to lower the amount from the cart page, so you have to delete it completely and then go back and add the item again. It’s a very frustrating app.

  4. R B dice:

    This app used to work relatively well, but since a recent update it’s really glitchy. Bar scans in store return multiple results, not just the item scanned. Search results seem almost random at times. And this isn’t the app, but the good custom deals are all but gone. I wouldn’t use this app except some deals can only be accessed through it. Update: somehow it’s gotten worse. Now some shelf deals don’t even appear in the app when the product or shelf tag is scanned. Really useless at this point.

  5. Doesn’t work most of the time! The coupons and “for you” discounts don’t work. Seems like bait and switch. Get us into the store with promises of being able to use clipped deals and they don’t work. Had to go to customer service have them take off over $75 …. My rewards almost never work right either. Phone number doesn’t work either, have to have then scan my phone. Seems like a scam they got going on.

  6. This app just keeps getting worse and worse. I wonder if the developers actually even use the app themselves. I had an old version on a phone that wouldn’t work anymore because of the version of Android, it was v10.9.0. The way the coupons displayed in it was sooo much easier to use, I could open more than one category at a time and it remembered my settings and opened with my frequently used categories already open. Bring back that way of displaying the just for u coupons.

  7. Michele D dice:

    This app is the worst. Aside from the fact that it isn’t intuitive, I now have rewards that I can’t use. I have contacted the developer twice with no response sending pics of my Safeway receipt to show them how many rewards I have. It makes me wonder if coupons Re actually clipped. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I am a very unhappy customer.

  8. App only let’s me sign in as a guest half the time. Typically reads “We are having technical difficulties. We are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. ” But when I contacted customer service, I am informed there are no system problems and I should reload the app. Irritating as he’ll. Especially when having to do so repeatedly.

  9. Gene Poon dice:

    Slow as can be. Freezes. Sometimes crashes the phone. Sometimes crashes the phone so badly that to restart the phone I have to remove the battery. Truly a garbage app. Online-chatted with Safeway, provided info about my phone, Android version, version of the Safeway app, and what was happening. Their advice was to use the website on my desktop computer, until they can sort things out. Reading between the lines, there does seem to be something wrong with it and I stand by my calling it “garbage.”

  10. I just use it just for the deals and it’s always adding things to the cart. Where you clip the deals now the text types over other text and is difficult to read. I hate having to shop twice – before I go shopping on the app to get the deals then at the store. Actually I have to shop three times, again to be sure I got the deal. We are being ripped off by “marketing.” The rewards are a way to make us feel like we are getting something when in fact it’s a smoke screen.

  11. Jordan C dice:

    Within the last few weeks I’ve had multiple issues with the list feature in the app. I’ll add something to the app at home and then when I get to the store and pull up the app again it’s gone. I also have an issue where I’ll check an item off but it comes back unchecked when I refresh the list. I’ve tried checking the item and deleting everything checked but it still returns after refreshing the list. These are extremely frustrating, please fix!

  12. “Just for you” should have just been left alone. So much functionality has been lost going to the Safeway app. Now it seems biased towards online orders, which it’s merely OK at. Previously we could easily build a shopping list at home and take it along when shopping at a physical store, now that seems to be gone. Scanning products at the store almost never works anymore either, neither the barcode for a deal nor the barcode on the product itself. You need to roll back some changes.

  13. They made a LOT of changes to the Safeway app – all for the better! The only issue I have is that at least once ever week the discount(s) I should receive from the [weekly ad] Digital Coupons never appear at the checkout. I end up having to go to Customer Service with my receipt and smart phone to show items were, in fact, selected in the app.

  14. The so called deals are almost impossible to use because of this confusing not intuitive app. This is frustrating enough that I want to drive an extra mile and start shopping at a different grocery store. I would give a negative star rating if I could. In more than 15 years of smart phone usage this is the worst app I have ever encountered.

  15. It should be easier to select no substitutions. And they should actually not give any substitutions if you select that (which is often not the case). If you sign up for fresh pass they should make it easy and automatic to get benefits and apply them. There should be notifications about this on the home screen but not push notifications because those are annoying. You should be able to add your whole former orders to the cart, or your whole grocery list in one button press. App should be faster.

  16. Adam Brown dice:

    The slowest online shopping experience that I’ve seen. Both the app and the website load extremely slowly. It took me almost an hour to complete my order. Every item added or removed lags heavily. Coupons don’t work when selected on the app. I could have gone to the store across the street from me and got my groceries much quicker for the same price. This is not a convenient service.

  17. I have had it with this app! Rewards don’t come off the bill after it’s been clipped, we are talking thos $7-10 rewards. I’ve had to stop the line and ask the cashier to give me what I am owed. Today the digital app for milk is 0.97 but once I got home it didn’t register and I paid $2.79! I’m tired of having to stop the line to scrutinize bills for what was digitally clipped!

  18. I hate this app. I clip deals, put them in my cart, select the exact item on the deal, I even try scanning coupons when I see them in the store. I use my card at heck out, and the price is never what the deal says. I’m not bad with technology, but I cannot figure out this app. How many clicks does it take to get the damn coupon price? I question it at the register, and the response is “oh, well you’ll get money off your order eventually.” 😐. This app makes me want to never shop at Safeway

  19. S. L. dice:

    Edit: checked items in shopping list reappear right after being checked now. Terrible. Still not receiving points automatically even after resetting everything with a customer rep!!! The rewards progress bar should be easily accessible! Why is it hiding under “how rewards work”?! It should be under “wallet”. Shoppers please check your progress often because it isn’t always reflected and you have to contact them. Still says rewards expire but don’t tell you when. Clean up on aisle app!

  20. Amber dice:

    Every update makes it worse. When I clip rewards, they don’t get applied at check out and I have to flag someone down to help me and they end up having to do manual discounts for my clipped rewards. And now I randomly can’t clip coupons in the app due to a “server error”. Super inconvenient considering I’m pregnant and decided to try the delivery feature to save myself some stress and exhaustion. So much for that. 10/10 would NOT recommend this app/service.

  21. App is good but the constant updates are annoying. Nearly everytime I pull this App up before I go shopping, it’s running extremely slow & in need of an update. It seems like every time I try to use it? Then by the time I get to the store this just causes me more stress because I have to update the app to be able to go shopping. Far too many updates👎 I’d also like to know if when I clip a personal coupon/deal, does it override a clipped coupon on the current weekly ad?

  22. John Doe dice:

    This app stopped working completely as of last week. It logged me out and wouldn’t show anything. I have reinstalled the app and when I try to log in, it just says there are technical difficulties and to try later. Using it as a guest doesn’t work because it won’t recognize any stores. I entered two different zip codes of nearby stores and it won’t recognize them. The app used to work fine, why did they have to mess with it?

  23. G. Plumb dice:

    Their system regularly offers custom coupons for the items that I order (which aren’t seen by other customers), in addition to a large amount of coupons on items for everyone. It’s nice having deals that are customized to me. Anyone shopping at Safeway without using the app is missing out on saving a lot of money.

  24. Ian L dice:

    The app appears to not be working with VPN in the last 4-6 weeks. I get logged out of the app at the most inconvenient times. The great part if it is its nearly impossible to input the security code switching between screens on android as the app resets. You practically must have another device handy to access email for the code. Get with the times Safeway.

  25. Just Plain Wrong! This last update is horrible. Everytime I select a coupon and then the product it returns to the home page. It took me over an hour to do a pickup order and when I went it to modify it it was added to my cart as a new order. I then tried modifying it again and added my 7 items before the cutoff time and when I went to pickup my order none of the items were there. They showed in the detail of my modified order. Now my order can’t even be accessed so I can look at it what I need.

  26. This app used to be fantastic, after the updates the scanning of barcodes to look for for sales or specials just does not work.. It is glitchy.. I used to look forward to shopping with the app running and being able to scan everything that I put in my cart.. Now It has become so labor intensive and non user friendly that I just don’t bother anymore. To put it in layman’s terms this app now sucks…

  27. Kristimm M dice:

    Of the two local store chains that offer online ordering/curbside pickup, Safeway is by far the better of the two. The Safeway website works very smoothly; so far I havent experienced any glitches while I’m trying to order. The pickup experience there is also a lot better and much faster than the other name store. I may have to pay a few dollars more overall for my entire order but it’s definitely worth it due to the better efficiency and ease of use Safeway offers.

  28. Liked the app before but do not like the new updates! I want the ability to track, in real time on a map, where your driver is back. The map on the app doesn’t work. Where we live it is useful so we can meet them when they show up instead of coming to our door. Keeps our big dogs calmer. And you still cannot zoom in on products which is helpful.

  29. Everytime I open the app, it wants me to create a delivery. I just want to clip my coupons. It shouldn’t be asking me this everytime. I just don’t understand why you guys redesigned the app and left out dark mode support. I just don’t get that!! Please add dark mode support. This feature was introduced way back in Android 9.0, now we’re going into version 13 and still don’t have this support from you guys. I don’t understand why you guys are so far behind with supporting such a BASIC feature!

  30. The app is better than is used to be, but still leaves a lot to be desired.. The search feature is terrible. Often I will type in the name of a product correctly and five other way and it will not come up at all. Then later stumble onto it to see it’s actually there. Would be great to have a ‘Save for Later’ feature in the cart. It never fails that I build my cart, them have to empty it to make an emergency purchase for a handful of items to pick up at Grab N Go.

  31. I love shopping on the app, however for the last month and a half or so I have trouble using it without wifi. So, I’ll place an order, notify the store I’m on my way, and then usually can’t check in when I get there. I have to call instead. It keeps telling me to update the app, but I already have a few times since this issue began. Super frustrating.

  32. The app keeps popping up windows that say “this is an out of date version of the app. Please update to the latest version on the Google Play Store.” But when I go on the Google Play Store it shows that I already have the latest version installed. The popups make the app really hard to use because it’s not just a one-time thing they keep coming back as long as the app is open.

  33. Alan Brown dice:

    Used to love the app. Now it’s complete trash. Won’t let me shop. Gives an error code every time I select a category for listed items. Tried the chat feature. That AI is complete trash. Just wants to help with existing orders that I can’t even make. Tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the app. No use. This is complete nonsense that I should have to work so hard to give your business my money.

  34. Every time I am forced to download this horrible app I get less service. Last time I was forced to update the app, and the new app was so Stellar I couldn’t even download any deals, offers, or coupons. I had to use a second phone and put the app on it, but because it’s a different phone number I lost my Premier status, and don’t have most of the deals. I’m kind of thinking that if you save too much money they fix it so you can’t save anything. Great way to gain customer satisfaction. Rip us off.

  35. I love shopping from home, which this app is great for. My only complaint is that the staff often use substitutions – even if you elect “no substitutions” – that have pricing different (comparatively higher) from what I have chosen. This is an issue. Additionally, when this happens, the app does not have a way to submit a comment that you were charged incorrectly. This can only be done via phone call.

  36. I always have the app work for me. Granted it’s not always perfect. It will glitch randomly sometimes inconveniently while your at check out. However whenever I clip my coupons 5 minutes before check out they seem to work fine. I’ve tried competitor apps and they drove me upside down. I did like the previous version of the app, but am learning to like the new design. Making an alternative for older folks might be possibility in the future 🤔.

  37. Mostly i have no problems but recently have been having issues opening the weekly ads and savings book. When pressing on ad it opens the a blank gray screen. Tried to update and refresh app but it didn’t help at all. Also having problems finding the reward point products locally. Example: i used 3 rewards to get a big container of large size fresh white mushrooms. We found what we thought fit the requirement but at check out it didn’t register as it. It has happened on other safeway items.

  38. It’s ok, it’s frustrating that when you drive up and go it doesn’t do the discounts. It will show the coupon but not in the total. So I get charged twice for about a week. It’s pretty annoying. Also I wish there was a better way for when subs are needed. Seems like I miss out on deals all the time because of the substitutions. It’s hard to see the adds because not all of them pull up the item to put in your cart. You have toggle between two things or look at the actual paper.

  39. It’s been glitchy ever since they redesigned the app. Now it’s worse, I can’t get it to do anything– it gives me an error message for everything. I had to use the website last time. Also– the app has a thing where you can select substitutions, but it doesn’t always work– I get the default subs a lot of the time instead of what I selected. Also, there is a place where you can put notes on each item, but the shoppers rarely read them.

  40. Horrible “upgrade”. Twrrible UI. This screen scrolls up and down, the next one side swipes. Just for me is gone, replaced with Deals, which are not sorted. It’s just so difficult to find useful deals in this as app. Adding: This app has just gotten worse, if that’s possible. Prices are no longer displayed until you click on the offer. Thanks for taking away useful information!!

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